TechOrbits – A Decent Affordable Electric Standing Desk

TechOrbits offers a more affordable and inexpensive solution to prolonged sitting. The brand’s standing desk garnered several positive reviews across the internet. And it’s mainly because of its inexpensive price compared to the competition.

An affordable price tag is one thing. But will it perform decently? Let’s compare the TechOrbits electric standing desk to other popular affordable standing desks in the market. And see if there’s more to it than the affordable price tag.

TechOrbits electric standing desk

About TechOrbits

TechOrbits is involved in retail selling of consumer electronics, televisions, and radios. It’s a US company with its headquarters in Irvine, California. The brand’s main goal is to provide its consumers with more affordable choices for electronics. The brand also ventured into healthier office solutions. Techorbits offers a sit-stand desk, standing desk converters, monitor arms and mounts, and several accessories.

Compare 1: TechOrbits electric standing desk vs Fully Jarvis bamboo

In terms of the design, it’s straightforward and simple. You can choose from three tabletop options and the tabletop is water-resistant. So a little drip from your soda will not ruin the MDF material. That’s an advantage especially if you’re wondering long hours and you just need a cold beverage on hand.

The TechOrbits standing desk retails, check it here for the Check. For its size. it’s quite a steal. The overall look is similar to Fully Jarvis bamboo. But the Jarvis might cost a bit more. One of the advantages of a fully Jarvis bamboo though is that it’s made of a more eco-friendly and charming bamboo tabletop.

But the surface isn’t that water-resistant. Though Fully offers a water-resistant model, the Fully Jarvis Hardwood table. But of course, in terms of the design and overall build, it’s a more elegant table with rounded edges and a thicker desk. 

There’s also the digital control panel. It’s pretty responsive so you don’t need to push it too hard. And you can choose from 4 memory settings. Fully Jarvis bamboo also offers the same convenient settings. 

The weight capacity of the TechOrbits standing desk is around 180 lbs. And it boasts of quiet operation and smooth transitioning. It may be a bit inferior to the Fully Jarvis bamboo with a 350 lbs weight capacity. But there are some issues in the stability when it comes to the Fully Jarvis. Many experiences wobbling when it’s set near the highest range. 

And so far, the 180 lbs weight capacity of TechOrbits seems to be pretty stable. I didn’t feel any stability issue of any sort. 

Another advantage the TechOrbits may have over the Fully Jaris is its motors. Fully makes use of a China-made motor, Jiecang. Whereas TechOrbits is fully made in the US. So that is something that you can be more confident about. 

Overall, in terms of the design, the Fully Jarvis is worth a second look. There’s nothing fancy about the TechOrbits. But in terms of the motor stability and cost, it’s more advantageous over the Fully Jarvis bamboo.

Compare 2: TechOrbits vs Uplift Standing Desk

What we love about Uplift is how customizable it is. You can hover through the brand’s website and “design” your standing desk according to your requirements and specifications. It’s one of the more popular staining desks in the market as it’s also in the medium range price tier. 

But there are some issues when it comes to the stability and the motor. Same with the Fully Jarvis, Uplift makes use of the same Jiecang motor made in China. So you can expect wobbling at a certain height.

The TechOrbits motor fared way better. Though this particular electric staging desk makes use of a single motor, it still runs smoothly. But of course, don’t expect it to be as fast as a Verta electric standing desk. But for its price range, the motor performed satisfactorily and it’s quiet too.

The height range of TechOrbits is 24 inches to 48inches, so it can pretty much cater to most people. The Uplift desk, however, fared a bit higher with a 24-52 inch height range. So if you find the TechOrbits too short for you, the Uplift desk is a great alternative. Both brands also feature a preset height setting. 

Assembly is a breeze for both desks. Though the TechOrbits standing desk has a more substantial weight than the Uplift desk so it can be a plus because it feels more solid and stable. But In terms of lofting, you might need to wear shoes and ditch your flip flops in case you drop it. Or better yet, have someone assist you in setting it up. But the TechOrbits feels more stable and solid than the Uplift desk.

The weight capacity of the Uplift desk is around 350 lbs, higher than the 18 lbs weight capacity of the TechOrbits. But then again, there are a lot of wobbling issues with the Uplift standing desk. So for me, it’s best to not maximize the Uplift desk to maintain its stability. Maybe load it with just 200 lbs to avoid the wobbling and the shaking. So pretty much, both desks are end to end in this department.

Compare 3: TechOrbits vs Vertdesk Pro standing desk

Another popular affordable standing desk in the market is the Vertdesk standing desk. In terms of stability and the motor, it’s more stable and less wobbly compared to the Uplift and Fully Jarvis. What makes this standing desk popular is that it’s also customizable.  

In terms of stability, it’s pretty much stable compared to TechOrbits, you just have to shell out more moolah. But what I don’t like about the Vertdesk is it has a horizontal crossbar across the leg frames. So if you have longer legs, you might bump your knees against it, which can be pretty uncomfortable.

But if you don’t mind, then it’s a great alternative to a TechOrbits if you’re looking for a more stable and higher weight capacity standing desk. Though there’s nothing too fancy with the design of the Vertdesk either. 

Compare 4: Crank adjustable sit-stand desk from StandupDeskStore vs TechOrbits 

But if you’re really looking for a more affordable standing desk alternative to TechOrbits, you can go for a crank adjustable sit-stand desk. Though this standing desk isn’t fully electric, it will give you the stability that you need.

It’s pretty easy to adjust the standing desk via the hand crank. And an advantage it has over the TechOrbits is that it consists of a two-tiered workstation. Soit can offer more space in place of electric adjustment. About the price, it’s almost in the same price range as the TechOrbits electric standing desk.  Check it here

If you don’t mind the simplicity of an adjustable desk via a hand crank, this is a great alternative.  Read more about this crank desk below

Final verdict

The TechOrbits is one of the most affordable electric standing desks in the market. It looks decent, nothing too fancy but it’s decently stable and offers a wide working space. Though the weight capacity is somewhat lower than other people standing desks, it’s pretty much stable all throughout. And this desk only makes use of a single motor, hence the lower weight capacity.  

But it’s a great start-up if you don’t have the budget yet to go for a more premium and luxurious standing desk such as the Herman Miller or the Autonomous standing desk. The TechOrbits is a great entry-level standing desk.