7 tips for maintenance and care your standing desk

Now that you bought your dream workstation, maintenance is next. To keep your standing desk in pristine shape, it also needs TLC. Most standing desks are low maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that you can just neglect it. 

maintenance and care your standing desk

Your standing desk can also bear daily wear and tear. Especially if you’ve been working long hours daily, you should take care of fit.

Here are a few simple tips on how you can make your standing desk last longer. 

TLC for the desktop

Cleaning the desktop

Different standing desks are made up of different materials. And they‘ll also have different types of desktop. It can have a bamboo, wood, or laminated desktop. You normally use the same maintenance technique. But it can vary depending on the usage. 

‘Do you often spill coffee on your desk? How about watermarks? These are some questions that would influence how you should clean your desktop.

Laminate and bamboo desktop

  • Regularly wipe off the dust from the tabletop. You can use a feather duster or a microfibre cloth. The latter is more efficient in getting rid of dust.
  • Coffee spills? Use warm soapy water. Dip a sponge into the warm soapy water and gently rub it on the surface. Get a dry paper towel to wipe off the excess mixture.
  • No matter how stubborn the stain is, never use ammonia or any chemical-based cleaner. This can peel off the paint or the laminate.
  • For stubborn stains, you can scrub it off with soapy water multiple times.
  • Make sure to fully dry the tabletop. Abscess moisture can do a number on the surface. And molds can thrive on wood if it’s wet.

Wood desktops

You may also use the same cleaning method that you used with laminates and bamboo desktops. But to maintain the beauty of the wood, it needs a bit more love.

it isn’t much in the pocket. And you also have to do it every 6 months or 1 year. To help maintain the sleek rustic beauty of the wood, you may use a johnson paste wax on the surface yearly or bi-yearly.

And since wood can attract small critters that may gnaw at it, polish it with English Lemon oil. This will make your wood tabletop in pristine shape. Also, the oil protects from critters that would want to munch on your desk.

How to deal with scratches

Scratches and dents are inevitable. Especially if you have an elaborate and busy workstation, those scissors and paper clips may accidentally scratch your desktop. It’s a common issue. But no worries, light dents and scratches are very easy to handle.

You may use a steel wool hand pad to lightly buff out the dents and scratches. It’s kind of the same thing that you use for your pots and pans. You can keep buffing until the scratches are gone. Then take a clean cloth to wipe off the dust.

But sometimes, life can give you lemons and that’s in the form of deep ugly scratches on your table. But you can still make lemonade out of the situation. And that’s in the form of an Old English scratch cover. 

First, buff the area. Then dab a dollop on a clean cloth and wipe it over the scratches and dents. Then take a clean cloth to wipe off the excess solution. Make sure to follow the wood gain when wiping the desk down.

Prevention is better than cure

Since prevention better than cure, do these to prevent any issues or problems with your desk.

  • Always use a coaster

Whether it’s a glass of ice tea or a hot Joe, always use a coaster. And if you’re eating a hot bowl of ramen on your desk, make sure that it has a cloth or placemat under it. The heat can destroy the sealant on the desk. And it can be disastrous for laminate desktops, specifically. You might see small pockets of air forming underneath the desktop. The same goes for cold beverages.

  • Don’t leave water puddles on the desk

That’s why you need a coaster. Because the water can creep through the table and destroy it. If your juice spilled, wipe it off immediately. 

Don't leave water puddles on the desk

  • Remove puddles of water properly

How to properly remove spilled water? Get a dry paper towel and lightly dab it on the spill. Never rub it in, instead, all the tissue to absorb the water. You may also use a sponge since it can absorb liquid better. But whatever you do, never rub it in. Doing so will make the water seep through the table.

  • Use a mouse pad

Mousepads are made for a reason! Avoid mousing directly on the table. Get yourself a mousepad. Besides, it’s easier to hover through with it. You’re also doing yourself a favor.

  • Don’t write with excessive pressure

If you have the paper directly on the desk, try to write with light pressure. Heavy pressure can lead to dents and scratches. And if you have a pen or marker with heavier ink, it might even transfer to the desk. And the ink is a very stubborn stain. So either you use light pressure or use a clipboard. This will protect your desk from your aggressive writing.

  • Never sit on your desk

Even if you are lighter than the maximum weight capacity, do not attempt to sit on it. Unless you’re trying to crack some mth, then go ahead. And you can seriously injure yourself if the desk cracks in half while you’re sitting on it. 

Taking care of the motor

If you own an electric standing desk, taking care of the motor will prevent any glitches. And It can also prolong the life of the motor.

  • Never tax your desk

The maximum weight capacity of a standing desk serves as your guide. Going overboard can make your saint desk brittle. The motor will be taxed and can even stop working. It’s also a good idea to not maximize the weight capacity of the deal. This will also ensure that it’s going to be more stable. And the adjustment time will be faster too.

  • Avoid interrupting the desk while in motion

While some standing desks are equipped with an anti-collision feature, it’s not a good idea to overuse this feature. Intentionally stopping the desk whilst in motion can do a number on the motor. So reserve these “interruptions” for emergency purposes only.

  • Avoid spilling liquids on the motor

This can happen if your drink topples over and the liquids start to spill and spread everywhere. 

  • Never leave your drinks on the tabletop while the desk is in motion.

No matter how stable your sit-stand desk is, there’s still a potential that your coffee or juice might topple over. 

  • Make sure all the pens on your desk don’t leak.

Ink stains can be hard to remove. And it can cause a hell of a mess if your pens suddenly leak out.

Common problems encountered with an electric standing desk

While electric desks are more convenient than hand-cranked ones, these are more susceptible to glitches and motor problems. 

The common issue encountered is when the motor suddenly stops working. And here are some things that you can do before calling your manufacturer.

 And addressing and issues asap will help make your standing desk last longer. 

  • You might have accidentally unplugged the cable with your feet. Check first if everything is plugged in.
  • Clear the desk from any obstruction. Your desk could have stopped because it came into construction with something. It can be a chair, a plant, or anything that’s in the way of the desk. The obstruction can also be below or above the desk. 
  • Does your desk suddenly move in the opposite direction? This can happen with sit-stand desks that are equipped with an anti-collision feature. There might be something blocking your desk’s way. And it was forced to retreat in the other direction.
  • Resetting

If your desk suddenly stops working, you may try to reset it. Unplug the desk from the power source and hold the down button for 10 seconds. 

  • Unplug the keyboard color and the power cord. Then plug it in again and check if it has been resolved. Most standing desks have this resetting technique. But it might also depend on the brand. 
  • The motor still not working

If the resetting is to no avail, contact your manufacturer immediately. Don’t try to pry open the motor and fix it yourself. You might mess up with the motor’s components. And it may affect the warranty of the product.


A happy sit-stand desk is a happy worker. Keeping your desk clean, pristine, and properly working can gravely affect your productivity. How would you be inspired to work in a dirty desk with lots of scratches and dirt?   

So these simple tips can help you keep your desk working properly. So you’re sure to get the most out of your moolah, and not spend some more.