The 10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers with lower back pain

Should you always go for a softer mattress? To be honest, this field is not really our thing. But lots of readers recommend it for a review. Lucky for us, we have Karen – an expert in CA will help you guys out

Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side can bring about several benefits like better digestion and breathing. But this also tends to warrant a more specific type of mattress. Lie on just anything and you will wake up the next day feeling tired, with a sore lower back too. So you have to go nitty gritty on this. Getting the suitable one can give you better support for your hips, shoulders, and lower back. It’s often recommended to get a more cushy one, so let’s see. 

Our expert recommendations – Best for Side Sleepers

Casper wave

If you are up on your feet or are very active, you will love how relaxing this mattress is. We felt how efficiently it can relieve soreness from your joints and muscles. So after a good run, you can wake up the next morning with much vigor. But the thing is this might not be every side sleeper’s cup of tea. Most who sleep on their side would often prefer something a little bit more cushy. Or a mattress that can deeply conform to the contours of their body, specifically the shoulders, back, and hips.

casper mattress

Casper Wave is a tad firmer than the mattresses that could appeal to this specific group. But when it comes to pressure relief, it can perform rather well. So this is something you really have to take into account. It is a firmer bed for side sleepers. Albeit that dilemma, we still consider the Wave as a worthy investment, it could run up a bill though. This is the brand’s more expensive offering, it’s made up of higher-quality materials. You can feel how responsive the comfort system of the entire mattress is. Despite being firmer, it can still provide significant contouring so pressure is less likely to build up in the hips or the wider areas of the body. This also performed well in terms of spinal alignment. Since it’s a tad firmer, you will not sink into the mattress. The thick layers will help keep the spine aligned. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

Now, this is an option for those who would want a softer and more luxurious mattress that can still provide relief for your bad lumbar. Albeit the soft cashmere top, it can help eliminate pressure points on the lower back. Like the Wave, it is firmer, but at the same time, it will be able to provide subtle contouring of the entire body. You will not sink deep into the mattress, but it’s enough to provide cushy support for the wider areas of the body, especially the lumbar region.

Dreamcloud mattress

Apart from that, the memory gel also contributes to the pressure-relieving capacity of the mattress. We did find it softer than Casper Wave but it still sits on the firmer side, There are other things to consider too. If you are 130 lbs or lower, you will experience less cradling. But you’ll still have that pressure relief for your back. Thus. If you want to experience a more satisfying and comforting sleep, it is best used by those who weigh 120-130 lbs. 

Helix Midnight Luxe

If you have sore lumbar, hips, and shoulders and need to have your spine properly aligned during your sleep, this is one for the books. This mattress can provide the needed support where and when you need it. One of the reasons why you have a bad back is because your bed cannot support your spine during your sleep. And the MidnightLuxe helps keep your spine in check, so you will not wake up with a bad back.

helix mattress

The Helix Midnight Luxe sits at medium firm comfort, so it can appeal to more side sleepers. it performed almost the same as the Wave and the Dream Cloud but it will feel more cushion and you’ll have that acceptable sinking feeling that can hug the body in the right area, specifically the lumbar region.

Layla hybrid

If you want the best of both worlds, then you might want to consider this hybrid mattress. It’s flippable, so you can choose your choice of comfort, it can be a firmer bed or a softer one. This perhaps will also appeal to couples who can’t agree between getting a firm or a softer mattress. Just flip it over and the problem is solved. That would also feel like you bought two different mattresses for the price of one. The Layla hybrid is very responsive. Whichever side you choose to sleep on, firm or softer, you can get the same optimal support that can prevent pains in the joints and muscles,  one will just be a tad bit softer than the other. The cushioning layers will give side sleepers a contouring sensation while the coils underneath keep the spine aligned.

Oh, keep in mind that this is a luxurious choice. So it may be cheaper than buying two mattresses with different firmness levels. But it can still run a tab compared to standard hybrid mattresses. And if you weigh less than 130 lbs, you might still find it too firm, even if you sleep on the softer side. So this is best for 150 lbs to heavier individuals. 

Amerisleep as4

What sets the Amerisleep as4 apart is it can be the optimal combination of pressure relief and cooling mattress in one. Also, this is considered the brand’s second-softest mattress. So those who would want a more dreamy and sleep-in-the-clouds feel, you should try this out. The top layer has pressure-relieving memory foam, it can support the shoulders and lower back sufficiently while preventing you from sinking too deep into the mattress. And did we mention that it’s one of the cooler options? It has an open cell construction that allows for maximum airflow. The AS4 is a good option for side sleepers, who will appreciate the extra cushioning and plush feel. Couples would love this mattress. It feels way cooler and has better motion isolation and better edge support. Ultimately, that can help prevent back pain. You get that nice and suitable sinkage of the hips and shoulders. The thick memory foam contours these areas nicely. So if you also have hip pain, this will be bliss

Other mattresses we lab tested

Purple Hybrid Premium

The Premium is perhaps Pupre’s mattress that can provide the most pressure relief. It is 4 inches thick and can give that comfortable cradling sensation better than any other Purple mattress.It also gives you a zero gravity feel that can relieve tired and sore back. It has support coils underneath that can quickly respond to movement. So expect this Purple mattress to be very responsive, thus giving you support in all areas of the body Also, the coil and grid structure also renders the mattress very comfortable. It allows for more airflow. It feels rather buoyant too. This mattress gives you a nice blend of support and compression, just what your sore and tired back needs. It somehow gives you that feel of innerspring mattresses, without all the noise, just a softer bed to lie on. 

Winkbeds Gravity Lux

This is a memory foam mattress that provides a different type of comfort. It has a firmer feel than most memory foam beds.  You will still have that cradling sensation memory mattresses are notorious for. So if you want a tad bit firmer bed, then this is it. This stands out from other mattresses of its type. You feel that initial pressure relief followed by even support for the entire body. The deeper contouring provides instant relief from the pressure points.

Birch Natural

If you want a more natural mattress that can give relief to your lower back then a latex mattress is what you need. It has also been touted that this material can provide benefits for side sleepers, especially when it comes to back pain. It has pocketed coil support core reinforced with an additional layer of wool batting. These coils are thicker and sturdier, which helps prevent sinkage and provides that deep contouring comfort. Latex seems to give optimum support for the back, shoulders, and hips. In terms of comfort, it is medium firm, so it can appeal to what most side sleepers are looking for. 

Saatva Classic

The Saatva mattress has lumbar Zone technologies that give impeccable back support and prevent pain in the lower back. If you already have lingering lumbar pain, then you will feel that your back is becoming better as the day goes by.It has 800 recycled steel coils contoured to your body shape. So you can get ultimate comfort for your back.  Just remember that these coils are firmer in the center.

You can get this mattress in several firmness levels. But the comfort would have to depend on how much you weigh. If you are 130 lbs, then the plush soft version will be the most appropriate. While those who weigh 230 should get the firmer one. Otherwise, you’d sink too deep into the bed. 

Nolah Evolution

This Nolah mattress is composed of 7 layers of comforting haven. This thick structure makes up for the mattress’ ability to relieve pressure points.It consists of a soft outer layer, and this is great for spinal alignment. And with individually wrapped coils, you can expect this mattress to be more responsive. The combination of all these features ensures optimum relief for your lower back pain. You can also feel that your; spine is constantly aligned while you are sleeping. 

Expert shows the Buying Guide

Here are some points to consider when buying a mattress if you’re a side sleeper with back pain. Our expert said it’s better to make it quick & short, easy for readers to catch up

  1. Pressure relief

This is perhaps the more important aspect of this buying guide. When you sleep on your side, you put more weight and pressure on your hips, shoulders, and lower back. It’s akin to weight bearing. Thus you need a mattress that will be able to release pressure from these areas.

  1. Contouring

Pressure relief and contouring almost go hand in hand. There are materials that are more body-confirming than others, namely memory foam and latex. Hybrid mattresses can also give nice contouring. This also helps you keep your spine aligned so you wake up rejuvenated and rested back.

  1. Firmness level

Side sleepers often go for medium-firm to softer mattresses. This gives them an acceptable sinking-in feeling. But there are also those who still favor firmer mattresses. You can choose either just ensure that they can provide you with the support and pressure relief that your back needs.

Is softer always better?

A softer mattress may mean bliss for side sleepers. But softness is not the only priority if you are sleeping on your side, especially if you have back pain. 

You also have to consider other important factors such as pressure relief and contouring capabilities. 

We have a variety of firm, medium-finer, and softer mattresses on our list. All these can offer great spinal alignment and sufficient contouring and support for your back.