Electric Standing Desk comparison: Flexispot vs Vari

Flexispot vs Vari showdown

Though the Vari (past: Varidesk) is a more popular standing desk, the Flexispot doesn’t fall far behind in terms of performance. It’s a less popular brand, mainly because more people opt for a full electrical desk with two motors. And most of the brand’s standing desks are composed of a single motor only.

Let’s shed some more light on these brands. We’re going to compare the most popular standing desk of both brands: the 48-inch version

Vari vs Flexispot electric standing desk (same 48×30)

Vari electric standing desk 48

See the price first

Flexispot EC1 48×30 >>> check price
Vari 48×30″ >>> check price

With the same size, dual monitors, and the same type of standing desk, let’s see which one win the better price

Look like the winner here is Flexispot. But one factor is not all. We will break down deeply more and more to make sure you choose the ideal one.

Varidesk vs Flexispot – Working space showdown

With the Flexispot, the large working space you’ll get with the affordable price tag. The 48-inch standing desk can fit two monitors and a whole lot more. Add it’s not just the working space that feels airy and free. Even the space under the desk is very large. So you will enjoy larger legroom and your knees would not bump against the table. It’s a suitable desk for those with longer legs and taller people.

Flexispot electric standing desk 48
Flexispot electric standing desk

And the standing desk also allows for an additional monitor arm. In case you need a more complex workstation, it’s a perfect and affordable standing desk. 

The Varidesk Pro also boasts of large working space. As with the Flexispot, it can accommodate two monitors, a laptop, and other office supplies.

Compare the Construction and build

In terms of construction, this Flexispot electric standing desk is durable. And it looks solid even at first glance. It is made of industrial-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel is also scratch-resistant. It’s constructed with powder-coated tubing. So rest assured that your standing desk would look infinitely pristine and scratch-free. Even your cat won’t be able to marr the frames. 

It also has a weight capacity of 154 lbs. The steel frame is really sturdy and even felt safe leaning against it. 

The desk also has a substantial weight to it, so you’ll really feel that it’s not made of cheap flimsy material. But if you’re a woman, you might need some help in putting this baby together. You’ll love how the wood on the desktop feels. It’s a bit similar to an IKEA wood tabletop. 

The Vari Pro, like the Flexispot, is also durable and solid. And you have an option for a more stable desk if you buy the one with the crossbeam at the center. The entire desk is also quite heavy. And most of the weight is attributed to the solid frames. 

The laminated desks are also a decent tabletop. Though the desk of the Flexispot is a tad bit thicker. The laminated desk also doesn’t look like a faux one from afar. You need to be up close to be able to tell that it’s not real wood.  

But it might disappoint those who are looking for a solid wood tabletop. A lot of people often mistake the Varidesk for having a real wood tabletop because of its weight. It can be really heavy.

In terms of stability, there are some wobbling and shaking issues when you set it at the highest setting. Though buying one with the crossbeam running across the frames will get rid of this problem, it can be too bothersome for taller people. They would end up banging their knees whenever they try to get close to the desk. And this might also limit the legroom.  

How about Assembly

The Flexispot is also very easy to build. You can assemble the standing desk in less than thirty minutes. And the instructions were pretty clear and straightforward. All the parts were properly labeled- A, B, and C. So it’s very easy to connect point A to point B. The Varidesk Pro is also relatively easy to set up. And they will send you all the tools that you need for the assembly. Like the Flexispot, it can also be too heavy for women or those who aren’t physically able. So asking for help in setting it up is highly advisable. Though you might notice that most of the weight of the Vradesk is from its frames, the tabletop is actually lighter.

Flexispot electric standing desk

Varidesk vs Flexispot – The Scope of users

The Flexispot standing desk offers a height adjustment of 28 to 46.6 inches. It’s quite versatile and both kids and taller people can work on the desk comfortably. And added the large and wide legroom, taller users will no longer bump their knees against the desk. So in terms of scope of users, this standing desk can accommodate most users. 

The Varidesk Pro, on the other hand, is also meant for taller people. It’s quite comfortable even in a sitting or standing position. The height adjustment range is 25 to 50 inches. So it’s a few inches more compared to the Flexispot. And since it can go as low as 25 inches, even shorter people will also find this standing desk comfortable.

And if you want a cross beam that runs along with the steel frames, you have that option with the Varidesk Pro 60. A bit irritating on the knees as you tend to bump them into the crossbar. But the crossbar helps make the standing desk more stable. So that’s a bit of compromise there.

Check the Motor

One of the furs that makes Flexispot a real value for your money is its motor. It operates very smoothly and has low noise too, under 50 decibels. The motor power of Flexispot is impressive for its price. Though it isn’t necessarily better than other premium standing desks, it doesn’t fall far behind. 

You can conveniently use the desk for a sitting or standing position. And even at the highest setting, it doesn’t shake or wobble. It also has a very simple up and button that you press when you want to change the height setting of the desk.

It’s also quite responsive. So you’ll be able to adjust the desktop with just one touch of the button.

The Varidesk Pro 60, on the other hand, is run by two motors. One advantage it has over the Flexispot is that it doesn’t just make use of an up and down control button, it has a preset one. It’s a programmable control button with three presets. So it’s more convenient and handy. You don’t need to gauge the perfect height setting for you every time. Just type your preferred height and record it.

The controls are also easy to use. And it’s quite responsive too. But you might find the Vari Pro a bit noisy compared to the Flexispot standing desk.

What we love the most

The Flexispot is a sweet deal. It’s automatic with one motor, yet it’s stable and sturdy. Not to mention, you have a large workspace too. And it just cost slightly higher than a hand crank adjusted standing desk. It’s perfect for you if you’re looking for a simple automatic standing desk. There’s nothing too fancy with how it works, but it sure does work smoothly. 

As for the Varidesk Pro, the large working space and preset control settings are a plus. The steel farmers are also heavy duty. It also has a slightly higher weight capacity than the Flexispot at 200 lbs. 

What we wished were better

The Flexispot standing desk could use a better cable management system. Though if you just have one monitor on the desk, that won’t be a problem. But if you have more than two monitors, you might be irked by the wires all tangling with one another. And it can be a sore sight.  

And of course, everybody hates the sight of hanging wires and cables. It makes your workstation look cluttered and unattractive. Which in turn, may affect your productivity.

The Varidesk Pro costs a lot more than the Flexispot standing desk. Since it’s a dual-stage and dual electric standing desk, it would surely have a higher price tag. But the Bluetooth connectivity could have made the higher price tag a bit more justifiable. And this is where the Flexispot can excel. 

Because despite having only a single motor, the Flexispot is impressive for its features. The Varidesk Pro, though sturdy, you might be left wanting more because of its price. And the one with crossbeam seems to be the stable one. But it’s often called a knee crusher and for a very good reason. 


Vari and Flexispot are both made in China. And even so, the common advantage of these two desks is that the frame legs are sturdy and solid. 

Which desk is better? If you prefer a simpler yet sturdy and stable desk, the Flexispot is a great call. Also, it’s a real value for your money. 

But if you’re looking for a dual motor and dual-stage standing desk with preset height settings, the Varidesk Pro can be your standing desk.