Top 14 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Tall People in 2024 : Meet your “High” Requirements

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8 hours per day on an uncomfortable chair? Are you tired of that?

Most chairs are not made for tall people: if your chair is not adjustable, then it is not meant for your needs. As we well know, designers tend to make products for those of average height. As a result, people who are outside the normal range suffer from a product that is not well designed for their needs. The ergonomic chair allows for complete adjustment to customize the angle to best fit your back. This is especially a necessity for tall people so that the back can be lengthened and positioned to best support while typing.

In the workplace, hours of work every day require extra thought into how comfortable you are making your body. While you are working your mind by checking emails and making phone calls, you are also working your back without even realizing it. At an office job working on the computer, the average person spends eight hours sitting down in the same position. If this position is not a good one, then you are spending 40 hours a week slowly weakening your spine.

You may not have a choice of what chair you use while at work. However, in your home office, this should be the main consideration when choosing the furniture that will create a work environment in the home. When buying a chair that you want to last in your house for a long time, there is something to be said for going for quality. An ergonomic chair is a good investment, as it can be an essential part of your office for many years.

At the end of the day, don’t we deserve to be comfortable at work? There is enough stress in running a business. There’s no need to have the additional problem of being in an uncomfortable position during the workweek, and paying for it on the weekend when you want to enjoy yourself playing golf or going for a walk with friends.

What to look for in office chairs for taller people

If you are ready for finding a new chair, here are the things you need to read. It can save you some bucks, and more important part, it saves time of return a bad chair, time relaxing, and time getting angry for all of any problems you shouldn’t have in the first place

backrest for taller folks

Backrest height

Most taller folks will have longer torsos. Thus the need for an office chair that can envelop their entire back in its frame. Using one that pinches your shoulders can be painful.  

You’ll need chairs that have higher backrests. And an additional working headrest is also a nice support. These will give you the needed support for your entire back, neck, and head.  

Too short of a backrest, and you can actually feel your shoulder blades run into the top edge of your chair. 

Lumbar support placement

Taller people will need that lumbar support to reach higher. As such, chairs with multiple options for adjustment work well for taller people. 

Some chairs may have limited adjustable features such as the Freedom. But chairs like these automatically adjust to the person so it can still give you the right lumbar placement. 

things to consider for a good chair
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Seat height options

Of course, you need the chair to go high enough for your taller stature. With someone who stands 6’8”, you need a chair that can go up to at least 22 inches or more.

Weight capacity 

Taller people usually weigh more than shorter people, that’s why heavy-duty chairs are the way to go. They need to have more lifting capacity, 300 lbs should be the minimum.

You also have to be wary of how it was constructed. Everything should feel stable, even if the chair is tilted or reclined. That’s why it’s best to try the chair out first before buying. You can tell a chair is flimsy even by sitting on it for the first time.  

But of course, it’s not recommended to max the weight capacity of the chair. If you weigh 300 lbs, then go for one with a higher lifting capacity. 

Seat depth

Seat depth is very crucial for tall people. Look for chairs with a generous seat depth. Deeper chairs ensure that you will not have the back of your knees hitting the frame of the chair. If this happens, it can be very uncomfortable and painful. 

That pain can also radiate through your entire back. That’s how important seat depth is. You have to check for the seat depth to be at least 20”-25”

Easily adjustable arms

Adjustable arms let you place them in the perfect position. So chairs with highly adjustable arms will help you set the proper placement for the entire body. If its too low then you may also suffer from neck and upper back pain 

Taller people often find it challenging to find an ergonomic chair that suits them. Standard chairs have seats that can be too small and backrests that are too low for them. Sometimes, it might feel like sitting on a kid’s chair. It will look like that too. 

If you would find a suitable chair, you’ll sit with your legs and back unsupported. And It will all lead to much discomfort and pain. We’re going to show you a list of the best ergonomic office chairs for tall people. It’s high time to switch to a chair that can rise up to meet your needs.

Top 14 Best Office Chairs for a tall person in 2024

Are you almost 7 Feet? Or even taller than that?

Super tall dudes might need a super chair that can satisfy their needs. There are a lot of tall chairs out there but there are only a handful that those who stand close to 7 feet will find workable.

And we’ve just the list. The top 5 best options are for 6’8″ – 7 feet tall people and the others are for folks with the height from 6’2″-6’7″

Humanscale Freedom

If you need to be in front of the desk for more than half the day, you should seriously consider the Freedom chair. Taller people will find this a very intuitive chair, it can give you that fluid support you need. Especially if you tend to fidget or move to the sides, then you have to have this chair in your home office.

And if you hate knobs, levers, and finding the perfect spot for your dimensions, then this is heaven-sent. It has a weight-sensing technology that enables the chair to adjust itself to the one seating on it. It can handle all the tilt and recline functionality on its own. It’s kind of a very intelligent chair.  

The only thing you may be able to control is the armrest height and the seat height. But despite the chair adjusting itself to you, this may not be the best option for all. If you want the traditional way of finding the perfect spot then you might find the Freedom kind of limiting, contrary to what it is named for. But of course, it was not called such for just anything. That means freedom from having to do the manual adjustments yourself. And if you’re taller it can be more tedious to do so, considering the greater need for space and height. But this chair can still deliver.

Neutral Posture Big and Tall

This BTC10100 perky chair has a very deep seat that is perfect for those with very long legs. And if you have a longer torso too, this is a very accommodating seating option.

It has this quirky innovative design. The backrest runs thinner as it reaches the top of the headrest. It runs long enough for those who are up to 7 feet. But since it is curved thinner, this is not for chunky users. That’s why you see the word skinny there. 

The backrest is subtly constructed, providing you with ultimate upper back and lumbar support. Sitting on it is also very comfy for your tush. The padding is thicker and quite responsive, it feels cushy and firm enough to be sat on for the whole day. So it is very supportive.

And if you want a chair that offers more options for fine-tuning, then you will not be disappointed. This tall and skinny chair has over 14 adjustable features. But at one point, it can be overwhelming for the simpleton. If you don’t want to go through tons of choices, you will find this a chore to use. 

Runner-up with the same brand:

  • Neutral Posture Pillow

The Neutral Posture Pillow chair offers the widest chair seat at 27 inches. So it’s perfect for those looking for more space. Or those who are a bit wider around the waist. You might even be able to do an Indian seat with its generous width. It’s also a heavy-duty chair with a 500 lbs weight capacity. 

And another notable feature is its plush and supportive cushion. It’s soft and supportive at the same time. So it’s also great for those who are longing for a dreamy plush seat. But it won’t sink in too deep since there is still a decent amount of support.

In addition, it’s a highly customizable chair. You can also opt to have it fitted with an adjustable headrest. And since it offers two height options for the cylinder (16-23 inches), this is the only chair that can seat someone who stands 7 feet. So if you’re extremely tall, then look no further. Because you won’t be able to find a comfortable ergonomic chair that can accommodate that height.


  • Customizable
  • Made in the US
  • Also available in a junior version
  • Soft plush seat with decent support
  • Can accommodate 7 feet, tall users
  • A lot of adjustable features


  • Not returnable if you got the wrong color swatches for the upholstery

DuoRest Alpha

This is a premium chair that has quite a unique backrest. It has two separate backers that can be individually adjusted, height and width. So this is a treat for those who don’t want to conform to the traditional sitting posture, but would still want to get that decent support whenever.

It may take you a while to get used to adjusting the chair. It has multiple options to fine-tune your preferred sitting position. Then add the innovative backrest and you are in for a learning curve. But once you get used to it, it can spell out premium comfort. Well, it has to since it is above the standard price. 

With the more customized comfort, you will also be able to use this chair for a longer time. 

Air Centric 2

One of the things you can instantly tell is how breathable and airy this padded office chair is. It’s not mesh, instead, it has a very cushy and soft cushion for the backrest and seat. But it does feel very airy like mesh. You get that uber comfy and airy seat and back, but it will not be too firm. Most mesh chairs are notorious for being too firm.

And for folks with legs that go on for days, you’d love the multi-tilt and synchro glide function. 

Air Centric 2

The Multi-Tilt mechanism is very adjustable, you can easily change your position. It is perfect for those who want to engage the forward seat tilt to help relieve inner-thigh pressure.

It also has an infinite locking seat tilt function with tension control. It also has a free-float tilt function with synchronized movement between the back and the seat. So you can find a breather amid a long day’s work. And oh, it has aircell technology for the lumbar part, this feels dreamy and very cool on your tired lower back. So you can also use this chair for the entire day and not feel sore all over. 

BodyBilt Aircelli

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This is a high-back chair with a mesh back and cushioned seat that will make your home office dazzle and sparkle. It has this edgy and futuristic design that can illuminate any space. Design-wise, it is one for the books. Also, it satisfies all the needs of a person who is taller than 6’8”.

The backrest is quite high so if you have a longer torso, you will find this a very supportive chair. No part of your shoulders will pinch against the plastic frame. You’ll be sitting with your back fully inside the frame rather than on top of it or beyond it.

The most impressive thing is also perhaps the gear ratio features. This mechanism features a gear ratio that enables the chair to achieve an ideal seated posture between the seat and back. With this, you can get ultimate core support even when the chair is in a reclined position. and it’s hard to get that if you are taller.

We also mention 2 runner-ups with the same brand

  • BodyBilt J2507

It’s a basic-looking chair, but you’d be surprised at the comfort and convenience it can offer for tall people. And the price tag will surprise you too.

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. The same goes for this chair. At first glance, you’d think that it’s just a regular office chair that you can buy at Walmart or Costco. The aesthetics may seem all too common, but his high-end chair is backed up with years of technology.

One, it has a deeply contoured seat. This design encourages proper posture through passive weight distribution. This means that the shape of the seat supports the pressure points so it doesn’t result in any back pain.

Two, it has a solid and sturdy base. It’s strong enough to support those who weigh around 500 lbs. And three, it offers exceptional support for both the lumbar and the upper back. And lastly, it has fully adjustable armrests that you can easily configure to your requirements. 

And if you’ll take a peek at their website, you have options to further upgrade the chair to fit your needs. You can add a sport foam seat or a sport foam back. So you have options to make it a fully personalized chair, hence the price tag.


  • Highly ergonomic and customizable
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Contoured seat that relieves aches and pressure points
  • For heavy-duty use
  • Well-cushioned seat and back support
  • Wider and bigger seat


You may need to spend a bit of time with the adjustments

  • Bodybilt Extra Tall Chair

This extra tall high back chair is a premium office chair from a premium brand, Human Solution. It’s also highly customizable and gives you more options for upgrades.

Aside from adjustable features for taller sitters, this chair has excellent back support. The Bodybilt Extra Tall Chair’s strength is its upper and lower back support. Let’s see these features.

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The high back is adjustable. And it has a pretty wide range too. And the angle can be adjusted up to 4 inches. So it would feel comfortable for anyone standing over 6 feet. The backseat is nicely padded and can alleviate pressure points. It has the same cushion for its seat. It hugs and supports your buttocks nicely.

Another feature is the inflatable lumbar support. It feels bliss on your lower back. And even heavier ones up to 250 lbs can still get the same support. But you can always opt to add more lumbar support. 

And even if it doesn’t have a seat depth adjustment, it’s still comfortable for taller sitters. The design on the saddle seat and air bladder lumbar support is made comfortable for most taller people. And the upper shoulder support is also quite nice. It relieves any tension you might be feeling on your upper back and shoulders.

Overall, it’s a premium chair with highly adjustable features. If you’re looking for a cushioned saddle seat and great back support, it’s a great choice.


  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Air lumbar support
  • The high-density foam material
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Customizable
  • Has a lot of adjustable features
  • The Neck rest is rollable
  • 360-degree swivel


  • The armrests aren’t upholstered

And below are the list of office chairs for standard folks with a height from 6 feet – 6’5″

Autonomous Premium Ergochair 2

Ergochair 2 autonomous

Ergo Chair 2 by Autonomous is a mid-range ergonomic office chair for taller sitters. It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, so it’s a durable mid-range chair for taller people.

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The most notable advantage of the Ergo Chair 2 is its lumbar support. Taller people often complain of a sore back after sitting for a long time. And you’d have no experience of that with the Ergo Chair 2. It has a great back support that consists of an adjustable lumbar.

In addition, this chair lets you recline safely. The issue with reclining is that it can also take a toll on your back. If you push your chair too far, your back isn’t going to be happy. So what sets the Ergo Chair apart is that it has a counterbalance adjustment. This feature prevents the chair from reclining too far. Thus, avoiding unnecessary tension on your back.

It comfortably reclines. And it can be locked safely. On top of that, you have several options for the recline position. And it feels a hundred percent safe. It doesn’t wobble nor would you hear a clunking sound when you recline. 

You also enjoy the following adjustable features- headrest, set height, armrests, seat tilt, back tilt angle, and tension. Though again, it doesn’t have a seat depth adjustment. But the seat is designed in a way that’s comfortable for most tall sitters.

Overall, it’s a highly adjustable mid-range office chair. If you love reclining your office chair often, you’d love this chair more. It cradles you but gives enough support when you’re reclined. 

Though the cushion is well padded, some may find it a bit too firm. So don’t expect it to be cushiony soft.


  • A well-cushioned seat that hugs your butt nicely
  • Breathable mesh material for the back
  • Offers a lot of adjustable features
  • Has unique counterbalance adjustment features


  • The design of the armrest isn’t for everybody
  • Bad experience with customer services

AmazonBasics Big and tall executive chair

It’s a mid-priced ergonomic chair that has beefier construction than most ergonomic chairs on the market today. And for someone who is worried about the budget, this chair is perfect for them

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It’s sturdier than a standard ergonomic office chair. So it has substantial weight and you might need to ask for help in assembling this chair. Though the assembly is easy I’m not sure if it can be a one-man show.

The seat height adjustment is about 18.75 to 22.25 inches high, that’s comfortable enough for those who stand 6 feet tall and above. In addition, it also has an S-shaped back seat. This is an important feature that makes an ergonomic chair comfortable for those who are taller. It provides great support, especially for your lumbar.

One thing that sets this high chair apart is that you can tilt it to about any angle that you want. So it‘s highly ergonomic. And the armrests have a curved shape to them. It’s not too flat like most office chairs. So this can give more support to your tired arms.

And then some features are subjective to the user. The padded seat is nice and firm. Though if you’re looking for a cushioned seat, you might not be pleased with it that much. And the bonded leather material looks rather posh and classy. But it can get too hot when used in humid regions. So these are things that you should consider.

All in all, the AmazonBasics big and tall chair is a comfortable and adjustable ergonomic chair for those who are tall and a bit heavy at the same time. 


  • 360-degree swivel caster wheels
  • Infinite tilt mechanism
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large and well-padded and curved armrests
  • Has an S-shaped backrest and adjustable lumbar support


  • The bonded leather material can be too hot
  • Some find the seat too firm

Nightingale CXO Office Chair

It’s an almost fully reclinable office chair meant for tall people. It gives you the feeling that you can fully recline it because the mesh material contoured back follows your every movement. 

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This high-end ergonomic chair didn’t spare any cost in its construction. It’s comfortable and can provide optimum support for tall people who are seated for the entire day. And that roots in durable construction and huge end parts. It’s a pretty heavy chair.

One, the seat is one of the most comfortable that I’ve ever tried. Why wouldn’t it be if it has memory foam inside? That’s one of the advantages of this high-end chair. You won’t feel any fatigue even if you’ve been sitting for more than 6 hours,

Another advantage is the contoured mesh back support. It flows with your every move. And to top that, it also has adjustable lumbar support (height and depth are both adjustable). So this ergonomic chair truly has your back. And oh, it also features an adjustable headrest, though it can’t be fully lifted to the top. But it still provides decent support. 

As a whole, it’s a comfortable high-end office chair for tall people. If you don’t mind shelling out more money, it’s a great upgrade, especially if you want a comfortable reclining chair.  


  • Features a patented mesh material
  • Feels like it can be fully reclined
  • Has a solid construction
  • Great back support
  • Has memory foam in its seat


  • The headrests don’t fully lock

Concept Sitting

The Concept Sitting ergonomic chair is a heavy-duty and robust one. Highly recommend it if you are going to sit for 24 hours.

It’s heavy-duty and rated safe and comfortable for both tall and big sitters. With a weight capacity of 500 lbs, it feels solid and steady. And of the most unique features of the concept Sitting chair is its steel legs.

Instead of 5, this ergonomic chair is composed of 7 steel legs. The additional 2 legs ensure more mobility and extra support for the taller sitter. 

In addition, it features a ton of adjustable features. From the seat depth, seat height, and armrest, to an inflatable lumbar. So it basically ticks all the features you’d want in an office chair for taller people. 

And to add icing to the cake, it also features a five-position tilt lock. So you can refine this heavy-duty chair at a certain angle.  

Another feature that you won’t find in other ergonomic chairs is its unique headrest. It can be converted to a head roll and a neck rest. And it can even be rotated. It gave other office chair headrests a run for their money. Hence, you’ll enjoy more customization with the chair’s headrest.

Concept Sitting Ergonomic chair

Concept Sitting is also highly customizable. Hover through the brand’s website and you’ll see a lot of options for upgrades. You can also choose to build it up with a footrest. And you also have three choices for your headrest. 

My only qualm is the seat width. At 23 inches, some people might find it too narrow. But other than that, this could be your dream ergonomic office chair. It has a lot of highly adjustable premium features.

In a nutshell, if you’re sitting for over 24 hours, this is the perfect chair. You can make the chair the most comfortable for your needs. 


  • Has a lot of ergonomic features
  • Equipped with 7 steel legs for more support
  • Heavy duty with 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Durable and strong
  • Has options for a footrest
  • Highly customizable
  • Has an adjustable headrest


  • The seat pan can be narrow for some.

Smugdesk Mesh Executive Chair 

The Smugdesk Executive chair looks like a basic office chair at first glance. But it’s equipped with innovative features that are designed for taller people. It combines comfort and convenience you will not see in a regular office chair. The Smugdesk doesn’t have premium features. But the features are well-engineered to conform to the needs of taller people.

Smugdesk Mesh Executive Chair

One, the entire chair uses a high elastic mesh material. The mesh provides comfort and breathability. And since it’s highly elastic, it can follow the natural curve of your spine. Initially, the backrest of the Smugdesk office chair already has a slight S shape. So it doesn’t force your spine into an unnatural position. And it also has a nice fixed lumbar support. 

And if you’re taller, back and lumbar pains are all too common. Since a lot of ergonomic chairs aren’t designed to support taller people. 

Second, it is equipped with a head and neck rest. The chair cradles your neck and head quite well. It gets rid of the numbing sensation you often feel when you’re sitting for longer hours. And oh, the stiff neck can be a killer. You can adjust these parts to the length of your neck and torso.

Third, it‘s equipped with a retractable footrest. So you can comfortably rest your long legs. And the armrests are also adjustable up and down. Hence, you can find a comfortable height for your arms. 

You can also lock the chair in a tilted position. Put out the forest and relax for a while. You’d also feel well-supported since the Smugdesk is made of robust steel and construction. And with its weight capacity of 300 lbs, you’d feel safe and supported.

Overall, the Smugdesk mesh executive chair is an affordable chair for taller sitters. This high-back chair is also heavy-duty. and it offers some features you’d find in a premium chair. But you don’t have to pay a premium price.


  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Equipped with 5 caster wheels
  • Has a retractable footrest
  • Decently thick cushioned seat
  • Comes with an adjustable neck and headrest
  • Highly breathable mesh material
  • Reclinable up to 120 degrees
  • Seat height adjustable via a pneumatic lever


  • Some find it difficult to assemble

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly ergonomic chair with a huge back, the Berlman office chair is a great option.

This ergonomic chair has features that almost perfectly suit the recommendations of a tall person. It has great back support for tall people. It even helps relieve any back pain issues, so sitting on this chair for the entire day is quite comfortable too. Even the headrest falls into the right spot. And it has a wide range of height adjustments, from 17.7-21.7 inches.

It features integrated lumbar support- contoured back support with mesh material. It was nice and cool on the back at the same time. The base looks and feels solid too. It’s sturdy enough to support someone who weighs 180 lbs. 

In addition, the seat has the right firmness to it. It’s not too soft nor too firm. So it won’t cause any back pain and won’t compromise proper posture when seated for long hours. 

As for the armrests, the option to flip them up is convenient, so you have more liberty of movement. But the height of the armrests isn’t adjustable and it might feel a bit wobbly for some. 

In conclusion, it’s a budget-friendly ergonomic chair with integrated support for tall people. If you’re looking for a basic and decent ergonomic chair, this is a great option. 


  • Has a tilt tension knob with a tilt mechanism
  • Solid and stable base
  • Integrated curved lumbar support
  • Breathable backrest made of mesh
  • Supports proper posture


  • The armrests are not that adjustable and feel a bit wobbly

Reciffer High back

It’s a competitively priced bonded leather ergonomic chair for tall persons. 

And if you’re looking for more cushion, the Reciffer high-back chair indulges you. It has the right amount of plushness for comfortable seating. And the waterfall edge design of the seat prevents leg cramping that can lead to back pain. The entire set is covered with bonded leather, but it doesn’t feel too hot.

In addition, it has adjustable lumbar support and an S-shaped back. So for someone who stands 6 feet and up, it provides ample support, especially on the lower part of your back. The seat softly conforms to the curve of your lower back

As for the armrests, though it’s not fully adjustable, it’s just the basic flip-up armrests. Though it comes convenient when you just want to easily get out of the chair. It also allows you to get closer to the desk. And the level of the armrests is perfectly configured for tall people. 

In a nutshell, it’s a smart-looking ergonomic chair and a rather comfortable one. It’s almost fully adjustable, except for the armrests. 


  • Has a reclining function from 90 to 120 degrees. 
  • Nylon wheels roll out smoothly
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Plush bonded leather material that doesn’t feel too hot
  • Soft and comfortable seat with waterfall edge design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Flip-up armrest can’t be adjusted
  • The location of the adjustment levers is quite low

Are you slouching without noticing?

The taller you are, the more back pain you will experience in your life. It has to do with the fact if you are higher up you have to reach farther down— which usually means slouching.

The worst time to be slouching is while relaxing for hours, such as while watching TV or working on the computer. While you are busy on the computer, your back is not being supported. You may notice when lying down to sleep that the lower back is always in an uncomfortable position. The reason for this is tall people slouch. The funny thing is, you don’t even notice it until one day when you feel aches and pains.  

In some cases, this results in Herniated disks which cause intense pain. The pain may not always come from the damaged disk. It may be coming from the pressure that herniation place on the nerves outside the disc, which are highly sensitive. The pain increases the tightness in the back, stressing the discs out even more. This is how the cycle of chronic pain begins.

Ergonomic chair for tall person

Why not take better care of your body?

It makes no sense why people don’t start thinking about how to support their backs at an earlier age. Bodies are fragile. It is human nature to need to slow down as we age and provide our physical body and mind with what it needs to function properly. We work out to keep our blood pressure low, eat a good diet to keep a healthy heart and take vitamins for extra nutrients. It’s curious how we spend so much time thinking about our health; yet forget to take care of our muscles, joints, and spine, which we rely on every day.

For those with long bodies, the back is one of the main physical areas that need attention. By reducing the amount of stress on the back with ergonomic chairs, back pain could be avoided in the future. In life, when we think in advance about our upcoming problems we can save time and energy, leading to a more successful career and feeling better all the while.

Any person at any age can get stronger. Anyone has the power to improve their body’s performance. And while some try improving their posture, it is often not that simple. Just like some of us need a treadmill in the basement to work off those extra pounds, a chair that is specially made for you is needed to prevent back pain.

No more pain in the legs

That is often the most common complaint if you try to squeeze yourself into a  short standard-size office chair. These tall chairs will help you work comfortably, even for longer hours. You also will not look like a kid who has outgrown his clothes.