iMovR Energize vs Lander – Should you settle with a basic standing desk? 

iMovR Energize or Lander?

iMovR is one of the more hefty and durable standing desk options, and with the trademark “made in the USA”, they also come at a cost. The Lander is a more unique offering with modern functionalities. But of course, you have to consider the steep tag that comes with it. So would a less expensive Energize suffice? Let’s see!

iMovR Energize offers more options for customization

What we like about this iMovR desk is that it is among the units of the brand that has a lower price range. Though it’s not cheap, it is certainly less expensive than the Lander series. 

The Energize desk allows a bit more customization in terms of the height range, you can do DIYs that will render the desk suitable for a wide range of users.  

If you stand 5’11” and up, you will not be able to use the Energize desk with the basic frame. But you can upgrade to an XT base at an added cost. So you can still enjoy the functionalities of the desk even if you are tall. The XT legs will add more inches to the desk. And if you are quite tall at 6’2”, you will still be able to use the desk by adding extenders, of course, that’s an added cost too.

There are not a lot of standing desks that can go higher than 50”. So the idea of adding extenders to the existing desk is quite genius. From the additional 3.5” with the XT base, you get more 6” if you get the extenders. That will bring the total max height of the desk to about 54”, making it a viable choice for taller dudes. 

You will rarely see this option in other brands. Also, the width of the desk is adjustable. So you really have a lot of room for customization.

This unit, like the other iMovR desks, is pretty stable almost at all heights. Though we are already expecting it to be considering that this is not a cheap desk.

iMovR is one of those brands that offer a lot of options for customization. And you get to choose 5 tabletop sizes for the Energize unit. 

The top is also pretty hefty and we could not see anything that one can complain about. The entire desk is very stable. Even if you lean on it or accidentally bumped your hips against it, it will not shake. Some standing desks that are in the same price range such as the Fully or Uplift may budge when you bump into them, so the Energize desk is one of the more stable units in the lot. 

What’s in the more expensive Lander?

The Lander series is the more upgraded version of all the iMovR desks. Everything is pretty much the same except that this series features Bluetooth connectivity that you can use with a smartphone app. 

It does have a higher desk height compared to the basic frame of Energize, so it can be comfortably used by those who stand up to 5’11”. And like the Energize, you can also opt to get the extenders and this will add about 6” to the desk height. 

The Lander desks also look more sophisticated. It has a more sleek and upgraded control panel referred to as the height paddle. It looks minimalist with just an up-and-down arrow button. But when you use it with the app, you will be able to save your 4 favorite desk height  

imovr lander desk

You can also get the Lander desk in more sizes. And the bigger Lander desk comes with a crossbar. This is to retain the stability of the unit. Sans the crossbar, the wider desk could have a bit of shaking and wobbles. But a crossbar can be an off-putting feature for some, especially if you’re a sprawler. So this is also one thing to consider if you’re getting a 30” x 83” Lander desk. 

Who will love the Lander?

Apart from the innovative features, let’s run down the advantages of the Lander series.

It has a higher weight capacity and offers options for a more spacious workspace. So we see this fitting for those who have a multiple monitor setup- a triple monitor. The larger Lander desk can also accommodate zoning, say you have a small gaming area on one side and one side for work. It can also be a great desk for gamers who need a wider space. 

iMOVR Lander SteadyType Desk
iMovR Lander SteadyType Desk

We see the Lander as more beneficial for those who need the desks to go higher, at least to 50.5”. The max desk height of the Lander is 50.5” and when you add extenders it can go as high as 56.6”. 

The Energize on the other hand can also be higher as you pay extra. The basic frame goes up to 45”. Pay more to get the XT frame and it goes up to 48”. Then pay another to get the extenders to increase the height to 54”. 

So you need to do at least two add-ons to get the desk suitable for those who stands 6 ‘2”-6’4”. Thus, the Lander will be suitable for taller users. If you want more options, we have the list of best standing desks for tall people in 2024

If you need the desk to go as high as 50.5”, you don’t need to do add-ons. Topping your basic Energize desk might just bring you closer to the steep price of the Lander, so why not just buy the Lander in the first place? 

Also, we have to mention that petite users may find the Energize accommodating. It can go as low as 22” so it can be used by those who stand 5’0”-5’2”. The Lander desk, on the other hand, has a minimum height of 24”.

Is the more high-tech desk better?

The more innovative desk may be a better option, but that is if they sit in almost the same price range. But that is not the case here with Energize vs Lander, the price difference is quite steep. So the question arises, is it worth upgrading to a more innovative desk? 

The construction, motor, and craftsmanship of these two units are quite the same. The major difference lies in the modern technology of the Lander. 

But keep in mind that you have to add in about 700-800 dollars ( compared to the basic frame of the Energize) to enjoy the Bluetooth feature, smartphone app, and a paddle switch. Is it worth it? 

Well, it still is a hefty sum of money, you could have used that to buy a new unit right? So the answer to whether it is a valuable upgrade lies in the height range. Though the modern functionality may be a come-on, we see it lacking. 

Technically, there are only two features of this innovation. You can use Bluetooth with the smartphone app. The app contains a health coach that will remind you to stand if you’ve been sitting for too long. You can also save your favorite desk height using the app. For the price, we see these modern features lacking. 

It’s been said that the brand will add on more features, but it has been a while. 

So as of now, we see these two functions as not that enticing to go for a steep price. Unless you need a 30 x 83” desk and need it to go higher, then the Lander will be a better choice than the Energize. We did not see the sitting reminder as much of a value, that will still depend on your self-discipline. 

You might just snooze it for all we know haha. Maybe when the bend is tossed in more features, then it will be a more valuable upgrade. But as of now, the Energize desk has the crown. 

(Note: for now, the company does not sell the Energize desk, instead they offer a similar product called Jaxson Desk, so be careful to make a move, or if you want to buy, just go with the Lander!)