[Standing desks Comparison] Fully Jarvis vs Vivo V103E – A Quick look

For the past month, we’ve has been testing a couple more electric standing desks. The Fully Jarvis and the Vivo V103E desk. They both use dual motors and have a good height range especially for people who are looking for a shorter desk. Theyʼre both are equipped with memory controllers to quickly switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Compare 2 standing desks: Fully Jarvis vs Vivo v103e
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And if you live in the US, donʼt worry theyʼre available for shipping without any extra duties or import taxes.

While both models are perfect for what we were looking for in a new standing desk. They have a couple of differences in how they operate, the leg design, cable management, lift capacity and price that will really determine which one might be right for you.

Hereʼs a quick look at the Fully Jarvis and Vivo V103e electric standing desks. So just a quick note, the table tops we are using on both of the desk legs were bought from IKEA, and can be switched based on your preference, so Iʼm just focusing on the legs for this article.

Compare the legs

The Jarvis legs goes down to about 60cm, and the Vivo down to 63cm.

The standing desk Jarvis Minimum Height

Vivo Minimum Height of the standing desk

Donʼt forget to also add the thickness of your table top. But both of these go down low enough to hit our ideal 65cm based on our chair setup.

Both desks can also go pretty high, well above the typical standing height at 103cm.

Wobble is also something to be aware of with these standing desks. Both of them have some wobble to them and is most noticeable with flexible objects like a monitor stand.

But for us itʼs never really been a real concern and the experience doesnʼt seem significantly better or worse than weʼve had on other standing desks.

Compare the controller

The biggest difference between the two is the operation of the memory controller and the safety features. On the Jarvis, you have a pretty standard controller, buttons to go up and down, and memory buttons to send the desk to the user-defined height once pressed.

But it also has some pretty unique safety features as well.

Jarvis controller of the standing desk

You can lock the controller by holding down the memory button.

And you unlock it the same way.

You can reconfigure the memory button so that theyʼll only operate while being constantly held down, instead of just needing a single click.

You can define a lower maximum or higher minimum heights to prevent it from hitting objects.

And thereʼs even a pressure sensor thatʼs supposed to stop the desk from moving if it hit something.

But we wouldnʼt trust that completely since it does require a lot of pressure to activate so leaving a chair underneath is still really dangerous to do.

The Vivo controller and safety mechanism are a bit different.

It uses a touch controller that is illuminated at night. But the basic operation is the same, minus one less memory button. The big difference is that the Vivo automatically locks itself after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Vivo Controller of the standing desk

This means pretty much every time you want to switch from sitting to standing youʼll need to first hold down the Memory button for 3 seconds to unlock the controller.

This is a nice feature if you have kids around to prevent them from accidentally playing with the desk but it can also be a little more annoying if you switch between sitting and standing regularly through the day and need to unlock it each and every time.

The Vivo also has a built-in timer that you can set from half an hour to 2 hours long to remind yourself to switch it up. But that pretty much the extent of the Vivo controller.

Next letʼs look at the design of the legs.

The Jarvis staggers itʼs legs to the back which I think look really nice. It also has a high-quality glossy paint finish that completes its premium look. Thereʼs no built-in cable management system on the Jarvis except for the include zip ties and sticky mounts so we had to install own IKEA siggum rack to keep the cables a little more tidy underneath here. The Vivo legs are pretty standard and have a good matte black paint finish.

And we like that it includes a cable tray underneath to help keep the cable and power bar tidy. Both of these adjustable standing desks use dual motors, and are both fairly fast with smooth motor noise. The Jarvis desk has a significantly higher lift capacity, which is something to consider especially if you plan on placing a large desktop pc on the desk. But both are perfectly fine for our configuration.

Compare the price

The VIVO standing desk can be ordered from Amazon with free shipping, so youʼll just have to pay tax on top. The Fully Jarvis desk, on the other hand, can be ordered directly from the manufacturer in the US. This does mean if you live in the US you will not have to pay extra for shipping but the cost includes all the taxes and duties so there werenʼt any other charges when we had it delivered, so we think the price is still fairly competitive even with the currency exchange.


So in the end, we think both of these electric standing desks are really good and weʼd be happy to go either way. While the Jarvis is a little more expensive, we feel it was worth it for the slightly more premium design and simpler-to-use controller. But the Vivo remains a solid pick as well with a good height range and lower price. But those are just our thoughts.