Benefits of DIY standing desks

Sometimes it’s just good to want something done out of your own hands – like literally. I might be quick to tag you as adventurous and creative if for once you brewed any thoughts on having your own DIY standing desk. Or even if you got the idea somewhere, it’s still cool – I mean, who’s going to bring it to reality? Definitely you.

Often times, personally I just want to get my hands on something and get it done all by myself. I either want to get the feel of the process of manufacturing stuff or maybe just for fun. Or possibly just to beat down the costs of purchasing a ready-made good. Either way, I get to appreciate it more.

Image source: DIY smartdesk kit from Autonomous

Standing desks are basically desks designed to let you have your work done in a standing position. Thereby increasing your productivity in all ramifications.

Considering the frames, however, one might want to argue if these desks are actually DIY as claimed. As you usually have to buy the frames before doing the rest of the job yourself. I mean DIYs are supposed to be entirely your hand job right? Even so, I may want to say the whole endeavor is worth the shots taken or about to be taken.

Buying the ready-made product based on our considerations is much more pricey compared to the DIY hassle. It is definitely time-consuming as you would know little or nothing about the process of manufacturing the desks.

Personally, I think trying out this DIY thing on these desks is a good thing as first off you get a new challenge which puts you in the mode for adventure. And secondly, you get to learn something new. Something that has been probably out of your bounds. Also probably as I mentioned earlier, it could help you gain a better appreciation for standing desks as a whole.

And before we go into talking about which manufacturer produces the best frame for this seeming ordeal, we would like to make a disclaimer that this article is not written out of any endorsements, we have no intentions of making you feel obliged to purchasing any product. Just give you a reason why you should make a standing desk by yourself

Benefits of DIY standing desks -

A few things that we may consider as the benefits of DIY standing desks include

    • Teaching you a new skill. Just as I mentioned earlier, DIY standing desks would get to teach you a new skill to add up to your skill set. Generally, you might have had no specific interest in carpentry, but engaging in a DIY activity like this one might put you in the right position and mindset to learn carpentry.
    • Facing a new challenge. This one is basically similar to teaching you a new skill. However, it is very necessary to draw this one out of the whole picture. Facing a new challenge is like facing a new adventure that requires you taking on a whole new bunch of decisive measures.
    • Respect and love for your new desk. After you must have toiled day in and day out just to get the desk done, you will definitely have some unusual love for it. And probably some respect for the manufacturers and the whole process.
    • A better eye for good standing desks. If someday you decide to go back to using a ready-made standing desk, then surely you would have gained a better eye for a good standing desk. Knowing the right desks that suit your purpose might be very handy for yourself or even to a friend who needs it.
    • Lifespan increase. It is claimed largely by many studies that standing can add up to about 3 years to your life. This is directed towards your standing specifically. The more you stand at a desk, the more good you do to your health.
    • Specific to your ergonomic needs. On a very personal level, you get to experience and involvement in a first-hand making of the standing desks. This improves the customization of the desk to suit most of your needs. Ergonomic needs are very necessary especially when what you do requires you being there for quite a long time.  
    • Gaining a better chance of obesity. Standing for long periods of time reduces your chances of becoming obese.
    • Standing more often helps the blood circulate more through the body.
    • You get to burn more calories through the day
    • Promotes healthier joints
    • Improves on your posture
    • Improves your mood
  • Increased focus and alertness

There is actually more stuff to write about the benefits of standing desks or even DIY standing desks but now we believe you get a new idea already.

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