Vari Electric Standing Desk – A Pretty Stable & good choice for tall people

Vari or Varis Sales Corporation is a US brand based in Texas. The brand boasts solid and easy-to-assemble standing desks. Vari started creating sit-stand desks and converters in 2013 with the name Varidesk, and it’s one of the more preferred brands in the market. Varidesk now Vari is a very famous brand when it comes to work-from-home solutions. This brand does not bear a premium price tag, but they aren’t cheap either. Their products have a higher price than other units compared to Autonomous, Flexispot, Fezibo or SHW. Today, let us see what the hype is all about. And if the more expensive price tag justifies the features.

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Vari Electric Standing Desk Review: A wider range of height adjustment

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Vari offers 2 types of standing desks. The first option is called Vari Essential, a budget option with a limited height range and a shorter warranty. In this post, we mention the second – the high-end Vari electric standing desk.

Varidesk or Vari Pro standing desk can accommodate a lot of kinds of users (up to 6’5″-6’8″ in height). The height range is from 25 to 50.5″, a very good choice for tall people above 6ft. So it pretty much has a large scope of users

The lowest setting is comfortable enough for those who are petite (but not for folks under 5’2″). Hence, a lot of users will find the height range of the Varidesk rather accommodating 

Stable at most heights

Very pretty stable at its most heights. At 29 inches, it’s pretty stable and solid. The common user doesn’t feel any wobble or shake on both sides. 

If you try raising it to 39 inches to see if it would still stay stable. It can be a bit shaky, but you have to apply a moderate amount of external force for it to move. So it’s still pretty stable for typing.

And when raised to 43 and 50 inches, the wobbliness starts to be more pronounced. It can be annoying for some, but the shaking isn’t that bad compared to a Jarvis or an Uplift desk.

You can opt to buy the Varidesk with or without a crossbar at the center. And this feature was supposed to make the standing desk more stable. In our observation, the crossbar really didn’t make any difference when it comes to the stability of the desk. With or without the crossbeam, the desk is stable at most heights.

Varidesk - Vari electric stand up desk review

And with or without the desk, it can wobble a bit at the highest desk setting. 

So even if it can accommodate taller users, you have to deal with a bit of the wobbliness. The crossbar may be lacking some support. I’ve noticed that there is a plastic part inserted to where the cross beam is supposed to connect to the leg frames.

Reckon this is the reason why the Varidesk wobbles a bit as the height increases. Plastic isn’t stable, metal would have made the desk more stable.

The Varidesk has a similar cross beam design with the Versadesk. The Versadeks are also nice, solid, and really feel taut even at 47 inches. You can feel a little wobble at the highest setting of 47 inches. But it’s just a bit of a shake that some users might not even be bothered by it. 

So in terms of stability, the Vari electric standing desk is pretty stable. It will have a bit of shaking when used at the highest desk setting. But it’s really not an issue for most users.  

Simple and clean design

The Varidesk comes in two desktop sizes 38 and 60 inches. And it offers two types of leg frames one with a crossbar and the one without.

Though the crossbar is often claimed to add stability to the desk, it doesn’t make any difference. Reckon it’s more of a design rather than a supporting structure. The one without the crossbar is more attractive. 

The cross beam can sometimes eat up some space. The one without the bar across offers more legroom. And if you’re the type to stretch out your legs every now and then, you have to ditch the crossbeam. You might just bump your shin or your knees into it. And that’s a common complaint most users have with the bar.

How about sturdy? It’s constructed with solid stainless steel thick legs that add up to the stability of the desk. It looks basic but clean and straightforward. The control box lets you program your preferred height setting. 

Warranty, return policies, and shipping

One of the things that we can appreciate with the Varidesk is that it has a return policy compared to other standing desks in the market today. The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that’s never a hassle on your part. You get to try the desk for 30 days. That’ll be enough time for you to gauge if the desk will serve its purpose or not. 

And the brand also throws in free shipping and free returns. 

As for the warranty, it has the same warranty period as the Versadesk. Both desks offer a 5-year warranty on parts and the tabletop. The Versadesk is just a notch higher with a 5-year warranty on the electronics and 10 years on the tabletop.

As for the shipping, the Varidesk was properly packed and it’s one of my favorite packaging for a sit-stand desk. The desk came in one piece without any damage, scratches, or dents.  

The desk can have substantial or pretty heavyweight, so make sure to unbox it where you’re going to place it. And of course, it’s more convenient to assemble it where it is in your home office or wherever you want to put it. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling to bring the fully assembled desk up to your home office.

Because this desk can really be heavy. That can either be a pro or a con. It’s a pro because it simply means that the desk is solid. Sturdy desks normally have a heavier weight as compared to flimsy cheap ones. But it can be a con when you’re already transferring the desk into another room or location.

What we don’t like

The customer service of Vari isn’t my favorite in the world. You can try emailing them but they would not respond right away. So this can be a bummer especially if you’re having issues with your desk. 

The desk transitions smoothly and petty quietly. But it doesn’t offer much of an upgrade. There are only 3 types of desks ( 48, 60 and 72×30 inches) and two types of frames.

Though there are several colors for the desktop, it’s not that exciting. It may also offer a brick-block desktop. But I’m not a fan of it. It looks like a blurry printed material, it doesn’t even look like a laminated one. 

Vari electric sit to stand up desk review

What we loved the most

Vari electric standing desk feels and looks solid. And the heavyweight and thick steel frames speak volumes of its quality. And the desk is equipped with reinforced steel, hence the heavyweight. So this standing desk can last for some time. 

Though I’d love the one without the crossbeam, hey, it’s all about preference. But take note that the crossbeam doesn’t do much for the stability of the desk, as opposed to what a lot believe. 

The crossbeam is for design purposes only. But albeit the little shaking, it’s definitely more stable than a Jarvis or an Uplift. And the Varidesk almost has the same stability as the Versadesk. The latter is just a bit more stable at the highest setting. 

The legs are T-shaped and this also adds stability to the desk. And it can support up to 200 lbs. 

And the desk is pretty stable, it just starts to shake at the highest setting. It also has a wide range of desk height so it can accommodate more users. If you can bear a little shake, this electric desk will serve you well.

How about the wide working space? We can set up a pretty complete workstation, and the cable management tray is a plus. It comes with the purchase so you don’t need to buy a separate one. 

Final thought

If a bit of wobble at the highest desk setting doesn’t bother you, it’s a great desk for your home office.

So does the more expensive price tag justify the features? Yes, it’s still more stable than other brands. And the quality is one of the best in the market.

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