The 3 best Standing Desks for Petite People under 4’9” 

The list of best standing desk short people

Finding a standing desk that can go lower for petite users is neither easy nor fun. Though there is a decent line of options that goes as low as 24” or 25” And this can be used by those who stand 5 feet. 

But if you are 4’10” or 4’9”, you need one that can go lower, at least 22”. It’s not an easy feat, but we’ve got options for you. 

This may only be a handful. That’s why we’ve tossed in units that can go low. Though not as low as 22”, these are heavy-duty ones that may just catch your eye. 

Standing Desks Desk height range Weight capacity  lbs Transition speed/ sec Warranty years
Fully Jarvis Bamboo  30”x24″

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22.9” – 42.9″ 350  1.5” 15
Sierra Workrite HX 2 22” – 48” 225 1.6” lifetime
Deskhaus Apex 30” x 60” 22.5” -48.5” 600 1.5” 20

Fully Jarvis Bamboo

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Unknown to some, Fully Jarvis offers a 30″ x 24″ Natural Bamboo Top standing desk option that goes as low as 22”, or almost. This unit also has a wide desk height setting,  it can go from 22.9” -42.9”. 

So a lot of people will be able to find their comfortable setting, folks from 4’9” to 5′ 11” will be able to find the appropriate desk height.

One of our favorite features is the desktop. The bamboo top is iconic and it does have a contoured front that makes it more ergonomic. Though the brand claims that it is eco-friendly, there are suspicions about just how sustainable it is. 

The memory presets are convenient, it transitions quietly and smoothly. But we are not really fans of the legs or the frame. 

fully jarvis bamboo standing desk with 3 stages

Though it is substantially strong, it is not that aesthetic compared to the desktop. Though you can opt to customize and choose better frames. The brand does indulge its customers with tons of options for personalization.

One of the cons is that you have to be sure to get a suitable version for your budget. Not all versions of Fully Jarvis might not be able to go low enough or high enough for your needs.  

Another caveat is that, like the other versions of the brand, it does have a wobble and shaking when it is used at the max desk setting. And if you’re doing typing jobs and leaning your weight against the desk most of the time, the wobbles will be more noticeable. 

So we don’t really recommend it for taller people, especially if you have a lot of typing jobs where the back and forth motion is inevitable. 

Sierra Workrite HX 2

This is an underrated desk that is quite strong and durable. It’s a minimalist number and with the lifetime warranty that the brand offers, you can be confident in its quality. 

It also comes with convenient features,  an anti-collision, and 3 memory presets. And this particular line of the brand offers a Bluetooth switch option, which you can get for an upgrade.  So if you fancy innovation, this might just suffice.

Sierra Workrite HX 2 desk

Though it comes with very limited options. You only get to choose from 3 tabletop finishes, but the top does look impressive. It also has a substantial weight and there is no fingerprint mark retention.

This Workrite desk works for those who stand between 4’9” and 5’11”. And since this is more of a rectangular desk, it’s easy to squeeze into any room. If you have a tight space, you can opt for the smaller unit and flush it against a corner of your home office. 

Deskhaus APEX PRO

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty desk that can go as slow as 22”, you might have to do more digging, but we did the dirty work for you. 

Deskhaus APEX PRO
Deskhaus APEX PRO with 4 leg

This may not be a household name or one of the go-to desks for home offices,  but this is one of the more hefty underrated standing desk brands that we have come across. 

Everything about this unit screams quality, you can tell from afar and even up close. It’s like a tank, built rock solid and can even be stable even when you place it on top of carpeted floors. Like our other options above, it has a pretty wide desk height setting. 

Your entire setup will look exquisite. Despite the limited options for customization, you can’t argue about the quality and the aesthetics of the desk. It has this regal appeal that can both shine in the home office and corporate setting. 

With a hefty 600 lb weight capacity, this would be perfect for those with a heavy setup. You can outfit the desk with heavy monitor arms or a triple monitor stand and it will still be rock solid and steady, that’s on all desk height settings. 

It also makes this a great option for gamers. With all their equipment and paraphernalia, this will be able to hold itself up rather well. 

And another Deskhaus unit that might interest you is the Summit. It also has pretty much the same settings as the Apex Pro.  But there are some issues with the control box being finicky at some point. But a friendly call to customer service mostly resolves the issue. Thus, we find the Apex Pro more consistent with the quality. 

And oh, you can also opt to buy just the Deskhaus Apex Pro frame if you fancy a different top. 

Heavy duty Honorable Mentions

LifeUp Pro3

This is a heavy-duty German Made desk, so it might not be the most viable option for many, but it is really durable And it might not be able to go as low as 22”. Those who are  5 feet can find a comfortable spot with the lowest setting of 25”.

LifeUp Pro3

The options are limited though. You can choose between a circular or a straight desk or 2 desktop options, then that’s pretty much it. 

HOO stand-up desk

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Like the LifeUP pro, this desk can go as low as 25.” We have included this in our list of honorable mentions since it is one hefty unit too. The build is just impressive and we can’t complain about any of the parts. The desk is stable at all heights, with no wobbles.

If you need a unit that is easy to set up, this one has more pre-assembled parts. So we see this as perfect for women or those who just don’t want to be bothered by a lengthy setup. 

But keep in mind that it will be hard to get it through the front door without any help.  This desk also comes with a nifty set of features. It has a metal cable management tray that is very different from the cheap plastic ones that come with most units. It also has an anti-collision feature and a controller with a sitting reminder. 


A standing desk is a great investment for your health, and if you’re on the shorter side, it’s especially important to find one that is adjustable to fit you properly. We hope our list of the best standing desks for short people has helped you narrow down your search and that you enjoy many years of healthy productivity with your new desk!

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