VariDesk Pro Plus 48 Standing Desk Converter: Taking breaks to stand

There are a number of reasons you should consider picking up a standing desk, but a lot of professionals are weary or dragging their feet. More often than not, the two biggest drawbacks to a standing desk are the added physical toll it takes, and the price of many of the higher end desks. In a lot of ways, standing desks are misunderstood, misused, and often seen as a frill more than necessity.

Standing Desk Review - VariDesk Pro Plus 48: Taking breaks to stand
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Then came the hybrid standing desks, which sit on top of your current desk and allow you to choose when you want to stand, and how you want the layout of your desk to look. A popular model of this hybrid standing desk is the VariDesk Pro Plus 48. The VariDesk is a model you have likely sits as one of the more popular options on the popular shopping site. In this article, we’ll look at what it has to offer, why you should consider picking up a standing desk, and whether this is the one for you.

Review - VariDesk Pro Plus 48
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For many, the layout of your workspace is not entirely up to you. Your boss or organization has expectations for your work area, and you may not have the freedom to buy your own standing desk. Luckily the VariDesk Pro Plus 48 goes on top of any desk you already own. VariDesk is a name brand and top rated seller of some of the best desks around. The ProPlus line is designed to maintain comfortable, productive, and energized working conditions, even when you’re stuck at your desk all day. With many of the world’s professionals working at least 40 hours a week, VariDesk products are durable enough for the long haul, and the ProPlus series is a leg up on their already celebrated products. The 48 is the top model of VariDesk options and offers the most features, the most impressive range of height, and more importantly, a wallet-friendly price tag.


The VariDesk Pro Plus 48 is able to be fully collapsed, meaning that you can pick it up and move it, as well as bring it home or put it away when you are out of the office. The Pro Plus 48 also keeps your keyboard and mouse only a half inch off your existing desk at its lowest level, meaning it will not add any extra bulk to your seated desk experience. When you feel like sitting for a bit, the top tier raises your monitors 4.5 inches from your original desk, making it very similar, but a bit more at eye level for perfect seated posture. The flexibility in design and user choice of desk experience is one of the many ways the VariDesk Pro Plus 48 puts the working person first.


Height Adjustments VariDesk Pro Plus 48

With the Pro Plus 48, you can choose among 11 height settings that accommodate users of all shapes and sizes. At its various levels, the standing desk raises your keyboard tray up to 14 inches off your existing desk, allowing your height to dictate your standing desk experience and not the other way around. The settings to move and adjust the VariDesk Pro Plus 48 are easy to use, seamless, and swift.

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Large Workspace

At 48″ wide, the ProPlus 48 also has room for 2 monitors and a laptop. Many working professionals, be it in the industry of design or manufacturing, utilize dual or even triple monitors, and the large work surface that comes with the Pro Plus 48 allows you to work how you want, with an option to stand and stretch your legs. Additionally, the keyboard deck is wide enough for a standard keyboard, whether you use Macs or PCs. The abilities of the Pro Plus 48 are endless, and whatever configuration you have now is likely to fit on the Pro Plus 48 easily and allow you to work better than ever before.

Posture Perfect

Because so much of a standing desk is posture oriented, the VariDesk Pro Plus 48 is ergonomically designed to have you off your feet in the most back-friendly way possible. The curve of the VariDesk’s design allows you complete reach of every inch of the desk space and carves out the perfect amount of space for you to keep your back straight and sound whether you are sitting or standing.

If you are interested in a standing desk for your office or home workspace, you cannot go wrong with the Pro Plus 48. For many, a full standing desk is a bit out of the question, but this add on can be placed on any desk to transform it and allow you the freedom you desire for your work hours.

With 11 height settings and a 45lb weight capacity, your work style won’t have to change to accommodate the capabilities of the VariDesk Pro Plus 48. With some standing desks costing upwards of $1000 or more, an add on to your current desk is a much more affordable option, and nothing gets the job done like VariDesk Pro Plus 48. It’s a top of the line item from a top of the line brand, and its 14-inch height range ensures every user will have a tailor-made experience.

Long days in the office can take a toll on your body over the course of a day, let alone over weeks, months, and years. The VariDesk Pro Plus 48 allows you to manage your body’s positions and postures throughout the day by taking breaks to stand. At first, it may seem odd, but once you use the VariDesk Pro Plus 48, you’ll see why so many love it for their working conditions. Carriers sell the VariDesk Pro Plus 48 with an affordable cost, this one of the best ways to get into the standing desk game with a healthy, sustainable alternative to the sedentary work life.

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