Top 9 Best Standing Desk Converters for a Spacious and More Stable Working Area 2024

While a standing desk can offer a nifty solution to a move to a more ergonomic desk space, there is a more affordable option. Standing desk converters, when chosen properly can also make up for an efficient and ergonomic space. At a lesser cost, you can make a nonadjustable desk still work for you.

best standing desk converter

Standing desk converters can offer a better working space without the need to purchase an entirely new table. It’s a more economical and space saver solution.

Standing desk converters are the best alternative to the more expensive standing desks. Also called toppers, these portable desks offer more flexibility. If you’re just transitioning to a standing working position, a standing desk converter is an ideal choice. You just place it on top of your desk so you can still make use of that old desk that you love.

Furthermore, these converters are compact. So it’s ideal even for small rooms with tight spaces. More so, if you need to use two monitors. Standing desks with dual monitors give you the needed working space with a lesser footprint. And desk converters are easier to set up too. Some brands are delivered fully assembled already.

standing desk converter breakdown

Buying Guide: How We Chose our top picks

If you’re guessing how we made this list, these are our primary considerations. We think that these are what it takes to make a standing desk converter the most useful for those who are always on top of their work. 

Stability is the name of the game

There is nothing more frustrating than working on a shaking and wobbling surface. There’s no way you can get all that work done with all the shaking issues, it can just lead to headaches. 

Thus we chose units with more robust and steady built and construction. Regardless if they are electric or manually adjustable units, what matters the most is how steady they can be.

Manuall vs electric

It’s the users’ call to settle for either a manual or an electric standing desk converter. Both have their pros and cons. 

Electric ones are easier to adjust given the one push of a button transitioning. There is no muscle involvement needed. But they are not built all the same. It doesn’t mean that all electrically operated ones are actually more steady units. 

Manually adjusted ones, on the other hand, are more affordable yes, hence the more options we have on the list. But most might require you to flex more than a muscle, especially if you have a larger working area. Most can be physically challenging to adjust. So we chose units that can work for almost everybody, regardless of how big the surface is. 

a sit stand desk converter


And this is our second consideration, a spacious area. Whether it’s just the laptop/ monitor platform or the keyboard platform altogether, we needed units that are spacious enough. You can get more tasks done in a more efficient working area, which means a more ergonomic one. 

And a larger surface can offer you more space for the arms and wrists, making it more ergonomic. This prevents wrist and arm pain associated with typing on a standing desk converter that is a little bit cramped for space.  

We’ve rounded up a list of the best standing desk converters that you can buy for your home office this 2024. Let’s check it out!

Best Standing Desk Converters for a Spacious

Varidesk Pro Plus

Vari Cube Corner 36 - Cubicle Standing Desk Converter for Dual Monitors - Home Office Desk with 11 Height Adjustable Settings, Spring-Assisted Lift, Weighted Base - Fully Assembled, Black Vari Cube Corner 36 - Cubicle Standing Desk Converter for Dual Monitors - Home Office Desk with 11 Height Adjustable Settings, Spring-Assisted Lift, Weighted Base - Fully Assembled, Black
  • Comes in fully assembled
  • Offers a wide working space
  • Smooth adjusting from sitting to a standing position
  • Quite stable and durable
  • Not that portable

This 2 tiered adjustable standing desk converter gives you a lot of working space. Even the keyboard tray can accommodate more than just your keyboard.

Varidesk pro plus - Standing Desk Converter with a Large Working Space

You’d enjoy the wide working area of the Varidesk Pro Plus. It can hold two 24 inch monitors at the same time. And we love how the top tray is wide and deep at the same time. Even with two monitors on the top tier, you still have an extra space at the side where you can write some sticky notes.

About Stability and building, it can wobble just a bit when putting some force into it. But it’s pretty much stable. And the desk height is adjustable, the Varidesk Pro Plus has a rowing lift and spring assisted lift. 

And the base is fitted with rubber stoppers. It’s an anti-skid feature that comes in very handy.

The top tier can extend up to 10 inches when fully extended. It actually has a lot of adjustment levels, 11 of them. So it’s perfect for almost anyone. You’ll definitely find a suitable height to work on whether you’re on the shorter or taller side.

In fairness to the brand, it made sure that all the inner workings were kept hidden from your view. There are no parts that are poking out. All were covered with plastic panels bearing the brand’s logo. And all the parts are black. So from the screws to the tabletop, it has cohesiveness in color. 

It’s so easy to transition from sitting to standing position. Anyone who is looking for a more working area should get this standing desk converter. 

Uplift E7 Standing Desk Converter

One of the disadvantages of electric standing desk converters is the annoying noise they make. The E7 sets itself apart, this operates smoothly and quietly. It also transitions fast and you need to just click on a button to change the height setting. Electric units like this are perfect for those who do not need to be bothered with flexing a muscle or two. It is basically effortless to change the height settings. 

At the same time, it is rather spacious and offers 49 inches of desk space with the overhanging keyboard tray. 

This also has a more ergonomic position for the keyboard tray. it comes below the top of the table that you put the unit on. This allows the user to type with their arms closer to their body, thus being in a more ergonomic position and friendlier for the wrists. 

One of the points that can be improved, however, is cable management. You might need more skills to hide the cables and wires, especially for a multiple-monitor setup.

Flexispot EM7

This is a manually adjustable standing desk converter that most people will find easy to move. You need to get a hold of the handles by the side and raise the platform to the level where you need it to be. It may seem like you need to flex a muscle or two, but we did find it rather seamless and easy to adjust.

From the M series, this is the bigger and wider unit, So should you need a smaller won with a 35” workspace, an M2 can pretty much work for you. 

Though it may not be as stable as the other options above, this is the more steady one if we are going to sit it side by side with units of its type. 

More importantly, the working area is very wide and spacious, which is one of the important considerations for a unit to make it to this list. You will not find both the monitor and keyboard platform in any way scarce or restricting. The keyboard rya, when not needed, will lend quite a deep area for writing notes and working on that deadline. This spacious surface can also offer a more ergonomic area for the wrists and arms. 

Ergotron Workfit

Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser for Tabletops – 35 Inch Width, Black Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser for Tabletops – 35 Inch Width, Black
  • It will only eat up a small space on your table
  • Easy to adjust
  • The keyboard can be lower below the desk
  • The keyboard tray is a bit small
  • Quite challenging to assemble

This ergonomically designed standing desk converter is designed to lessen back pain.

WorkFit-S standing desk converter

It’s one of the most adjustable and ergonomic standing desk converters for 2024. Even the keyboard tray can be adjusted. So you have lots of options and you’ll definitely find the best working position for you.

Though it’s a post and base standing desk converter, you will still need to clamp this one on your desk.  

It also boasts of a counterbalance mechanism at the back. So it’s pretty stable at whichever height. 

  • Adjustability

The Ergotron Workfit has a great focus on ergonomics, so you’re sure to save your back from a lot of pain. 

The bottom keyboard tray can also be tilted. You can actually choose where to place your keyboard since the two tiers are unoccupied. So you can choose the best position of the keyboard for your height.

It’s also easy to adjust the desk. All you have to do is push it up and down to your desired height. 

  • Design

It boasts of a vertical design that’s tilted away from your back. It has a base mount where you can place your monitor. And you have two tiers, one for the keyboard and another one for other office supplies. 

You have 4 color options you choose from- river walnut, black, white, and mahogany. The pristine look of the white one comes with a silver base. This one looks quite stylish.

SHW 36

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation, Black SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Riser Converter Workstation, Black
  • Has a large top tier desk
  • Offers three color options
  • Has a really cheap price tag
  • Boasts of a contoured edge
  • Has a built-in tablet holder
  • The keyboard tray is quite small

The best standing desk converter might be too much for your budget. We’ve found just the perfect solution for you. This SHW standing desk converter is a steal for its price tag.

It’s the best option for those looking for a cheaper but functional standing desk. An upgrade can wait if you have too much on your plate but you still need a functional sit-stand desk converter.

It comes in two sizes 32 and 36 inches. Even the 36-inch desktop is affordable for its large working area. The top tier is large enough to fit two monitors

This affordable standing desk converter can hold up to 30 lbs of weight. So it’s not the most durable, but it’s not flimsy either. So it fits in the mid-range tier when it comes to stability. But the steel frame legs are quite sturdy. It’s at par with some of the more expensive standing desk converters.

The desk can be lifted to 11 inches while the lowest height setting is at 4 inches. So that still provides a good range of desks enough for most people to comfortably work. 

About the design, it’s made of a stainless steel frame with an X-shaped design. Though it might look just basic, it has a contoured edge at the center. This makes it easier to fit in a keyboard in there and allows for a bit more range of motion. It also features a built-in tablet or phone holder, quite convenient right?

It’s also available in three colors black, white and gray. So you still have color options albeit it’s a very cheap price tag.

It was darn cheap! But it still has a large working area and decent stability. The little wobbles won’t hamper your productivity

Duke Vesa

BTOD The Duke Standing Desk Converter for Single Monitor Up to 12 lbs w/VESA Mount BTOD The Duke Standing Desk Converter for Single Monitor Up to 12 lbs w/VESA Mount
  • Durable and well built
  • Has a wide height adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers an extra space for some of your office supplies
  • Comfortable for taller people
  • Can consume a lot of space

If you stand taller than 6 feet, you have to look for a standing desk converter that can accommodate your taller stature. Otherwise, it can put a strain on your neck and can be too uncomfortable for oyer arms. 

The Duke Vesa has height adjustments up to 17 inches this is comfortable for those who stand extra tall at 6’5”. It has a wide range of height adjustments for the monitor as well, up to about 33 inches. This allows taller people to find that sweet spot where they are most comfortable.

Also, it is quite solid and well built. It has several components that are made of thicker steel material. Just be ready to do a bit of lifting when assembling this standing desk converter because almost the entire unit is made of metal.

Quite stable compared to other standing desk converters. But at the highest setting, you can experience a bit of a rocking motion. But compared to other brands meant for taller people, it’s still the most stable.

In terms of adjustability, it’s very easy to switch from a sitting position to a standing position. Height range runs from 26-43 inches, which can really accommodate taller people.

The BTOD Vesa may look a bit bulky and can eat up space on your desk. By the all-metal unit looks like it means serious business.


Loctek Standing Desk Loctek Standing Desk
  • Offers a larger working space
  • Operates silently
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Has USB ports
  • Comes in fully assembled
  • So pricey

Measuring 48″, this standing desk converter offers a larger workspace. The top shelf offers a lot of working space. And even with two monitors, it can still accommodate more office supplies.

And the keyboard shelf is quite roomy too. It also has a unique U-shape design. And this opens up more space for you to access your keyboard. Hence, it would make you feel that you’re working on a real desk instead of a converter.

loctek standing desk converter

Another advantage of the product is that it makes use of a low gas spring to change for easy lifting. This type of lift system is quite easy to use. And you can choose from 12 variable height settings. And it doesn’t tilt back nor forward when you adjust it. It holds its own position, thereby maintaining a smaller footprint.

And you can get pretty organized too. It features USB ports for your convenience. You can also charge your phones via the ports.

You’ll also love how solid it looks and feels. With a weight capacity of 45 lbs, you have more allowance for additional office supplies.

In addition, it comes in fully assembled already. So all you have to do is unwrap it and it’s ready to use. It saves you time as well, especially if you’re not Mr. Handyman. Not everyone has basic DIY skills nor the patience for it.

All in all, it’s a spacious standing desk converter that’s perfect for tight spaces. And you’d be happy to hear that it operates quite silently too.

Ready Desk 2

This wooden standing desk converter is a breath of fresh air. It’s quite versatile and can be used in more than two ways.

This lovely wooden standing desk converter is made in the USA. So you can be assured of high-quality materials. And the craftsmanship reveals a lovely standing desk converter that has a certain appeal. It would look lovely on your desk!

It offers a variety of options where you can place your monitor so you can find that sweet spot. It’s also quite comfortable even in a sitting position.  And it’s quite easy to configure and navigate the desk. So it wouldn’t take much of your time to find the right position for your monitor. 

It’s quite stable and has a weight capacity of 75 lbs. But it can handle a bit more than its weight capacity.  The Ready Desk 2 is enforced with a shake-free cross birching, so you have no issues with wobbling or rocking.

The Ready Desk 2 features 10 height-adjustable options. It’s also quite comfortable for people who stand from  5’0’ up to 6’3”, so that’s quite a wide range. So most people will find it quite comfortable to use. 

best style converter

It has a minimalist, simple, yet classic design. This standing desk converter is made of engineered wood, which is a more sustainable source.

 It consists of just three parts so you’d also have no problem in the assembly. You won’t be confused with screws and parts that you need to attach together. 

The pale birch wood with grain lends it a charming appeal. And you also have an option to upgrade to a keyboard platform. 

Why should you buy it? Well, it’s versatile and it makes use of high-quality material. And it’s made in the USA too.


  • Has cable slots
  • Wide height adjustment range
  • Mae of  sturdy wood material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t wobble

  • Some units may have rough edges

Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic 36" Adjustment Height Desk Computer Desk Gen 1 White Eureka Ergonomic 36" Adjustment Height Desk Computer Desk Gen 1 White
  • Features an ultra-silent motor
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Offers a wide working area
  • Has a buffer system
  • Can be too bulky for some

A large working space plus a quiet desk will let you work in peace.

Eureka Electric Standing Desk converter

The ultra-quiet lift system makes Eureka one of the best standing desk converter in the market. It has an X-lift system that transitions directly from a sitting position to a standing one.

The working space is also something to not be shy of. It has a spacious 31-inch tabletop. And offers a decent working space that doesn’t feel too cramped up. And oh, you can fit 2 monitors on it.

It has a weight capacity of 50 lbs and we find it quite stable too. The construction is rather solid and somehow feels like it’s built like a tank. 

The Eureka standing desk can reach up to 19 ⅛ inches at the highest setting. It takes about just 15 seconds to fully extend the desk to its maximum height. It’s a smooth and quiet transition. There’s no banging of the desk on the working surface. It’s also equipped with a rubber stopper that prevents the desk from banging on the surface when it’s adjusted to the lowest setting. 

The design comes in an all-black finish. But what stands out with the design is that it has a built-in slot that can hold your phone while it charges in the USB port.

It’s a perfect standing desk converter in an office or cubicle where you really need to keep things quiet. Transitioning from sit to stand position won’t bother anyone. And you also have a large working space.

Bonus: Standing Desk Converters for dual monitors

If you need a standing desk converter that will accommodate a more elaborate work setup, you’ve come to the right spot. We have listed our top 3 favorite standing desk converters for dual monitors. Let’s see what each unit has in store for you. 

Innovative Winston E

The Innovative Winston is configured in a rather different way. This unit is a column-style standing desk converter. Though this design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be very useful, especially for people. It can provide dual ergonomics that are not common in desk risers.

WINSTON E converter dual monitor

You will be able to change the height of the two monitors separately from the working space. So this will give you more liberty to adjust the monitors to your preferred height without sacrificing the comfort of your wrists and forearms when using the computer for a longer period.

This is one of the few desk risers that uses such a mechanism. The vertical adjustment can accommodate those who stands over 6 feet. 

We also find it rather easy to transition. It uses an electric lifting monitor so you do not have to use any force or bear the weight of the monitors when adjusting the height.

And another feature that makes it shine among the other standing desk converters is that you can easily adjust the depth of your monitor. So this is quite ergonomic. Desk risers are notorious for limiting your movement. This unit, however, it’s the exact opposite of that. 

Moreover, we find this type of desk riser rather stable. The pole column is very stable and doesn’t wobble. And we also love how the desk features a somewhat curved edge. This can help make the writs more comfortable when you’re working on your computer for a longer time. 

One of the downsides, however, is that it’s not the easiest to assemble. In fact, we had quite a challenging time putting the desk converter together. We even needed to readjust, disassemble, and assemble the desk again just to make sure that everything is aligned. It took us more than one hour just for the initial assembly. So overall, we had to spend about two hours. Unless you got it right away, then over an hour would do. 

So if doing DIYs is not your strength, better have someone put it together for you or better look for another option. Because trust us, it will give you a hard time.

Overall, this standing desk converter is very solid and perfect for taller people. And if you need a dual ergonomic desk riser, this is going to be a perfect choice for you. 

Mount It! MI-7934

If you need a lot of room on our desktop surface, then this Mount It! dual monitor desk riser should be on the top of your list. 

It’s solid enough to be able to hold two large monitors without any issues. And apart from that, the work surface is very roomy. You will be able to place 2 more laptops and still have a hefty room to move around. So if you find your previous standing desk converter too limiting, this is a nice upgrade. The 36-inch wide platform is a lot of room for a basic work setup. 

This desk riser transitions via a gas spring lift. So you will not do any strenuous lifting when lowering or increasing the height of the deks. It’s fairly easy that even old folks will be able to do it without any problem.

Apart from that, we are very happy with its price tag. It costs under 300 dollars and yet you will be able to enjoy a decently durable desk with a lot of room to spare. And oh, before we forget, it also has a keyboard tray. And it’s wide enough for a standard keyboard.

It is also fairly easy to assemble. So if you find the Winston Innovative very cumbersome to set up, this is a great alternative. The setup is very intuitive that you will not need to read the instruction manual any more. 

And for the bad bits, we find that the working surface is not scratch-resistant. It can scratch. So you have to be mindful of any sharp objects when working on this desk riser. And this might not be a great option if you are taller. The desk does not transition straight up. Instead, it tilts towards the user as it goes higher.  

So it can still go high enough. But the higher it goes, the more it will tilt forward. And this will make the desk unstable and it can topple over.

mi 7934 converter

So overall, we recommend this desk riser for average-sized persons who need a lot of room in their working space. If you are taller than 6 feet, the desk will tilt way towards you. At this point, there might be wobbling issues already,


The Vertdesk converter is our midrange desk riser pick for dual monitors. This may be made in China, but it veers away from low-end China-made desk risers. The Vertdesk is not cheap and flimsy. In fairness to the brand, it belongs to the high-end China-made units. So even if it’s not the most durable in the market, it is sufficiently solid and stable. That also makes up for the adorable price tag.

Vertdesk desk converter

We actually find the metal material rather strong and sturdy. So you will not have any wobbling or shaking instances. It’s also rather silent when it operates.

And we were surprised that a desk riser made in China can be solid. We were not expecting that it would have a nice and sturdy built and construction. In contrast to our expectations, this desk riser has a solid construction and it feels well made. Everything is tightened pretty well.

This is also a great option if you do not want to do any DIYs. If the Mount-It! desk riser that we have mentioned above is very easy to set up, this unit does not need to be put together. You can use it straight out of the box. So if you don’t want to be bothered with connecting parts A to B, then you’ll find this very convenient. 

It’s also very light and portable. You’ll have no issues changing work locations.

Do take note, however, that this can eat up some space, especially if you set it to the highest desk setting. Like the Mount-It! desk riser does tend to tilt forward as it transitions. That’s why we also don’t recommend this for taller people. Aside from the desk riser tilting way too forward, it can’t go high enough for those who stand above 6 feet.

And of course, when you adjust the surface with the monitors, the keyboard tray also moves. So it has less scope of users and It’s not dual ergonomic.


ergonomics with a standing desk converter

  1. If you are looking for a desk riser that is dual ergonomics, the Winston Innovative is a perfect choice. It’s also one of the best for taller people.
  2. The Mount It! desk riser is very spacious and roomy. It can accommodate a more elaborate word setup. But it’s best for use by average-sized people. 
  3. Finally, the Vertdesk is pretty solid and stable. Like the Winston Innovative, you’ll never experience shaking or wobbling. It’s also quite portable and easy to move from one place to another

When looking for a standing desk converter for dual monitors, stability and no wobbles are two of the most important things that you have to look for. Yes, you also need more room for a more hefty setup. 

And a two-monitor setup is also a more elaborate one. But stability and solid construction shall always be the top priority. And you will never be disappointed with our top three picks!