Uplift vs IKEA – Which one is better standing desk brand?

In today’s article, we have reviewed 2 different standing desks manufactured, IKEA vs Uplift. Their standing desks provide a number of modern features and specifications to meet your requirements, especially the IKEA Bekant and Uplift V2. If you are on the run for a new home office, and stuck in choosing the right brand to spend the money, why not start with our expert recommendations?

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uplift vs ikea


The Uplift height adjustable standing desks are made from high-pressure laminate desktops. The main building material is prepared from recycled items. With proper improvisations and adjustments, the structure is highly durable. The desk enables the user to deliver a height of a maximum of 25.75 inches.

uplift standing desk

With a complete choice of cost-effective, durable, and different laminate desktop styles including black, white, walnut, maple, ash gray, and cherry finishes, you have the power to create the sit-stand solution you have always required. Being both – scratch and liquid resistant, the desk provides complete protection from the rigors of daily life.

The main frame of the unit consists of a three-fold mechanism. Unlike, the other standing desks in the same range using only a two-fold mechanism, the three-fold mechanism provides more stability and durability to the product. With its increased durability, it serves as a product for a long term.

It provides a whisper quiet and smooth transition. With a different motor in each leg, height adjustment is highly easy in this standing desk. It makes use of an energy-efficient low draw transfer that provides seamless functionality while staying eco-friendly.

The telescoping base in this standing desk is adjustable so that you can fit the frame to different variants of desktops. The desk is also fitted with hall effect sensors that prevent itself from forcefully changing from sitting to a standing position or vice-versa. The company has intentionally provided an adjustable crossbar to help you to install accessories and get more legroom.

uplift height adjustable standing desk

Being a GREENGUARD-certified product, it is completely eco-friendly and made with environment-friendly methods. UPLIFT provides a greater number of desks than any of its competitors. The company also mentions that the standing desk has not been created by using harsh agents and chemicals in finishing the desktops. Thus, ensuring s complete protection not only to the desk but also to the quality of the air your breath.

The desk allows you to use optional power grommets to provide power to your devices. By using them, you can save your wires from pulling or stretching as you change your desk from standing to sitting position or vice versa. The grommets can easily integrate into the desk and allow you to remain all charged up for. The UPLIFT height adjustment standing desk provides you the complete information about the current height of the desk. Further, it is capable of storing up to four different heights in its memory. Thus, you can store 4 different types of standing or sitting positions and reach them with just a push of a button.


Their standing desks come with a mind-blowing 10 years warranty. The desk allows you to easily adjust the height of the desk from 65 to 125 cm. Thus, ensuring you an ergonomic position to work. The overall build quality seems nice to the senses, and the veneer surface is completely stain-resistant and made up of solid materials.

The product provides a cable management net under the top of the desk so that you can keep your desk neat and clean without any cluster of entangled cables and wires. Besides, it also provides you with a generous amount of work surface that allows you to work comfortably and conveniently.

IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

Specifications wise, the overall length of the product is 120 cm, and the width is 80 cm. With a maximum load carrying capability of 70 kilograms, the desk provides an application in handling your daily work life. Being an electronically adjustable standing desk, it adds more to its usability and convenience.

However, many users have complained of a sudden failure of the electronics in some models that have led to the cases where desks did not function properly. Most of the electronics failures were caused by faulty cables, whereas some products required a complete product replacement. Whether the cause of electronics failure is attributed to the cables or the main circuit, it decreases the credibility of the product to an extent.

Regarding its performance attributes, the company validates that the standing desk has a weight carrying capacity of 154 lbs. Through our experimentation, we found out that the product had no problems in lifting weights as heavy as 200 lbs. with ease. It means that the company has intentionally devalued its weight carrying potential to create a safety buffer.

The Bekant desk is fitted with two different motors that provide it the power to adjust its height with the click of a button. However, the speeds while going up or going down may vary, as the speed while going up are about 1.25 inches per second, and the speed of going down reduces to 0.33 inches per second.

IKEA has always been a specimen company when it comes to the stability of their products. The IKEA Bekant standing desk is no exception as it delivers state-of-the-art durability. Its durability can be attributed to the use of high-quality build materials and premium workmanship. Everything aspect of construction is carefully addressed and the product offers a seamless experience to the users.

Understand the standing desk

It’s a gamer-changer! No doubt about that

Showing too much dependency on sitting can be very consequential to your health and work. Extensive research has been carried out in this field to understand the effect of seating positions, and postures. It has been advised by experts that sitting for long hours for a long period of time can cause serious health problems in some individuals. That is why many employees prefer to work in a standing position rather than a sitting position.

Standing desks are typical desks that can be used for both writing and reading while being in a standing position or while sitting on a high stool. Though, there can be variations in the designs of different standing desks from stationary standing desks to floating standing desks.

Standing desks offer a number of discreet health benefits. A recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic established that people who sit less in their daily lives are more likely to be fit and in shape. Whereas, people who have the tendency to sit for more than 2.25 hours every day are more likely to be overweight and obese. A study from 2011 reported 45000 cases of breast cancer patients who had a habit of sitting for more than 2.25 hours every day.

From different research papers and experiments, it has been established that prolonged sitting can cause different kinds of health problems for us. Hence, it is important to look for products that help us stay healthy and in shape. Standing desks are an impressive substitute for regular office desks as they allow you to work in a standing position.