Should You buy a Budget Office Chair?

budget office chair

Is it a good idea to go for a budget-friendly office chair?

You get what you pay for may apply to most instances, even in office chairs. While you cannot put a price on your comfort and well-being, some are not really able and willing to spend hundreds of toddlers over an office chair, even if they want to. 

Buying cheap may mean compromising your comfort, which means you must make the price the only indicator when choosing office chairs, you have to consider a lot of factors so you’ll be able to stay within your budget without breaking your back. That also means doing research.

And here are common issues that you may encounter if you haven’t done your research.

a cheap armless chair 

Cheap office chairs may lack support

Budget chair options lack ergonomics and adjustability. To keep the cost low, most of these chairs offer basic adjustable options such as seat height. Not all may offer the basic height-adjustable arms. You will also find a lot of cheap options with fixed arms, which also means limited position of the arms. You will not be able to change even the height of it. 

That also means that there will be a limited group of people that will find these chairs suitable. Oftentimes, these are either a ‘“it fits you or it doesn’t” sort of chair situation. 

Most may not also offer adjustable lumbar support. They often come with a lumbar pad or an ergonomically shaped backrest.

They may also lack the bells and whistles that can make an office chair very comfortable for longer hours of work. You may miss out on the tilt tension or a recline function.

Though you may still be able to score a budget office chair that can be dreamy on the back, it will not have other extras or amazing features that more expensive chairs do. So you often have to choose which comfort to prioritize, do you want one with a decent lower back support with so-so arms? You cannot get everything you want with cheap chairs, just name one, and provided you don’t have injuries or a more specific need for support, then you can find a comfortable cheap chair. 

They are made of lower-quality materials 

Let’s face it, these chairs lack the high-quality materials that more expensive units have. To keep the cost low, something has to be compromised. So even if you can get a cheap chair that can give you decent lower back support, that less-than-premium feeling will still be noticeable.

cheap material

And the entire look and silhouette of the chair can also give it away. It will lack the craftsmanship that premium chairs have. And a lot of these affordable brands will have more plastic parts, that’s one way to keep the price competitive. If they have more steel parts, then the prices will surely surge. Having cheaper parts means it’s more likely to give away and you’d have to replace the parts or the entire chair sooner than you would with a more expensive one. 

And shorter warranties

The cheaper and lower quality materials used also amount to less or shorter warranties. Most will offer less than three years or even a 90-day guarantee. And this may change the entire thing. Chars with such a low warranty can cost you longer in the future. That’s why as much as possible, try to at least go for those that offer at least a year to three of coverage. 

And since these chairs have lesser coverage and less premium materials, durability is in question. So it’s best not to maximize these chairs to the brim, Thus we see these chairs better suited for lighter people or those of average weight, even if the chair has a higher marketed weight limit.

They have poor seat cushion

Budget chairs are often made of cheap foam. These tend to flatten out quickly. And it’s easy to tell a cheap foam from a premium one. So do not expect a dreamy seat for a lower price. Some budget chairs may be decent enough to be sat on, but not really for longer hours and it will not feel like butter on warm toast. 

Often, these chairs are best used as a second chair. Not using it daily can help lengthen the lifespan of the chair.

So is it still wise to buy a cheaper office chair?

We may have a few good suggestions for you

With all the limitations and caveats, should you then buy a cheaper office chair or just save more to get a premium one? To be honest, premium chairs are delish, especially if you’re going to sit in front of the desk for hours and hours. But these units also come at a very steep price. And not all can afford another expensive chair. Also, cheaper chairs can still serve a purpose

As we have mentioned above, they are great as secondary chairs. Say, you have an expensive mesh. Premium mesh can be cozy but still, the lack of padding can make someone’s butt sore if they are going to sit for hours and hours. So a cushioned seat alternative chair seems to be reasonable.

Secondly, if you are on a very tight budget, even an additional 100 or 20 bucks is a lot already. That’s why you have to do your due diligence and do your research on what are the best and most decent chairs at a lower price. Also, identifying your needs will help you pick out the best cheap chair. 

And while online shopping is still a thing nowadays, chairs must be tried out first at the store before buying, especially the cheaper ones. Since they lack adjustability, you really have to fit in the chair or you will not be able to use it.