Can a standing desk change the way you feel?

Did you know many Americans work at a desk all day long? It’s true! Not only do these workers sit all day, but they also have increased risks of health problems created by a sedentary lifestyle. In an average 8 hour shift, a person that works at a desk sits for about 6 hours, but with new innovations in office furniture, the time workers spend sitting can be drastically reduced with increased benefits to their health. One innovation that can improve office workers overall health is the stand-up desk. Check out how adding a stand up desk to your work environment could change the way you feel and look at work and outside of work too.

What’s a Standing Desk?

From Wiki: A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk conceived for writing or reading while standing up or while sitting on a high stool. During the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were popular in the homes and offices of the rich. Standing desks have regained some popularity due to purported health benefits.

When you hear the term “standing desk,” you probably assume it’s a desk, you stand at. And, you’d be right, that’s exactly what it is, but there’s more than one style on the market. Desk options range from raised stationary desks, similar to countertops, to adjustable desks that allow you to change height and alternate between standing and sitting. If you’re still on the fence about whether this is the right idea for you, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of this office furniture and things to consider before making the switch in your office space.

Can a standing desk change the way you feel?

A Sedentary Lifestyle can Increase Weight Gain and Lead to Obesity

When you sit, you use less energy than when you stand. With this in mind, it makes sense that too much time sitting can lead to weight gain and even obesity. If you opt to stand at your desk, even for short periods at a time, you’ll burn more calories. Burning more calories can reduce the risk of weight gain and help you decrease your risk of obesity.

If done on a regular basis, standing at your desk may even help you lose weight. When you body burns more calories, you’ll also experience increased energy. More physical activity during your day can also help you maintain muscle tone, increase your mental well-being, and is a good habit to adopt as you age.

The office equipment was created to make it easy to stand or sit while working. With the ability to work and move the way that’s best for your job and body, it’s a great addition to any workspace. If you’re ready to learn even more ways this furniture can help, keep reading.

A Standing Desk can Improve Your Posture

Another benefit of trading in your traditional office desk for a standing desk is that it could improve your posture. If you’re constantly sitting at a desk hunched over looking at your computer screen and keyboard, your shoulders will start to roll forward along with your neck. It can also cause low back pain and upper back and neck pain too.

Now imagine if you are standing up working on a computer and keyboard. Your back will be straight, your shoulders will be back, and your neck won’t be bent forward. Not only does better posture make you look better, but it can also affect your physical and mental health. Better posture helps decrease upper and lower back pain while also helping to reduce neck and shoulder pain too. If you’re not bothered by a nagging backache, you’ll likely have better mental focus and can concentrate on the task at hand, which will make you more productive.

Are there any consequences associated with using a standing desk?

As with anything in life, there are a few factors to consider before swapping your traditional office desk for an ergonomic, adjustable standing unit. First, if you’re ready to make the change, you should consider pairing your new desk with a gel floor mat.

Why should you add a floor mat to your office set-up? Making the change from constantly sitting to standing more than you sit can be a bit of a shock to the body. A gel floor mat will help absorb shock and help your feet and legs adjust to the change. The use of a gel mat will also help prevent sore feet and legs.

Can a standing desk change the way you feel_ standingdesktopper

Another factor to consider is whether you opt for an adjustable standing desk, like this one, or a permanently installed standing desk. Most experts will recommend an adjustable standing desk because you can sit or stand. Once you’ve made the commitment to stand while you work, you might not consider the fact that you may need to sit once in a while. If you can’t sit at a unit that’s permanently installed, you’ll need to set on a stool, which can be uncomfortable and doesn’t add an back support or move your entire set-up just to sit.

Are there any consequences associated with using a standing desk?

On the other hand, an adjustable desk allows you to sit or stand, which means you don’t have to relocate your space just to be comfortable. If you aren’t totally committed to the idea of standing while you work, you can slowly work up to it by committing to standing up while you do certain tasks. All of the tasks listed below can be done while standing, try one or all to see how your body tolerates standing more while you work.

  • Talking on the telephone
  • Straightening your desk at the beginning and end of each day
  • Use your smartwatch or a kitchen timer to remind you to stand at least once an hour
  • Walk to co-workers cubicle instead of calling
  • Go for a walk during your lunch hour

Do more and more while standing each day until you realize it’s not as hard as you think to stand while working. Another great idea is to swap out your traditional office chair for a stability ball. Not only will it help you increase your core muscles, but it will prepare you for standing at your desk in the future.

Now that you know the benefits and consequences of a standing desk, you’re ready to decide if it’s right for your office and workspace. Remember to take your time when making the change, so you don’t cause any harm to your body.

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