Uplift V2 vs Branch Furniture – The Standing Desk Face-Off

Branch Furniture vs Uplift v2 standing desk showdown by Standingdesktopper

In the world of standing desks, Uplift has reigned supreme as a high-end brand for over a decade. Known for their innovative designs and reliable performance, they have earned the trust of countless customers seeking top-tier office furniture. However, a new contender has entered the arena – Branch Furniture. As a relative newcomer to the industry, Branch aims to disrupt the standing desk market with its own unique offering.

This showdown brings together Uplift’s esteemed flagship models, the V2 and Branch’s classic version (we also mention their budget frames to make an extra view for you). While Uplift has a proven track record and an established reputation, Branch has a lot to prove as the fresh face in the standing desk game. Can this newcomer provide better value for taller folks, or will it fall short of expectations?

Branch classic standing desk
Branch standing desk
Uplift desk V2 commercial
Uplift desk V2 commercial
Standing Desk Branch Furniture Uplift V2
Height range
  • 28″ – 47″ (Duo)
  • 25”-52” (Classic)
  • 22.6″ – 48.7″ (commercial)
  • 25.3″ – 50.9″ (standard)
Features 4 memory presets with up & down buttons, lift range of 2′ 1″ – 4’4″, 1.3 cm/second motor speed, EasyGlide electronics, dual motor, centimeter-level adjustment, tapered adjustable feet Crossbeam, basic up and down keypad, wire management cable tray, dual motor, Jiecang electronics, anti-collision sensitivity
Lift capacity 275 lbs 355 lbs
Desktop thickness 1.5” 1”
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Branch has a more resilient motor

Let’s talk about the motors and the tabletop of each brand first.

Branch stood out from the sea of mid-priced standing desks because of its electronics. It uses an EasyGlide motor. This is the same type of motor that you can see in Herman Miller standing desks such as the Renew and recently – The Jarvis Bamboo (sold by Fully). 

Though we can’t really say where exactly the EasyGlide motor is originally from, it is a higher-end and more reliable motor. And given that Herman Miller uses the same motor for their standing desk, there is something high-end about it. Let’s just say that Herman Miller is one of our standards when it comes to high-end office chairs, parts, and all.

Branch Duo compact size >>> Check here

The EasyGlide motor is very reliable and very strong. It helps the Branch classic standing desk can go as high as 52” and it is still very solid and stable. Taller folks above 7 feet will love this desk, while Uplift’s max height is 50.9″, which clearly is not suitable for them!

(Note: Recently, Branch created a new model, the Duo standing desk, which seamlessly combines movement, advanced sit-stand features, and an innovative frameless design to cater to diverse spaces and budgets. With its compact size of 36″ and a height adjustment range from 28-47″, the Duo desk may not be the optimal choice for users who stand at a towering height of 6’8″ or those who are shorter than 5 feet. However, it presents an attractive budget option, still capable of supporting up to 275 lbs of weight, and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty for the frame!)

As you can see in the table, The Uplift’s transitioning speed is not the slowest but it is slower compared to what Branch has (1.5/s vs 1.3/s).

Uplift V2 Commercial vs Branch Standing Desk showdown

Uplift claims that their desk transitions quietly, but we can’t agree with this. While it isn’t scandalously noisy, it is not quite either. You can still hear faint whirring motor sounds. And it may not be a big deal for most users, but some expect a quieter one since that is what the brand advertised. 

Another feature that we loved about the Branch is that the tabletop is thicker at 1.5″. Most standing desks of the same price range, or the more expensive ones such as Uplift, Flexispot, Deskhaus or Jarvis often have a 1” thickness tabletop. 

The tabletop also makes up for the solid construction and stability of the desk. And despite the tabletop not being real wood, it has the heft to it. It is also stain and impact-resistant. 

And though the tabletop of V2 is also made of laminate material which also is stain resistant, we will give more brownie points to the thicker and more solid Branch tabletop. 

However, the frames of V2 commercials offer more flexibility and versatility. It is width adjustable. The V2 frame can be adjusted from 41.3-72.7”. So it can fit desktop sizes up to 80″

So if you need to change the tabletop for some reason, maybe you need a larger working area in the future, you can still make use of the same V2 commercial tabletop. You can even use an IKEA tabletop of your choice. 

But do take note that the V2 commercial frame has a crossbeam that runs from one leg to another. And though some users are not bothered by it. Some may find it obstructive that it hogs leg clearance. So this is something to consider should you fancy a v2 commercial desk frame. And oh, that’s also one of the reasons why it’s not really comfy for taller users.

Uplift still offers more options for personalization

The Branch is more of a simple, minimalist, and fuss-free desk. It only has basic color options for the frames and tabletop. But it is very very stable. 

Though you have the option to add on accessories, it is meager compared to what the Uplift V2 can offer. And as a side note, we loved the optional power input that you can get with the Branch classic. You can seamlessly put it under the desk and have more outlets for your equipment without making the desk look messy. But this entails an additional fee.

Uplift is one of the best premium desks that indulge their clients when it comes to customization. You can shop for accessories and add-ons all you want but of course, at your expense. But if you decide to get the V2 commercial standing desk, it always comes with a cable management tray, so that’s less thing to add to the cart.

However, unlike the Branch, it doesn’t have memory presets. The basic V2 commercial standing desk only has an up and down arrow button. Should you want to save your favorite desk height, you need to add about 29 dollars to your tab.  And oh, the basic keypad doesn’t even have a digital readout. So you would not know exactly the height of the desk, it’s more of eyeballing it. 

Why we had doubts about the V2 

We have mentioned above that the Commercial frame is the Uplift’s more stable unit. Compared to the V2 standard, it has fewer wobbles. Aside from the crossbeam, the legs of the V2 commercial are thicker and denser compared to V2 alone, which also accounts for the added stability. If you don’t want to worry about wobble problems, then the 4-leg of Uplit V2 desk is the one for you!

Who weighed more on our scale this time?

It still has to be the Branch overall. Despite the Uplift V2 having a width-adjustable frame, the Branch is a very good value for your money. 

The V2 commercial costs almost the same as the basic Uplift V2, but it will have a more narrow scope of users. Should the desk include a more advanced keypad such as the one-touch button keypad at no additional cost, it could be tied with Branch. 

This keypad is very convenient as you do not need to press and hold the button to get to the desired desk height. You just press it and the desk will move on its own. For the V2 commercial standing desk’s price, we think that this is a very fitting inclusion, or at least have the option to have one at no added cost. 

And more users will find the Branch of value since it can go as high as 52” without any wobbles. But the V2 is still a popular desk among users with average height, it is still decently stable at the mid-height range. And customizing your Uplift desk can be a delight, just for as long as your budget is up for it.

Say for example, for the control panel, 

Uplift gives you an option of 5 types of control panels. And aside from the memory presets, each type of control panel has convenient and unique features. You can even choose to have it angled or flushed against the desks. That’s why UPLIFT is still a valuable commodity. The brand also has a more generous warranty.

So to not be confused the best choice would be: A Branch desk for taller users looking for a more stable unit and the Uplift V2 commercial for average users who want a smorgasbord of options but don’t mind the price that comes with the add-ons. 

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