Best L Shaped Standing Desks for Home Office – A Buying Guide for Newbies this 2024

l shaped standing desks

It’s no wonder why L-Shaped desks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. These desks offer more surface areas where you can multitask more effectively. The ergonomic design of these desks will help you move more naturally. Thus, improving productivity.

As compared to a rectangular standing desk, there are lesser options when it comes to L-shaped sit-to-stand desks. But it doesn’t mean that you just have to settle for what’s available in the market.

In this post, we will drive you through lots of great options in the market, focusing on electric standing desks only, and of course, l-shaped designed

l shaped standing desks

5 factors to consider when buying an L-shaped desk

If you’re on the hunt for an L-shaped desk, keep this in mind when going shopping. No need to be serious, but following our lead will save you a few bucks and much more time than doing your research yourself on other social channels

Size and the Configuration 

Most L-shaped desks are made of 2 spliced pieces that are attached together. Lucky for the options on our list, you have the option on how to configure the desk. You can decide where to attach the extension table, is it on the right or left side?

But not all brands have that liberty. Some can only be configured on one side. So you have to be keen on it, especially if you’re left-handed. 

The size is also an important decision. Some brands offer a lot of size combinations for the main and extension table, while others may have only the standard size. So you have to compare this with the available space in your office and the layout of the room. 

l shaped standing desk

Though L-shaped desks can be flushed to the corner, one side of the table can come out too long for your space. 

Some brands may also offer odd sizes, both for the main and the extension table. So you have to do measurements of space where you’re going to use the desk and compare it with the product. 

Construction and safety

One of the reasons why people opt for L-shaped desks is the larger surface. An L-shaped desk can be flushed against a wall so you have more workspace vs the required square meters of your room. 

But you also have to consider the construction. Are the frames solid? Does the desk feel sturdy and does not shake? If you have kids around, does it have an anti-collision feature?

And with a beefy construction, comes safety. Since the tabletop is often fused together, it needs to have a strong construction. Otherwise, it may accidentally shatter into 2 pieces. 

l shaped desk setup

Style and overhangs

When we speak of style, it’s just not about those ergo curved tabletops, it can also be about the crossbeam. Though this is an indicator of stability, it can also be an aesthetic gauge. 

A crossbeam can be an eyesore for some, while some don’t mind it.  

And oh, you have to consider the overhangs. The longer the desk is, the more challenging it will be to transport it or move it to another room, let alone the desk being able to go through the door.  

l shaped standing desk with style

Modern functionalities

Desks equipped with upgraded features and modern functions often have a higher price tag. So if you don’t really have a requirement for it, there is no need to shell out extra money for a particular upgraded desk. Instead, you can instead on equipping the deks with features that may serve your needs should you have the extra money 

Price vs everything

Often, the one with the more premium tag will be the best in terms of features, stability, and construction. In reality, it may be, but it doesn’t always have to apply to every person in all situations. 

Say if you need a stable desk with a weight capacity of 300 lbs, there’s no need to go for the beefiest one that can handle 500 lbs. The extra weight can be a burden to your wallet. 

But at the same time, you can be economical while being safe. So it pays to read legit reviews and do research on what these units are.  

16 Best L-shaped sit-stand Desks for Home Office Setup 2024  

Our testers from US and Canada have listed the best L-shaped options for your home office. Depending on the purpose: we choose 7 L-shaped standing desks for home office work and 4 for the gaming room. If you are living in the UK, we specifically mention here our 5 top picks!

Each brand has its pros and cons. Let’s look deeper and this will help you decide which product to buy.

(Latest update: We removed the Jarvis L shape of Fully, after selling to Herman Miller and other options that were outdated)

Uplift Custom Solid Wood L Shaped Desk

Uplift has three types of L-shaped standing desks. And the Uplift custom solid wood is the most high-end out of the three.

Like other versions of L-shape types, this standing desk also has key features:

  • Great height adjustment from 25.3″ to 50.9″. If you are a tall guy even above 6’7″, no problem!
  • With this Uplift support to a 535 lb lifting capacity, it’s time to say goodbye to wobble problems, which are the most annoying things when it comes to a sit-stand desk
  • And don’t worry if your desk gets any errors or trouble with installations, Uplift offers a 15-year warranty

One of its advantages is its thick solid wood tabletop. And the desk is 1.75” thick. It definitely looks and feels pretty solid. 

In addition, this desk is handcrafted. And all handcrafted products are made with high-quality materials. They also tend to have this charm that can add more personality to any room. Moreover, it requires a certain level of expertise to make a handcrafted table. So that makes this tabletop top-of-the-line. 

uplift l shaped desk

Interestingly, their high-end desktop makes use of a rather cheap Chinese-made frame.

It has telescoping legs and anti-collision sensitivity. The anti-collision sensitivity stops the motion even at the slightest resistance. Thus, ensuring that your computer stays off the floor.

Furthermore, it also has a one-touch feature. With it, you can conveniently lower or increase the height of the desk.

As a whole, this product is a gorgeous natural wood desk. It has a lot of charm and personality. And it can be customizable too. It’s built with several mounting points so you can add accessories to your heart’s content. 

Uplift l shaped


  • Natural wood tabletop
  • Has accessory mounting points
  • Handcrafted tabletop
  • Anti-collision sensitivity


  • Expensive but limited options for the wood desktop
  • Some people complain about the stability, our recommendation for the single leg is to find and buy a third foot, it will solve this problem.

More info

Lander L Desk Solid Wood Top

This iMovR Lander L-shaped standing desk is 100% made in the USA. Maybe that’s why you’ll get shocked when seeing the price!

The solid wood tabletop version shares almost the same distinctive innovations other Lander desks have, such as an impressive height adjustment (24.5″-50.5″ good enough for average & tall people), super stable with 540 lbs of weight capacity, Anti-Collision Technology (safety for children), Lifetime Warranty on the steel frame, 5-years for the tabletop, and 15 years on electronic plus all motors. It’s also equipped with a controller that can be synced to your smartphone. And it’s Bluetooth enhanced so you can change the table height by accessing the app. All amazing features, right?

And you’ll love how you can customize this desk. You can configure its size and shape so that it can perfectly fit in your room. And you have a lot of options too. In addition, it comes in 36 different designs and colors. So you’ll be able to find one that can make your heart flutter.

Moreover, the solid tabletop is handcrafted. So you can expect quality materials and workmanship. This product not only looks elegant, but it’s quite durable too. 

The gorgeous tabletop is ergo contoured. So you’ll be pretty comfortable while working. 

Also, it comes in 90 percent pre-assembled. So it’ll only take a few minutes to put this standing desk together. 

Overall, this elegant standing desk can be an upgrade from your old desk. It’s durable, innovative, and of course, it’s certified by ANSI-BIFMA. So you can only expect the highest quality.

best l-shaped desk - Lander L Desk Solid Wood Top standingdesktopper


  • Handcrafted
  • Elegant designs to choose from
  • Innovative
  • Ergo contoured
  • Customizable


  • Too expensive compared to the Uplift L-shaped version

FLEXISPOT Pro L Shaped – best for budget standing desk

Our Pick for the budget
Flexispot Pro L-shaped Standing Desk Flexispot Pro L-shaped Standing Desk

The Pro L Shaped desk (E7L) is their top-of-the-line model, and it offers a number of features that make it a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

  • 3 height presets, 330lbs loading capacity
  • Adjustable height range: 25-50.8"
  • 15 years of warranty

If you want to skip buying when see the pricey Lander, this Flexispot will bring you back to the checkout page! At least this one won’t hurt your wallet.

Flexispot is a famous brand when it comes to the budget for standing desks. Even with the single desk, the frame only, or the L-shaped version, we still have what we want without the biggest amount of money. Well, let’s say, no need to break the bank, you can get a beautiful setup like the image below

Flexispot El7

This desk is incredibly stable. It features a dual motor lifting system that can support up to 330 lbs, actually, it’s not one of the most sturdy desks on the market, but with a normal person has 2 big screens, 3 monitor arms, and at least one PC it can support it all perfectly. Additionally, the desk features a 3-stage leg system that provides ample support for even the heaviest of loads.

The E7L desk is also very easy to assemble, and it comes with detailed instructions that make the process a breeze.

About the desktop dimensions, it comes in 3 sizes: 48×24, 55×28 and 72×30 (special 71×48″). The 48×24″ is a good size for a single monitor (recommend for home office), while the 55×28″ will be better for a dual monitor setup (normal user will like this). The 72×30″ is the largest size and it’s perfect for use a triple monitor, which is likely for a gamer. The special version, well, it’s a bit larger and it’s perfect for, let’s say everything!

About the height range, not much special for a tall guy, that’s the truth!

It features a height range of 22.8″ to 48.4″, which makes it ideal for both short and average-height users. Additionally, the desk features a tilt range of -5° to +10°, which allows you to customize your working angle for maximum comfort. Only one thing you should check, it’s the special version 71×48″. This one only supports the height from 28.9″-48.2″, so if you are a short guy, it may not be suitable for you. And the weight capacity of this version is only 177 lbs, but the price is only half compared to other versions, it’s still a good choice if you have a super limited budget.

Overall, the FlexiSpot Pro L-Shaped desk is a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers who are looking for a high-quality, adjustable, and stable desk.

FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk

If you’re looking for an L-shaped desk with a maximum load capacity, the FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped with 63″ tabletop is a great option. With a height adjustment range of 27.56″ to 47.24″, it’s perfect for people of average height. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty for the main parts and components and a 2-year warranty for the motor. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the desk, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Fezibo triple motor l shaped desk

  • Dimensions: 62.99″D x 47.24″W x 29.53″H
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Height adjustment range: 27.56″ – 47.24″

Compare to the Flexispot, with the same price range, and the same size as the tabletop, this L-shaped is stronger with double load capacity, making it the best choice for those who need a cheap and reliable standing desk.

The desk also has 3 preset buttons to control the height, two desk hooks, and a cable management tray to keep your cords organized. It’s also easy to assemble, so you’ll be up and working in no time.

The downside, like other budget l-shaped desks, the height adjustment range is not for everyone. The tall guys above 6’5″ or the short people under 5’4″ can’t use this l-shaped desk, they have to find other options.

Even comes with 3 motors, but the warranty for this motor quality is only for 3 years, it’s not good compared to other premium brands like iMovR, Progressive, Fully, or Jarvis, which have a 10-15 years warranty. And the size of the tabletop is only 63″, it’s smaller than the average size of a rectangle desk, which is around 70″x50″. Unfortunately, Fezibo does not have bigger size options for this l-shaped desk (it has a smaller 48″ or mid-range 55″ size).

Fezibo l shaped desk

Even with only one size, Fezibo has 4 colors for the tabletop, they are white, black, and 2 colors of brown. The special thing is, you can find another l-shaped version with drawers (+$100) or with a file cabinet (+$200). Of course, they look so unique, and it’s very rare to find an L-shaped desk with those extra features in the market.

Eureka Height Adjustable L-Shaped Standing Desk

EE EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shaped Standing Desk EE EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shaped Standing Desk
  • Unique leg frames design
  • Has an overload protection feature
  • Stable and durable
  • Fully digital controller
  • Quiet and strong motors
  • Affordable
  • Comes in one color only

This EE 61”x43” version L-shaped standing desk of Eureka may look like your basic desk. But there’s more than meets the eye. It offers more advanced functions at an affordable price tag.

This product features a LED digital display. It might look like the standard readouts most electric standing desks have. But the Eureka L-shaped desk boasts of a bit more than just the basic functions.

First, let’s start with the basic features. The LED readout bears an “up and down” button for easy table adjustment. Also, it has 4 programmable settings where you can input your desired table height. And lastly, it has a memory button to pre-set your preferred measurements.

Additionally, it contains more advanced functions. One, It has an overload protection feature. The table automatically stops once the weight capacity is reached (350 lbs). It, therefore, saves the steel frame from damage. And it prevents any untoward accidents too. 

And two, it has an alarm that will prompt you to change to a standing position. 

Interestingly, this standing desk is made with one of its legs slightly longer than the other. The product claims that this contributes to the stability of the desk. And surprisingly, this feature prevents the desk from tilting over.

All in all, this white electric standing desk will look pristine in your home or office. It’s a simple desk but has a unique frame design that makes it stable. If you don’t mind that it’s available only in white, this affordable desk is a great option.

Hanover L-shaped standing desk

This L-shaped Hanover is a great option for those who are on a very tight budget with a small working area. 

Measuring 73 x 73 inches, large enough for having ample space for two monitors and a couple more office supplies. You can enjoy additional workspace at a fraction of the cost. Also, it can support a weight of up to 330 lbs.

In addition, you get to enjoy the convenient features of an electric standing desk. It has 4 programmable settings where you can encode your preferred table height (25-49 inches). And If you don’t have any preferred setting, it’s easy to adjust the desk too. You just have to press the up and down arrows. And it will seamlessly lift or lower the table. The motor is amazingly durable and quiet too.

We believe this Hanover is a great use as a small workstation. It looks pretty utilitarian with its PVC tabletop. But you may still use it for your computers and monitor, it will just look extremely basic and plain. 

There’s nothing fancy about it. But it sure can carry quite a load. And since it may reek of few harmful chemicals, it’s best placed in areas where there is enough ventilation.

How about L-shaped Gaming Desks?

L shaped desks are perfect space savers. It conveniently sits in the corner of your room. Thus, occupying only a small area. 

But can it be a convenient gaming desk? Why not? L-shaped desks are versatile. At the same time, you can still place a lot of equipment on the surface. L-shaped desks are perfect for gamers who have multiple tasks to do. And the best L-shaped gaming desk combines the ergonomics and versatility of both a home office workstation and a gaming desk.

Respawn RSP 2010

Respawn RSP 2010 gives excellent space for the gamer who has a lot on his plate. It’s well-built and quite durable too.

Your setup upgrade comes with a ton of additional gaming accessories. And sometimes, it just won’t fit on your old desk. 

RESPAWN 2010 Gaming Computer Desk - L shaped

Respawn is known for its durable and well-built gaming chairs and desks. And this L- shaped desk is no exception.

This L-shaped desk has all the convenient features of a regular gaming desk, but way better. You get the cup holder and even a headset hanger for your convenience. But you still get extra space for your home office. Everything is within reach. 

In addition, it looks rather elegant with its black and grey exterior. And it’s built to last too and can hold a weight of as much as 200 lbs. The steel frames add up to the durability of this gaming desk.

It definitely supports prolonged gaming with these two features. One, It has beveled edges that are quite comfortable on your arms and wrists. And two, It also helps you keep an eye-level view of the monitor with its leveled monitor shelf. It won’t give you any back or neck strain.

All in all, it’s a dependable L-shaped desk that you can use both for your gaming and home office needs. If you’re a fan of Respawn products, this is a great addition.


  • Has a lot of working space
  • Sturdy and built to last
  • Looks elegant
  • Has a cup holder and headset hanger


  • Quite heavy
  • The monitor shelf can only accommodate one monitor

Teraves Reversible L-shaped Gaming Desk

Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk with Large Surface, 61 Inch Sturdy Corner Desk with Storage Shelves, Premium Office Computer Desk Workstation for Home Office Gaming Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk with Large Surface, 61 Inch Sturdy Corner Desk with Storage Shelves, Premium Office Computer Desk Workstation for Home Office Gaming
  • Comes with a CPU stand
  • Reversible panel design
  • Has a footrest
  • Has triangle shaped support for stability
  • Equipped with a monitor mount hole
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • The instructions are hard to read
  • Can be challenging to assemble for some

This versatile L shaped gaming desk has a lot of storage spaces for your gaming accessories

Complete with two-tier storage shelves, the Teraves Reversible L-shaped gaming desk isn’t short of extra space. Another advantage it has is that it’s reversible. You can tweak the position of the panels to suit your needs.

This wooden desk gives a homey vibe. It can be your gaming desk without looking too virtual. It’s a versatile L-shaped desk too. You can use it both as a home office or your gaming station. 

The wooden table is made of P2 particleboard. And it has sturdy legs made of steel frames. We love the unique round curved edge design. It adds softness to the desk. And in terms of the weight, it has a decent minimum weight feel. So it’s easy to move around in case you want to transfer it to the other room.

l shaped standing desk review

Plus, it’s low maintenance. Since the panels are water-resistant, you don’t have to worry if you left your soda on the desk overnight. It does not retain watermarks. 

In a nutshell, this reversible L-shaped gaming desk is very comfortable for both left and right-handed people. And if you’re looking for a gaming desk that doesn’t look too savvy, this laid-back desk is for you.

Walker Edison L Shaped Gaming Desk

Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk with Computer Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch, Silver Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk with Computer Keyboard Tray, 51 Inch, Silver
  • Large working area
  • Unique and streamlined design
  • The sturdy steel frame can hold 1000 lbs
  • Easy to clean
  • The keyboard tray is quite small
  • No options for cable management

The Walker Edison gaming desk has a unique design that makes it one of the most sought-after L- shaped gaming desks in the market today.

This L-shaped desk has a tempered glass table and an x-shaped frame stand. It’s rare to find a gaming desk with such features. It looks ultra-modern and chic too. This gaming desk gives another whole new meaning to a gaming desk. Let’s see how it performs.

First, it’s very easy to modify. The two long tables are separate. So you have an option on how to place the tabletops in any way you want. It can even be used as a single desk. 

And these are not connecting desks. You just have to place the two tables beside each other to form an L- shaped gaming desk. And it only takes roughly 10 minutes to fully assemble this gaming desk.

Second, it has a streamlined and rather thin-looking frame and legs. But it is indeed durable. It’s sturdy and well built which you wouldn’t expect from a desk with such thin frame legs.

Third, it has a lot of clearance for your legs or CPU or anything that you want to store underneath the desk. And if you’re concerned about the safety of the glass table, the edges are angled to prevent accidental scraping. 

And you’ll love how stylish and posh the glass tabletop looks. It’s held on the base with suction cups. 

Overall, it’s a unique desk that has a high-end design. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a desk that can accommodate multiple monitors and other gaming or office accessories.

Which L Shaped Desk Should You Buy If You Live in the UK?

If you are in the UK and are on the hunt for the most suitable L -shaped desk, then this is worth looking at.

There are still other L-shaped desks that can be at par with the ones we have listed, but some can prove to be a nuisance when it comes to shipping, warranty, return policies, etc. Also, considering the transit and the stress that it can put on the desks, best to get the beefier ones on the market.

L-shaped desk

in the UK

Height range Transition speed Weight capacity Warranty Shipping
Stockholm Height Adjustable corner desk by Friska 24.6”-51.8” 1.57”/sec 352 lbs 10 years Same-day dispatch (if ordered before 2 pm)
YOYO Desk Pro 3 24.4”-50” 1.4”/sec 330 lbs 7 years 2-5 days
Right Angle Elegante 


24”-51”  1.5”/sec 450 lbs 12 years on support brackets, columns, and feet

5 years on gears and motors, electrical components, and desktops. 

3-5 days
Atlas Corner desk 24”-50.5” 1.57”/sec 352 lbs 7 years Same-day dispatch ( if ordered before 2 pm)
Flexispot E1L  27.9″-47.2 1”/sec 220 lbs 5 years on metal and mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components, 2 years on desktops except bamboo 5-7 business days

Stockholm Height Adjustable corner desk by Friska

We choose the Stockholm Desk because it can tick all the boxes on your list, most people’s list that is. This desk is within the mid-range price for an L-shaped desk, you don’t need to spend a lot but you might be able to satisfy most of your requirements.  

It is a very posh and elegant desk, we must say. And this has a very strong and robust build. There’s not an inch in this desk that seems flimsy, the entire desk is rock solid. 

Friska l shaped desk

It can also satisfy its clients with an array of options for in-house accessories and features. You have tons of choices to make your desk more upgraded. You can also choose from 18 different tabletop colors.

What’s another outstanding feature is how fast the delivery is. If you live in the UK, you can order before 2 pm and get to the desk before the day ends. Thus making it also the best option for those who need a desk asap.  

The aesthetics are very luxurious and the tabletop is thick and strong. The entire desk looks sleek and nothing to complain about.

Another luxurious touch is the control panel. It does not have any memory presets, though you can opt to get that one at an added cost. But the way it was constructed made the desk even look more high-end. The control panel is embedded in the desk itself.  

All the motors and parts of the desk are Swedish-made. So there aren’t any cheap Chinese-made components on the desk. That’s why we can really vouch for the durability of these desks. But albeit that, the price is within a reasonable range for an L- shaped desk.  

The desk can go from 24.6” to -51.8″, so it has a pretty wide range. Both petite and taller users will be able to use it without any wobbles. It is pretty sturdy and solid, with no wobbles at all. 

YOYO Desk Pro 3 – honorable mention

Compared to the Friska desk, you can buy just the YOYO desk frame. So that can be a better choice if you fancy a different tabletop from a different brand. But if you are a newbie to DIYs and are not really sure of what you’re looking for, it’s better to go for a pre-built desk, with the frame and other components from the same brand.

That way, you don’t have to do the nitty gritty stuff of ensuring that all pieces go together or can be fitted into the frame or desk. But if you have a knack for doing DIY and know what the desk needs, then by all means go for the frame only. 

Yoyo Pro can go from 24.4”- 50”. So it has almost the same height range as the Stockholm L-shaped desk, making it more usable by more people. 

The control panel is somewhat basic, it has an up and down button and 4 memory presets for the basic unit. Though the way the presets are laid out is a bit different from the usual control pane of most units. But it does have a more generic appeal compared to the Stockholm Desk 

RightAngle Elegante Corner Desk

One of the Best options for tall users and premium choice

This Right Angle Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a premium choice as well. It is packed with robust construction and a solid build. It is the beefiest on the list. So if you’re looking for the most muscles then prepare to shell out more moolah for this number, this ain’t cheap. 

There isn’t a single wobble, side to side or front to back. You may bump into it and it will not budge.

Elegante XT

The desk also looks slim and sleek. Despite that, it has a very sturdy construction, yet it does not appear to be bulky. Looks can be deceiving, that’s how hefty the desk can be. Also, it can go higher than the rest of the bunch. 

The max desk height is 51”, so it’s best used by taller users. It does have a wide desk height range and can go as low as 24”. So slightly petite users may also be able to use the desk. 

Also, like the Lander desk, it has some modern functionalities embedded in its unit. It has a 4 outlet power strip and 2 USB port power strips. 

Though Lander, by far, is still the more upgraded desk due to its Bluetooth function, you can easily power up your monitor, and laptop, or charge your iPhone, iPad, and Bluetooth speakers on the Right Angle desk. It also has a standard cable management tray for a clutter-free work zone. 

Atlas Corner desk – best customizable

Like our first two options, this desk makes use of all Swedish components, so this is also a pretty durable unit. But it may offer more room for customization.

The desk frame width can also be adjusted. It can go from 45”-68” x 60-84”. So that is more means to customize your desk. If you need an average size desk or a bigger one, you may use the same frame and just change the tabletop. So this is also a great way to save money in the future. If the need for a more elaborate work area and bigger space arises, you can still use the same frame and just change the top. 

Atlas Corner desk UK

The desk height is pretty impressive too, it can go from 24”- 50.5”. Like most options on our list, both petite and taller users will be able to use the desk 

This is also a pretty clean and neat workstation. You can easily sneak on the wires and cables underneath the desk. The tray that comes with it is sufficient for thicker wires. It also has added convenience, the desk has a built-in electric socket that allows you to plug in gadgets on the desk as you work. 

Flexispot E1L – Best Budget

As you can see, we mentioned the FLEXISPOT Pro L Shaped earlier, but in the UK, there is still the E1L in the same brand with an absolute choice you can’t miss!

Those on a budget but need an L-shaped desk perhaps to do zoning can find the best deals in E1L. But let us start by saying that while this is very affordable, it is for light-duty use only. 

That is also because the E1L only has two motors. All our other options above make use of 3 motos, which is why they have a higher weight capacity and a more beefy build. 

flexispot e1l desk

It may even have the same weight capacity as a rectangular desk or a standard sit-stand desk of most brands. So if you are going for the E1L, it will be mostly because of the space, and the liberty to do zoning despite having a budget of fewer than 600 dollars.  

It’s common for L-shaped desks to have spliced tops. Even desks with bigger surfaces can be split into two to allow for easier transit. But the divide between the main and the extension desk is very noticeable in the E1L. 

That also makes it tricky to align the desk, so you have to spend more time setting it up. Perhaps you wanted to make the divide as meager as possible, but it can be to no avail since the desk is really built to have that.  

But despite the limitations, you also get upgrades compared to the entry-level desks of Flexispot. With the E1L, the control panel design has been updated and it looks way better. It already has a gloss finish and a more minimalistic design. It doesn’t look like a toy anymore. That can be expected because of the low tag. And some budget-friendly units of the brand do have control panels.

Also, it does not come with a cable management tray. It’s kind of confusing since L-shaped desks are supposed to accommodate more wires and cables because of the larger surface. So we think that a cable management tray, even a basic basket like one, is warranted with a purchase like this.

It may look like a not-so-good deal, but then again, you’re buying this desk because of the price vs the space. Perhaps You need more working space but the available square meters in your home office don’t allow you to get a bigger rectangular-sized desk, not to mention the cost. And since this can also be a corner desk, you can easily fit it into a section of your room. 

What are some of the most common problems with L-shaped desks?

One of the most common problems people have is that they can be quite bulky and take up a lot of space. They can be difficult to assemble, and the instructions are often unclear. Once assembled, these desks can be unstable, wobbling precariously with even the slightest movement. This can obviously be a safety hazard, as well as a frustrating inconvenience. In addition, L-shaped standing desks often have a very limited range of motion, making it difficult to find the perfect position for working. And finally, they can be quite expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. For all these reasons, many people prefer to stick with traditional sit-down desks.

How to avoid them?

1. You may experience back pain if your L-shaped standing desk is not adjustable. Make sure that your desk is at the proper height to avoid this issue.

2. They can be unstable. This is usually due to a poorly designed desk or cheap materials. Of course you need to purchase a quality desk from a reputable company to avoid this issue.

3. Some people find it difficult to reach the keyboard and mouse when using an L-shaped standing desk. Get a desk with an adjustable keyboard tray and mouse platform.

4. They take up a lot of space. If you have a small office, you may want to consider a different type of desk.

5. Finally, more expensive than normal standing desks? Well, you get what you pay for!

If you are considering an L-shaped standing desk, make sure to do your research and choose a quality product from a reputable company. By doing so, you can avoid the most common problems and enjoy the benefits of this type of desk

L Shaped Standing Desk is a great way for building your home office

Standingdesktopper’s Recommendations

L shaped standing desks are perfect for your multipurpose home office. And they are a perfect solution if you need more working space but don’t have extra room. Even if for gaming

L-shaped gaming desks come in a variety of designs. From savvy to minimalist exteriors, you will definitely find one that suits your taste and your requirements too. Our list ticks all the boxes of your dream gaming desks.

Well, hope we made things easier for you. We’re quite certain you’d be able to find a desk that you love.