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Costo is a leading retailer in bulk items and some of the greatest commercial items around. Many find their products to be high quality and very accessible, so it is no surprise that some of the best standing desks can be found in their stores and on their website. To choose a standing desk, you need to know what you want out of your situation. A fully functioning desk? An add on for your current desk? Consider these options when deciding what will work best for you, as they are some of the most popular, highly rated standing desk options on Costco.

Victor Standing Desk Workstation with Monitor Arms

Costco Standing Desk - Victor Standing Desk Workstation with Monitor Arms
Image source: Costco

The Victor standing desk converter is a simple solution to a common workplace problem: too much sitting. When searching for a standing desk, you may find it difficult and expensive to replace an entire desk you may already have. Adding on to the desk you already own is easier, cheaper, and often faster. The Victor desk requires no additional construction or attachments, so don’t worry about using tools or drills, because this option allows you to place the workstation right on your desk and start working.

Each side of the Victor workstation has levers you pull to allow for easy movement up and down to find the perfect level for working conditions. Whether you plan on using the workstation at a home office, corporate building, gaming room, or other variations, you need your standing desk to work easily and quickly. Not to mention, you want to have enough space to work and play with everything you need on your desk.. The large 36” wide by 23” deep desk surface is accompanied by a 36” wide and 14” deep keyboard tray. If you do not use a keyboard, you can utilize the keyboard tray for extra storage space, which comes in handy. The work surface height moves up to 21” and the keyboard tray raises to 16.5”, providing an ergonomic working position for users of varying heights. By utilizing a gas spring system, the Victor High Rise Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Workstation with Monitor Mount is maximized and optimized for smooth and stable height adjustment.

A grommet hole on the upper work surface makes monitor mount attachment smooth and simple. The monitor mount includes components for both single and dual monitor application. If you have not considered mounting your monitor in the past, consider the added space that comes from the elimination of your screen or screens on your desk surface. Sleek wood construction and durable, scratch-resistant laminate coating will provide years of use with a modern style, alongside with state of the art design, for an easy, quick standing desk option.

airLIFT PRO 35.4″ Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser with USB Charging Port & Tablet Slot

Another quick addition standing desk is the airLIFT sit-stand desk. With every monitor option, you could imagine, the airLIFT desk was engineered with professional computer workstations in mind. The top mount options support for single, dual, and even triple monitor setups. Three monitors for industries like IT and security are necessary, and often feature long hours. Making their monitors mountable saves a larger area for more workspace.

Best Costco Standing Desk - airLIFT PRO 35.4 Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser with USB Charging Port & Tablet Slot -

The airLIFT Desk features a display stand for devices and equipment like smartphones, tablets or even notepads as well. With more and more multitasking occurring every day in personal and professional life, it helps to have options for multiple devices at your disposal. A convenient way to keep all of your gear powered up is on the 10-watt USB-A charging port.

An electric motor smoothly lifts up to 33 lbs. evenly distributed on the top of the desk at a brisk 1 inch per second. This maneuvering occurs at a height from 6.1 to 18.9 inches with a simple button press. Designed to save space, the table lifts and lowers inside its original space. With easy assembly and great features, this is another wonderful option from Costco.

Apex Desk ZT Electric Desk Riser

Apex Desk ZT Electric Desk Riser
Image source: Costco

Like the first two options, the Apex Desk ZT Electric Desk Riser is an add on a model for your current desk situation. Its electric construction is celebrated by Costco shoppers for its easy to use design and great controls. The Apex allows you to seamlessly convert your traditional desk into a standing one with a state of the art desk riser that goes right on your desk surface. This luxurious desk converter is perfect for an executive suite or home office for remote professionals and comes equipped with a heavy-duty motor for easier height adjustments than its manual counterpart. A full-sized electric standing desk can easily cost 3 times more, so for the cost, the inside specs of the desk are an incredible deal for anyone looking to make a desk they already own sit-stand capable.

With a 36×24″ footprint, this fully assembled sit/stand workstation is the perfect alternative for home or office. Costco customers have rated it very highly, and is likely to be perfect for all of your personal and professional needs.


A leading retailer in electronics, grocery items, and more, Costco is a favorite stop for many looking to pick up their next big purchase. Standing desks are now a part of that list of hot items as well, and with brands like Apex, airLIFT, and Victor carried in store and online, you have options for your new standing desk.

Options allow you to make the right decision for your needs. While the three top-rated standing desks at Costco are add on models for existing desks, there are plenty online as well that are full-fledged standing desks. Your key focus should be finding a desk that is stable, safe, and easy to use, and the three options above are just the tip of the iceberg for great standing desk choices on Costco. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right desk for you.

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