FITUEYES vs VIVO – height adjustable standing desk converter showdown

VIVO standing desk converter
VIVO standing desk converter

The FITUEYES standing desk converter isn’t one of the best in the market, but it can be a decent one, especially if you are on a budget. It looks quite different from other standing desk converters that we have tried. It’s a one-tier, one plane converter.  Having a one plane structure has its advantages, but of course, there will be gripes too. 

On the other hand, VIVO standing desks are more popular. it’s also one of the most affordable and decent options.  And to discern which of these two decently priced models is for you, let’s do a quick comparison.

One tier vs two-tier standing desk converter

You do not need to set up the FITUEYES. It comes in all assembled and can be used straight away. We also appreciate how carefully it was packaged. So it came in one piece without dents and scratches. And since it only consists of one tier, it is very compact and light.  So this makes the FITUEYES easy to bring along anywhere. It’s a rather portable unit and you can easily pack it in your bag if you still intend to do some work in the cabins. 

There are two sides to the coin, however. Yes, it’s lightweight, so it makes the desk easy to move from one place to another. It’s also easy to lift should you want to work in another room or in another desk. 

But we find it too light. In sudden gusts of wind, we are afraid that it can topple the unit over. It’s not too flimsy though. But it’s borderline between flimsy and decent heft. So if you are to lean your weight too much on the desk, it will not be able to take on the weight.

This one-tier standing desk converter is compact. The work area is decently wide and large enough to fit two monitors. And since it doesn’t have a keyboard tray, the work area will have to accommodate the keyboard tray.

So this one tier arrangement with the keyboard and the monitors in the same plane will be most comfortable for average-sized or petite users. If you are a bit on the heavier side, you will find it too cramped, albeit in the wider space. And since the desk won’t be able to take too much weight, heavier users will not be able to lean their arms and elbows on this desk.

The VIVO, on the other hand, boasts of the more common two-tier arrangement we often see on several standing desk converters. This style will make the desk less portable and less compact compared to the FITUEYES. But more users will find it comfortable. Though the keyboard tray cannot be tilted, you have an option to remove it. 

The desk itself isn’t too heavy, but it has a decent heft to it. So it doesn’t slide easily off the desk nor topple over if a strong wind blows over it. In terms of the desk area, it’s wider than the FITUEYES. The lack of the keyboard tray in the FITUEYES desk, for me, made the working area smaller. 

In addition to the large working space of VIVO, it also features a slotted tray at the front where you can keep your phone or other accessories. That’s another advantage it has over the FITUEYES. Moreover, the FITUEYES also comes with a decent cable management system.

How about the height adjustment range

The FITUEYES can be adjusted from 2.2 to 16.1 inches while the VIVO can go from 4.2 to 19.7 inches. So taller users will find the VIVO more comfortable since it can go higher. But since the FITUEYES can go as low as 2.2 inches, petite and smaller users will find the desk more fitting. But we have a big gripe here. 

Though the FITUEYES can go as low as 2.2 inches, on some occasions, the desk can collapse or lay flat when used at the lowest height setting. So that is something to consider if you are eyeing this desk. 

Mechanism and stability

These two standing desks make use of the same gas spring system. And both units are pretty easy to adjust up and down. And with the FITUEYES having a lighter weight, even smaller sized users will find it easier to adjust. But here is where the difference lies.

The FITUEYES does not go up straight, it tends to lean to the right or left side, depending on where the front of the desk is facing. So you have to consider a decent vertical footprint if you are going to use the desk in its highest setting. 

The VIVO 32 inch moves up straight, so it will consume less vertical space. Though the VIVO 36 inch tends to point outward so it will need a more vertical footprint. Thus, if you have limited vertical space, it’s better to get a model that can go up straight up such as the VIVO 32 inches. 

In terms of stability, we have to give it to the VIVO 32 inch desk. This model goes up straight. so even if you have a full setup it still remains stable even at the highest setting.

The FITUEYES tends to tilt on either side, depending on which direction the front of the desk is facing. So if you have a full setup, it can be unstable at the highest setting. We also have some gripes when it’s used on the lowest setting. It tends to collapse. So the FITUEYES is best used in its mid settings.

But if you’ll ask me about the VIVO 36 inch, it’s unstable at its highest point. It has a tendency to tilt outside. 

FITUEYES vs VIVO standing desk converter Summary

Build and construction

The VIVO standing desk has more heft. Thus, it feels more solid and durable than FITUEYES.

Height adjustment range

VIVO has a wider height adjustment range. So taller users will find the VIVO more comfortable than the FITUEYES. On the other hand, FITUEYES can go low enough for shorter users. 

Work area

Both desks provide a large working area, but they are entirely different. The VIVO is a two-tiered desk while the FITUEYES only has a single plane. So you have to remember that the keyboard will also be placed on the first tray. Thus, it will eat up space. So those with hefty arms will find the VIVO more spacious.

fitueyes standing desk converter
fitueyes standing desk converter


The FITUEYES have a more compact size. And since it’s lightweight you can easily bring it anywhere with you. On the other hand, we can’t say the same for VIVO. It has some heft to it so that makes the desk not portable.


Since the VIVO has more heft, smaller users might find it challenging to adjust the unit. Though those who are of average height and taller users will not complain. The FITUEYES on the other hand, it’s lightweight, anyone will be able to seamlessly and easily lift the desk to adjust.


The FITUEYES can be used straight out of the box. So you don’t need to assemble it. As for the VIVO desk, it comes in partially assembled. You just have to connect the keyboard tray and the legs. Some users were able to seamlessly and easily assemble it in under 15 minutes. Though there were some users who had a challenging time setting it up. And reckon smaller and more petite individuals will be having that challenge. 


Both desks are affordable compared to standing desk converters of their kind. But the VIVO Is priced a bit higher than the FITUEYES. Though it’s relative since the VIVO desk consists of two tiers and has more heft to it. 

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Vertical space

The VIVO 32 inch goes up straight so it is more balanced and stable than the VIVO 36 inch. The 36 inch tends to tilt outward, so the higher it goes, the more it becomes unstable. The FITUEYES, on the other hand, doesn’t go straight up too. It tilts to either side. So it can be a bit unstable when used at the highest setting with a full work setup. 

Weight capacity

The VIVO 32 and 36-inch standing desk converters can afford a heftier setup than the FITUEYES. Though favor the VIVO 32 inch over the 36 inches. We won’t recommend maximizing the weight capacity of the VIVO 36 inch since it tends to tilt.


So these two brands are quite affordable. I’d choose the VIVO 32 inch if you have a heftier setup and if you are taller you’ll be more comfortable with this unit. On the other hand, the FITUEYES can also be useful for those petite and shorter users who need a lightweight desk with a sufficiently wide working space.