Steelcase Gesture vs Herman Miller Embody – Office Chair Showdown

Herman Miller and Steelcase are two of the premium and most adjustable ergonomic chairs on the market. They always come out on top of the most comfortable office chair for long hours.

The Herman Miller Aeron is an iconic office chair that’s on the bucket list of most people. While the Steelcase Leap is the more popular ergonomic chair that’s highly adjustable from Steelcase. A lot has been said about these two, so it’s time to compare the next popular models of each brand. 

Herman Miller Embody office chair
Herman Miller Embody office chair

So today, we’re going to compare the Steelcase Gesture and the Herman Miller Embody. The former is more expensive than the latter. But the Steel Case Gesture looks really promising too. We’ll get these two ergonomic chairs on the ring to decide which is the best suit for your home office. 

Steelcase Gesture chair setup

Steelcase Gesture vs Herman Miller Embody Construction 

We find the materials of the Embody more premium than the Steel Case Gesture, but of course, the Embody costs more. 

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Compared with the price, of course, Steelcase Gesture is a little bit cheaper

The Steelcase Gesture is also an excellent built ergonomic chair. But the problem with the  Gesture is a lot of plastic components, and sometimes that might not be a good thing. But albeit having more plastic parts, it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. 

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Maybe because the plastic parts were mostly used for the flexibility of the chair, and if we are going to compare it to the Leap chair, it has a more professional and cleaner look. The base of the chair has a molded plastic covering, so it looks cleaner than the Leap.

But since the Steelcase Gesture is manufactured in Mexico, some might see it as a disadvantage. But it may be just due to the lower cost of production. Herman Miller Embody is an American brand, with headquarters in Michigan. And this could explain the higher price tag of the Herman Miller office chairs.

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The Herman Miller Embody, on the other hand, also had a very durable construction. It could last longer. And it’s backed up with a 12-year warranty. So you can be assured that this ergonomic chair is fit to continue. The Embody has a substantial weight since it has a lot of steel components. 

Both chairs come head to head in terms of durability. And the warranty of the Gesture is the same as the Embody. It provides a 12 years warranty, but for the frames, the Gesture offers a lifetime for its owners, so that’s an added plus. 

The Embody seems to be made of more high-quality materials. And given that it has a lot of steel components, you might be more confident with its construction. But the lifetime warranty of the frames of the Gesture speaks volumes of its durability. 

Steelcase Gesture vs Herman Miller Embody – Back support and comfort

Herman Miller Embody is known for its innovative spine. The S-shaped back set mimics your spine’s shape and provides comfort and support for long hours of sitting. We have to admit that the back support is indeed amazing, and the entire look of the backseat is quite trendy and modern.

The Embody is also one of the most comfortable office chairs that we have ever sat on. The seat also consists of pixelated support that can lessen pressure points. And it’s made up of three layers of material.

It’s not too cushiony, though, but it’s pretty comfortable. The Embody seat is a combination of a supportive and cushioned material in one. But don’t expect it to be plush.

The seat of the Embody is pretty large, so it’s really comfortable for those who are a bit wider on the waist. It also has a contoured shape that nicely hugs your butt. But one disadvantage is that the seat is more supportive than plush, some people can feel the pixelated support on their butts, which can be pinching at times.

The Steelcase Gesture is not far behind. Its seat provides support and a bit of cushion too. And since the seat pad is just 2 inches, it’s not as plush too. But you can feel the support, and you can also sit comfortably on it for the entire day. In terms of the back support, it has adjustable lumbar support. 

Steelcase Gesture
Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

The backrest is quite tall, and there wasn’t any part of the chair hitting your shoulders. But if you stand higher than 6’3′, you might find the edge of the backseat against your shoulder. 

The Embody, on the other hand. also has a high back, but it’s not adjustable, but it was designed to fit most people. And it has a slimmer profile that follows the shape of the spine. So there won’t be any pinching feeling on the soldiers.

So for the backrest, it’s a tie. To combine the back fit innovation and the Embody’s slimmer profile with the adjustable lumbar support of the Gesture.

But for the seat cushion, the Steelcase Gesture is more comfortable. There can be a pinching feeling on the buttocks for some with the Embody.

Weight capacity

In terms of weight capacity, it’s a clear win for the Steelcase Gesture. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. And the Embody, albeit it seems to have a more reliable and durable construction, has a weight capacity that’s a little behind the Steel Case at 300 lbs.


In terms of adjustability and ergonomics, the Embody seems to be lacking a few points. Aside from its lack of adjustable lumbar support and seat height, the armrests are also non-adjustable – both the armed depth and the arm pivot.

But it has some pretty good features that made up for it. 

The recline function is just something to love. It’s a lot like the Herman Miller Aeron. The armrest also goes down as you recline the chair, which makes it pretty comfortable. And you can also do a smooth rocking motion with the Embody. And that’s something that’s not that comfortable with the Gesture.

The armrests of the Steel Case Gesture are very adjustable. Its armrests are four ways adjustable so that they can provide great arm and shoulder support.

And if we’re speaking of seat depth adjustment, both premium chairs have it. It’s just easier to adjust the seat depth of the Gesture compared to the Embody.

Overall, in terms of adjustability and ergonomics, we have to give it to the Gesture for the four ways adjustable armrest. It has the impressive rocking motion of the Embody and the way it feels when it’s fully reclined. Then, that would be one awesome chair!

Customization and design

Both premium chairs are highly customizable. The brands’ website will give you options for the caster wheel, the color, and the upholstery. But of course, that’s an added cost for each upgrade.

Herman Miller Embody Gaming chair
Herman Miller Embody Gaming chair

But in terms of the design, we really love the modern and innovative back design of the Embody. It’s quite original, and not a lot of ergonomic chairs have that sort of distinct design.


At the same time, the Gesture can easily blend in with a sea of other expensive ergonomic chairs. The different design is lacking.


Both premium chairs have a lot going for them. So which is the best?  If you want an ergonomic chair that is more flexible and has more adjustable features, the Steelcase Gestures is a great pick. But if you need a more supportive back and cushioned seat, you have to go with the Embody.