60 vs 72 inch – Which Size is Better for a More Productive Standing Desk Setup?

a new standing desk size

If you’re setting up your workspace, you might be choosing between a 60 or 72-inch desk. The difference in eight inches can be a lot, so it can be quite challenging to choose between the two. 

Let’s see which can make you more productive and which can suit your needs more. Let’s also dabble on what points to consider when choosing a larger or slightly shorter standing desk.

The bigger the better… or is it?

In hindsight, a blogger desk is always better right?

The wider workspace of a 72-inch desk will give you more room for multiple monitors, laptops, and other supplies that you might need at work. This is one of the primary considerations when choosing a bigger or wider desk. If you need more room for all the equipment that you need for work, a bigger desk will be a more sensible choice. 

new solid standing desk, the Magnus Pro XL

Let’s see when you really should opt for a bigger standing desk

Having lots of room should not only be for the monitors or your equipment. 

If you also need more space to write, draw, draft, or do anything that you need to do, then it will also be sensible to choose a larger workspace. This will allow you to do whatever you want and need to do without having your pens and things falling on the ground or accidentally knocking them off the table.

The larger and wider surface area will also allow you to do zoning

This is important if you are multitasking. Say you are a freelancer with multiple projects and stuff that you have to do simultaneously, allotting zone areas will help you be at the top of what it is that you have to do. And to be able to accomplish that, you need a bigger space. Though you can still do zoning with a 60-inch desk, it will be easier, organized, and will make up for a clutter-free workspace if you get a wider desk.  

A bigger desk also applies to you if you need a workstation that has lots of space.

 Some may be more attuned to working in a dis if it is cleaner and has less equipment. So even if you do not have a full setup, there are instances when a bigger desk may make you more productive. If you’re kind of claustrophobic, it might be a better idea to opt for a bigger desk.

If you’re sharing workspace with more than yourself, you will need a bigger desk

You need a wider space to distinguish your work area from the others. Even if you don’t work simultaneously, having a dedicated space where each of you can put your work stuff will make everyone happy. 

Most gamers might need a bigger desk

While this may not apply to all, most will want a larger desk. Even if your gaming setup is not yet a full suite, you can allow the extra space for future gaming paraphernalia and accessories. And most gaming equipment can be bulky, thus the need for more room.

large size standing desk

A larger desk can be more functional

Since there is more room to move about, a wider desk may be more versatile. You can make it utilitarian or can serve other functions. Though this may not apply to a standing desk, it can be considered. 

And when a 60″ desk is a more sensible choice

While bigger may always be a bet, here are instances where a smaller 60-inch may be enough for you.

If you are considering affordability

A larger desk will always cost more than a smaller one. This, and space available are often the two primary factors that will make one go for a smaller desk. Getting the larger 72 inches might be too much for other people’s budget. 

If space is an issue

While having more room is a luxury and can make you more productive, it is a limitation if you don’t have much space. You have to consider the available space in your home office, you also have to check that you’ll still have ample room to move around once the desk is already in place.  

This also applies to your office chair, which will also take up space. So you have to consider how slim or how bulky your chair is when choosing what desk size to buy. And it always pays to do measurements rather than just eyeballing everything. 

If you don’t have much equipment to organize and you don’t need a larger space to write or draw, then a 60-inch desk may suffice, it is still quite roomy. Some may find the larger 72-inch desk too much of an overkill if they are just going to do simple tasks such as typing jobs and have a single monitor setup. 

Most may still opt for a larger desk

If money and space are not limitations, most would choose the blogger 72-inch desk. There is more room for stuff that you may need to organize in the future. It will also look cleaner. But of course, some may be content with a smaller one even if they have the money and the space for a bigger desk. It’s also up to what will make you feel more productive

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