Top 7 best high-end standing desks for 2024 that are Worth It

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or you have more money to spend, a high-end desk can add tons of convenience, comfort, and aesthetic improvement to your workplace. Let’s also see if these steeply-priced desks are worth the extra money you paid for. 

high end standing desks

Our Top Favorite Premium Standing Desks

These are more than just expensive standing desks. So if you’re looking for an upgrade, consider these


Available size: rubber and woodless 30” x 48”, 30”x 60”, 30” x 72”

Bamboo 31.5” x 63”, 31.5” x 48”

It’s a very stunning standing desk that can rack up quite a sum especially if you have the add-ons. It’s a minimalist desk but still boasts a lot of stunning features that add to the beauty and functionality of the desk. 

It transitions faster and the legs are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. So the durability and robustness cannot be denied. What also impressed us is that despite the speed, it operates rather quietly, you’d never hear even a small sound or screech. 


This particular unit from the Xterra has one of the sturdier and thicker legs. 

The desk can accommodate as much as 630 lbs. and hey the motors are very stable and you can tell that whenever it moves, even up to the max height range, it doesn’t budge, even when pushed or shaken. 

EVOLVE by Uno Furniture

Available sizes: 47” x 28”, 59” x 28”, 63” x 28”, 70” x 28”  

This is a well-designed, solid, and highly customizable standing desk. You can see an array of accessories that you can dress your workstation with. This is a great option if you see yourself going for a grade of accessories every year or so. 

This does weigh a lot, so you have your hands full when setting this baby up. With this alone, you will be able to tell how robust and sturdy this unit is. 

The surface is rather deep and you have a lot of areas where you can do zoning. You can even share the space and still have lots of room for movement. 

Deskhaus Apex Pro

Available frame size: adjustable width 43-80”

Depth 21”

You can get this in a sturdy frame and you have the liberty to choose which tabletop to use. One of the best selling points of this desk is that it accommodates a moderate or a more elaborate setup. You can choose the tables that you fancy ranging from size 43″ to -80″. With the available extended rails, we see this serving your needs even if your desk becomes busier in the future. You can trade it for a larger desktop to accommodate more workload.

Deskhaus apex

Though in terms of accessories, it can provide just the basics, it doesn’t come with an elaborate choice, but you can still play around to amp up the convenience and comfort level of your workstation. The choices may be limited, but the features are quite modern, both in looks and functionality. 

Vertex Pro 4 legs

Available sizes:

 this currently out of stock

We got another unit from the Deskhaus and this is capable of heavier loads than the ApexPro. If you need a more robust desk, this can lend you lots of muscles. The four legs are rather thick and heavy duty which allows you to do just that.

It can rack up quite a weight. This is also a more sturdy and wobble-free ApexDesk There’s also no need for a crossbar to make the unit more stable, it can stand on its own. So if you find crossbars getting in the way, you’d be very happy with this. Most stable desks that have a higher weight capacity often have these crossbars.

Stir Kinetic F1 by Stirworks

This is a highly durable and robust desk that can take on heavier loads. It looks very industrial and fits in a challenging and demanding workplace. This is one of the more durable and modernized desks that you can easily sync to apps. If you are looking to transition your workplace into a Smart zone this can complement your setup rather well. As they say, this line of the desk from the brand can learn your habits, so eventually this adjusts to your needs. 

To complete the modern look, it has this built-in touch screen that makes it not just convenient, but cool as well

Ergonofis Sway desk

Ergonofis Sway Standing Desk Ergonofis Sway Standing Desk
  • Sizes available: 24" X 48", 30" X 60", 30" X 72"
  • Height range: 22-48.3", suitable for short/petite people even under 5'
  • Super strong with 360lbs of weight capacity

 This is an advanced yet minimalist-looking standing desk that looks very lovely with that wooden top. It also has a very unique feature you can’t find in other sit-stand desks, it transitions in a rather different way. It has a built-in integrated control panel that you just need to swipe up to change the height of the desk.

sway sit stand desk

You can tell that the brand did not spare any details in making this. Everything from the corners to the legs and the entire surface screams exceptional craftsmanship. The space is also very wide and roomy, you can also use it for a three-monitor setup and still have lots of room.

Secretlabs Magnus Pro

Our Pick for gaming desk
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro standing desk Secretlab MAGNUS Pro standing desk
  • Available sizes: 59” x 28”, 70” x 31”
  • Height range: 25.6-49.2" (65cm-125cm)
  • Weight capacity up to 265lbs (120kg)

This may be a gaming desk, but it can also be used for serious work, especially if you need a more robust desk but want something with a tinge of gaming vibe. You can get that sturdy and stable workplace but it still has that all-black game-worthy exterior the boys will love.

Magnus Pro standing desk

Also, another selling point is cable management. Among the units on our list, this has the best way of gathering all the wires and cables in a nifty nice place away from everyone’s eyes. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to make your desk clutter-free. 

But keep in mind that this can be quite heavy so you’d need a helping hand.

How we choose these desks

As usual, these are among the steeply-priced ones in the market. They can rack up quite some features and these are the reasons we chose them.  

  • Marriage of function and aesthetics

It isn’t about the steep price. We chose these desks because they have an impressive blend of aesthetics and functionality. 

At first glance, you can easily tell that these are premium ones, not your regular commercial standing desks. It can also be easy to tell them apart once immersed in a sea of regular-looking standing desks. And once you put them to use, it offers tons of convenience that can make your work easier and more convenient.

  • Modern function

Speaking of functionality, these desks go beyond the usual offerings. We have a handful of desks that offer a rather different type of convenience, something you might not easily see in a lot of units, even the expensive ones.

  • Stable and sturdy

There is no place in this list for a standing desk that’s anything but a workhorse. These units are very stable. From the table, and the legs to all the things that it is composed of, these are very strong and have a higher weight capacity. 

So are all the extras worth it?

No question that these desks offer tons of convenience that others do not have, But they are worth a lot more. So is it necessary? Do you need them? Are steeply-priced desks worth it?

Aside from the modern functions, these desks are wobble-free even at the max height, you will not experience that even in the most commercialized unit. So if stability is a serious concern and you will be using the desk every day it’s worth checking in one of these more expensive units. 

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