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Standingdesktopper is dedicated to helping people find the best office furniture for their home office setup (focus not only on gamers or freelancers but also all battlestation lovers). We understand that everyone has different requirements when it comes to their work environment, and we want to make sure that our readers can find the perfect products to suit their needs. That’s why we carefully research and test all of the models that we review so that our readers can be confident that they are getting accurate and unbiased information. We also understand that people have different budgets, so we provide a range of options for each category and then everyone can find the perfect product for their needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for monitor (4k or 144hz), standing desks (manual or electric), office chairs (high-end or budget), or the ideal monitor stands, we’re confident that you’ll find our reviews helpful in making your decision.

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Let’s see an example

Top 5 Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

What Desk Riser can go High Enough?

If you are quite tall, you will find it hard to find a standing desk that can go high enough for your needs. As such a desk riser will help you work with the desk that you have, so you don’t have to buy a new one.  And we have compiled brands that will be able to taller dudes up to 6’7”. 

See our reviews below so you don’t have to waste time finding the most suitable unit because there isn’t much!

Standing Desk Topper Width  Weight capacity in kg Max height 
Varidesk Tall  31.5” 15.8  20.5”
Flexispot M7B 28” 14.9  19.7”
Seville classic airlift 36” 14.9  19.1”
Defy desk 37” 17  19.75”
G Pack PRO 37.4” 14.9  20.5”

Varidesk Tall 40”

If you stand 6’7”, this unit is one of the best options. But, at the same time, this is also one of our more premium picks. It retails at almost average mid-price, it might not exactly fit in most people’s budgets. But this can go higher than most brands that we have tried.

Check price

The steep price tag will also account for its robustness. It is very sturdy and stable, not to mention that it is quite heavy. So we see this working best for grown men. Though this desk converter can be easily lowered or raised, those who are muscularly challenged may need to put up some more effort to change the height of the desk riser.

It also offers  9  height settings, making it suitable for those of average height to taller users. And it is rather very roomy with a 31.5” desk width. So you’ll have plenty of room. This can also be the ideal desk riser for the big and tall. If you have chunkier hands, you need something substantially heavy and roomy.  It will not shake or wobble if you rest your elbows on it.

And for the qualms, we think that it could have been avoided should the desk been made with more thought. Yes, it is very roomy, some may even find it immensely wide. But the thing is, the design of this unit is not really well thought of. It lacks ergonomics. There’s so much dead space. You will not be able to use all of the space with how the unit was built. 

The placement of the levers and the lip above the keyboard will make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to fit your hand in to make use of the space. That is a tiny flaw but it could have made the unit more versatile and ergonomic. 

Flexispot M7B

This is almost head to head with the Vari unit when it comes to the desk space and the max weight capacity. But the thing is we did find the design of the M7B to be more ergonomic. So you will be able to make use of all the spaces, compared to that of the Vari. Thus, if you need more space for your monitors and stuff, this could be a better option. You’ll be able to have access to all the nooks and crannies.

Flexispot M7B standing desk converter

The highest limit is just a tad bit lower than the Vari desk riser, it can go up to 19.7 “, so still ideal for those who stand 6’3”-6’4”.

And when we said that it’s more ergonomic, it offers the user more flexibility. You may opt to use the keyboard or not. You can easily detach it shall you do have not any use for it. 

It also appears a bit posher and you have an option to get the unit in mahogany.

And like the Vari desk converter, this is very sturdy, quite heavy, and feels robust, but it is less heavy and less bulky than our first pick. So this can also work well for average to tall women. You will not find it hard to change the height of this unit. 

Seville Classics Airlift

Now if you need a standing desk converter that can go high enough for 6’2” folks and need a larger working area at the same time, we recommend this unit. Unlike our first two picks, the mac desk height is 19.1”. But when it comes to the working space, this offers a whole lot more. And there aren’t any dead spaces, the design is very ergonomic. So you would be able to make use of all the square inches of this unit.

Check price the 30″

And like the M7B, it offers an option to get the unit in faux wood. That offers an aesthetic that is quite unique and different from the desk risers most of us are used to. So if you need a more charming and rustic unit, we are vouching for this one. 

It is also quite friendly on your budget. It retails less than 200 dollars but it still is quite ergonomic. . It also has a removable keyboard tray that you can stow away or slide underneath the unit if you don’t have use for it. 

The keyboard tray also offers more space so that you can move your mouse freely. This is also one of the things we have noticed and made it stand out in front of the other units. Also,  it doesn’t shake and does not feel cheap or flimsy despite the lower price tag. 

We didn’t notice any shaking or wobbling issues.  It moves pretty smooth and steady, you might even think that it’s worth more than it costs.

So this is also a great option for those who are on a  budget but need something substantial that can last for some time. 

Defy Desk

If you are looking for a standing desk converter that has more muscles, you are in the right spot. This unit is probably one of the few that can bear more weight. It is also the beefiest option on our list with a max load capacity of 17 kg. The surface area is pretty wide too. So you’re getting a beefier and more liberating desk riser. This makes it perfect for chunky guys too.

Check price

But there is a big tradeoff. It can be very expensive. That’s why even if it can be used by taller people who stand up to 6’7-6”8, it might not be a go-to item. You might just buy a new standing desk instead of splurging money on a desk riser.

Most people do not go all out when they buy standing desk converters, so this could be used by a few people. But this is pretty hefty too and the ergonomics is on the spot.

G Pack Pro

What makes this unit stand out is that it has a lot of height settings, all 22 of them. So we see this as very useful for those who are sharing standing desk converters. It pretty much can accommodate a wider range of users.  And like Vari, it can go as high as 20”.

Check price

It also has a detachable keyboard tray. And like the Seville Classic Airlift, the keyboard tray is pretty wide, almost as wide as the first tier. 

It is also ergonomically designed. You will be able to use all square inches of this desk riser, so no wasted space there. But the downside of this large keyboard tray is that it lacks depth. most do not find it deep enough. so if you place a pen on it, it might roll to the sides and fall on the floor. 

It’s also pretty stable. But if you are an aggressive typist, the unit may have some slight wobbles. So that can be the downside, it is a less beefy choice, but still substantial compared to other brands in the market. But if you are a gentle typist, you will not have the same problem.

The keyboard tray is the least stable and least durable part of this desk riser. So it’s also not advisable to rest your elbow on it or apply too much weight.

What to look for tall people

Our top picks mentioned above can work great for those who are quite tall. But also keep in mind that the height of your desk will also influence how high the entire unit will go. If you need it higher, it’s best paired with a standing desk.

Regardless, you have to look for the max height, it should be able to go up to at least 19”, that’s the time that desk risers can be used conveniently by tall people. 

The desk riser for the tall should also be decently sturdy and almost wobble-free. Having a more ergonomic design is also a plus.

​​Top 3 best Standing Desk Converters for Short People

Finding a standing desk converter for short people isn’t easy. Most units may be able to go high enough for those who stand 6 feet. But only a handful can be used by those who are 5’3” and shorter. 

There might only be a few options, yes. But you’ll be able to find the proper ergonomics with these units. 

Ergotron WorkFit S

This standing desk converter isn’t necessarily the most flexible one, but if you’re petite, you’ll find it rather useful. 

Check price

For smaller users, they need units that are more simple in design and construction. That’s also the reason why most standing desk converters for smaller users might not be that flexible since it has a more basic construction. It must also be easier to adjust. There must not be any awkward reaching or flexing, since petite people will also have shorter arms. 

And the Ergotron WorkFit S exactly fits the bill. It is very easy to use. The unit has a straightforward design composed of a base pole to which the monitor is attached. You simply glide it up and down to adjust the height setting. So you do not need to exert much effort to reach the desired setting. 

Then you have a platform dedicated to tracking and another platform where you can place your keyboard. So this is also a great choice if you are looking for a unit that offers more space for work. You have a separate space for your notes and your keyboard. 

The lowest position also goes below 4 inches on a regular desk. Thus this can be a great fit for those who stand 5’2-5’3”. Also, you can pull the monitor down to the task platform if you need it to be lower. 

It also features multiple height adjustments, you can move the monitor up to 18 inches of adjustment options. 

It’s more of a vertically sliding workstation, which is more beneficial for petite people. It is very easy to set up too. And we didn’t have any problem with the stability, the monitor did not sway or swing, it managed to stay put. And it is dual ergonomics, so you can independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor. Thus making it easier to achieve the optimum elbow to-desk angle for short people if you’re going to sit.

The gripes, however, might feel a bit flimsy. And it can eat up a chunk of your desktop space. This particular model is attached to the edge of the desk, rendering the desk space below unusable. That being said, this should be mounted to your desk too.

So if you need more flexibility, a wider range of movement, and only have a small footprint on your desk, this is not a good option. However, you can also choose another Ergotron unit that can also go low enough for smaller users, the Ergotron WorkFit A.

Unlike the S version, you can place two monitors side by side. And It does have a smaller footprint and requires a smaller space on your desk. And like the S version, it also has dual ergonomics. But the downside is that it is a less stable unit. 

UPLIFT standing desk converter

This sleek and posh-looking standing desk converter features pneumatic height adjustment. It’s easy to lift and you don’t even need to flex your muscles. You have two options too, you can purchase it as a freestanding unit or have it clamped to the back of your desk. 

Check price

While installing it via a C clamp means drilling holes in your desk, it will also allow you to lower the keyboard tray several inches below the desk. So shorter people can still comfortably use it while seated. 

The free-standing unit, though you can’t bring the keyboard tray lower than the table, can still go low enough for the needs of petite people. You will still be able to comfortably use it while standing. And what makes it stand out from the other units is that it has a palm rest. so it will help keep your wrists pain-free, especially if you’ve been typing for hours. 

The caveats, however, are not dual ergonomics. So you will not be able to independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor. 

Flexispot M5

This Flexispot M5 consists of a separate keyboard tray and a space for the monitor. You will be able to lower the keyboard tray to the level of your desk, so short people may still comfortably use it while seated. However, unlike our two options above, the keyboard tray will not be able to go lower than the table itself. So this might not be for those who are super short unless you can have a standing desk that can go way lower.

It is also easy to adjust. You just need to press and move the lever found on the right side of the unit. So if you have shorter arms, it will be no problem, there is no reaching and bending involved. 

The downsides, however, apart from the keyboard tray not being able to go lower than the desk, it is not dual ergonomics. 

So you will not be able to adjust the keyboard tray independently from the monitor. And this, among our other options, features a higher minimum monitor platform. So this may not be suited for users who stand lower than 5’2’.

How to choose a standing desk converter for short people

A dual ergonomic unit is always the best option for those who are petite or shorter. This means that you’ll be able to independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor platform. And this will also help you to find the optimum position for your arms and elbows so that you may be able to work on your laptop comfortably when seated. This also ensures less pain in the wrists.

But of course, it’s a rare gem. We did find a few units that do. And we also chose some brands that have a keyboard tray that can go lower than the table. But these have to be drilled to your desks and they’re not portable so that is something to consider also. 

Also, we picked standing desk converters that have a separate keyboard tray from the monitor platform. We don’t see a single platform being ergonomic enough for short people. Most units may not go low enough, so you will have your hands reaching for the keyboard that’s way above your reach. And that can be uncomfortable and can also lead to more pain in the wrists, arms, and neck. 

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How we do our stuff

Standing Desk Topper has a clear goal, it is to provide everyone with the most productive workspace. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or you just want to feel more comfortable during work, we can offer the most viable choices for you. 

We know how important it is to feel comfortable to be productive. That’s why we do not just take anybody’s word for it. Even If it was hailed as the best standing desk of the year or if it had the most sales last season, we have to test it for ourselves. So we know what there is to love about or hate about a specific unit. And boy, we were also surprised with our discoveries. But of course, you have to put out the nasty cherries first to come up with the best bunch, right?

That’s why we got our hands dirty. Even if we fall on our backs sometimes ( yes we did!), our mission to give you everything you need to know about anything still stands. And it has always been a learning experience for us. There are dark horses or unknown brands that can practically offer better solutions than the popular more expensive ones. 

So we just don’t go after branding or what’s in the loop right now. We try everything out for ourselves. There aren’t any sponsorships involved so everything that you see on our site is unbiased information based on our experiences.

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Our process

How do we choose what brand of a standing desk or office chair to put on our top list? We go by several categories, and we have proved these to make one more productive!

  1. Durability and reliability. For some units, it does have something to do with the brand. Say, an Herman Miller or a Steelcase office chair are renowned for their robust build. But aside from the longevity of the chair or desk, we also weighed them versus other criteria and to come out with the best pick.
  2. Adjustability and ergonomic features versus the price. The best ergonomic desk and chair will always give you the best solution, right? It should have several adjustable features so that it can be of value to most users. But we also compared the units relative to their costs. With that, we offer options and solutions pretty much for everybody.  So it doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, skinny or heavy, you can find the information you need here.
  3. Ease of use. The maintenance and tech repair guy in your office will not be able to fix things for you at your home office. So a product that’s easy to use and troubleshoot will be most beneficial to most. 
  4. Customer service and value for your money. When it comes to getting your money’s worth, customer service and good after-sales is a big factor. That’s why even if a Fully Jarvis or an Uplift desk is not the most steady, we have always loved them. Because these two brands have one of the best customer services and after sales in the industry. It’s not too uncommon to encounter problems with your purchase several months after buying them. And with the current situation, you’re left at home to troubleshoot your standing desk or your office chair. 

The best solution both for work and play

And in today’s era, gaming can also earn you bucks, right? It might even be more than what you’re getting from your day job! There are a lot of apps that let you earn fast cash and there are really serious games that can make you earn a lot more.

That’s why you also need the best gaming chair and/or the more ergonomic gaming desk that you can comfortably play from dusk till dawn. Either you wanna play with your console on a lounge chair or prefer a more hefty lit set up with the best gaming desk and accessories, you can find the best products on our list. 

And we know that gaming chairs are all the hype right now. But not all gaming chairs can be comfortable. And sans the thick padding and the bucket-style seat, it can be actually more uncomfortable. Thus, there is a need for us to expose the springs and the boards beneath the padding, so to speak. So we are not scared to get our hands dirty! And as we have mentioned above, we even landed on our backs sometimes. But hey we have insurance, haha.

Why are ergonomic solutions very important right now?

We know how much you’re missing your office chair at work. Though some people are slowly going back to the office setting, a lot of brands and companies are still keen on having more work-from-home options for their employees. Thus the need to create that office vibe to get you all geared up for work.

Sure you can work in your pajamas, but you still have to keep the vibe going so that can be productive. And it’s not easy to keep the corporate spirit all revved up when the bed is just a few steps away from your home office.

That’s why there is a huge need to recreate that productive space you have in your office. And one way to do that is to get yourself an ergonomic desk, office chair, and several office furniture. An overhaul of our current office space can ensure a better workflow. So even if there’s no one to supervise you, you will be meeting all deadlines.

How will these ergonomic solutions help oy be more productive? These can help improve your posture and prevent musculoskeletal diseases. It has been noted that improper posture when sitting or even standing can lead to a host of disorders. And if you’re one of them, that can definitely take a huge toll on your body, say hello to nagging back pain. 

So it can also save you from incurring hospital fees and physical rehab sessions to fix that back you got by falling from a nasty chair. And oh, not to mention, that excruciating, disabling pain. So yeah ergonomic solutions can save you tons of money. Instead of paying for physical therapy and rehab, you can use that money to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

And let’s face it, a hybrid workplace is here to stay. So whether you are reporting to the office two to three times a week or deciding to do work remotely, you need to amp up your office space. And even if you have been working remotely pre-pandemic, there will be a need to do an upgrade to keep up with the demand. And for those who have completely transitioned from an office setting to a remote job, you have to completely reinvent your workspace so that you will be productive. 

From us to you

A lot of companies, employees, and brands have been displaced. Several brands have been completely erased from the market. So even if some of us are slowly trying to get back to work, remote jobs are here to stay. And even if you are working from home, you should not take it lightly. Take it too lightly and you’ll be too lazy to get up from your bed and walk a few steps to your home office!

Not to mention, if you have multiple zoom conferences and a lot of paperwork to deal with, you need a more elaborate setup. And we can also help you set that up with the proper desk, the right chair, and accessories. We’ll even toss in tips on how you can recreate that office vibe. Because we all want the same thing, to bounce back. 

Even If we do have our favorite brands, we do not let that get in the way of divulging all the information that you need to know. Everyone deserves to know all the streets of the road. So we are not sparing any hidden nooks. And since ergonomic solutions are really personalized, what is a yay for you can be a nay for someone. 

So if you are at a loss on how to make that idle space in your house a vibrant office nook, you can get the best advice from us. We’ll help you decide what’s the best smart desk, furniture, and office chair that can make you work happily, and of course, comfortably. You might even be tempted to toss in a few more hours at work. lol

How to set up a perfect office room for Work From Home – Standingdesktopper

Working from home can spell a lot of convenience for most people. You don’t have to travel to work thus you can spend more time with your kids. You can even ditch the blazer and go work while wearing your PJs right?

But without a suitable office room, these conveniences may be overshadowed. If your home office does not have a setup that’s conducive to working, not much work can be done. So there’s a challenge to create a conducive workspace in a nontraditional environment. And we will help you achieve that with this article.

Office setup guide by standing desk topper

What is a great Standing Desk Topper?

Standing Desk Topper is the go-to source for all your work-from-home office essentials! Our website provides comprehensive product reviews and in-depth comparisons so you can find the perfect standing desk toppers, chairs, keyboards, and other ergonomic accessories to make your work-from-home setup more efficient, comfortable, and productive. We strive to provide reliable information and honest feedback from real customers so that you can make the best decision for your unique needs.

We also have some other additional things added to your work-from-home setup, such as an anti-fatigue mat. The anti-fatigue mat helps compensate for long periods of standing by providing more cushioning on the feet and legs.

As mentioned before, standing desks are usually either too short or too tall for you to work comfortably with them. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot type standing, standing desk toppers are for you.

Typing at standing desks has been proven to have some physical and mental benefits as well as some negative ones, such as joint pain and poor posture. Standing Desk Toppers can be used by those who want the positive effects of standing with protection from any adverse effects.

Many standing desk attachments will raise the standing height anywhere from 3 inches all the way up to 5 inches on average. These standing desk accessories work on most metal and wooden standing desks and on many other types of standing desks as well. They also come in a variety of styles and colors to fit any decorating taste that you might have! Each standing desk accessory comes with its own set of pros and cons; these include the standing desk topper material, standing desk topper size, standing desk topper weight capacity, standing desk topper rigidity, standing desk topper attachment type, and standing desk clamp strength.

Standing Desk Toppers are a great source for those who work at standing desks regularly. Come in a variety of colors as well as varieties of standing accessories including anti-fatigue mats which provide extra comfort for the legs while standing. The perfect standing accessory should be adjustable enough that it can be changed according to your height preference. Another thing that some people might not like about using standing desks is the possibility of joint pain or backaches due to having bad posture or incorrect ergonomics. Standing desk accessories can reduce or even completely eliminate these possible standing desk risks.

There are many standing desk toppers available on the market today. They all vary in terms of standing desk accessory features, price, and customer reviews. Standing Desk Toppers come with their own set of pros and cons that must be considered before making a decision as to which standing desk accessory is right for you. If you are working at standing desks on a regular basis, having one will make your workday more comfortable and ergonomically correct! Also, they make the perfect gift for people who use standing desks often (if you do not want to buy them for yourself). Almost everybody has heard of standing desks starting with doctors all the way up to astronauts; but standing desks are not just for standing desk fanatics anymore, they are available to everyone! Standing Desk Toppers will help you to increase your standing height when standing at your standing desk.

Set up your home office for success

Choose the suitable space

The first step in creating a healthy workspace is appointing the appropriate space. Will the kitchen breakfast nook suffice? How about your living room or your bedroom? If your house has a dedicated home office or an extra room, that will be a no-brainer. But if it does not, you have to be creative.

We have a section below that will further elaborate on this one.

In choosing the location of your home office, you also have to consider the nature of your work. If you’re going to make calls often, then you have to be near the phone. 

If you are going to meet clients in your home, a space located near the doorway is the most fitting. That way, you don’t need to invite your clients into your bedroom right?

Plan the things that you need

To be able to do this, create a list of the supplies and furniture that you need. Then make another list containing a budget. This will ensure that you stay within your limits. The last thing you want to do is splurge on your home office setup. 

Then tour around your house and check if you do have these supplies stashed away somewhere. And if there is any furniture that you can repurpose for your home office. If you’re working on a budget, this will help you. 

More or less, you’d be needing a phone. So if your dedicated home office is not located near one, opt to get a portable one. 

If you already have a desk that you can use, you can convert it to a working desk. Alternatingly, if you have the money and space, a standing desk will help you be more productive. 

Also, a suitable chair is needed to be able to work comfortably. And we always suggest ergonomic chairs over your living room sofa or your dining chair. If you have the budget, invest in one 

You should also invest in power surge protectors. This will protect your computers and laptops in case of power outages. The last thing you need is for your computer to break down.

Make it as professional as possible

Whether you are in a zoom meeting or you have clients coming over to your house, keep it as professional as possible. 

Your PC camera should not be able to catch a glimpse of your bed. Alternatively, if you have clients coming over, choose an area where they will not see kids running around or your stash of dirty clothes. 

Personalize it

While we are trying to keep things simple, you can still add a touch of personality to your home office. If you love plants, place a palm tree beside your desk or a pot of calathea. This will also inspire you to work.

You can also choose desks and chairs with colors that resonate with your personality. You can add a bit of flair without making your desk all cluttered up.

Conditions for a conducive home office

  • Reduced noise and getting the needed privacy

If you are living alone, this will be easy. But if you have quite a large family and with kids, this will pose a challenge. 

Choose an area where there is less traffic. So the living room and dining room will be a no-no. Especially if your kids will also have their classes via zoom, they most likely will use either the dining table or the living room. Thus, a bedroom/home office is the most viable.

Some companies might require their employees to have an area where you can close the door. This is for confidentiality if you telecommute. So you must consider this one when choosing a location for your home office if your employer demands such. 

  • Lighting

To enhance productivity, there should be sufficient lighting. So choose an area that is near windows so you can take advantage of the natural light. Otherwise, invest in overhead and desk lamps. 

  • Comfortable

To be able to work productively, you must also be comfortable in your workspace. A suitable desk or even a standing desk can help you maximize productivity. And while it’s tempting to use the sofa chair, it’s better to sit on an office chair instead. This will be able to support your back for longer working hours compared to a plus sofa. 

  • Less clutter

A cluttered workspace is quite distracting. And It will not inspire you to work. So less is more. Only place on the desk the things that you need for work.

If your storage space is limited, you can make use of furniture in your house that isn’t really used often, then convert it to your storage area. In that way, you can organize your supplies and you don’t need to have them all on the desk. Especially if you’re not going to use them all at once. 

How to set up a conducive bedroom/home office

As mentioned above, the bedroom can be the most viable option if other areas of your house seem to have greater traffic. And here’s how to set up your bedroom for success.

  • Face your desk towards the window or a wall

Doing this will remove any distractions. Facing your desk towards greeneries, plants, and shrubs can help you think clearer. If you don’t have an accessible window, you can instead face it toward the wall.

And to inspire you to work, you can hang some suitable quotes on the wall like Rest is for the Wicked or something like that. Or maybe do it with some hanging plants. The color green and yellow can help you focus at work and they can give you clarity. You may also make use of a corkboard and place it on the wall facing your desk. This will keep you on top of the things that you have to do.

However, there’s one thing you should never do. Do not face your work desk to your bedroom. Doing so will make you want to take more naps in between.

  • Separate the areas

While facing the desk away from the bed is crucial, you can also separate the working zone from the relaxation zone to mimic an office environment. This will also prevent you from checking emails if you are already in bed.

You can make use of screens or curtains to separate your office desk from your bed. You can also use books shelves or cabinets as dividers. For a more polished look, you can opt to buy 2 panel or 3-panel dividers online. 

  • Hide in the closet

When all else fails and you don’t have ample space in the bedroom, the closet is a great alternative. Besides, it already has walls and a door to separate it from your bed, so it’s a fabulous idea!

  • Still aim for design cohesion

While our goal is to separate your home office from your actual bed, we still want to achieve cohesion. So you have a dainty bed, don’t get a desk or an office chair that’s too bulky. 

Getting a sense of cohesion in your home office and bedroom design will help you keep your sanity too!

  • Have storage space for your documents and papers

This will prevent you from tossing the files and documents on your bed. And believe us, this happens all the time in a work-from-home setup. Standing Desk Topper is a must-have

So to prevent this, dedicate several shelves that you can use as storage. 

  • Ensure there’s light

Have you ever seen a dark and poorly lit office? It’s not too enticing to work right? And working in the dark can also be depressing.

So ensure that there is enough lighting in your workspace. That’s why facing it towards a window is the best option. You’ll get all the natural light and it’ll be healthy for you too. If that isn’t possible, such as an office in the closet, make use of head-over lights and desk lamps.

And working in a room with ample lighting will prevent you from getting headaches. 

  • Is it for you alone?

Are you the only one who is going to use the office? Or your partner too?

If more than one person will be using the space, ensure that there is enough space for both. This will prevent you from getting in each other’s way. It will prevent you from distracting or annoying one another.

Setting up a conducive space for working at home is indeed challenging. Especially if you have kids or you don’t have an extra room in your house. Our simple guide will help you to overcome these challenges. And keep in mind that you’re also setting up for success!

Do you really need a standing desk during work from home?

An old desk or repurposed furniture would do, right? If you’re working from home, you might be tempted to use your old desk, your dining room table, or your breakfast nook. It is, after all, more economical and you don’t have to buy a new one. 

But using a standing desk with a topper instead can make a very big difference. Just as switching from your old desk to a standing desk at the office, working from home is no different. So, should you really use a standing desk for work from the home setup? It’s an absolute yes for us. 

standing desk at home office topper

And here are the reasons why you should invest in one


Standing desk toppers can come in an array of sizes. If you have an extra room in your home, it’s easy to use a big old desk that you had in your bedroom. But if you have limited space, that is where the problem arises. 

If you have a cramped space but need a larger and more elaborate working area, one of the best options is to use an L-shaped standing desk. This can sit perfectly at the corners of the room against the wall. So they won’t eat much space but it will give you the needed space you need for working. 

It can also be nicely placed along the entrance of a room if you tend to have clients over your house. So it can still create a professional home office without eating too much space. And your clients don’t have to walk all the way to your living room.

On the other hand, if the space is really tight and you can compromise with a slightly smaller working area, there are standing desks that are as small as 25 by 48 inches. And these can be pretty much placed anywhere in your house. 

You may also be able to place a small filing cabinet under your storage area under the desk. Since there are a lot of standing desks with an open leg area and you don’t have the chair to go in the way, you can utilize this as your storage space. 

More proactive

You might have experienced that surge of energy that you had when your office decided to replace your old office desks with standing desks. You felt that rush of energy and blood flowing through your veins. And this made you more happy and excited to work. You don’t even have to drag yourself out of bed. 

The same thing goes when you’re at home. Actually, we believe, there is a need to get your blood flowing more and stay alert when you’re working from home. Why? Because it’s easy to snooze or doze off at the sight of your bed or the push sofa. And very different from an office atmosphere, a home is purposely designed to help you relax and recover from the day’s hard world. And it can be hard to create zones and barriers. 

That’s why it’s no wonder that most folks who work from home feel more exhausted. And this mostly happens to those who work at their dining table or breakfast nook. Some are even using the plush sofa set in their living room. That can make your body go limp and tired.

Using a standing desk will keep the blood flowing. Once the blood is flowing to your whole body, you’ll feel energetic and happier to work. You also get more work done since you’re not dilly-dallying on the couch.

Too much sitting can make you feel tired and bored, and that can affect your work output. Since there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the entire body, you will feel sleepy. And if you have a flexible schedule, you can sleep anytime you want right? And there goes down your productivity. 

Mimic an office look

That chunky old desk from the basement can eat a lot of space in your home office. It may also mess up with your home’s modern interiors. 

We reckon one of the best ways to set up your working space at home is to mimic the look and feel of your office. Most offices have a contemporary look. And your desk will be a big part of this setup. Along with a few storage cabinets, it might be the only thing you need for your home office.

And standing desks mostly have a modern and contemporary look. So it’ll be easier to achieve the office look and feel without the need to buy all the furniture you had at the office. And even with a minimalistic approach, you can still buy a standing desk in an array of colors and finishes. 

Reduce back pain

Sitting for more than 6 hours can spell trouble for your back, especially if you have back problems, to begin with. A standing desk is the only type of desk that will help you prevent this type of pain. Since you can configure the desk to fit your height, you’ll still be comfortable working while standing. 

You can also opt to have a break by lowering the desk to a sitting position. And there are standing desk units that will compel you to stand up if you have been sitting for too long. Alternating between sitting and standing can also help relieve the pain from your hips. And you’ll feel lethargic and weak if you have been sitting for the entire 8 hours of your duty. 

More health benefits

It’s no secret that using a standing desk has more health benefits as opposed to a regular desk. And the more you need to take advantage of these benefits, especially if the gyms in your area are closed due to COVID. Or you don’t feel safe yet to work out in a public gym. You might be able to squeeze in a bit of workout while working. Maybe squeeze in some squats, jumping jacks, or run in place. 

And a lot of people seemed to have gained weight from a work from home setup. You no longer have to travel to work. So if you have been doing a bit of walking or going up and down the stairs before, those are not happening now. And the best way to prevent your metabolism from slowing down is by incorporating minute movements within the day, standing included. 

Some may argue that getting a standing desk may take a toll on their budget. And some might have several desks at home that are just sitting in the basement or the attic. Why not make use of that one right? We have stated the reasons above why you should invest in a standing desk. 

And several standing desks are up for your budget. You can find brands that offer units for as low as 300 or 200 bucks. And if you don’t need an elaborate setup, you’ll even find one that costs a little over a hundred bucks. 

And the thing is, the standing desk will pay for itself. If you will be more productive, you will have more work done. And if you’re feeling better and more energetic, you are more excited to work. And it will reflect on your output.

And while it’s easy to just say no to buying a new desk, the negative effects of sitting for too long will catch up on you just in a few days. Then you would have wished that you bought a standing desk in the first place.