Why We’d Rather Get a Fezibo Than an SHW Standing Desk

The SHW and the Fezibo are midrange standing desks that can give you great savings. If you need to set up a decent workstation without breaking the bank, these two brands can be popular options.

Fezibo frames have more muscles in them

When you’re buying a midrange standing desk, it is very important to pay closer attention to the frames and the overall construction. Some brands may skimp on the thickness of the frames or the overall build of the desk to get the price to go lower. So you have to be keen on choosing. You might end up buying an affordable unit but it could give you a headache soon.

Fezibo vs SHW

And this is what we love about the Fezibo, specifically the frames. They are thicker, solid, and robust. So you’re sure that you’re not choosing a lesser sturdy unit because of your budget. SHW units, on the other hand, are a lighter-duty alternative to the Fezibo. Though, one of the reasons why you would go for a less sturdy SHW than a more sturdy Fezibo will be the desk area. We can’t deny that SHW offers a more spacious workstation. 

But…the cable management trays of the Fezibo are not that desirable

One area, however, where the SHW desk may seem to have an upper hand over the Fezibo is the cable management tray. That of the SHW unit is bigger. 

The Fezibo seems like it only had a quarter of the size of the SHW’s cable tray. It’s such a small piece to try to keep the chunky wires together, so your workplace will be exposed with the wires and all.

Fezibo 48×24 >> check price

And oh, the Fezibo also has more accessories. Aside from the side hooks, it comes with a small cloth-like drawer. And since the drawer is like canvas or cloth, it’s subject to wear and tear. So it will depend on your usage if you will find the additional drawer of value.

However, the cable management tray of the SHW is not permanently attached to the underside of the desk. It’s more of a floating tray.   

SHW 48×24 >> check price

So if you accidentally bump your legs against it, it can fall. Though you have an option to screw it in place. At least it’s bigger than what the Fezibo Pro has. But of course, you have to weigh in all the caveats vs getting a bigger cable management tray. If you can’t live with the downside of the SHW desk, then an option would be to buy a separate cable management tray for your Fezibo desk. 

Fezibo seems like a more trusted brand

Here is also where you may have more doubts about the SHW. 

if you search online, you might not find a handful of information about the brand. So this did raise some questions if the SHW desks are actually made by the brand, or if they are more of resellers. 

Fezibo standing desk
Fezibo standing desk

Customer service-wise, you will find it very challenging to get through one. Though the unit is not flimsy, you will have an issue when you encounter problems along the way, you won’t have a way to reach the brand nor have the damaged items replaced or repaired.

And as well know, this is also one of the more important aspects when buying a standing desk, or anything for that matter. We look at how they handle their client’s after-sales. And in SHW’s case, there seems to be a lack of it.  

Fezibo’s customer service, on the other hand, has a quite higher than satisfactory rating. They also respond fast and will not make you wait for a lifetime to have your issues addressed. 

Who will find the SHW desk of value?

The good thing is, despite the lower weight capacity, the SHW isn’t flimsy. It’s not wobbly, except at the part where the two spliced tops meet.

It also has a bigger writing space and it does have round edges making it look that sleeker. So it will still find favor in the eyes of some buyers.

For as long as you don’t mind the bigger gap and the shaking that comes with it,  you’ll find it decent. It can be your desk if you don’t really need to write on the surface that much. 

We see it fit for jobs that mostly require typing or working on a computer. A simple setup with a single monitor, keyboard, mouse, and maybe an additional laptop would look nice and decent on this SHW desk. 

You can also get a wider desktop at a more affordable price.  That is perhaps one of the strongest selling points of SHW. 

Also, it will help if you have a way with wires. Though you have a bigger cable management tray,  the button controller has an awkwardly longer cable and might get in the way. So this may also irk those who have restless legs, you might bump on the wires every time. 

Also, this is a louder desk compared to the Fezibo.  It is also slower when transitioning, so if you can take it nice and slow, this won’t bother you. So this is something to think about if you are considering buying it. 

The height range of the SHW is also decent, it can go from 28”-46”, so pretty much the same as most midrange standing desks that are of higher price. It can accommodate those who are slightly taller. 

Fezibo Pro vs SHW 55” desk

But for a  more detailed comparison, let’s compare two units from both brands, the 55” SHW and the 48” PRO.

The SHW 55-inch desk looks quite posh. But let’s see how it will fair vs the PRO 48” x24” electric desk of Fezibo.  

Both have spliced desktops but one irks us more than the other

Both units have spliced desktops, though you can opt to get a more expensive Fezibo with a single top, the Pro will make a closer comparison with the SHW desk.

So for sure, this is our least favorite part of the Fezibo. Though assembled properly, the wiggles and side wobble are not that noticeable even in the desk’s max setting. The robust frames of Fezibo account for most of that.

But the texture of the spliced top itself is not that desirable. Though you can opt to put a mat over it so that it would look more aesthetically pleasing. 

But if you’re going to write on a thin piece of paper, the surface will not be that smooth. Also, depending on the thickness of your mat, you may or may not be able to write smoothly. There could be bumps, especially on the part where the two spliced tops meet. So a solution could be to use a clipboard or something thick where you would be able to write down more smoothly. 

So if you’re going to need the entire desk to spread your blueprints or large cardboard papers, then either the Fezibo Por or the SHW will be a good option. You should look for a desk with a single whole top instead.  The gap, even if covered with a mat, can render the surface with bumps.

But we did find the gaps of the SHW unit bigger, it’s also more wobbly. You can slide cardboard between the gap of the tops. And even if the desk is properly assembled, the demarcation line where the two boards are fused can still be irritatingly shaky.  So the SHW top has a more obvious gap than the Fezibo Pro. 

So if you are an architect or you do a technical drawing that requires you to make use of the entire space of the desk, both desks are not good choices. 

The Fezibo Pro is a better choice 

So ultimately, we had to go to the Fezibo Pro, or for the Fezibo units altogether.  

Even if the Pro has the same irritating splice top as the SHW desk, it is more sturdy and the shaking can be lessened if you pay more attention to how you set the desk up.   The frames of the brand are actually pretty sturdy.

Fezibo pro

The  SHW desk also has a low weight capacity of 110 lbs. It’s more of a light-duty option better suited for students or professionals who have just joined the industry, so they’ll not need an elaborate setup yet. 

The frames of Fezibo are also thicker and more stable. And oh, the tabletop of the SHW units is thinner compared to that of the Pro. That’s also why the wobbles at the part where the 2 tops converge can not be lessened even if you did set the desk up properly. 

And most consumers also find it hard to assemble an SHW desk.  Though the entire setup is pretty straightforward, it’s hard to keep the two boards in place while you’re trying to fuse them together. 

Go Fezibo

The Fezibo frames are the brand’s best strengths. Most are also width adjustable so you have more areas for customization. So this is definitely an advantage for most users. The SHW, though having the larger desktop at a more affordable price, you have to live with the caveats. The frame is also not width adjustable, so what you see is what you get. You can’t change the spliced tops to have a single desktop instead. You can’t choose the size or the brand of the desk, you’re stuck with what you bought. And sadly the top, though it looks sleek, is quite thinner.