Top 5 Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

What Desk Riser can go High Enough?

If you are quite tall, you will find it hard to find a standing desk that can go high enough for your needs. As such a desk riser will help you work with the desk that you have, so you don’t have to buy a new one.  And we have compiled brands that will be able to taller dudes up to 6’7”.

Flexispot M7B standing desk converter

See our reviews below so you don’t have to waste time finding the most suitable unit because there isn’t much!

Varidesk Tall 40”

If you stand 6’7”, this unit is one of the best options. But, at the same time, this is also one of our more premium picks. It retails at almost average mid-price, it might not exactly fit in most people’s budgets. But this can go higher than most brands that we have tried. The steep price tag will also account for its robustness. It is very sturdy and stable, not to mention that it is quite heavy. So we see this working best for grown men. Though this desk converter can be easily lowered or raised, those who are muscularly challenged may need to put up some more effort to change the height of the desk riser.

It also offers  9  height settings, making it suitable for those of average height to taller users. And it is rather very roomy with a 31.5” desk width. So you’ll have plenty of room. This can also be the ideal desk riser for the big and tall. If you have chunkier hands, you need something substantially heavy and roomy.  It will not shake or wobble if you rest your elbows on it.

And for the qualms, we think that it could have been avoided should the desk been made with more thought. Yes, it is very roomy, some may even find it immensely wide. But the thing is, the design of this unit is not really well thought of. It lacks ergonomics. There’s so much dead space. You will not be able to use all of the space with how the unit was built.

The placement of the levers and the lip above the keyboard will make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to fit your hand in to make use of the space. That is a tiny flaw but it could have made the unit more versatile and ergonomic.

Flexispot M7B

Runner-up Pick
Flexispot M7B Flexispot M7B

The highest limit is just a tad bit lower than the Vari desk riser, it can go up to 19.7 “, so still ideal for those who stand 6’3”-6’4”.

This is almost head to head with the Vari unit when it comes to the desk space and the max weight capacity. But the thing is we did find the design of the M7B to be more ergonomic. So you will be able to make use of all the spaces, compared to that of the Vari. Thus, if you need more space for your monitors and stuff, this could be a better option. You’ll be able to have access to all the nooks and crannies.

And when we said that it’s more ergonomic, it offers the user more flexibility. You may opt to use the keyboard or not. You can easily detach it shall you do have not any use for it.

It also appears a bit posher and you have an option to get the unit in mahogany.

And like the Vari desk converter, this is very sturdy, quite heavy, and feels robust, but it is less heavy and less bulky than our first pick. So this can also work well for average to tall women. You will not find it hard to change the height of this unit.

Seville Classics Airlift

Now if you need a standing desk converter that can go high enough for 6’2” folks and need a larger working area at the same time, we recommend this unit. Unlike our first two picks, the mac desk height is 19.1”. But when it comes to the working space, this offers a whole lot more. And there aren’t any dead spaces, the design is very ergonomic. So you would be able to make use of all the square inches of this unit.

And like the M7B, it offers an option to get the unit in faux wood. That offers an aesthetic that is quite unique and different from the desk risers most of us are used to. So if you need a more charming and rustic unit, we are vouching for this one.

It is also quite friendly on your budget. It retails less than 200 dollars but it still is quite ergonomic. . It also has a removable keyboard tray that you can stow away or slide underneath the unit if you don’t have use for it.

The keyboard tray also offers more space so that you can move your mouse freely. This is also one of the things we have noticed and made it stand out in front of the other units. Also,  it doesn’t shake and does not feel cheap or flimsy despite the lower price tag.

We didn’t notice any shaking or wobbling issues.  It moves pretty smooth and steady, you might even think that it’s worth more than it costs.

So this is also a great option for those who are on a  budget but need something substantial that can last for some time.

G Pack Pro

What makes this unit stand out is that it has a lot of height settings, all 22 of them. So we see this as very useful for those who are sharing standing desk converters. It pretty much can accommodate a wider range of users.  And like Vari, it can go as high as 20”.

It also has a detachable keyboard tray. And like the Seville Classic Airlift, the keyboard tray is pretty wide, almost as wide as the first tier.

It is also ergonomically designed. You will be able to use all square inches of this desk riser, so no wasted space there. But the downside of this large keyboard tray is that it lacks depth. most do not find it deep enough. so if you place a pen on it, it might roll to the sides and fall on the floor.

It’s also pretty stable. But if you are an aggressive typist, the unit may have some slight wobbles. So that can be the downside, it is a less beefy choice, but still substantial compared to other brands in the market. But if you are a gentle typist, you will not have the same problem.

The keyboard tray is the least stable and least durable part of this desk riser. So it’s also not advisable to rest your elbow on it or apply too much weight.

Defy Desk

If you are looking for a standing desk converter that has more muscles, you are in the right spot. This unit is probably one of the few that can bear more weight. It is also the beefiest option on our list with a max load capacity of 17 kg. The surface area is pretty wide too. So you’re getting a beefier and more liberating desk riser. This makes it perfect for chunky guys too.

But there is a big tradeoff. It can be very expensive. That’s why even if it can be used by taller people who stand up to 6’7-6”8, it might not be a go-to item. You might just buy a new standing desk instead of splurging money on a desk riser.

Most people do not go all out when they buy standing desk converters, so this could be used by a few people. But this is pretty hefty too and the ergonomics is on the spot.

What to look for tall people

Our top picks mentioned above can work great for those who are quite tall. But also keep in mind that the height of your desk will also influence how high the entire unit will go. If you need it higher, it’s best paired with a standing desk.

Regardless, you have to look for the max height, it should be able to go up to at least 19”, that’s the time that desk risers can be used conveniently by tall people.

The desk riser for the tall should also be decently sturdy and almost wobble-free. Having a more ergonomic design is also a plus.