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Professional gamers and even novice players know that PC gaming is a very intense experience. With a number of ways to play, and different personal styles, finding the right desk can be a struggle when everything feels cookie cutter out of a factory and not personalized to your needs and desires. Luckily, one brand has become a staple in the electronic sports world, and offers you the chance to build your own gaming desk. With a weight capacity of over 350 pounds for all of your gaming gear, a user friendly 7-year warranty, and fast and free shipping, Uplift leads the office furniture industry in how dynamic of a customer experience they have made for their buyers. 26″ of smooth and quiet height adjustment await when you choose Uplift’s Height Adjustable Standing Desk for your gaming station.

Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Built with a better user experience in mind, the Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a top of the line desk for gaming. Office workers and professionals have come to know Uplift as an industry defining name, and PC gamers all over the world are coming along to partner and work with Uplift for competitive gaming in popular leagues. The Uplift standing desk’s three stage frame is 33% faster to adjust than a two stage frame, and meant to last. Keeping in mind the extra weight needed to hold powerful PC rigs, huge monitors, and increasingly intricate keyboard setups, this desk allows you peace of mind when your most expensive, prized possessions await on the desk’s surface.

Gaming Desk with Uplift
UPLIFT Gaming Desk – Image source: UPLIFT

Partnering with the three stage frame is a height adjustability from 24.4″ to 50.0”. Because of the extra strength motor system, this desk can move all of your PC hardware and accessories up and down without worry that anything is going to fall. Because PC monitors, computers, and other various necessities for gaming are so heavy, it can be scary thinking of a mechanical desk moving them up and down at a fast rate. Even at a rate of 1.5″ per second, your hardware feels and looks secure thanks to the stable base at the bottom. Mechanical movement of the gaming desk from Uplift is whisper quiet, allowing for adjustments during play without disturbing others you may be playing with online. The start and stop functions of the motor are incredibly calm and soft, and as each leg works to raise and lower the desk utilizing a low-draw transformer for maximum energy efficiency.

Uplift gaming desk 2019

Fail safe motor safety allows for protection if things are maybe pushing your desk to limit as well. If you have too much on your desk and a certain height might be tough given the weight of your gear, effect sensors kick in. These sensors detect if your desk meets resistance on the way up or down and will automatically reverse its direction if your hardware in in danger of damage or collapsing. Damage to cord set ups is also limited through the option to add power grommets. Ensure you have power for all your devices close at hand with optional power grommets. Power grommets on your Uplift desk allow for the protection of wire damage. This is possible through a protective area of plastic that encapsulates the plug outlets to prevent wires from pulling and stretching as your height adjustable desk moves up and down. They’re designed to integrate seamlessly into the sitting layout of your desk, as well as how you may want things organized when you are standing. Keyboards, monitors, and more can be moved easily, as well as travel up and down during alterations to your setup. This grommet solution is optional, but a great way to keep cords protected during movement and give you some extra protection.

Once you know where you like to have your desk, you have the convenient option to program some of your favorite options for height. The Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk offers the ability to use an advanced keypad to view the levels of your current height in inches to know where you like your desk to be when standing or sitting, but that is not all. The Uplift desk keypad also allows you to store up to 4 user chosen heights to be memorized by the desk for quick set up. This means you can reach your standing and sitting levels in no time, as well as schedule heights for when you are working out, perched on a bench or stool, and other more complex options. You can also utilize the 4 user settings for height to share your desk with colleagues or family. Your safety is obviously of concern, but your convenience should be too. If you’re working lots of hours in your office, you should be comfortable and able to set your desk without hassle. The Uplift desk does a great job of mixing business with pleasure and allowing you the freedom to customize your options and layout every step of the way.


So many gamers are always looking for ways to increase their gaming efficiency and enjoyment. Every day, thousands of gamers around the world log onto their favorite games to play for hours. Whether it is for fun or professional, gaming is a situation where you want to be fully immersed in what you are doing. Without stress of worrying about your gaming setup, you are free to focus on your game and improve your success. Sitting for long periods of time is not ideal, and a standing desk can be very good for you if you spend a lot of time gaming. For the option to sit and stand, as well as perch, work out, and more while you game, the Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk is perfect for every gaming style. With desktop options in different colors and finishes, as well as comfortable gaming no matter if you sit, stand, and everything in between, the Uplift Height Adjustable Standing Desk is perfect for serious gamers.

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