ImovR Lander Standing Desk – the Lite Desk Review

ImovR Lander Standing Desk review

The Imovr Lander desk is known for its advanced technology and innovation. And not all standing desks can say the same. But the Original Lander desk isn’t accessible to all. So the Lander Lite desk will make everyone excited! Especially those who have their eyes set on an ImovR Lander desk but haven’t had the opportunity to get a tone yet.

So let’s see what makes this standing desk quite popular in the market today. 

ImovR Lander Standing Desk – Made in the USA

With a lot of standing desks that are made in China, it’s refreshing to see a brand that’s fully made in the USA. There aren’t a lot though, and the ImovR Lite desk is just one of them. Needless to say, products made in the USA are more durable and solid. And we think this is one of the strongest points of this brand because everything else will follow. 

Beautiful and sturdy tabletop

we find this standing desk beautiful and functional at the same time. It has an ergo contoured desk. And this feature hits two birds with one stone. One, since there are no sharp edges it’s safer, especially if you have children run around your home office. And two, the slightly curved edge of the desk lends it a softer look.

The tabletop of the Lander Lite desk is also a lot to be desired. Aside from its durability, it comes in a lot of finishes too. So you can select one that resonates with you or one that can match the interiors of your home office. 

The tabletop doesn’t warp, shrink, and cleaners won’t destroy the surface. And in these pandemic times, you’ll be wanting to clean and disinfect your desk more often, right? This desk will be able to take it. Even disinfectants won’t marr or ruin the surface. All the desks are 3D laminated so that makes it extra resistant to warping and chemicals.

How about the assembly?

we was able to set this whole standing desk in under 10 minutes. So if you’d ask me if it was easy, it was ever easy. And you only need one tool, an Allen wrench, to set this baby together. Well, it came in pre-assembled, so even if you are not a seasoned DIYer, you’ll find it easy. You just have to attach the feet to the legs, it may even take less than 8 minutes if you love your LEGO building blocks a lot.  

And if you hate putting up furniture that feels like an IKEA project, pre-assembled standing desks are your best option.

How were the mechanisms and technologies?

Now let’s dabble about the motors, the transition, and the movement. And since this is a Lander desk, you can expect the DPG style height control paddle that can be synced to a Bluetooth app. And the Lite desk also shares the same feature. Well, all Landers desk has it.

So you get to enjoy the same height control paddle that easily transitions the table. And it also operates quietly. The height setting can also be saved on the control paddle and it can be synced to your phone via Bluetooth. 

And if you are just hopping on the wellness wagon, you’ll find the built-in health coach very useful. If you have just transitioned to a standing desk, you might find yourself wanting to sit from time to time. That’s okay, but if it’s too long, the health coach will prompt you to stand up. You’ll see a flashing LED on the paddle and a notification will be sent to your phone. It’s like being at Bootcamp at the same time haha.

we haven’t encountered many brands that are equipped with a Bluetooth app connecting the desk to your smartphone. And you can also personalize it. You can create custom reminders as well. Another desk that shares almost the same Bluetooth connectivity is the UPDESK. You’ll be able to adjust your desk via an app on your smartphone. 

Other great features

Here are other Lander Lite desk feature that we love

  • Motor components from Linak

Linak is a premium motor electronics brand. And when your standing desk outfitted with one, expect a more stable and steady desk during the transition. Linak is a more durable and sophisticated motor compared to the usual Jiecnag China made motor most standing desks have. And since Linak isn’t made in China, it’s a plus. Other brands that make use of Linak motors are Updesk and Ergomotion,

  • Warranty

Lander desks offer a very generous warranty. It has a 10-year warranty on the electrical and mechanical parts and five years warranty on the desktop. Other desks with a decent warranty are Jarvis at 7 years and the Flexispot at 5 years. Still, the Lander desk can give you more bang for your buck.

Also, the generous warranty period can tell tales of how durable a desk is. It means the manufacturer is confident enough to have your back for such a long period. we find warranty periods a good gauge on how durable and reliable a product is. A brand wouldn’t give out such an offer if they know their products will easily break down. That’s a lot of services to do. 

And oh, the brand also offers a100 day satisfaction guarantee. Again, another generous offer which is a notch higher than the 30-day guarantee most standing desks have. But of course, nothing beats IKEAs return policy period of 1 year. But you have to have the desk in its pristine condition to be able to get a full refund even if 11 months have passed.

  • Shipping

If you live within the lower 48 states of America, you can get free shipping with your purchase. 

Lander Original Desk vs the Lander Lite DESK

The Lander Lite desk is technically a junior version of the original Lander desk. The Lite desk was manufactured so that more people will be able to access the functionality and convenience of a Lander desk at a more affordable price tag.

But is it inferior to the advanced mechanism of the original Lander desk? Let’s see what differentiates the mother from the junior.

  • Assembly

The Lander original takes faster to assemble, it’ll only take you 3 minutes. And the Lite desk takes about 8 minutes because you have to attach the feet to the legs. You don’t need to do that with the Lander Original desk.

  •  DPG style control height panels

Both desks share this innovation. The main difference is that the Lander original has 4 memory presets while the Lite offers 2. And the mother desk boasts of multicolored LED lights that’ll signal you to start standing, where the junior desk only has one LED color.

  •  Weight capacity

The Mother desk has a weight capacity of 360 lbs and it’s natural for the junior to have less at 225 lbs.

  •  Desktop thickness

The Lander original has a thicker desk at 1.125 inches while the junior version has a desk that’s .75 inches thick.

  • Height range

The Lander mother desk can go lower and rise higher than the lite version. The height range of the Original lander is 42.5 to 50 inches while that of the Lite desk for the single-stage is 27.35 -47.5 inches. Though the Lite desk can have the same height adjustment range for the dual-stage. 

So these are the basic differences. Both desks share the same features such as the color options for the base, the tabletop color options, the transit time, and anti-collision features. 

Lander Lite Desk variations

The Lander Lite desk also comes in two variations- the Lander Lite compact and the Lander Lite with solid wood top

The difference between the Lander Lite and Lander Lite compact is that the latter has options for a smaller tabletop. The smallest tabletop of the Lander Lite is 41 inches. So if you’re looking for a smaller desk, you can get a 35-inch desk from the Land Lite Compact.

What makes the Lander Lite with solid wood top different? From the name itself, this model boasts of handcrafted solid wood tops for your desk. 

If you don’t want laminated desks, this is a great option for you. We find the handcrafted desk very charming and it can certainly add more personality to your home office. It comes in 36 beautiful variations. And of course, it’s more premium so hence a heavier tag.

So that’s just about it, the main difference is with the desktop size and material. But the three models of the Lander Lite desk share the same technology and innovations. 

Final thought 

The Lander Lite makes the superb technology and innovations of Lander desks more accessible to the mainstream masses. If you’ve been wanting a Lander desk before but can’t deal with the hefty tag, you’ll be able to afford it now with the Lite desk options. If you think you would be able to benefit from the built-in heath coach and the convenience of connecting the desk to a smartphone app, this standing desk is a great choice. It’s also real value for your money in terms of the warranty period, the sophisticated motor, and the durable tabletops. 

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