Vivistand Quattro 4-Leg Electric Ergonomic Standing Desk – A Quick Review

We, as human beings understand the importance of balanced movement in order to keep ourselves healthy, fit and agile. It is important that we incorporate the significance of balanced movement at home, work, college, and all other spheres of our daily life. Innovations and inventions mark the progress of human civilization and with the latest technologies, we have been able to transform our lifestyles, routines, and habits.

It is incredibly important to maintain an active, healthy and optimistic workspace where we can develop different products and services without putting our bodies under too much stress. This could be achieved by maintaining a straight and comfortable posture while working. It is important to understand that switching regularly between seated and standing postures nullify the strain we put on our bodies by working for long hours. By switching, we are not only increasing our energy and productivity but also our overall health. Additionally, regularly standing for a long time will burn calories and create a positive influence on our body.

Technically, a sit-stand desk is the one that allows to use it while sitting and standing with its ability to be lowered or raised as per a user’s preferences. Over the last few years, there has been considerable research going on in this field to discover the various benefits of alternating between sitting and standing for long periods of time. Generally, it is believed that users are able to change their body’s position frequently with the use of a sit-stand desk.

Important Considerations

It is very important while buying a sit-stand desk to understand the ergonomics of the setup and to know if the desk meets the requirements of a specific user. Sit-stand desks come in a variety of types. It is important for you to select the best model as per your budget, office space, requirements and type of work you do. While traditionally, sit-stand desks require manual adjustment, some models are powered by a hydraulic gas cylinder that helps you to switch between standing or sitting modes instantly. Whereas, with the advent of modern technology and research in this domain, various new models provide the ability to adjust the height of the desk, electrically. Thus, providing a seamless transition between the two modes without any hassle.

Hence, it is important for the users to evaluate their options carefully and select the sit-stand desk that best suits your requirement.

Vivistand Quattro 4-Leg Electric Ergonomic Standing Desk

In this article, we have carefully selected Vivistand Quattro 4-Leg Electric Ergonomic Standing Desk for a quick review. Before its selection, we evaluate different types of standing desks from all three categories – premium, affordable and budget. The criterion of our selection was based on the ease of use, the number of features, durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of a product. There are many standing desks that are highly affordable and cost half what the Quattro does but they seriously lack in the number of features, security, and ease of use.

Quattro Standing desk

We consider that although the standing desks must not be too highly priced but with incredible craftsmanship and number of features provided by the Vivistand Quattro, there was not much competition left to match its incredible standards.

Technically, it is an electrically height-adjustable sit-stand desk powered by advanced four stepper motors that change the height of the unit with a small press of a button. The product offers a great advantage over the manually operated sit-stand desks. It is fast, convenient and gives an optimum performance without any hassle.

The desk is uncompromising is its features, functions, and capabilities. It offers the best performance and value of your investment. It has all the incredible features of premium standing desk including one-touch controls, elegant design, and advanced reliability features.

Apart from being functionally optimized, the Vivistand Quattro is the best standing desk, aesthetically as well. It provides you the feeling of class, quality, and craftsmanship at a competitive price tag


The desk is a 4-legged structure with four advanced stepper motors. The desk comes in 30’’ by 72’’ size which is more than convenient for using as a permanent workstation. The desk is available in four color options – bamboo, clear walnut, dark walnut, and clear oak. It is a highly finished product that reflects class, craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation.

The desk is created with utmost finesse and workmanship. The product is made from the finest quality materials that blend in with the décor of your workplace, in a seamless fashion. The elegance of the design proves that sit-stand desks are more than just being functional.  

There are hardly any four-legged sit-stand desks that can be electrically controlled. The Vivitrack Quattro is a breakthrough product as it utilizes four stepper motors to lower or raise four legs of the desk at the same time in a precise manner. The product has taken months of extensive testing and is undoubtedly a work of art. With smooth, accurate, and precise transitions, the Vivistand Quattro stands tall above its competition.

We shortlisted a number of desks before finally deciding on the Vivistand Quattro. There are a number of factors that vindicate our selection.

  1. Assembly: The desk is packaged into two different boxes. The first one contains its legs, while the second package is for the frame and the top. Both the packages were securely packed to minimize any chances of product damage during shipping. To assemble the desk, all you need is a simple screwdriver to screw the screws, one for each leg. After screwing, you just need to attach the cable. All the legs easily fit inside the dedicated grooves in the structure. The fitting was incredible tight that showcased the craftsmanship of the design. The total assembly time was less than five minutes.
  2. Design: As mentioned in the previous section, the design of the desk speaks in volume about the craftsmanship put in by its designers. It is very ergonomically designed with high-quality materials used in its construction. The entire look and feel of the desk are premium. Unlike, other four-legged standing desks, the Vivistand Quattro is electrically powered, which is a breakthrough on its own. It looks very elegant after assembly and has a truck-load of features that sets it apart from its competition. The main frame of the desk is fitted with a special track system to attach other things to the desk. There is a distinct power strip under the desk and an LED light that illuminates the control panel.
  3. Extras: The Vivistand Quattro comes in with a great number of features. There are various desks in the same price range that only have half the features of what the Vivistand Quattro offers. Features like the power strip, LED light, double memory control panel, cable management clips, bag hook, and a limited warranty of 10 years speaks about the quality and durability of the product. Moreover, all these features are inclusive of the main package so that you don’t have to pay anything extra.
  4. Customer Support: Vivistand offers great customer support to their users. They will personally call you to convey when your product is shipped and what will be the expected delivery date. Currently, the company is also offering a welcome package to its customers that contain some goodies such as USB drive, cables, etc. The welcome package is a way of making the customer proactive about the requirements of the original product. Generally, the welcome package is shipped before the original product.
  5. Weight Carrying Capacity: The company has listed the weight carrying capacity of the desk at 210 lbs. However, the desk has the capacity to lift the weight way above the listed weight carrying capacity. Personal testing of the product has shown that the desk is able to carry loads of up to 400 lbs. with ease. We feel it is a fair load carrying capacity and way more than one actually needs. Besides, the desk has the feature to align itself according to the weight distribution.
  6. Cable Management: Vivistand Quattro is a very intelligently designed product. The cable management clips that come with the product are able to attach themselves to the frame track system. Inherently, the clips are quite long and you are able to manage and organize your cables by using a few of them. Even if you have various electronic devices placed on your desk, the clips are able to conceal all of them efficiently.  


The product measures 30’’ by 72’’, which is incredibly huge. Although the product also comes in a larger 30’’ x 80’’ version, 30’’ x 72’’ is the standard one. All the laminate tops look extremely beautiful with the bamboo top being our personal favorite. Another distinguishing feature of the desk is the control panel, which is completely different from the ones generally found in the standing desks.

The control panel is very elegantly designed, minimalistic and only has two surface buttons. It’s surprising to know how the company was able to memorize positions with only two buttons at their helm. All you need to memorize a position is to hold together both the buttons at once. As the buttons provide you with immediate response time, it is fairly easy to raise or lower the desk with a small touch.

The desk is a bit loud when we are raising or lower it. To counter this, there is a quiet mode which considerably lowers the noise level. However, it slows down the process to quite a bit. Further, the legs have specific adjustable pads that increase the maneuverability a notch more.

Salient Features

  • Elegant control panel with two-position memory.
  • Vivitrack system that proliferates accessory attachment and efficient management of cables.
  • Built-in power strip, bag hook, cable management clips and LED lights.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • One-touch application – raise or lower the desk just with a touch on the button.
  • Available in different colors, choice of top and sizes.
  • Intelligent LED system that turns on as soon as you come near to the desk and switches off when you move away.


The selection of a single product out of hundreds is a difficult and strenuous exercise. With the increasing popularity of standing desks, every person wants to purchase one as per his requirements. However, the selection of a particular sit-stand desk depends upon a number of factors. In this article, we have discussed all the different factors that govern the purchasing decision of a customer.

Typically, people prefer to buy an item that provides them with the best value for their money. The item should be well within their budget and provide them with all the best features available in the market. There are standing desks that are considerably cheaper but lack in the number of features offered. Hence, it is important to consider all your requirements and evaluate your options, wisely.

The Vivistand Quattro four-legged electric ergonomic standing desk, unlike other four-legged standing desks, is electrically powered with the help of four stepper motors that allow a seamless transition between raising and lowering.

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