Top 6 Best electric standing desk Frames to build your own Workstation

Buying only standing desk frames has several advantages. If you want to use your old tabletop, a frame would suffice. And you can also save money by using your old tabletop. And sometimes you want to set up your own workstation using a different brand of the tabletop.

best standing desk frame review

Matching the right base with your preferred tabletop will result in a more personalized workstation. And a customized workstation has a certain appeal to some users. However, you need to match the tabletop with the right frame. Hover through our recommendation to get the best brands of stand up desk frames. 

iMovr Studio 470 Electric Standing desk Frame

If you’re looking for a basic sit-stand desk frame, the iMovr Stuudio 470 fits the bill. It doesn’t have any extra metal or a crossbeam. And it’s free from multi controls. That’s why the iMovr Studio 470 is quite light. Since it’s a no-frills kind of desk frame, it allows for easier shipping too.

The controls only consist of an up and down button, it’s a very basic frame. Thus, it’s an entry-level base that’s perfect for a compact and minimal workstation. Perhaps a small monitor or laptop with a few office supplies. It has a weight capacity of 220 lbs, so that’s more than enough for a minimal setup with just the basic electronics and some supplies.

As for the assembly, since it’s ultra basic it will only take you less than 30 minutes to set it up. Another notable advantage of the iMovr is that it makes use of a mid-range motor.

Overall, it’s a perfect entry-level base desk for those who are looking to have a minimal setup. Thus, it’s a real value for your money

iMovr Studio 470 Electric Standing desk Frame


  • Non-China made motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast shipping

  • Only for light-duty use

IKEA Idasen sit-stand desk frame

The IKEA Idasen standing desk frame was primarily designed to fit other furniture from the brand’s line. Aesthetics are unique and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be a breath of fresh air for some or a weird desk to others. Though if you want to match it with the interiors of your home office you might find it challenging. 

This standing desk frame has a gray and beige color scheme. And looks like bulky tubular pipes. So if you’re keen on matching it with your minimalist decor, it might not deliver.

A great feature of the IKEA Idasen standing desk frame is that its motor is not made in China. It’s made in Scandinavia so you can expect a better quality motor than China made motors such as Jiecang.

It’s quite stable and has features that you’ll love. The Idasen base has a Bluetooth and phone app to control your desk. 

Also, this base is primarily designed for narrower tabletop sizes. And its weight capacity of 165 lbs. Thus it’s a light-duty standing desk frame.

Overall, it’s a great option if you already own IKEA Idasen furniture. It’s a far better option than other small IKEA desktops.

IKEA Idasen sit stand desk frame


  • Non-China made motor
  • Can match other IKEA Idasen furniture
  • 10-year warranty
  • Has a Bluetooth sync app

  • The design of the legs aren’t for everyone
  • Not strong enough for some users when the weight capacity of 165 lbs only

Where to buy this frame

Stand Desk Pro Electric base

The Stand Desk Pro Electric base has a China-made motor. But it performs way better than the cheap Jiecang motor mostly found in other affordable sit-stand desks. Hence, you can expect it to perform better.

It’s a dual-motor dual-stage motor. And it’s equipped with a basic up and down controller. But if you want a programmable control button, you can get it with an upgrade. 

The weight capacity is around 400 lbs. So you can use it for more than a basic workstation. 

Overall, it suits users who are of average height and it fits desk top sizes not larger than 60 inches. If you’re taller, around 6 feet, you might find this desk frame lacking since it has limited height range options.

And despite some limitations on the desktop size and height range, it’s still a great value for your money since it has a more updated China motor than Jiecang,


  • Free shipping
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Better than other Chinese made motors

  • Limited height range options. 

Smartdesk DIY Kit Desk Frame Business Edition

The business edition of the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is a viable option for a basic standing desk frame. It has a dual-motor dual-stage China made motor. Despite several issues on the motor, this standing desk frame also has some desirable features that you’ll find useful and handy.

The transit speed of the business edition motor is at 2.2 inches per second. By far, that’s one of the fastest in the market. Though you have to deal with some noise. But if noise is not an issue to you, you’d be happy with a smooth and fast transition. 

This is the primary reason why users still buy the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 frames despite its China-made motor. But if you are to compare the home edition vs the business edition, it has some upgrades. 

Instead of a Jiecang motor, which is used in their home edition, the business edition is equipped with a better China made motor. 

Moreover, It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. And that’s pretty decent for a mid-range setup.

Smartdesk DIY Kit Desk Frame Business Edition


  • Better motor than the home edition
  • Mid duty weight capacity
  • Fast transition


  • Challenging to assemble

iMovr Freedom Sit to Stand desk Standard Base 

The iMovr Freedom boasts of a different leg design that makes the steel frame sturdier than other brands in the same price range. The legs have distinct crimped corners and are enveloped with a coating that makes transitioning with less friction. And this can make the frame last longer than the competition. 

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The unit comes with a basic up and down control button. Should you wish to have a programmable preset controller, you can always upgrade. The basic control button allows for a more affordable price tag. So it can be more accessible to more users. 

Moreover, this desk frame has a 260 lb weight capacity. So it’s perfect for a basic to mid-basic setup. The height range is something that you’d love. The frame comes in 2 types- the standard and the dual XT model. 

The standard would suffice if you stand under 5’11”. But if you’re taller, it’s advisable to upgrade to the dual XT model. Most tall users find the dual XT model frame more comfortable than the competition.

iMovr Freedom Sit to Stand desk frame


  • American made
  • Easy to assemble
  • Operates quietly
  • Sturdy leg frames
  • Starch resistant
  • Free shipping
  • 10 year warranty period
  • Very strong, 260lb

  • Need to upgrade for taller users

Uplift height-adjustable Standing desk V2 Frame 

The Uplift Standing V2 frame’s primary advantage is that it can accommodate tabletops as wide as 80 inches. So if you’re looking for a wider workstation for a more elaborate setup, it’s a decent choice.

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In addition, it’s equipped with a three-stage dual motor frame that operates quietly. So the transition is quite smooth.

Another feature that’s very handy is the one-touch programmable keypads. You can store your preferred desk height and just press and play every time. And it also comes complete with a wire management tray. So you can keep your cables and cords organized. You get to enjoy these two features without the need to upgrade. It comes with a basic setup.

Furthermore, the base has a 355 lbs weight capacity, it’s a bit higher than other affordable sit-stand desk frames. 

Overall, if you’re not looking for an updated motor, the Uplift V2 is a decent and affordable option. It also has a solid warranty and you can outfit it with a wider desktop. 

Uplift height-adjustable Standing desk V2 Frame 


  • Can accommodate wide table tops
  • Has a wire management tray
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Solid warranty
  • So strong with 355 lb lifting capacity
  • Operates quietly

  • Shipping problem


A DIY standing desk can be exciting to set up. You have more liberty in the options, the color and style of the table, and the functionality of the base. Our list of the best standing desk frames can help you create your dream workstation.