What Makes ApexDesk Standing Desks a Hot item in the market?

ApexDesk standing desk review

APEXDESK offers a range of both electric standing desks. And it’s one of the few brands that also have a standing desk specially designed and made for kids. So the brand can cater to the needs of the entire family.

APEXDESK standing desks are one of the more preferred standing desks in the market. Due to its affordable price and most of the units feature an ergo contoured tabletop. It has a lovely design that’s quite functional too. But aside from that, what else can you expect from these standing desks? Let’s see what else it has got to offer aside from having one of the most competitive prices in the market today.

ApexDesk standing desk review

Affordable Standing Desks

The Apexdesk Vortex 60 inches wide 6 Button Electric Height Adjustable Desk is one of the popular electric standing desks of the brand. We love the programmable height and you have four spaces to save the heights. Cable management is also a breeze, there is enough space under the support to hide all the cords and the wires.

This 60-inch desk is even cheaper than an Ikea Bekant. Though both desks have some stability issues too. Our monitor did wobble a bit when we used the Apexdesk 60 inches on a sit-stand position. 

Though the wobble isn’t that much concerning compared to the IKEA Bekant. We find the IKEA Bekant a bit annoying. Even at the lowest setting, there are already stability issues with it. And as you elevate the desk, the wobbling becomes more and more apparent. So in terms of the cost and stability, the ApexDesk 60 is a better choice. It just makes some noise when in operation. Though it starts off with a tiny noise but can get louder as the table elevates. So it’s something to consider if you’re keen on buying this desk.

If you love the Vortex 60-inch standing desk to find it too large, there is a petite version that’s the right fit for you. The ApexDesk Vortex Series 48-in Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk offers a smaller tabletop. Both standing desks have almost the same features and specifications. But the ApexDesk Vortex 48 inch is more stable.

The petite version is more stable and won’t wobble even if used in a standing position. So the desk tipping over is the least of your worries. The one fixed steel beam made the difference. It’s something that the Vortex 60 inch doesn’t have. The arched feet with leveling stud get rid of the wobbling. 

ApexDesk Affordable Standing Desk review

With the ApexDesk Flex series, we find some features that can compete with other high-end standing desks. It shares the same solid tabletop and frame construction with the other Apexdesk. 

It did wobble a bit but not as much as the Vortex series.  Felt the wobble at the highest setting which is at 50 inches. So if you’re going to use it below that mark, there shouldn’t be any wobbling issues. 

This is the common problem in almost all of the ApexDesk standing desks. The frames are as solid as can be, it’s just the lack of crossbars or another additional supporting system that can make it stable.

The Elite Desk Series

ApexDesk has its own luxurious version. The ApexDesk 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. It belongs to the elite desk series and is next up on our list. First off, the wide 71-inch countertop is something you’d want in a fully functional desk. 

It has a large working area and at the same time, the countertop is beautifully crafted. It’s lovely and ergonomic at the same time. It has this ergo shaped design that allows you to sit closer to the desk and work more comfortably. That slight curve of the tabletop made it look luxurious too. 

And in terms of stability, the one-piece center beam addresses any stability issues that you might have encountered with the Vortex 60 inches. Well, by all means, it’s the high-end type so we was expecting that. But how stable is it compared to other high-end desks?

To start, the single beam felt really solid. And that’s a good sign. Everything looks stable and there are no flimsy parts. The frames are solid and look swell constructed, almost similar to a Fully Jarvis. But the thing is, there are only a couple of screws that connect the desktop to the cross support. 

This largely affected the stability of the Elite series. There’s a need to tighten all the screws connecting to the hardware. Any loose screws can add to the wobbliness. And yes, there were wobbles. And once you increase the height to 42 inches, the wobbling becomes more apparent. The back and forth wobbling start after the 41-inch mark. 

The lack of crossbars might have a bearing on the stability, but it sure did have a lot of extra legroom. 

But despite the stability issues, it’s still a popular choice among consumers due to its affordable price, large working area, and contoured tabletop. 

And another thing was a bit improved was the electronics and the buttons. We found them a bit unresponsive for an Elite Series desk. 

Overall, the ApexDesk Elite is still a great choice for a standing desk with a large working space and a lovely ergo contoured tabletop. But if you’re looking for more stability, you can get an Uplift V2 desk with a cost a little bit more. You might just miss the lovely ergo contoured tabletop of the ApexDesk Elite series. 

From a large to a larger working space

ApexDesk also has its own version of the L shaped desk. If you want a massive working space that allows for more ergonomics and movement, it’s a great alternative. It’s supported by three industrial-grade steel legs. Let’s see how it fares in terms of stability. 

We find the built solid just like the other electric standing desk of the brand. But one feature seems to be lacing to make it more stable, the crossbar feature. Though the wide telescoping legs are the alternative this L- shaped desk went for in terms of stability, but there is still a bit of wobbling. 

The Uplift and Jarvis L-shaped desks also share the same three legs and wide telescoping base. But Fully Jarvis features a crossbar that adds to the stability of the desks. And the Uplift range of L-shaped desks lacks this crossbar feature but they seem more stable than the ApexDesk. But in terms of the price, the Apexdesk is more affordable.

It’s quite crucial for an L- shaped desk to have a crossbar feature. The larger desk may need more support. You just need to add a little bit more to your budget to get a more stable L shaped desk. 

The iMover L shaped desk is similar to the ApexDesk, both lack the crossbar feature. The former just costs a bit more. But it features a more elegant tabletop and more stylish look. The tabletop features a lovely wood grain finish that can stand out in your office room.  

We find the ApexDesk to look a bit more utilitarian and doesn’t have much of an appeal. So if you’re also keen on the aesthetics, you might not enjoy this product fully. Especially If you plan to entertain clients and guests, they might not be impressed with the overall aesthetics of the ApexDesk L-shaped standing desk. 


With our ApexdESK standing desk reviews, you get to see if this affordable standing desk is up to your expectations. It just all boils down to what you will prioritize first and what features are more important for you.