Benefits of Standing Desks – Why people want these desks

Standing desks are getting popular with the passage of time. It is very important to understand the functions of standing desks. Generally, two questions are asked, what are standing desks? For what purpose, standing desks are used for?

A standing desk is also known as stand up desk. Basically, it is designed for reading or writing, while standing straight or while sitting on a high chair. Two types of standing desks are available. You can choose a simple and reasonable standing desk according to your budget. Customized and expensive standing desks are another option. Pricey desks offer the facility of height adjustment with the click of a button. The price of adjustable – height standing desks varies from a few hundred dollars to $1000 dollars.

Different companies are in the business of standing desks. Standing desks are beneficial for customers for many reasons. The companies claim that these desks offer health reimbursement, weight loss, back pain relief, lower diabetes or cholesterol level and improved mental health.

Here is the detailed discussion regarding the benefits of standing desks.

Benefits of standing desks

Reduces Obesity Problems

In recent times, obesity is a serious issue. People spend hours in the gym to maintain their figure and body. It is necessary to find out the root causes of obesity. One of the main reasons is sitting. There is a famous saying, sitting can kill you. It is right. No doubt, people who sit for longer time periods, become obese.

Longer sitting hours can slow down the metabolism process and enhance fat accumulation. By standing up actively on your workstation can reduce the chances of obesity. But it does not mean that you have to stand for the whole day. Obviously, this is not the solution.

How it works:

Excess of everything is bad. So stand in front of the desk for about half an hour. Later, move towards the chair for half an hour. Balance is the key and it keeps you motivated for the whole day.

Golden Tip:

Keep one thing in mind; fix the desk height at the proper ergonomic level. Install the monitor at eye level.While typing, elbows should be positioned in the shape of an L.

Standing for long hours can increase your lifetime:

Everybody wants to live a longer life. So avoid sitting for longer hours. 2+ years are added to your lifespan while standing up before a desk. But it can be a hectic job. Anti- Fatigue mats are the best solution to avoid the lethargy. These mats support the movement in the feet, which helps the body to get back to its natural alignment. It does wonders with shoes.

Standing at your desk boosts your mood and energy:

Standing is a better option than sitting. Standing at your desk station can improve your mood and energy level. If you feel more energetic, it is the sign of a great day. People who sit for a whole day on desk chairs feel sleepy and inactive. It is an era of technology. Gone are the days, when people used to stick with computers in a sitting posture. Now standing desks have replaced the computer tables.

Is standing up an exercise?

Standing posture tones the muscles in your abdomen, legs, and butt. And it helps you to keep your body straight for long hours.

Do you burn calories while standing:

More calories are defused in standing activity as compared to sitting. That’s why American Council on Exercise suggests standing up before a desk rather than sitting. Whenever, you get an opportunity to burn extra calories, start walking for few minutes. If you do not enjoy the walk regime, no problem, accompany one of your good friends and start talking to him. Surely, you will be used to it soon.

Do standing desks are helpful for back pain?

A large number of people are addicted to cell phones, laptops and games. They are stick to chairs and even beds. It results in back pain. A recent study found a 31.8 % reduction in standing desk back pain as compared to sitting on a couch for the whole day. So, it is very important to switch from chair to standing desks.

Standing desks keep your back upright. There is no extra pressure on your musculoskeletal. Standing desks are a great alternative to reduce back pains.

Doctor’s advice regarding standing desks:

Doctors recommend that people should take a break from their sitting desks. Even, you are in your office or work place. Do not stick to one place for a longer time. Try to move here and there. Though standing desk is a safe option. But standing at one place for 8 to 9 hours is not a healthy sign. So ask for 15 minutes break from your boss.

Another option is really amazing. Sometimes, your boss does not permit you to take a break. No worries. Stand right before your standing station and start moving your feet or legs. It will really soothe your muscles.

Standing desk is a smart choice:

Try to make smart decisions in your life. Standing at your workplace is a good decision and you will notice that it will leave some positive effects on your health. The second smart choice is, use a standing board under your desk. All these wise strategies reflect your intelligence. And seriously, it will reduce the health risks.

Adding some activity to your standing desk

If you are already using a standing desk, it is phenomenal. But you have to opt for other measures too. Firstly try to move from one desk to another desk. Do not wait for the peon or servant to help you in routine activities. Do not forget that, you consume more calories while sitting. A latest research showed that more calories were scorched when little activity was added with it.

standing desk exercises

What should be your goal?

Do not limit yourself with the standing desk. Your main target should be walk, or movement. It will boost your energy and stamina.

Standing desks can help to reduce weight:

Buying a standing desk will resolve the issue of weight loss instantly. This is a wrong belief. This strategy works slowly. In a standing posture, it is easy to pick up the things without moving back. While in sitting, it takes time to get up and assemble the stuff. Standing desks keep your whole body in motion as you can move back or forward any time.

It is necessary to take a few minute off from the screen and go to kitchen. Make some coffee or tea during break time. Relax for few minutes and get back to standing desk. Surely, this continuous activity will help to reduce your weight.

Reduce cancer risks:

Breast cancer and colon cancer are mostly caused by prolonged sitting and so many cancer cases are reported each year where main cause is less physical activity. Standing desks help in achieving an active lifestyle and keeps mind and body active which decreases the bad impact on physical health and reduces chances of getting cancer and other chronic diseases.

Improves blood circulation:

These standing desks help in improving blood circulation which is highly important for overall health of body. Instead of sitting all day in your chair and keeping your eyes stuck to the screen, with standing desks you get up and down which increases blood circulation in your system and improves overall health.

Reduced Diabetes:

Physical activity is very important to fight diabetes and even with one day of sitting, you can increase your chances of getting diabetes Type 2 which is more chronic and need continuous exercise and activity to help increase ability of insulin to process sugar. So, standing desks are highly useful to help your body with increased exercise.

Social able Office:

Being social and communicative is very important in an office or work environment. People who sit behind desks, they are not as social as the people who work on standing desks. Reason is very simple. Standing desks make the communication faster without moving your body into an awkward position.

But sitting desks make individuals dull and inactive. People are reluctant to get up again and again. The amazing fact is that two colleagues are in the same office and they are sending messages to each other to avoid the fatigue. But they do not realize this fact that they are playing with their own health.

Standing desks have helped us to get back to our legs. Installation of standing desks has made life easier. You can easily hook up your associates passing by instead of sending them a message on cell phone.

Standing desks make the room more spacious:

The modern age is acclaimed as smart age. Standing desks are a smart choice for smart people. Though, it has unlimited benefits. But it is really good for those, who like spacious rooms. As smart desks consume low space. People feel more comfortable in a wide and open room. It allows them easy movements during break time.

On the other hand, people who sit on an office chair, they feel compressed and bound in a room. As far as the office environment is concerned, everyone is allotted a separate cabin with the desktop. Now, trends are changing. Technology has revolutionized everything. Office owners are trying to make the office environment-friendly and more practical. They are also considering the health issues too.

They have realized the significance of healthy staff. Healthy staff members can run a better organization. That’s why; they have replaced the desk chairs with standing desks.

Build a better posture:

Smart desks are helpful in building a better posture. Nobody wants to put an extra pressure on body muscles.  Smart desks maintain a straight posture. Adjustable desks and monitor stands are miraculous tools. People do not need to bend in a silly posture. They can adjust the screens according to their comfort level. Just listen to your body and move accordingly. The human body is the best indicator. It recommends well, when you have to take rest or when you have to stand. While in sitting, it becomes hard to adjust the comfort position. People keep on changing their sitting postures time and again.

Does it affect concentration level?

Concentration plays a major role in mental development. Lack of concentration creates many problems. Firstly, if you are at your workplace and you are not focused, obviously work quality will be hampered. It is noticed that people who prefer standing desks are more determined. They focus on their target because they are standing upright. On the other side, people who are fixed with sitting desks, they remain busy in adjusting their sitting position. That’s why; they are not able to provide quality work.

Following the video below can help you understand more about the features and benefits of standing desks.


Standing desks are highly useful ways to not only improve your idle lifestyle but they also have a very positive impact on your overall health. They keep your brain active and help you to focus resultantly increasing your productivity in your work. People should choose standing desks which they find most suitable according to their body and work requirements.