Where to Find good options for a Kneeling Chair near me in Quebec?

kneeling chair quebec

If you live in Quebec or anywhere near Montreal, where can you get some of the best kneeling chairs for your home office?

Buying online is fast but you have to be sure if the merchant does ship to your area. And if they do, you have to compute the total shipping cost and all fees. Otherwise, you might just be surprised once it arrives on your doorstep and you have to pay more than what you know.

Ensuring that they do deliver to your area is one way to have a hassle-free purchase. However, be extra attentive to the actual cost and make sure there aren’t any more additional fees 

And here are some places where you can buy kneeling chairs in Quebec

Of course, we still have eCommerce websites

Amazon will still be one of your go-to online stores where you can find some of the sweet deals. Just make sure to go to the settings and choose Canada as your location.

Merchants in the US mostly ship to Canada. But you have to be certain how much it will set you back in terms of transport. It might also vary depending on where the goods will be coming from.

Where to buy second hand kneeling chairs

And if you are a bit tight on the moolah, you can opt to buy second-hand kneeling chairs without having to deal with expensive shipping fees. 

An option is to go local. Visit sites where the sellers are actually located within Quebec or near it. So that you will be assured of very cheap shipping fees. Or you can even pick it up from the seller’s residence.

For instance, Kijiji.ca has several listings of second-hand kneeling chairs and office solutions. You just have to enter your area to see the sellers that are located closest to you. 

it's not easy to find a kneeling chair near me in Quebec

Physical stores

If you want to try the chair out for yourself first, buying from a physical store will be your best bet.

There’s Walmart, BestBuy, and even a Walmart Supercenter located within Quebec. 

These shops also have online stores so you can also hover through the site first before dropping by the store, at least you would have an idea of what items are for sale or if it’s out of stock. 

It’s actually better to see the chair personally before buying to see if it’s something that you can really use because sometimes, looks can really be deceiving. 

Other online stores

You can also hover through several sites that ship to Canada. There’s qualifirst.com or wayfair.ca, they offer a smorgasbord of options too.

Alternatively, big office chair and desk brands that manufacture kneeling chairs too such as Varier or SleekForm will be able to ship to Canada. 

Just take note of the long lead time and the delivery fee. Some may be inclusive of your purchase while others often entail you to add in a fee for the shipping.

So considering all the specifications above, here are the 3 best kneeling chairs that you can get in Quebec.

VIVOHOME ergonomic kneeling chair

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This is a heavy-duty kneeling chair that has more muscles to boot. It can bear a load of 330 lbs. And from the looks of it, the entire construction looks and does feel robust and supportive.   

And the thick 4” cushion will indulge your bums and since it gets really cold in Canada, you will definitely want a chair with lots and lots of cushions. It also has a memory foam padding so you can spoil your bums while training your spine to assume a straighter posture. And these types of padding are very much welcome in colder regions too.

But if you live in hotter areas, this can be a nuisance since memory foam can be a bit hot.

The cushioning is soft but it is also quite deep. So it can provide the needed base to support someone who weighs around 150 lbs. And those who stand until 6’0”-6’2” will find this comfortable as well as supportive. You will not feel like you’re going to topple to the sides anytime.  

You can also adjust the seat independently from the knee pads. The seat height range is 21” to 28”. And since the knee pads are also adjustable, the configuration offers several ways to adjust the unit according to your needs. Whether you have longer legs or a torso, you can fine-tune the chair to your liking. 

On the gripes, however, the gap between the seat and the pads might be too wide for petite persons or those who stand below 5’4”. Even skinny users might feel that there’s too much room, they might not feel that support.

Flash Furniture Mobile wooden ergonomic kneeling chair

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This charming wooden kneeling chair has gotten a lot of good reviews even though it’s one of the light-duty options. It only has 2” of padding and feels less cushy than the VIVO HOME. But it does offer value to those who live in tight spaces.

Since the chair is foldable, it is compact. You can stow it away when not in use. And unlike other collapsible kneeling chairs, this suit is pretty sturdy and stable. But we see it more for thinner users. It’s actually more of a beginner’s kneeling chair.

The seat height is adjustable and you can lock it in multiple positions. It can go from 19” – to 25”. So it cannot accommodate those who are taller and heavier.

Another gripe is if you stand 6” your ankles might touch the sides of the base. Though not a biggie for some but can be a big concern for someone’s comfort level. So if you are 6”, look for other options.

Though the chair is pretty solid, do not maximize it to the brim.

One of the reasons why it’s also quite popular is because of its design. It’s very charming and looks pretty chic too. 

VIVO Dragonn 

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This brand is becoming quite a in demand all over the globe. Despite not being able to adjust the knee pad independently from the seat, it does offer sublime comfort for those who fit into the chair.

One of the features that many love is the generous 3” inch thick padding. Cushy works for colder regions. The seat and the kneepad are so cushy and supportive at the same time, much like how it is with VIVO HOME.

And it is leaning toward a heavy-duty unit with a load capacity of 250 lbs. It feels quite solid and supportive too. You’ll instantly feel it when you squeeze into it.

The seat height adjustment range is 21” to 28”, so pretty much the same VIVO HOME and can be used by someone who stands 6’1-6’2”.

For the gripes, however, the lowest setting of the chair will give an incline of about 15 degrees only. And this falls short of the recommended 20 degrees. So this is something to consider if you want a Dragonn chair as a supplement to your office chair.  

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