Branch Verve vs Branch Ergonomic chair: can a task chair be better?

The showdown of Branch Verve vs Branch Ergonomic chair

The Branch Ergonomic chair has different adjustable features that you can tinker with to get to the most comfortable position for your needs. But since it is marketed as ergo,  is it better than the Branch Verve? We’re here to find out which of these two Branch chairs can be a better sitting solution for longer hours of work

Branch chair Verve chair Ergonomic chair
Seat height range 16.5″-20.5″ 17″-21″
Seat depth 16.5″-19″ 18″-22″
Armrest height 27.5″-30″ 26″-29″
Armrest width N/A 25″-29
Arms 1D 3D
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The Branch Verve: simple but rocks

What will instantly draw you to the Verve is the simplicity but sophistication of the design. It looks slimmer than the Ergo chair. At the same time, it has a more crafted appeal. The ergo chair of the brand can get lost in a sea of standard office chairs, but the Verve can stand out more. It looks modern and quite posh.

Branch Verve chair

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The Verve does have a decent set of adjustable features. It even has an adjustable seat depth that some ergonomic chairs with the same price range may lack. This chair has a simplified system of all the adjustable features that are very easy to access. And this simple system also makes the chair look slimmer, ridding itself of complicated levers and knobs which most ergo chairs have.

So at first glance, the Verve might think that this is a “it fits you or not type of chair”, but you’d be surprised at the number of adjustable features it has.  It hides all those goodies under a very sleek-looking chair and these features work well with one another, making the chair comfortable for working long hours.

Which has better lumbar support?

Branch Ergonomic chairs
Branch Ergonomic chairs

The Branch ergo chair has an adjustable lumbar system that feels noticeable enough. You’ll be able to tell that it is there and you can definitely feel it working. This also makes the chair quite comfortable for longer hours of work. But keep in mind that the overall comfort is firm to a very firm one. 

The same goes for Verve. It is comfortable, yes. It will appeal best to those who are looking for more support and push.  

But when it comes to the lumbar support, the Verve stood out more. While the ergo chair did a good job in supporting the lumbar when sitting for longer hours, the Verve seemed to have a more improved lumbar system that lends more comfort to the entire back. So if you have a more pronounced need for support, the Verve is a better choice.  The lumbar support of the Verve is also more aesthetically designed and well thought out. It was able to combine function and aesthetics in a very uncomplicated package.  The V-shaped suspended back of the Branch Verve Chair houses its adjustable lumbar rest. And you can’t deny that this part looks very stylish and unique, intriguing enough to deserve more than just a second glance.

The ergo chair has a more standard lumbar bar that you can adjust up and down.

What the Verve has is an upgraded design and system.

The ergo chair has a wider backrest

The overall dimensions of the Ergo chair seem to be slightly bigger and a bit wider. The backrest of the Verve slightly thins out at the upper part. Though we still find the Verve quite supportive despite the slimmer upper back part,  those who are taller and with broader shoulders might not think so. But the frame of the Verev seems to be softer and doesn’t dig into the shoulders. 

Which chair has a more comfy seat?

Branch Ergonomic chair for the budget

As we have mentioned above the seat comfort of the ergochair and the Verve borders between firm and very firm. Both have the same amount of comfort, if we are going to compare two new chairs. 

The difference is that the Verve was able to hold the integrity of the seat cushion longer than the Ergo chair. So that means that the Ergo chair can flatten faster than the Verve. Longevity-wise, you’ll have more bang for the buck with the Vevre, but it does have a slightly higher price tag than the Ergochair. 

The arms of the Verve are a letdown

The arms of the Verve have this cute and unique shape that adds to the overall appeal of the chair. But mind you, the arms are only height adjustable, and it’s quite finicky to adjust. It also knocks off easily, a gentle bump sometimes is enough to knock it out of place.

So we find the more adjustable arms of the ergo chair more stable. Also, for the price of the Verve, we were expecting to see a more adjustable arm, so this area is kind of a letdown. But again, aesthetic-wise, the arms will not disappoint you, especially if you fit into it.  This is just the least comfortable part of the chair. 

The Verve is a more intuitive chair

The overall comfort of the Verve feels more intuitive. The controls and levers are also easy to access and require no learning curve. The material or frame of the backrest also feels softer and a bit more flexible than the branch ergonomic chair.  So you will be able to tell which is the more expensive unit. 

Which is better for longer hours of work?

As to which Branch chair can be used for longer hours of work or play, it depends on what your type of comfort is. Remember, the arms of the Verve are the least desirable feature, but everything else stands out more.

Branch Ergonomic office chair

The more adjustable arms of the Branch Ergo chair will allow more people to find the sweet spot. But everything else seems better with the Verve.

So if you are fine with a single plane of adjustment of the Verve, then you’ll be quite happy with it.  But if you are quite particular with how narrow or wide the arms are from one another, you will find it a struggle to find a comfortable position.

When it comes to the seat height range, the Ergochair goes an inch higher than the Verve. Then the Verve can go an inch lower than the ergo chair. The Verve also has a narrower range of seat depth, so this aesthetic Branch chair isn’t for the tall ones. They may find their knees going over their toes

The Verve is mostly referred to as a task char. But when it comes to comfort and ergonomics,  it can even outplay the brand’s ergo chair. And when it comes to the comfort and longevity of the cushion, the Verve excels. So you just have to choose which is your priority.