Flexispot E7 vs E8 – Why the E7 is a better option?

If you’re a big fan of budget standing desks, then Flexispot is a brand that is consistently mentioned on all social channels for offering the best value when compared to other models.

However, their wide range of models can also leave you feeling confused. For instance, consider the comparisons between EN1 or EC1, E7 and E7Q, E5 vs E7, or E8 and EG8, among others. The sheer variety of options available can be overwhelming, making it challenging to determine which one is ideal for your home office

Don’t worry, this post is created for our beloved readers who are contemplating between the E7 and the E8 models. Although Flexispot has discontinued the E8, rendering them unavailable for purchase at the moment, we have decided to keep this post alive to ensure that if you come across the E8 being sold on e-commerce websites or Facebook Marketplace in the future, you will have the necessary information to make an informed choice between the two models.

e7 vs e8 flexispot standing desk showdown

Ok, let’s get started with the overview


in the US

Flexispot E7 Flexispot E7 Pro Flexispot E8
Frame types & height range without top C-frame 23.6-49.2″
T-frame 22.8″ – 48.4″
Oval 3-stage Frame
3-stage 25-50.6″
Oval 3-stage Frame
Weight capacity 355 lbs 440 lbs 275 lbs
Warranty 15 years 15 years 15 years
Available size of tabletop for under $500 48×24″, 48×30″, 55×28″, 60×24″ with chipboard* not available not available
Anti-collision Yes Yes Yes

*** Note: We add the Flexispot E7 Pro Premium to this table because it’s the latest flagship model from the brand and maybe you’ll get the idea of the comparison between e7 vs e7 pro

We notice that in the UK, Flexispot does not add the C-frame and Oval 3-stage frame into the E7 model. In order to make a fair showdown, we add a new table for the products that are selling in the UK:

Specs in the UK Flexispot E7 Flexispot E8
Height Range 58cm-123cm 60cm-125cm
Load Capacity 125kg 125kg
Speed 38mm/s 38mm/s
Warranty 7 years 7 years

As we can see, in the UK, E7 and E8 have similar features. Both have an Anti-Collision System, Memory Presets, Child Lock, LED Touch Screen, and 7 years of warranty for the frame. The height adjustment here is the only difference. The E7 UK keeps the T-frame as the E7 from the US, which is designed for short people under 5 feet. While the E8 is created for taller folks from 6-6’8″

Why E7 is the winner after all

For American, this showdown ends quickly from the moment you see the first table. No need to explain more, right?

355 lbs of weight capacity are totally stronger than 275 lbs. Interesting the new model they made, the more stability we can get. Don’t be surprised if you see the cheaper option has premium features than the expensive one!

Better price within $500, you can buy the e7 but you cannot get the E8.

And the E7 has more frame options! T-frame and C-frame, of course!

Flexispot e8

About installations, they both have a tie. Easy to do it with experts but can take 45-60 minutes for a newbie

e8 is diffcult

For people who live in the UK, it’s really a difficult choice unless you are too short (under 4’9″ and can only pick the E7) or too tall (above 6’8″, you can only choose the E8).

But the E7 is a little bit cheaper, so we will pick it to the winner of this comparison overall.

Why the cheaper option is better to buy

We will explain this, hold on

In the past, when Flexispot had a limited range of models, they designated the Kana Pro, also known as the Flexispot E8, as their high-end standing desk, while the EC1 stood as the budget option. However, the emergence of the E7 changed the game entirely, quickly becoming their best-selling model to date. As a result, the brand made the decision to upgrade the E7 and elevate it to its flagship model status.

Initially, it was only available with a T-frame designed for petite users, but they later introduced three additional options to cater to both shorter and taller folks!

Good job, right?

E7 specs
E7 specs – image by Flexispot

The interesting aspect is that they have now introduced a new model known as the Flexispot E7 Pro Premium, boasting even greater strength compared to the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus (440 lbs vs. 355 lbs), and they have positioned the latest E7 Pro as their high-end offering. Perhaps this is their strategic move to compete with the Uplift V2, which continues to reign as the top choice for standing desks in the US market. Not only have our experts recommended it, but it has also garnered praise from all testers.

That’s why Flexispot has discontinued the high-frame version of the E7, ensuring that the E7 Pro receives more attention. When visit their E7 Pro Plus landing page, you will now only find the C-frame, T-frame, and Oval 3-stage Frame options. Don’t worry, rest assured that you can still purchase the high-frame variant from other sources!

Now you understand the price’s story when comparing the E7 vs E8. “You get what you pay for” does not apply in this situation!

Go on, what are you waiting for?