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Today we make highlight some key features of the Jarvis Standing Desk with the Bamboo Top and how it compares to other similar products in the market. For reason, we choose the bamboo tabletop instead of the others. Well, because not everyone like different colors. An example, some testers really hate the black laminate due to the terrible shininess and Marky the surface is. Even if you can clean it later the tabletop will get back stains

The Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top is an award-winning stand-up desk sold by Fully – a company based in Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California that specialized in the retail sale of ergonomic products. Recently it was bought by Herman Miller, a trusted brand in the office chair market. The acquisition makes the price of Jarvis so crazy, cheaper than ever! You don’t have another good chance to buy the amazing desk at the same price even if it’s Black Friday! However, not everyone is a fan of Herman Miller – for example, see this post on Reddit to understand why!

As a brand, frankly, Jarvis has proven to be one of the best and most popular in the market, producing sleek and competitively priced standing desks. According to experts, some people love this brand because they offer a variety of sizes available, like very huge 72×30″, super small 42×30, or common 60×30″, and the amazing thing is, Fully prepare the height of Jarvis standing desks for both tall and short people.

For example, for short & petite people, someone who loves the height goes down under 25″, it’s okay when this brand has the 3-stage low frame – with the Height from 22.9″ to 42.9″ 

For a tall person above 6’5″, the 3-stage standard frame desk has an adjustable height of 25.5″-51″. At least the brand knows how to make everyone happy with their sit-stand desk.

fully jarvis bamboo standing desk with 3 stages

Ok, it’s time to take a deep look at the Jarvis, first with the specs

The Jarvis desk brand came into being later in 2013. Ever since the brand has seen several changes being made to the design – including the shifting to the current C-base from T-base. The most recent update on the design of these standing desks was in 2017 when updates were made on the control box programming and the motor design. The updates meant that the noise produced by the desk was reduced and the adjustment speed became much better.

Key Specifications

The Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top is a good choice for the eco-conscious. It is made of a well-finished bamboo top to offer aesthetic pleasure and quality at the same time. You get to choose either a rectangular-shaped top or a contour shape. There are seven sizes and four colors to choose from. You also get to enjoy unlimited accessory options to choose from that you can use to build out your workspace.

The desk is electric-powered allowing you to adjust the height frames to suit your comfort preferences. The LED Programmable handset allows you to adjust the heights quickly. Unlike other similar products in the market, the Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top has frames made of strong steel. According to the manufacturer, the desk can comfortably support up to 350 lb.

Jarvis dimensions standing desk review
Source: fully

Here are the key specifications for this standing desk as per Fully:

Material: Mature Bamboo plants are grown for 5 years

Size: A variety of sizes is available depending on the shape

Minimum Height: 25.3” for the standard frame and 22.6” for the 3-stage low frame (without top)

Maximum Height: 51” for the standard frame and 44” for the low frame (without top)

Adjustment speed: Between 1.3” per second and 1.5” per second.

Weight capacity: 350 lb.

Noise level: 50 Decibels

Shipping: Free within the United States

Warranty: 15-year warranty on the frame, electric components, and mechanical components. Now you should ask for Herman Miller’s support first. The Fully brand is gone but maybe the warranty keeps alive!

Jarvis bamboo standing desk

How to assembly Jarvis Standing Desk

Herman Miller is known for accompanying its manufactured products with a detailed and easy-to-follow set-up guide. Jarvis is no exception. Other than the frames and the top, the package includes a lot of screws to hold the various components together. Some are easy and simple to fit and tighten, while others can be a little challenging. But following the set-up guide and the link to a set-up video on Youtube will help you get the job done.

Check out this video to see how to assembly the desk quickly and easily

It takes an average of 30 minutes to finish the set-up. It might take a little bit more time if you have less experience assembling desks, shelves, and similar products. You might also need a helping hand when attaching the columns.

The control box and the motor system

The update announced by Fully hinted at a change in both the hardware and software components of the control box. However, a simple comparison of the old and new control boxes reveals little to no difference in the control box’s hardware. The programming update is good and there is a noticeable change in the efficiency of the control box. But even with that, the control board could use an update. The loose connection between boards and the extensive use of caulk to attach components and hold them in place is a clear indicator that there is still a lot that needs to be done if it wants to compete with Linak and LogicData control boxes.

The motor system was also updated and, unlike the control box, you will quickly notice the difference in design between the old motor systems and the new one. The update features an internalized gear and worm drive, unlike the old version. The encasements was a good idea as it shields the gear from dust and dirt which affected the efficiency of the older version. There also is a change in the location of the hall sensor. It has also been moved into the encasement. Generally, the motor system upgrade is way better.

Additional Optional Components

Other than the mainframe and top, you have the option to purchase additional components to compliment your standing desk and make it more suitable for you. Some of the optional additions you will find include power upgrades – get an additional AC outlet and USB-A and USB-C ports – anti-fatigue mats, a desk shelf, a supported-standing chair, and many more. 


The Positives

  •  The desk has a pretty decent range of motion. 25” adjustability means it can be used by people of varying heights. Also, one can convert it into a sitting desk easily.
  • Its 350 lbs. lifting capacity is admirable. Users can accommodate most of the items they need in their workspace with ease. It also provides more room for adding additional components.
  • Electrical and mechanical components function impressively. The memory settings make quick adjustments possible.
  • Fairly priced.


The Negatives

  • The white grease that appears on the columns is annoying. While it does not affect the functionality and performance of the desk, one can easily stain their clothes.
  • While the motor has impressive speed and the control box features a programming update, there is continued motion even after you have released the button. Other than making it hard to achieve the desired height, this raises some safety concerns, especially when children are involved.
  • The desk can get wobbly, especially when at maximum height.
  • When Fully is sold to Herman Miller, there is a time when they did not answer their customer’s emails, chats, or phones. So be careful to buy their product this time. Go with Uplift V2 or Flexispot E7 instead!!!



There are several concerns about the Jarvis standing desk that cannot go unnoticeable. The stability issues when at a height above 40”, the grease stains on the metal frames, and the safety concern due to continued motion after releasing the button are areas JieCang and Herman Miller need to improve on to make the Jarvis brand an undeniable top choice.

But even with the limitations, this is a desk worth considering. The expansive height adjustability range allows persons of all heights – from children to adults – to comfortably work at the desk. With the electric system and memory settings, adjusting the heights to suit one’s needs is pretty easy. The warranty, while it is not “industry-leading,” is one of the best in the market. 15-year coverage for the mechanical and electrical components is decent enough.

Fully has gained a reputation for offering excellent customer service, but we will wait to see Herman Miller does things. For a Chinese-made standing desk, the pricing plus the customer service is a fair bargain. You won’t get this kind of bargain with Bekant or Autonomous Smartdesk or Flexispot

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