Ergonomic Office Chair vs Standard Office Chair : What is different?

One of the major driving forces behind the design of an ergonomic office chair is to create a product that works to boost your comfort at work, so you are able to maintain proper focus throughout your workday and give your very best in whatever you do.

The idea is to come up with a design that minimizes discomfort and physical effort, thereby maximizing efficiency.

Ergonomic Office Chair vs Standard Office Chair

Due to the high cost of materials as well the huge amount of work that goes into designing an ergonomic office chair, its price may end up being a little higher than that of a standard office chair. For this reason, a significant number of people may be tempted to go for a standard office chair just to save a buck.

Ergonomic office chair

What such people fail to understand is that most standard office chairs don’t take into account one of the most important features that a proper office chair should have: back support. Most office chairs are designed with a small pad for the back, but that’s not enough. A proper office chair incorporates both lumbar support as well as a classic backrest, which is exactly how an ergonomic chair is designed.

This kind of support encourages proper posture (straight back) and absorbs shock to minimize the amount of stress your back is subjected to, especially after sitting for extended periods. When workers enjoy the utmost comfort, they are motivated to improve their efficiency and produce the best output in the office.

Key points to note before making the purchase

Choosing the most appropriate ergonomic office chair is the first step when it comes to cushioning workers from the common health problems that befall those who are glued to their seats throughout the day.  Here are some of the key points to note:

No single chair is suitable for everyone: an ergonomic office chair shouldn’t just be assigned to any worker. The best way to go about it is to take the body dimensions of each worker and use the data to conduct the search. The result is a comfortable chair that fits and supports the whole body.

The choice of chair depends on the activity it will be applied for. For instance, computer operators, industrial workers, and dentists require a chair that complements their profession.

Take into account the repair and maintenance costs: the manufacturer ought to enlighten you about the specific items that need to be inspected regularly and the frequency with which to carry out the inspections.

Important factors to consider when buying an ergonomic office chair

Stability – be sure to assess the stability of the chair you’re looking to purchase. A five-point base usually exhibits a considerable level of stability.

Backrest – Make sure the backrest allows for adjustment in the frontward, backward, and vertical directions.

Seat height range – A good seat height usually allows for adjustment to the height recommended for the intended users. If need be, other chairs may have to be chosen for very tall or short workers.

Seat depth – As a rule of thumb, go for seats that suit the shortest and tallest users.

It’s also vital to assess whether the chosen chair incorporates the features that will improve your ability to perform tasks better. Armrests designed with adjustable heights are normally the most suitable for computer operators. Furthermore, depending on the tasks performed by users and their dimensions, narrower or wider armrests may be chosen.

Likewise, make sure none of the chair’s features hinder your ability to carry out your job well. It all depends on your preferences: do you prefer an ergonomic chair with wheels or casters? Or are you more comfortable operating in a stationary and stable work position?

If you happen to settle for an office chair with casters, it’s recommended that you select the ones that complement the type of flooring installed in your office; be it hard floors or carpeting.

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