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How to set up a perfect office room for Work From Home – Standingdesktopper

Working from home can spell a lot of convenience for most people. You don’t have to travel to work thus you can spend more time with your kids. You can even ditch the blazer and go work while wearing your PJs right?

But without a suitable office room, these conveniences may be overshadowed. If your home office does not have a setup that’s conducive to working, not much work can be done. So there’s a challenge to create a conducive workspace in a nontraditional environment. And we will help you achieve that with this article.

Office setup guide by standing desk topper

Setup your home office for success

Choose the suitable space

The first step in creating a healthy workspace is appointing the appropriate space. Will the kitchen breakfast nook suffice? How about your living room or your bedroom? If your house has a dedicated home office or an extra room, that will be a no brainer. But if it does not, you have to be creative.

We have a section below that will further elaborate on this one.

In choosing the location of your home office, you also have to consider the nature of your work. If you’re going to make calls often, then you have to be near the phone. 

If you are going to meet clients in your home, a space located near the doorway is the most fitting. That way, you don’t need to invite your clients into your bedroom right?

Plan the things that you need

To be able to do this, create a list of the supplies and furniture that you need. Then make another list containing a budget. This will ensure that you stay within your limits. The last thing you want to do is splurge on your home office setup. 

Then tour around your house and check if you do have these supplies stashed away somewhere. And if there is any furniture that you can repurpose for your home office. If you’re working on a budget, this will help you. 

More or less, you’d be needing a phone. So if your dedicated home office is not located near one, opt to get a portable one. 

If you already have a desk that you can use, you can convert it to a working desk. Alternatingly, if you have the money and space, a standing desk will help you be more productive. 

Also, a suitable chair is needed to be able to work comfortably. And we always suggest ergonomic chairs over your living room sofa or your dining chair. If you have the budget, invest in one 

You should also invest in power surge protectors. This will protect your computers and laptops in case of power outages. The last thing you need is for your computer to break down.

Make it as professional as possible

Whether you are in a zoom meeting or you have clients coming over to your house, keep it as professional as possible. 

Your PC camera should not be able to catch a glimpse of your bed. Alternating, if you have clients coming over, choose an area where they will not see kids running around or your stash of dirty clothes. 

Personalize it

While we are trying to keep things simple, you can still add a touch of personality to your home office. If you love plants, place a palm tree beside your desk or a pot of calathea. This will also inspire you to work.

You can also choose desks and chairs with colors that resonate with your personality. You can add a bit of flair without making your desk all cluttered up.

Conditions for a conducive home office

  • Reduced noise and getting the needed privacy

If you are living alone, this will be easy. But if you have quite a large family and with kids, this will pose a challenge. 

Choose an area where there is less traffic. So the living room and dining room will be a no-no. Especially if your kids will also have their classes via zoom, they most likely will use either the dining table or the living room. Thus, a bedroom/home office is the most viable.

Some companies might require their employees to have an area where you can close the door. This is for confidentiality if you telecommute. So you must consider this one when choosing a location for your home office if your employer demands such. 

  • Lighting

To enhance productivity, there should be sufficient lighting. So choose an area that is near windows so you can take advantage of the natural light. Otherwise, invest in overhead and desk lamps. 

  • Comfortable

To be able to work productively, you must also be comfortable in your workspace. A suitable desk or even a standing desk can help you maximize productivity. And while it’s tempting to use the sofa chair, it’s better to sit on an office chair instead. This will be able to support your back for longer working hours compared to a plus sofa. 

  • Less clutter

A cluttered workspace is quite distracting. And It will not inspire you to work. So less is more. Only place on the desk the things that you need for work.

If your storage space is limited, you can make use of furniture in your house that isn’t really used often, then convert it to your storage area. In that way, you can organize your supplies and you don’t need to have them all on the desk. Especially if you’re not going to use them all at once. 

How to set up a conducive bedroom/home office

As mentioned above, the bedroom can be the most viable option if other areas of your house seem to have greater traffic. And here’s how to set up your bedroom for success.

  • Face your desk towards the window or a wall

Doing this will remove any distractions. Facing your desk towards greeneries, plants, and shrubs can help you think clearer. If you don’t have an accessible window, you can instead face it toward the wall.

And to inspire you to work, you can hang some suitable quotes on the wall like Rest is for the Wicked or something like that. Or maybe don it with some hanging plants. The color green and yellow can help you focus at work and it can give you clarity. You may also make use of a corkboard and place it on the wall facing your desk. This will keep you on top of the things that you have to do.

However, there’s one thing you should never do. Do not face your work desk to your bedroom. Doing so will make you want to take more naps in between.

  • Separate the areas

While facing the desk away from the bed is crucial, you can also separate the working zone from the relaxation zone to mimic an office environment. This will also prevent you from checking emails if you are already in bed.

You can make use of screens or curtains to separate your office desk from your bed. You can also use books shelves or cabinets as dividers. For a more polished look, you can opt to buy 2 panel or 3-panel dividers online. 

  • Hide in the closet

When all else fails and you don’t have ample space in the bedroom, the closet is a great alternative. Besides, it already has walls and a door to separate it from your bed, so it’s a fabulous idea!

  • Still aim for design cohesion

While our goal is to separate your home office from your actual bed, we still want to achieve cohesion. So you have a dainty bed, don’t get a desk or an office chair that’s too bulky. 

Getting a sense of cohesion in your home office and bedroom design will help you keep your sanity too!

  • Have storage space for your documents and papers

This will prevent you from tossing the files and documents on your bed. And believe us, this happens all the time in a work from home setup.

So to prevent this, dedicate several shelves that you can use as storage. 

  • Ensure there’s light

Have you ever seen a dark and poorly lit office? It’s not too enticing to work right? And working in the dark can also be depressing.

So ensure that there is enough lighting in your workspace. That’s why facing it towards a window is the best option. You’ll get all the natural light and it’ll be healthy for you too. If that isn’t possible, such as an office in the closet, make use of head over lights and desk lamps.

And working in a room with ample lighting will prevent you from getting headaches. 

  • Is it for you alone?

Are you the only one who is going to use the office? Or your partner too?

If more than one person will be using the space, ensure that there is enough space for both. This will prevent you from getting in each other’s way. It will prevent you from distracting or annoying one another.

Setting up a conducive space for working at home is indeed challenging. Especially if you have kids or you don’t have an extra room in your house. Our simple guide will help you to overcome these challenges. And keep in mind that you’re also setting up for success!

Do you really need a standing desk during work from home?

An old desk or repurposed furniture would do, right? If you’re working from home, you might be tempted to use your old desk, your dining room table, or your breakfast nook. It is, after all, more economical and you don’t have to buy a new one. 

But using a standing desk instead can make a very big difference. Just as switching from your old desk to a standing desk at the office, working from home is no different. So, should you really use a standing desk for work from the home setup? It’s an absolute yes for us. 

standing desk at home office topper

And here are the reasons why you should invest in one


Standing desks can come in an array of sizes. If you have an extra room in your home, it’s easy to use a big old desk that you had in your bedroom. But if you have limited space, that is where the problem arises. 

If you have a cramped space but need a larger and more elaborate working area, one of the best options is to use an L-shaped standing desk. This can sit perfectly at the corners of the room against the wall. So they won’t eat much space but it will give you the needed space you need for working. 

It can also be nicely placed along the entrance of a room if you tend to have clients over your house. So it can still create a professional home office without eating too much space. And your clients don’t have to walk all the way to your living room.

On the other hand, if the space is really tight and you can compromise with a slightly smaller working area, there are standing desks that are as small as 25 by 48 inches. And these can be pretty much placed anywhere in your house. 

You may also be able to place a small filing cabinet under your storage area under the desk. Since there are a lot of standing desks with an open leg area and you don’t have the chair to go in the way, you can utilize this as your storage space. 

More proactive

You might have experienced that surge of energy that you had when your office decided to replace your old office desks with standing desks. You felt that rush of energy and blood flowing through your veins. And this made you more happy and excited to work. You don’t even have to drag yourself out of bed. 

The same thing goes when you’re at home. Actually, we believe, there is a need to get your blood flowing more and stay alert when you’re working from home. Why? Because it’s easy to snooze or doze off at the sight of your bed or the push sofa. And very different from an office atmosphere, a home is purposely designed to help you relax and recover from the day’s hard world. And it can be hard to create zones and barriers. 

That’s why it’s no wonder that most folks who work from home feel more exhausted. And this mostly happens to those who work at their dining table or breakfast nook. Some are even using the plush sofa set in their living room. That can make your body go limp and tired.

Using a standing desk will keep the blood flowing. Once the blood is flowing to your whole body, you’ll feel energetic and happier to work. You also get more work done since you’re not dilly-dallying on the couch.

Too much sitting can make you feel tired and bored, and that can affect your work output. Since there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the entire body, you will feel sleepy. And if you have a flexible schedule, you can sleep anytime you want right? And there goes down your productivity. 

Mimic an office look

That chunky old desk from the basement can eat a lot of space in your home office. It may also mess up with your home’s modern interiors. 

We reckon one of the best ways to set up your working space at home is to mimic the look and feel of your office. Most offices have a contemporary look. And your desk will be a big part of this setup. Along with a few storage cabinets, it might be the only thing you need for your home office.

And standing desks mostly have a modern and contemporary look. So it’ll be easier to achieve the office look and feel without the need to buy all the furniture you had at the office. And even with a minimalistic approach, you can still buy a standing desk in an array of colors and finishes. 

Reduce back pain

Sitting for more than 6 hours can spell trouble for your back, especially if you have back problems, to begin with. A standing desk is the only type of desk that will help you prevent this type of pain. Since you can configure the desk to fit your height, you’ll still be comfortable working while standing. 

You can also opt to have a break by lowering the desk to a sitting position. And there are standing desk units that will compel you to stand up if you have been sitting for too long. Alternating between sitting and standing can also help relieve the pain from your hips. And you’ll feel lethargic and weak if you have been sitting for the entire 8 hours of your duty. 

More health benefits

It’s no secret that using a standing desk has more health benefits as opposed to a regular desk. And the more you need to take advantage of these benefits, especially if the gyms in your area are closed due to COVID. Or you don’t feel safe yet to work out in a public gym. You might be able to squeeze in a bit of workout while working. Maybe squeeze in some squats, jumping jacks, or run in place. 

And a lot of people seemed to have gained weight from a work from home setup. You no longer have to travel to work. So if you have been doing a bit of walking or going up and down the stairs before, those are not happening now. And the best way to prevent your metabolism from slowing down is by incorporating minute movements within the day, standing included. 

Some may argue that getting a standing desk may take a toll on their budget. And some might have several desks at home that are just sitting in the basement or the attic. Why not make use of that one right? We have stated the reasons above on why you should invest in a standing desk. 

And several standing desks are up for your budget. You can find brands that offer units for as low as 300 or 200 dollars. And if you don’t need an elaborate setup, you’ll even find one that costs a little over a hundred bucks. 

And the thing is, the standing desk will pay for itself. If you will be more productive, you will have more work done. And if you’re feeling better and more energetic, you are more excited to work. And it will reflect on your output.

And while it’s easy to just say no to buying a new desk, the negative effects of sitting for too long will catch up on you just in a few days. Then you would have wished that you bought a standing desk in the first place. 

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