Top 20 Most Comfortable Office Chairs For Long Hours of Sitting – Good for both Working, Gaming and Relaxing

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While finding the best office chair for sitting 10 – 12 hours a day you are crazy because you went down a rabbit hole. Actually, you can easily get out by following our lead without question. Here are our expert’s recommendations with the latest update, and at the end of this post, we will explain deeply why you should take one of them. For affordable options, take a look at the top 10+ because the first 10th on our list are high-end products and you know, we get what we pay for, aren’t we?

Top 10 best high-end office chairs Top 10 budget computer chairs
⭐️ Steelcase Gesture ⭐️ HON Ignition 2.0
⭐️ Harworth Fern ⭐️ SIHOO V1
⭐️ Herman Miller Embody ⭐️ Gates Genuine
⭐️ Herman Miller Aeron ⭐️ ErgoChair Pro 2
⭐️ Steelcase Leap ⭐️ Ikea Markus
⭐️ Herman Miller SAYL ⭐️ NOUHAUS Ergo3D
⭐️ Steelcase Amia ⭐️ Serta Serta Big and Tall
⭐️ WorkPro® Quantum 9000 ⭐️ Secretlab NEUE
⭐️ Haworth Zody ⭐️ Ergohuman
⭐️ GM Seating Ergolux ⭐️ Amazon Basics High-Back

*** The list was chosen and tested by Testers from the US, UK, and Canada, from 2019-present.

Choosing to work long hours is a mixed bag. Sometimes, it’s not up to you, but your boss.

Working hard can contribute to your success. You gain skills and experience fast, and you develop your grit. Working hard can also feel very rewarding if you value and enjoy your work. On the flip side, you can also burn out, harm your relationships, and make poor decisions in your work because you’re not giving yourself a chance to step back and see the big picture. Prioritizing work often means de-prioritizing other areas, including health. Many people still look at long hour hours on the job as proof of their work ethic. Some historians trace the work ethic to the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s, when working hard was thought to align with the values of their faith.

Long Work Hours? Advice for your Long Day at a Desk

14,000 hours. If you have a full-time desk job, that’s the minimum amount of time you’ll spend sitting over the next 10 years. Add the nights you have to work late, the weekends you’re called into the office, and those unexpected occasions you end up scarfing down lunch in front of your computer, and the hour count only goes up from there

Time for sitting - office chair for long hours

Americans who work full-time log an average of 47 hours a week, according to a 2014 Gallup poll, and some, of course, put in many more hours. While Americans like to pride themselves on being the hardest workers around, it’s not necessarily true, according to global statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Its 2014 report found that overall, Mexicans average 43 hours a week, compared with U.S. workers’ 34.2 hours. But in recent years, researchers have found that working long hours is linked with a variety of health issues. Among the ailments linked with long work, hours are stroke, heart disease, mental health problems, diabetes, and abnormal heart rhythms. Experts don’t agree on whether all workaholics or workers who put in long hours are cut from the same cloth. The debate: Is it the long work hours or the mentality of the workers that affect health? Some say those who work long hours by choice because they are “engaged” in work but not compulsive may escape the health consequences. And some people, of course, must work long hours just to make ends meet.

Need to find the best office chair for 8-10 hours? Congratulation, you came to the right place

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, when you have to work from home all time, you know first-hand that an office job can take a toll on both your mind and your body. Whether you work in a medical clinic, at home, or financial institution, any office job requires long hours in uncomfortable positions. As a result, many people experience posture-related back and neck problems. At the root of this problem is the quality of an individual’s office chair. Without a good office chair, you risk not only daily discomfort but the possibility of facing permanent damage to your back and/or neck. It’s no surprise to those that work in an office how important a high-quality office chair is. The difficulty can be knowing which one will work best for you.  

An ideal Office Chair Might Save your Life

An ideal office chair will not just keep you comfortable all day, but for years at a time. Given the extensive negative impact a poor office chair can have on your overall health, the importance of owning the right one is difficult to understate. Office chairs are not like a pair of shoes; you can’t try them out for a minute or two and know for sure if it fits. To combat this issue, it’s important to have a chair that you can customize and adjust to your liking. You need your chair to work for you, not the other way around

The need for the most comfortable office chairs that can reliably provide high levels of comfort for long hours has grown tremendously over the past few years. That’s because, today, a huge chunk of our time is spent stuck in our chairs. Given that you are forced to sit for about 6 to 8 hours a day at work, a great way to maintain proper health is to invest in an ergonomic computer chair.

Office chair for long hours of sitting

Things to consider before buying a computer chair for long hours of sitting

We always go for brands that others have tried and tested. But when it comes to comfort, it can be very subjective. And what plush comfort for one person may be torture for your back. So you can’t just go on buying things, especially office chairs based on what makes others comfortable.

Of course, user experience and reviews can play a major role in your decision-making. And when it comes to an office chair that you can use for long hours, you can’t just make a spur-of-the-moment decision. If you have the same circumstances as the user, then good for you, you have it all figured out. Otherwise, you have to dig deeper. 

And we’re here to help you find the most suitable office chair for long hours. Whether it’s for gaming, work, or studying, keep these in mind. 

What is the best computer chair to use from dusk till dawn?

To answer the question above, here are some factors that can influence your decision-making. Let’s crack the eggshell, shall we?

Ergonomics and Adjustability

This is perhaps the core factor when choosing an office chair. When a chair is ergonomic, you will likely find it more comfortable for long hours. And you also have a lower risk of incurring injuries and a bad back at the end of the day.

The term ergo means to “be able to adjust to being efficient in a working environment.” And this term is actually used and abused in the industry. Some brands present their chairs as ergonomic even if they are really not. It’s so easy to put a tag or label on merchandise and claim it as ergonomic.

office chair for long hours

So, how then will you be able to determine if it is ergonomic indeed? Simple, by looking at how adjustable the features of the chair are. The more adjustable it is, the more ergonomic it is. And the more ergonomic it is, the better you’ll be able to find the ideal spot of comfort.

If you are going to work on a chair for the entire day, your body needs to move. So an ergonomic chair must be able to accommodate minimal movements. A recline, a change in the tilt, a subtle rocking motion, and even an adjustable seat depth can do wonders for your body. These minimal movements can help relieve pressure points and prevent numbness. It allows your body to take a breather even while you are still seated.

Buying a computer chair with adjustable features is one thing. But having easy access to these adjustable features is another. So you also have to consider if the chair can be easily adjusted. Say for the seat height, you must be able to easily adjust the seat while still seated. 

best computer chair for long hours

Because if you will not have easy access to any of the amazing features, it will be to no avail. You won’t be able to make the chair comfortable for you. And even if you do, you might find it hard to access the levers or the knobs for the recline. And that can be frustrating, let alone it can eat uptime. 

The size of the office chair

You must be able to sit comfortably on the chair without your thighs rubbing against the armrests. If it does, then that chair is too small for you. Ideally, look for one that will allow for more movement. If you fancy crossing your legs while playing on your console, then an office chair with a wider seat will work for you. 

best chair for long hours at the computer

That’s why you have to sit on the chair for several hours. Trying it on for a few minutes might not cut it. 

Overall Comfort

As we have mentioned earlier, comfort is very subjective. Even if an office chair is premium and has all the bells and whistles, it does not mean that it’s for you. For instance, many find the Aeron chair very comfortable. But some people don’t because they find it too firm. 

This is especially true with computer chairs that offer lumbar support. Brand A may have premium adjustable lumbar support. But it might be too aggressive for you. And Brand B may have a pillowy soft lower back airport, but you might find it lacking.

And when we’re speaking of comfort, you have to be certain of the contouring and padding of the computer chair. If it does have padding, you have to ensure that it can also allow for adequate ventilation. Otherwise, you’ll be drenched in your own sweat after an 8-hour workday. 

best computer chair for long hours 2023

And the contouring of the seat is very important too. Comfortable office chairs should have a slope or waterfall design seat. It might not be noticeable during the first few hours. But hey, it can make a lot of difference if you’re going to sit on the chair for more than 4 hours. 

We’re speaking of a numbing pain in your legs that can radiate to your entire back. Thus, you’ll feel pain and you’ll be tired. 

Stability and durability

The material of the base of the chair plays a big factor in its durability. There are three types of materials often used in chair bases- nylon, aluminum, and steel.

Steel is the most durable. But some office chairs with a steel base can be too hefty. And they are the most costly too. So you also have to consider if you’ll be moving the chair from one place to another. If that is so, then a steel base might be too much for you. 

The second one is aluminum. This is the lightest. Thus it’s suitable if you’re moving the chair frequently. And aluminum also has a more modern look, but it is not as sturdy as steel.

And the third is nylon. Nylon is similar to plastic, except that it is more durable. It’s also more affordable but the least durable of the three. It also does not look that sophisticated.

There are several things to consider when choosing the material of the base. We have mentioned one above. Are you going to love the chair frequently? 

The second is the user’s weight. Those on the heavier side will be better off with a steel base. This will ensure that the chair will last longer and can accommodate the extra weight. 

Types of chair

There are several types of computer chairs. You can choose from a range of mesh chairs, fabric office chairs, highback ones, and those that have thick padding.

This decision will be greatly influenced by where you’re going to use the chair.

One, the best computer chairs for gaming will likely offer more options for reclining. And chairs that can be reclined up to 180 degrees are the most sought-after. As for the material, thickly padded chairs have become the norm for gaming. This can offer a plush comfort as you play from dusk to dawn. 

But the rules are slowly changing. Gamers are also finding mesh chairs rather comfortable. For as long as it has enough adjustable features, then it could take the place of thickly padded dining chairs. And this is quite fitting in the summer season where the temperatures can rise dramatically. Mesh office chairs offer a cooler option. 

Flip-up arms or removable armrests can also be a great advantage in gaming chairs. You have an option to just stow them away if you need more room.

type of office chair - what is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Secondly, high back office chairs are favored by taller users. This type of computer chair can support a taller person’s full back. So you will not feel any numbing or aching tension because your shoulders will not rub against the frame of the chair. 

Thirdly, fabric office chairs are the more traditional type. It’s more breathable than leather and more affordable than mesh. These can also come in an array of colors and fabric styles. So this option is for it if you want to stick to the basics and do not want to splurge a lot for a mesh chair. 


For some people, this seems to be the primary factor. Well, on one side of the coin it is. How else would you be able to purchase it if it’s out of your budget? But on the other side of the coin, do not buy a chair just because it’s cheap.

There are already several decent yet affordable computer chairs that can also satisfy most, if not all of the factors that we have mentioned above. Buying one that is the cheapest without considering the factors that we have mentioned is silly. You will not be able to use the chair.

Whether it’s for work, studying, or for play, buying a computer chair is an investment. So you can’t just buy one that caught your eye or one that fits your budget. You also have to look at the specs carefully and weigh them versus your needs. 

And if you don’t know which one you should take, which brands are the best, don’t worry. We’ll help you!

an ergonomic office chair is a life-saver for you today

Top 20 BEST COMPUTER Chairs For

8 – 10 Long Comfortable Hours of Sitting in 2023

Here we go!

Last update: Removed 3 office chairs, and updated a few brands on the list!

⭐️ Steelcase Gesture

17/18 testers from Standingdestkopper agreed that Steelcase’s Flagship model – the Gesture is the #1 of the best computer chair for long hours of sitting this 2023. Not only for working, but this ergonomic office chair is also perfect for relaxing (enjoy gaming on your PC)

Steelcase Gesture computer chair

Steelcase finally came up with an ergonomic design after carefully studying different human body postures. The chair pays special attention to the spinal cord and encourages motion by allowing you to switch between positions with minimum effort.

Its foam-filled seat pan, which also incorporates a waterfall design, is built to encourage different sitting postures. The Gesture chair is also designed with air pockets that are carefully positioned underneath the foam to provide consistent support and comfort all day long for any kind of user.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair for long hours

Coming from a renowned brand of high-end ergonomic chairs, the Steelcase gesture combines mobility and a comfortable experience.

Check price of the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair, Cogent Connect Licorice version

We’ve tested this high-end office chair and found it to be extremely comfortable. So even if you’ve been working for 10 hours or more, your back and legs won’t tire. It has a lot of high-end features that make this computer chair rather comfortable.

First, it has integrated lumbar support. It flows with your every movement. Notice that it kind of tilts forward. So it encourages you to keep an upright position all the time. Could feel that sort of has a small resemblance to an active sitting chair.

Secondly, it’s highly customizable, especially the armrests. Be one of the most adjustable chairs that we have ever tried. So you’re sure to find the sweet spot for your back. And it has decent padding, not too thick nor too thin. It’s just comfortable and firm enough to support your buttocks and lower back.

The armrest is also designed with the user in mind. It’s easily adjustable to move in various directions angles, including downwards, upwards, outwards, and inwards. The beauty of the Gesture 360 arm is that it mimics the movement of the human arm, thus ensuring you enjoy excellent support irrespective of your sitting position.

As for the wheels, you can choose between wheels for the carpet and wheels for hardwood. You just have to pay for an upgrade if you want the hardwood floor wheels.

All In all, it’s a highly customizable and comfortable ergonomic office chair. It’s in the high-end tiring too.


  • Great integrated lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel armrests
  • Caster wheel options
  • Highly customizable
  • Best armrests in terms of positioning           
  • Very high-quality & comfy
  • A lot of people claim Steelcase has a great customer service experience!!! An example – read this Shoutout to Steelcase Gesture or this Full review 2023. They are true customers with their experiences you can trust or at least give a try!

  • Some may find the chair tilting a bit too forward
  • Very little cushion support for the seat
  • The seat of this office chair has a soft edge, which might be uncomfortable for some people who prefer harder surfaces.
  • Even very comfy overall but the Leaning back is not



⭐️ Harworth Fern

Recently, Fern become a superstar in the Office Chair market. #2 on our list of the best computer chair for long 8-10 hours is a reward for this amazing brand! 11/14 of our testers rated 5* for this lovely chair from Haworth!

You may know that Fern is one of the ergonomic office chairs from Harworth Furniture Company. It was designed ergonomically and architecturally in order to provide you with perfect ergonomic support without sacrificing anything in terms of practicality.

Haworth Fern office chair

This ergonomic office chair has a modern look, but at the same time, it is ergonomic and practical. Fern is ergonomic, but they are often impractical because of their design or ergonomics technic which makes them difficult to use. For someone who sits for 10 hours or more, this computer chair is the perfect ergonomics and comfort choice.

Fern chair

Best features of the Haworth Fern

Fern has two ergonomic technics: adjustable arms and ergonomic position seating which provides you with a fully ergonomic design without the need for any additional components.

  • The high-quality mesh makes the ergonomic chair breathable and soft, so you won’t feel any pressure even if you use it for long hours of sitting.
  • Comes with two ergonomic adjustments as standard (tilt tension and tilt lock) + 4 extra privileges (lower back firmness, seat depth adjustment, tilt lock, and free move).
    Check price


  • Easy to set up, no drilling required, comes with all necessary components for installation, no tools needed either.
  • A classic style of the mesh material used on the back of the chair combined with modern features such as sliding armrests and adjustable height makes it an ergonomic choice for those who wish to decorate their room with ergonomics technic.
  • The backrest even without the added lumbar support is just perfect! It is very soft but extremely supportive and not having lumbar adjustability really does not make a difference, since the rubber spine of the chair’s backrest flexes and fills in the lower back just perfectly.

  • You can add lumbar support after by contacting a local Haworth dealer if necessary

  • The seat cushion is truly just perfect for short people, when you sit in it you can’t feel the bottom of the seat pan at all, it’s nicely cushioned and really is comfortable for sitting on for long periods of time.

  • The computer chair has the ability for the seat pan to extend out and dial it into your liking with the simple push of a lever. (The Embody seat pan adjustment was definitely way more finicky).

  • Armrests are great and even though this wasn’t a make-it-or-break-it thing for me, having the ability to adjust the arms and leave them at literally any position that works for you is awesome.

Haworth Fern Gaming Chair


  • The seat cushion’s material will trap a lot of debris and it makes cleaning it slightly difficult.

  • The armrests will not stay locked so if you use your armrest to get up off the chair they will slide all over the place just something you have to be more careful about.

Where to buy:

Next on the list, you will know all about the Embody from Herman Miller.

⭐️ Herman Miller Embody

#3 on our list of the best computer chairs for long hours, of course – cannot forget the Embody. This seat literally takes the pressure off you and takes your comfort level to greater heights.

The Herman Miller Embody computer chair for long hours all day of sitting, the best option

The seat and backrest are designed with a Dyna-Matrix of pixels to minimize the pressure accumulated from sitting by stimulating blood flow through your body.

In addition to providing great support for your lower back, the chair’s back is designed to move with your back for improved back support. Also, through an adjustment to a neutral position that strikes a balance between your body weight and the chair, you can achieve complete synchronization of the spine.

Though built with a minimalistic look, the Herman Miller Embody comes with comfort that even some of the most comfortable office chairs struggle to match. The fact that it has been certified by Greengurad goes on to show that its value, standard, and durability are appreciated by myriads of buyers.

Herman Miller Embody office chair
Herman Miller Embody office chair

One of its prominent features is its back design, which is designed to function as a human spine. The spine links to the back via a sturdy support system constructed in the form of an H-shaped structure, whose motion is in tandem with that of your back, thereby offering extra comfort during extended working hours.

The comfortable chair is also designed to control rearward rotation, thereby relieving pressure on your feet and improving pelvic stability.

Aeron or Embody chair

Embody Herman Miller chair - Why Are Herman Miller Chairs so expensive

Its other incredible features, such as a low weight of 52 pounds, dual-caster wheels for enhanced swiveling motion,  innovative armrest design, and more are also worthy of mention.

Pros Cons
  • Many adjustable components, and very good quality mesh material are used on the backside, perfect for both home & office.
  • The Embody is a high-class computer chair that offers you ergonomic support and perfect breathability.
  • Without a doubt, this is one of the most comfortable chairs available on the market at this time. Why? Ergonomics! This office chair actually takes care of your comfort level by providing incredible seating position options, adjustable arms, and lumbar support.
  • Well-balanced computer chair between good posture and comfort


  • It’s expensive compared to other models, but definitely worth the price! The higher price definitely doesn’t make it the best choice for everyone, but if you can afford it then this is an amazing ergonomic chair that will take any pain or discomfort your body might have after hours of sitting in front of a computer monitor.
  • A big downside is that it might not be suitable for really short people (up to 6’0) or very tall ones (6’5-6’7). Also, some users claim that the Embody can be a bit tricky while assembling. Nevertheless, you’ll get over it in 2-3 days max!
  • Some users claim Embody may have a lack of support for the lower back is one thing, but the top pushing forward and mid-upper back always being sore after sitting on this chair

Where to buy this ergonomic chair

Embody computer chair

Compare The Fern vs Embody

All and all the Haworth Fern at a fraction of the price of the Embody is definitely a really, really good computer chair and we would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to pick up a new office chair. This chair has the perfect balance of productivity and is versatile enough to be used almost as a lounge chair. The amount of adjustments you can make to this chair means it really will work well with any size or body type.

If you need more info about the showdown between the top big three, we have: Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Gesture Office Chair – is more expensive better?

⭐️ Herman Miller Aeron

Some testers (3/14) agreed that the Aeron size B (not the Embody) maybe is the best office chair for long hours of sitting and it’s an amazing choice for lumbar support. For someone who has back pain problems, Aeron maybe is a great solution if it fits their body!!!

Aeron computer chair

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair
Image source:

Designed to improve comfort as well as productivity, the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair has truly earned its spot on this best computer chair for long hours list. Its high-tech fabric is not only beautiful and exotic but also improves performance by distributing pressure over wide areas, thus ensuring your back is relieved of backaches and pains.

Aeron office chair

Size B of Aeron – check price now

The mesh also comes in handy during hot weather by improving air circulation, thereby preventing a build-up of sweat.

This ergonomic chair also aids to improve your blood circulation, so you can think more clearly and stay focused. Other notable features include lumbar tilt, forward tilt, and rear tilt lock.

The comfortable Herman Miller Aeron chair is a wonderful piece of furniture that provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. Some people love it, while others tend not to prefer this type of rocking motion found in their chairs; The rocking motion will improve the posture by distributing weights to enhance the working environment.

The downside is there were some issues with the polycarbonate edge preventing cross-legged sitting which limits its functionality beyond just standard seating positions

⭐️ Steelcase Leap

This Leap is a confusion for the battle. Some of our experts even named this Leap over the Gesture! We have the showdown between them that you can read if necessary!

The chair comes with a unique 3-D LiveBack feature that enables it to adjust its spine by mimicking your movements. The synchronized interface is meant to support a wide range of postures by the arms, neck, and back.

Leap - the pinnacle of comfort chair

Comfort is greatly enhanced by the air pockets placed beneath the foam in the seat. It’s strategically positioned armrest and soft seat edges also contribute tremendously to overall comfort.

This office computer chair comes with ball and socket armrests whose functionality is almost similar to that of a human shoulder, thereby offering you great comfort and care.

With this office chair, you are assured of a high level of adjustability, meaning you can always sit according to your preferences every time. Various controls such as Upper Back Force, Lower Back Firmness, and adjustable armrests allow motion in four different directions, thus you can adjust your position any way you like.

The chair also includes a natural glide system that allows you to slide forward or recline naturally as you go about completing your tasks at work. Also, enjoy extra comfort and convenience thanks to additional features such as a variable backstop, flexible seat edge, lower back firmness mechanism, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat depth, and more.

Pros Cons
  • Great adjustability (5-star base)  thanks to its breathable fabric seat that gives users great ergonomics, back support, and lumbar support.
  • There are two levers included for people who have limited strength in their back, legs, or arms which makes it easier for them to adjust their chair according to what they need at any given time (height, tilt, or arms).
  • You can easily adjust your seat depth to make sure you get the most comfortable position.
  • Sometimes arms don’t lock when in an upright position
  • Pricey compared to other models available on the market at this time
  • If the Gesture is not leaning back, the Leap is too much


Read more reviews about Steelcase ergonomic chairs

Where to buy 

⭐️ Herman Miller SAYL

The Sayl chair is a luxuriously designed office chair from a high-end brand, Herman Miller. One of the American favorites when it comes to choosing the best computer chair for long work in Reddit channels

The brand has always been known for its luxurious and intricately designed office chairs. And the brand infuses innovative technology into their chairs, making them one of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market.

SAYL Mesh Chair by Herman Miller
Image source:

Innovative design, lightweight, affordable, and more is some of the words that best describe the SAYL Mesh Chair. Its award-winning design takes cues from how the Golden Gate Bridge was designed; no wonder it’s so strong. This is especially true for the Y-Tower and Arc Span.

The idea is to support a significant amount of pressure on a single tower. It’s complicated to let a great amount of weight be supported by just two points, but this chair has done it so perfectly. The best part is that this design has paid off, making the SAYL chair sturdy even though it has no frame to hold it back. The innovative design has also helped with cutting down on weight and cost.

The back design of the Sayl chair belongs to the future. If you’ll take a closer look, it doesn’t have any frame whatsoever. But instead, it is designed to look very similar to the human backbone. It boasts of a very open design that’s quite breathable and comfortable. 

The Sayl chair is highly customizable too. You just choose the upgrades that you’d wish to dress with your office chair and pay an extra fee. You just might be surprised that the armrests in themselves are an upgrade. The basic unit doesn’t come with it, so you have to pay extra should you want an armrest.

For the best Computer chair sayl is an option for long hours of relaxing and working all day

Our recommendation, it’s a high-end office chair that’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly ergonomic. It’s one of the inexpensive chairs from Herman Miller. So if you’re keen on getting a Herman Miller chair but find it too expensive, the Sayl chair is a great option. 


  • Has a tilt limiter
  • Offers a lot of customizable features
  • The backbone design moves with you and offers full-back support
  • A luxuriously stylish chair
  • Offers a 12-year warranty period
  • Easy to assemble

  • The basic unit does not have armrests
  • The design isn’t for everyone
  • Expensive




⭐️ Steelcase Amia

The Amia chair is not only sleek and stylish but also friendly. The Steelcase Design Studio in collaboration with industrial designer Thomas Overthun of IDEO wanted to create an everyday chair that would be both easy-to uses while providing great comfort for its user

The team’s goal was simple: make it feel comfortable when you sit on them even for 8-12 hours! And they did just this because we can’t have a perfect world without some fun mixed into things so why don’t ya try our new favorite spot right here?

Steelcase Amia comfortable chair for 8 10 hours

Amia key features:

The amazing LiveLumbar technology from Steelcase ensures you always have lower back support as your move around in any chair. The contoured design fits seamlessly to fit each individual’s spine, making it one-of-a kind!

Check price of the Amia Grey version

The Amia is an adjustable office chair that can go from 42.5”H to 47”H. The arms are also adjustable so you can move them up or down, as well as in or out. The seat height can be adjusted from 16″ to 21″, making it a good choice for people of different heights. The seat depth is also adjustable, from 15.5″ to 18.5″, so you can find the perfect position for your back. The seat width is 19.25″, which is ample for most body types. The lumbar support is adjustable from 6.25″ to 10″, and the armrests can be moved up or down 7.25″ to 11.25″. The distance between the armrests is 13″ to 19.5″, so you can adjust it to fit your torso width. Finally, the armcaps can be pivoted 30° and retracted 2″.

With an upholstered outer back in leather and fabric, as well as upholstered leather arm caps, the Amia helps users achieve new levels of comfort.

There are 3 versions of Amia with colors: Platinum, Merle, and Black. All of them have a polished aluminum base that houses 5 casters. The materials used for the chair are upholstered leather, fabric, and mesh. Even this chair has the armless and the stool version, but we won’t mention it here unless you guys want to know more about them.

The weight capacity of 400 lbs means this chair can accommodate even the heaviest users. In overview, the Amia is a great choice for anyone looking for an adjustable, comfortable office chair that will provide support and style for many years to come.

Where to buy:

Compare the version of Amia: Steelcase Amia Office Chair review – Amia vs Amia Air?

⭐️ WorkPro® Quantum 9000

Continue with the list, the next is this ergonomic office chair’s design incorporates a high back with contoured mesh that promotes good air circulation for your back all day long by WorkPro®. Quantum 9000 is the next name showing up on the list of the best computer chairs for long hours (and affordable) of sitting this 2023.

It’s designed ergonomically to provide you with full support, better comfortability, and durability due to its construction material. Featuring breathable mesh that provides superior air flow combined with a metal frame, Quantum 9000 provides excellent lumbar support during extended periods of sitting. The breathable mesh design of the Quantum 9000 also helps regulate temperature for optimal comfort during long hours of usage.

Check price

Features of Quantum Series chairs

  • The advanced features of the Quantum Series include a reclining backrest, and pneumatic height adjustment along synchro-tilt to help you find the perfect ergonomic posture for your lower and upper body without causing or worsening any health problems as a result of prolonged sitting on a regular office chair. Since it’s designed ergonomically, this computer chair is perfect for those who have chronic back pain issues.
  • It’s a true high-end executive-level office workplace chair that provides top-notch comfortability, which comes at a pretty steep price, though. That’s because it includes

As far as lumbar support is concerned, the chair focuses on the lower back support, which most chair manufacturers seem to have overlooked; a phenomenon that may result in consistent coccyx pain.

Pros Cons
  • Designed ergonomically to distribute weight evenly on your body which will prevent chronic health problems
  • The comfortable & breathable mesh back makes it perfect for hot days or summertime
  • The great computer chair for back support and comfortability, no doubt about that
  • Flexible construction allows you to recline at different angles while you work/play games on your PC, read something on your tablet, etc. You can lean forward to type just like you would do when using a wireless keyboard with an upright position perfect for relaxed reading. Also, leaning backward is great if you want to take a nap after long working hours.
  • Armrests are not adjustable at all, which is a shame because it makes it a lot harder to find the right support for your shoulders and arms.
  • Swivel tilt control along with pneumatic seat-height adjustment allows you to set up the perfect ergonomic posture that will help your spine maintain neutral alignment without causing or worsening any health problems as a result of prolonged sitting in a regular office chair. Also, The Quantum 9000 provides proper lumbar support during long working hours, helping prevent chronic back pain from occurring due to improper seating posture.



⭐️ HON Ignition 2.0

Check the price of Hon Ignition 2.0

The Ignition 2.0 Series chair is a premium seating option that seamlessly blends ergonomic comfort and aesthetic appeal for both domestic and professional settings. It employs an innovative synchronized-tilt recline mechanism that provides unparalleled comfort, while the tilt tension control feature enables personalized adjustments to recline angles.
The Hon chair utilizes a pneumatic system to adjust the seat height, allowing users to adapt to their workspace seamlessly. The backrest is made of a unique 4-way stretch performance mesh. The air circulation keeps users cool while being twice as sturdy as traditional materials.
The chair cushion employs a contoured foam structure that utilizes premium fabrics with a waterfall-edge seat design that provides additional comfort and support. The lumbar support feature of the chair is adjustable, catering to individual preferences and lower back concerns.

Hon Ignition chair for 10 hours of sitting

Of course, with 300 lbs of weight capacity, this is far enough for standard users. If a big guy wants the chair so much, don’t worry because Hon won’t disappoint you with the Big & Tall version. The HON Ignition 2.0 Big & Tall chair is an exceptional seating option (4.5″ extra-wide seat) for users with larger body types with an impressive weight capacity (450lbs)

Compared to high-end office chairs such as Herman Miller or Steelcase, The Hon’s price is affordable. The budget-conscious consumers will love it, they can feel it’s a sound investment for setting up their home office!


If you spend most of your day sitting in front of a PC, then you need a good quality computer chair that will support your back and keep you comfortable. The SIHOO v1 ergonomic chair is one of them. It’s stylish, comfortable, and affordable.

The SIHOO v1 chair was designed with the intention of improving the relationship between people and sitting. To do this, they combined features of healthy sitting posture and ergonomics to create a more comfortable experience. Overall, the design is soft and curves similar to the human body for added support. The backrest, for example, is made to look like a human spine with contours that fit the natural curvature of your back. The result is a chair that feels like it’s hugging you.

SIHOO v1 computer chair


  • 4D armrests are flexible
  • Big size adjustable headrest with 5 gears 5cm
  • Adjustable seat depth supports more types of tall, short, and average folks

About the weight capacity of 300 lbs, that’s enough for almost all people. The thing you should pay attention to is the backrest. It’s not as tall as some other chairs, so if you’re very tall, you might want to look for something else. But for those of us who are of average height, it’s perfect.

The only downside to this chair is that even though it’s not cheap, the chair does not support the recline!

If you want to relax & watch Netflix or football on TV, it may be a chance for the M57 version.

When you compare it to other high-end office chairs like Haworth, Steelcase, or Herman Miller, it’s actually very affordable. For a quality chair that won’t break the bank, that’s a great thing we can expect!

The SIHOO v1 ergonomic chair is one of the best computer chairs for those who have to sit for 8 hours (+) a day. It’s also perfect for gamers or anyone who wants a more comfortable experience while spending time at their desk. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current office chair, then the SIHOO v1 should be located near the top of your list.

⭐️ Gates Genuine

And of course, we will not miss listing an executive chair among our top picks. Executive chairs exude an aura of authority like no other chair can. This is why we named the Gates one of our best office chairs for long hours of sitting

When we speak of executive chairs, what comes into your mind are those bulky and old-fashioned leather chairs that your grandpa or father used to have. And that is what we like about the aesthetics of the Gates executive chair. It is covered in white leather and looks more modern than other executive chairs.

The leather material is also of high quality. It does not feel or look cheap. It’s not too stiff and will not scratch your skin. It feels a bit softer than an automotive sports car chair. But take note that this offers a mid-firm to firm cushion and not a plush one like that of an LA-Z boy chair. 

Also, what sets it apart from other executive chairs is that there are more metal parts. So this feels heavy, nice, and strong. Other brands will use plastic parts and just have them coated and painted. But you will still be able to feel that it’s plastic.

We also love how wide and soft the armrests are. It has the same comfort and softens as that of the seat. And if you have carpeted floors, this will glide smoothly on any surface. 

Check price

Now for the gripes, the chair is for taller users. The highest setting will be too high for an average person. Average-sized users might still find their legs barely touching the floor if they have a longer torso than the legs. And of course, petite users will feel like a kid sitting on a big man’s chair.

Also, there is marketing fluff when the brand says that it is genuine leather. While the leather material is nice and looks high quality, it is not genuine leather. 

Overall, this is a very comfortable and modern-looking executive chair for taller people. It can also amp up the value of your home office.

Pros Cons
  • It is very comfortable and cushions your back.
  • Padded with soft leather on the seat, armrests, backrest, and even the side of the chair.
  • It is very adjustable, and you can adjust it to many positions. You can sit upright or recline back to 90 degrees.
  • It is very easy to assemble, and you won’t need any professional to do it for you. You can put this chair together within an hour or two.
  • There are users who complained that its leather material isn’t genuine. This is why at first glance, this doesn’t seem like a great choice if you want one thing durable. It is not quite affordable either! But most people don’t mind spending more on something that they know will last longer than the usual model in the market.






⭐️ ErgoChair Pro 2 – Autonomous

The list of the best budget computer chairs for long hours of sitting wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro, formerly known as Ergochair 2. Thanks to its durable construction and numerous customizable features, the ErgoChair is the next level of ergonomics – tailored to you, designed to enhance your productivity, no matter how tall you are

Ergochair autonomous pro


Check price

Designed with the user in mind, the ErgoChair 2, has all the features you would expect from a comfortable office chair: responsive and breathable mesh back, extensive customizable features, durable construction, 360 degrees of flexibility, and more. The list goes on and on.

The ErgoChair Pro is designed to encourage a healthy posture, thereby tremendously improving comfortability and blood circulation. The result is a sharp mind and enhanced productivity.

Built to offer full-body support, especially for those who are often uncomfortable in a seated position, the ErgoChair can be adjusted in virtually every angle and direction to provide people with long limbs the comfort and space they need. The ErgoChair makes good posture both healthy and comfortable, meaning you don’t have to fear blood clots or sore limbs any longer.

Pros Cons
  • The ergonomics have been crafted to perfection by a team of experts who studied the way people sit
  • incredible lumbar support cushion that is very easy to adjust and move around.
  • The aerodynamic backrest helps keep air circulating throughout your body during long sitting hours, keeping you cool and dry
  • Very minimalistic design with only the necessary features – perfect for people who want something sleek and stylish at their desk. You won’t get distracted easily! 
  • A high number of customization options are incredible, but gaining control of all the functions and features can be time-consuming
  • Autonomous delivery isn’t so good. Their customer service is impossible to get a hold of. You have to wait for a very long time to get their reply via email. Their products (Desks & Chair) are shipped via FedEx & sometimes they will make you wait at least months to get them.
    If you still want to buy the Ergochair Premium version, we recommend you buy it
    here & get it within 3 – 5 weeks.



⭐️ Haworth Zody

Check the price of Zody

Even though the Fern is a high-end product from Haworth, the Zody is still a one-of-a-kind office chair that features asymmetrical back support. It is very unique and you will likely not see anything quite like it in other brands… And this also makes the chair suitable for those with back pain, and of course, a comfortable office chair for working 12 hours daily

Asymmetrical lumbar support allows you to independently adjust the lumbar support on each side, thus fine-tuning the chair to the bone. You may have different support needs for the right and left back. 

This may be more beneficial for people with back issues such as scoliosis wherein the degree of angle of the spine on each side is not symmetrical. So it is then understandable why you’d need asymmetrical support for an uneven spine.

Haworth zody mesh chair

The drawback for most is that the chair will still slightly recline even if you have locked it. So this can be a  hassle if you want to sit in an upright position. However, if you favor a subtle rocking motion, then this disadvantage may even be beneficial for you.  

This is one of the chair’s features that prevents it from becoming too upright or too stiff. Thus, if you find the Embody or the Mirra 2 too firm for your liking,  then you can consider the Zody. But keep in mind that in terms of the build and quality,  this has more plastic parts since it has a lower cost.  Thus, that premium feel might be lacking.

⭐️ NOUHAUS Ergo3D NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair

Check price

If you are looking for the most comfortable chair to sit in for long hours but also affordable, and not spend too much money, then the NOUHAUS Ergo3D is one of the best budget options for you, at only around 400 bucks. Like other high-end products, it also has been designed to provide maximum comfort and support to your back, neck, and shoulders so that you can sit for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. The 4D Adjustable Armrest and 135-degree tilt allow you to customize the chair to your own body size and shape, while the dynamic lumbar support system ensures that your back stays properly supported throughout the day. We will break it down a little bit with these features to make sure you get it!

The 4D Adjustable Armrest of Ergo3D allows you to adjust the armrests up, down, forward, and back so that they are in the perfect position for your body. This is a great feature even if you are taller or shorter than average, as it ensures that you will always be comfortable while sitting in the chair. But frankly, it’s not a plus for all and you’ll know why.

The 135-degree tilt allows you to recline the chair back to a comfortable position so that you can take a break from working at your desk. If you need to rest your eyes or take a nap during the day, this option may benefit you a lot!!!

NOUHAUS Ergo3D computer chair

The dynamic lumbar support system provides support to your lower back so that you do not experience any pain or discomfort while sitting in the chair. This is a great feature for people who have back problems or who want to avoid back pain in the future.

The downside of this computer chair is it’s not suitable for petite or tall guys, only perfect for some average people from 5’6″ to 6’1″. But it definitely a great economic chair for 8 – 10 hours daily, no problem with that.

Another thing we don’t like about this Nohaus chair, it’s being a bit shaky headrest. Although it looks nice, we think the designers should have made it a bit more stable.

⭐️ Serta Serta Big and Tall

Designed with a good balance of innovation and quality, this chair stays true to its promise by providing you with excellent comfort for several hours. Enjoy a relaxing and soothing sitting experience, thanks to the chair’s plush layered body pillows and soft-pillowed headrest.

Serta Comfortable Executive best Office Chair for long hours
Image: Walmart

If you need more support for your lower back, this plush bonded leather office chair is for you. It’s also a favorite for heavy folks

At first glance, it looks like a rather comfortable chair. Bonded leather, plush and comfortable padding and looks inviting. Actually, we find that it looks like a mini-leather sofa.

Check price today

This amazing computer chair for long hours leans back nicely and has a great cushion for your lower back. You also have the option to remove the ergo layered body back pillows, should you find yourself sinking into the plushness of this chair. 

The lumbar support is different from other office chairs. It’s not attached to the backseat, instead, it’s on the front seat. This design pushes your pelvis to tilt forward. And this position helps prevent any back pains. 

The lumbar support flows with your every movement and does not restrict blood circulation around the hips and pelvis. 

It’s also height adjustable. Though if you stand above 6 feet, you might find this chair a bit uncomfortable. 

The Serta computer chair is upholstered in durable but soft microfiber, which is resistant to stain, easy to clean, and doesn’t absorb much dust. The pneumatic gas lift allows you to adjust the chair to any position of your choice. Overall, it’s an affordable office chair that provides a different kind of lumbar support. If you’re looking for plush seating with great back support, this is one of the best options


  • Adjustable padded armrests
  • Ergo layered lumbar back pillows
  • Has larger diameter caster wheels
  • Plush and comfortable
  • Looks high-end without the high-end price
  • Help maintain a neutral back position

  • Tall people may not find it that comfortable




⭐️ Secretlab NEUE

Another option for people who spend more hours doing their tasks but also enjoy and relax quite a lot.

This office computer chair from Secretlab was a surprise to us. We all know that Secretlab Titan is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. So we can also expect the same with the brand’s office chair.

It has a bit of heft to it. So even if the setup can be done in less than 10 minutes, it’s best to ask for help. The chair is made from aluminum alloy. And we instantly felt that it was sturdy and solid. We are pretty sure that this office chair will be able to last for the long haul. And the durability of the unit is further matched by how it looks. It can catch your eye from afar. It looks sleek with the all mesh material. But at the same time, you can tell that it’s made from high-quality materials.

Secretlab NEUE adjustable computer chair

If you hover through the adjustment settings of this chair, you’ll see the basic adjustment features such as the seat height, the prince, and the tilt. And these are easily accessible. We were pretty happy with the recline. It was able to lie further back. And since it came from a gaming chair brand, we are kind of hoping it would. And we were not disappointed. 

Even the tilt function was very pronounced. You can tell the difference with each position. So this chair offers a wide range of adjustments.

The lumbar support is highly adjustable, you can adjust the height and depth. So looking at it, it’s a highly adjustable office chair. But what sets it apart is that each locking position for the tilt is very pronounced.  

However it still has a flaw. The arms are only height adjustable. So it won’t be able to pivot or move inwards or outward. 4-way arms would have made the chair a complete package. 

Overall, it’s a very comfortable and gorgeous-looking chair. If you are looking for the best office chair for long hours of sitting that can indulge you in a better recline, this is a great option. Also, if you are meticulous about how each tilt position feels, you will not have any complaints about this chair.

Pros Cons
  • Extra-comfortable mesh material on the seat and lumbar support
  • Incredible ergonomics because of all the features it has, including a recline lever under the right armrest.
  • Very solid build, to be expected from Secretlab. It is made from aluminum alloy which makes the chair very sturdy.
  • Not as affordable as other models. 
  • Also heavier, weighing over 45 lbs. 
  • The price tag can turn off people who have a limited budget for this kind of purchase. But if you are looking for something long-term, this might be worth spending your money on! 





⭐️ Ergohuman

Another great comfortable computer chair for long hours of working is named by Eurotech – Ergohuman brand, the Eurotech Seating. Ergohuman High Leather Seat, Mesh Back Swivel Chair looks extremely professional and great for using in-home office. Ergohuman High Leather Seat is made of high-quality materials to provide the best comfort while working on it or just watching TV, reading books, or doing other activities that you can do while sitting. Ergohuman High Leather Seat is also known as Ergohuman Mesh Back Swivel Chair because of its design – Ergonomic mesh back with adjustable lumbar support.

Check price

The chair comes in the standard set of colors: Black, Mahogany, White, Chrome, etc., there are different sets of combinations too. The basic material for this good computer chair is PU leather upholstery which covers comfortable mesh material to provide a great look and feel at the same time. Mesh material is breathable and it will help you to avoid sweat on your back while sitting for long periods of time on this chair. Ergohuman High Leather Seat can be easily swiveled 360 degrees with tilt tension control so that you can always find the best working position and keep yourself comfortable.

Height-adjustable armrests are also included so that you can adjust them according to your height and needs. And finally, the Ergohuman High Leather Seat comes with a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs., so it is great for people of all sizes!

Erogohuman High Back Office Chair

This computer chair is perfect for those who need to sit for extended periods of time whether at home or in the office. Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Leather Seat comes with an amazing and beautiful design and great materials to provide the best long-term sitting experience. Ergohuman High Leather Seat is a great alternative to higher-priced, name-brand chairs that cost hundreds of dollars. Ergohuman High Leather Chair’s major selling point is its affordability. It proves that it is possible to get a quality chair at an affordable price!

Complete your home office or workstation with this Ergohuman computer chair and enjoy working on it! You will feel more comfortable than ever before and you will be able to do your job better than ever

⭐️ Amazon Basics High-Back

If this review were to consider the most comfortable chair for long hours of sitting at an affordable price, then this chair would win hands down.  It’s a padded high back constructed from quality leather, giving it both a comfortable feel and a striking look.

Check price today

The armrests are constructed with thick foam to give your arms a well-deserved break as you continue to grind at work. The included vinyl upholstery together with its prominent height gives this chair incredible neck support.

The AmazonBasics office chair is a standard mid-back office chair. From the get-go, it doesn’t look like something that would love to have for your home office. And you may not be able to tilt or recline to the chair. But you’ll be surprised at how comfortable it is.

And when you’re sitting for a longer time, you won’t look forward to anything too fancy. You just need and want an office chair that will feel comfortable. And that’s what AmazonBasics mid-back chair is all about. Comfort without the fancy works.

The assembly, it’s fast, simple, and easy. Though you can benefit from helping hands. It’s so easy to set up that it can only take 15 minutes. Plus it’s complete with all the stuff that you’ll need for the assembly. 

The seat is decently cushioned and it has a mesh back for more breathability. It also features 5 caster wheels and T-shaped armrests. So the features are basic, hence the name of the chair. It may be a bit lacking in terms of adjustable features. But you can still enjoy an adjustable seat height and you can tilt the chair back and forward. Plus, the chairs feel solid and well-built too. 

Taller users might not find it that comfortable because of the lack of adjustable features But we can’t argue enough that if you happen to fit into the chair, it’s really comfortable. 

All in all, it’s a basic no-frills office chair that can be extremely comfortable if you fit into it. So if you don’t have any special requirements for an office chair, you can consider the AmazonBasics mid-back mesh chair. It’s a real bang for your back.


  • Feels solid and well built
  • Forward and backward tilt
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable

  • It may not fit taller users

⭐️ GM Seating Ergolux

This is a budget ergonomic chair that’s not only suitable for office users but also for gamers. It’s constructed with pure premium leather, hence its professional look. Also, its height-adjustable backrest provides a significant amount of comfort, thus assuring you of excellent reliability even during long hours of work at the office.

Other notable features include 360 degrees swiveling for enhancing multi-tasking, a seat slide adjustment feature that caters to both short and tall people, top-quality nylon casters for smooth mobility, and more.

Check price

The first thing you notice when you take a glance at the Ergolux chair is its superior quality, genuine leather seat, and back cover.

Its dense seat pan is constructed with a waterfall design to minimize stress concentration and fatigue in your thighs.

Given that back pain issues are a major concern for most workers, this desk chair incorporates an automatic lumbar support system to aid with alleviating that. Another exciting feature of this computer chair is its seat pan adjustment feature, which allows you to achieve great reclining by simply moving on the seat. This is an important feature because different users have different preferences when it comes to seat pan settings.

⭐️ Ikea Markus

If you’re taller, the IKEA Markus is one of the best cheap yet comfortable office chairs (of course if the money is not a problem, you can go with high-end options here: Top 14 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Tall People in 2023: Meet your “High” Requirements). But not everyone can afford $1k+ to invest in just a chair, we get that a lot!

The Markus high-back design accommodates taller users. And the top has ample padding that can serve as a neck or headrest. We love how the backrest is wide enough so there’s no pinching on your shoulder.

Also, you’ll find the mesh covering the backseat comfortably. It also adds a chic touch to the chair. And the padded seat is also quite comfortable. We didn’t find any compression on the legs

It’s also amazing how an affordable office chair can still be comfortable even after 5 years. You might find that the cushion is starting to wear out after 5 years. It can have several wrinkles by then. However, we still find the seat comfortable. But the comfort levels start to go downhill at this point. But we are not complaining since It’s been 5 years already. Ikea Markus can still be comfortable even if the cushion is not that aesthetically pleasing anymore.

In terms of adjustable features, you might find the IKEA Markus lacking compared to other mid-range ergonomic office chairs. Though it offers some adjustable features such as seat height adjustment and decent tilt options, it cannot be compared to the adjustable features of other premium office chairs.

Ikea Markus Leather Executive Office Chair

There is no seat depth. And though it has lumbar support, it is not adjustable. And the armrests are not its best features. It isn’t padded and most complain about how uncomfortable it is. But you can always remove it if it gets in the way. 

The IKEA Markus isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Either you hate it or love it. Though it can be comfortable for your back, you have to fit exactly into the chair to be able to find it comfortable. Since you can’t adjust the lumbar support and the headrest, it’s either a yay or a nay for you.

Technically Markus sits upright. Not all would love that, especially those who have lingering back problems.  

Overall, the IKEA MARKUS is a gold mine if it fits you. The lack of adjustable features may be a turnoff for some. But if you happen to fit into the chair, you won’t look for anything else. 


  • Sleek design
  • High back seat
  • The back seat has a mesh covering
  • Neck support has 
  • Tilt options and tilt limiter
  • Caster wheels have stoppers
  •  Comfortable cushioned seat
  • The seat and the back seat are quite wide

  • Adjustable lumbar support and armrests
  • No seat depth

office chair setup ideas

How to make the chair more comfortable for 8-12 hours

If you feel like your old office chair is not doing you any good, you are not alone. And since the pandemic started, a lot of us have been spending more time in front of the computer. And the absence of travel and commuting makes it more amenable for people to do overtime.

But then the backache starts to amp up. And your chair isn’t doing anything to make you comfortable. It does have something to do with the brand and quality of the office chair that you bought. But regardless, there are still some things that you can do to be able to make things less painful for your back.

Keep scrolling to find out.

computer chairs for long hours of sitting

  • Ways to amp up the comfort level of your chair

We are going to enumerate several steps on how you can overhaul your office chair to suit your needs. Some of these steps are a no-brainer.

  • Make sure that the chair has the proper dimensions

When we speak of dimensions, we are talking about the height of the seat, the width of the seat, how tall the backrest is, and the position of the armrests. Let’s dabble a bit on some.

  • Set your chair to the proper height

A chair that’s set too high or too low for you can be detrimental. When set too high, your feet will be dangling off the chair. And this can cause numbness in the back of your legs. Then you’ll feel a pinching pain afterward. And when set too low, there will be added pressure on your back.

It can be easy to figure out the perfect height for you. Most often you just have to listen to what your body tells you. But that’s not the case with everyone. Alternatively, you can do these to get the perfect setting. 

The measurement is taken from up the floor to the back of the knees. Your feet should be flat on the floor. And you should be wearing flat shoes when you measure this height. Your feet should not be dangling from the chair nor should your legs feel like they are being too pushed down into the seat.

Also, correlating the seat height with the height of the backrest. Your shoulder and upper back should still be supported, but the chair’s frame should not be pushing too much against your skin. 

  • Seat depth

If your office chair has adjustable seat depth, the more you’ll be able to find the most comfortable spot to work at. 

How would you know if the seat pan isn’t pushed too forward or pulled back? When seated, you should be able to place two fingers between the seat and the back of your knees. 

Setup ideas for computer chairs long hours of working

  • Take advantage of the recline function

If your chair has more options for a recline, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll be surprised at how a few tilts from a 90-degree sitting position can do wonders for your back. An upright 90-degree angle is too much compression on the back. 

According to some researchers, a 135-degree recline may offer the most relief and prevent back compression. But you can always fiddle with the recline settings of your chair and find the one that you’re most comfortable with.

  • Adjust the armrests

The height of the arms plays a significant role in either pain or comfort. Like the seat, if it sits too high or too low, it can cause a strain on your back. How can you tell if your armrests are at the perfect height? 

Easy, check your elbow angle. Your elbows should be placed at 90 degrees by the side. Plus, your shoulders should be relaxed, and they should not be held too high nor pulled way too low. 

But this is easy if you have adjustable armrests, but what if your office chair has stationary arms?

Well, the best solution is to take out the arms if it’s possible! An improperly positioned armrest will not do you any good, so just free your chair from it. And think on the bright side. Armless chairs allow you to go in and out of the chair easily. Also, it will give you more room to stretch your legs for a break. 

Make use of accessories

You can amp up the comfort level by complementing your office chair with ergonomic accessories. And here are some of our favorites.

  • Armrest pads

It’s not easy to find an office chair that ticks all the items on your list. There will be some features that can be compromised from the price, the seat, material, backrest, and arms. And more often than not, that feature is the armrests.

While your office chair may be sublimely comfortable in most aspects, the armrest may not be. And some midrange and affordable office chairs often have plastic armrests or ones that are built too short. But, how important are armrests to the comfort of your body when seated?

Well, a lot! Your arms bear around 10 percent of your body weight. So in no time, you’ll be bound to feel the discomfort of an armrest that’s too short or too firm. 

And the quickest solution, other than buying a new office chair with better arms, is to use armrest pads. You can make it too stiff or too short, arms softer and roomier with these accessories. 

  • External lumbar pillow

If your office chair already comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow, that can spell wonders for your back. Otherwise, you might think of getting one. An external lumbar pillow is a great complement to a stiff and firm office chair. More often, affordable chairs do not offer an adjustable lumbar.

And even if your chair has lumbar support, it might be too stiff or it’s stationary. That can also put a strain on your lower back. Your back may be forced to stay in a single position for the day. 

  • Seat cushions

Is your seat too firm or too soft? And with the birth of mesh chairs, more people are joining the bandwagon. But the problem with low-end mesh chairs is that the mesh material is a bit stiff and not as flexible as that you see in a more premium brand like Herman Miller. 

And sitting on a tough chair can be a real pain in the butt. And that pain can travel to your back and your entire body as well. And a seat cushion will be able to break that pressure.

It can also amp up the comfort of a paddle seat if the cushion is too thin. And some office chairs may have thick padding, but lack the proper contour to distribute weight evenly. 

We love how contoured seat cushions can help relieve pressure points. If you have an office chair with a flat-out seat, contoured seat cushions will make a huge difference. 

  • Adjustable footrest

One advantage of gaming chairs over ergonomic office chairs is the footrest. While not all gaming chairs are equipped with one, you’ll find a lot of them with functional footrests. And we can’t say the same with office chairs. Though there are office chairs that have one, it does not come close to a footrest of a premium gaming chair.

So you can still get the convenience of having to extend your feet or change the angle with an adjustable footrest. And why not go overboard and get one with the grooves? We particularly find a footrest with grooves stimulating. It can help jolt back energy into your body so that you’ll not fall asleep. It works wonders for extended working hours. 

And we stressed the word adjustable here. So you have more options and there are more chances of finding the sweet spot. Thus, you’re getting more bang for your buck. 

  • Footrest pillow 

If you need more plush comfort for your legs, a footrest pillow might do more good for you. This is perfect if you want to take your shoes off and let your feet breathe. Particularly go for footrest pillows with the right cushy feel and a little give, and it also has to be resilient.

  • Avoid slouching

All the accessories that we have mentioned will be to no avail if you will keep on slouching! But sometimes, it’s too tempting not to, especially if you’ve been working all day. We have a quick solution for that!

Try sitting on the edge of your seat for a while. This position will force your back to arch. This also gives your back a nice stretch and prevents you from slouching. Though it’s not advisable to assume this position for the entire day, it works like a charm if done for a few minutes each day. 

  • Add wheels

If your office chair doesn’t have wheels yet, opt to get one, if it’s possible. Or maybe get better wheels than the ones your chair has. Another thing that makes an office chair ergonomic is the freedom to scoot along the floor. And good-quality caster wheels will just do the trick.

Scooting along the floors can give your body the needed break from too much sitting. And admit it, it’s fun to roll from one desk to another in an office chair! Unless you are going to buy a more premium chair, these steps will amp up your comfort level. You can still make chairs with less ergonomic features comfortable.

How to avoid back pain From sitting for long hours

Are there any other ways to avoid back pain problems when working for so many hours? Of course, you always have your own story, but we simply recommend you practice self-care, be it by taking regular breaks, stretching your muscles, walking around, or practicing yoga. This will help you remain limber and healthy even when spending long hours working from home! Remember: your physical health is just as important as your productivity – always take care of yourself first before getting on with any task at hand!

And another perfect solution for your back, get a standing desk! Sit-stand desks are game-changers if you can switch between sitting and standing for 4 or 5 times each day, at least 25-30 minutes of standing. Do it for one week only and you’ll thank us later

Stay safe and stay strong, our friends

Don’t see your chair in the list?

Do you recommend other comfortable chairs that you feel are so great? Let’s send us an email. If the brand is good enough, we will buy and test it. And we may put it on the list someday!

Hope you enjoy this! Most of these best computer chairs for long hours recommended by Standingdesktopper incorporate amenities such as blood flow increase, neck and back support, synchronization of the spine, personal care, and more so you can enjoy a comfortable work environment.

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