[Review] IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk – Nice & Simple

If you want to obviously feel a lot better as well, not feeling the fatigue when you’re sitting down hunched in the desk all day. Especially if you’re in an office shop already and then you come home and then you sit down in front of your computer. Maybe an electronic desk is something to consider, at least to make you feel better after a long day at stress work

There are a lot of electric standing desks in the market, but today we choose an IKEA desk to make a review!

This Bekant sit-stand desk easily fits all about technology in without any issues at all we’ve already been in here doing some work and side by side. We definitely love it we don’t think we’ll ever change it unless obviously move house or office and we can put an even bigger one in!

IKEA bekant standing desk review 2019

Before we get into review up the desk we just give you some dimensions so you know what you’re looking at here


This standing desk is 1.6 meters wide of 1600 centimeters. It is 800 millimeters deep or 80 centimeters deep. To give you an idea, a room with quite small the overall width, about 1.7 meters so only just fits in.

The Bekant desk itself that we make a review is the linoleum blue version of the IKEA pecans or the canned desk with the black legs.

It doors down to about 65 centimeters and goes up to about 1.2 meters so those are fairly tall

The reason why you might want to consider lowering again to 65 centimeters it maybe you’ve got someone in your family, maybe a child and your child or a friend or something until you can lower it right down for them. Same goes if you got someone really told you can bring it up quite high and add it to a maximum height

1.1 or 1 meter is probably the perfect time for us but that’s the great thing about electronic sit-stand desk because you can change it whenever you want


This black version of Ikea Bekant desk in the US goes for under 500$ (you can check the frame’s price here)

Black version Bekant Ikea standing desk review

You can get it slightly cheaper if you go with the white legs and the white top

White top table IKEA bekant standing desk

Another option: Which is $4.99 so for the $30 dear friends, you can really choose whatever color but they have available.


These desks staring problem is they are still quite expensive and they’re not really standard yet, as time goes on the prices will come down, and more people will buy them!

The key to the controller

As far as the controls, this Bekant desk has a simple up-and-down battery, you can press up to raise the desk press parents and lower the guest. And then there’s also this little key which goes into the little controller

IKEA bekant standing desk controller review

The reason why you have to have this key in is actually so you can enable the controls. If you don’t have the key in you cannot control the desk using the up-and-down

The motors that just plays a big disabled so this is (maybe) a good thing to have. Especially if you little kids around and you don’t want them fiddling with the controls, you can just take this out take it with you and then nothing can happen

It’s a really good safety precaution to have just in case. Then once you pick the key back in, clicks in and you can press up. Obviously, that will raise your desk

The motors aren’t too noisy so even if you have you seen an office with other people or you had it in a quiet room and someone was maybe doing something next to you

We don’t think it’s really going to bother them too much if press down lower it yeah not a problem at all.

We know some people do like the desks that come with the option to preset. (1, 2, 3 or 4), the preset heights.

This test doesn’t come with that so if you’re interested in one of those desks you might have to go elsewhere

Personally, we like the simplicity of their simple up and down and it doesn’t have a huge control of the front. You’re never really going to like accidentally rub it against it with your body and press a button unnecessarily

IKEA bekant standing desk review by standingdesktopper

The black and white control against the blue desks, it looks nice and simple a lot like a lot of the other IKEA products.


Definitely check out the Bekant sit-stand desk if you have an IKEA near before going out and looking at the other desks. Because it’s probably from the best standing desks that we found for the greatest price and we’re willing to pay.

So, after reading this article hopefully now you know a bit more about the IKEA Bekant desk and can make a decision on whether or not, it’s right for you!