Best Walking Pads for Using with a Standing Desk

When Treadmills are too Expensive! Walking pads may not be as popular as under-the-desk treadmills or ellipticals. But they do have advantages over the more elaborate and heftier treadmills. Walking pads are more pocket friendly. So the price does not have to get in the way of your getting to your daily walking habit. So let’s pick the best from the lot.

finding the walking pad for under desk

Walking pads Dimensions Speed






S1 Walking pad 56.8″x20.3″x4.9″ .5-4 km/hr 220 lbs 32.4”
A1 Pro Smart 56.5″x21.5″x5″ .49-6 km/hr 220 lbs 32.3”
Urevo 58.5″x21.7″x4.2″ .8-6 km/hr 265 lbs 40”
Go Plus 2 in 1 51.5″x23.5″x6.5″ .8-6.4 km/hr 220 lbs 41”
Red Liro 52″x25″x42″ .8- 12 km/hr 220 lbs 41”
The best walking pad for standing desk users
Image source: healthyish_kait

S1 Folding Treadmill

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If a tight space is stopping you from getting a walking pad, this is for you. The S1 is simple, has no fuss, and can easily be folded up for storage. You can easily store it vertically and unfold it when you’re ready to do your daily walks. 

There’s nothing fancy about this walking pad. It functions as advertised. We do love the option to connect it to Apple Health, you’d be able to see your steps in one place. 

It can also be connected to an app, but here’s the thing. The app is basic so it should be normally easy to use, right? But It can be irritating and confusing to use. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.

We also would like to see improvement in the increments of the speed. We’d love to see smaller increases. As of now, you can go from a bit slow to a rather fast speed. For some, this may not be an issue. But if you need to gradually build up your speed and cardiovascular endurance, you will find it too demanding.

It can also be a bit loud at times. And the shock absorption is not the best. That’s why even if it is rated for those who weigh up to 220 lbs, we see this best for skinny to average-sized users. 

This walking pad does feel sturdy and well-built, not just for those who weigh over 220 lbs. Heavier people may find it uncomfortable to walk on due to the lack of support on the surface.

A1 Pro Smart 

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It’s not called a smart walking pad for no reason. The selling point of A1 is that it has Intelligent Speed Control. That means that the running speed is controlled by the human motion trajectory. So You will be able to control the speed as needed, thus mimicking your pacing when you’re running outdoors.

This looks a tad more stylish than the S1. It looks sleeker and has an LED display that adds a more modern touch to the unit. It also comes with an optional safety handle. It comes in handy if you’re still training your core for longer walks. It is also decently built and stable.

And it will be able to bear more weight. But it is not the best when it comes to shock absorption. So if you are heavier, you might want to use shoes with a cushion to make them comfortable to walk on. 

And like the A1, the app can be annoying to use. It is clunky and quite a chore to sync to your Apple watch. 

We’d also love to see smaller increments in speed and a pause button. This is perhaps one of the common limitations of walking pads, you will not be able to pause them.

But we appreciate how quiet it can be. It can be used at night without disturbing others. 

And your walking routine need not catch the attention of your officemates.

Also, we see it best for those with short to average strides, or petite to persons of average stature. If you are tall and have longer strides, you may find this not challenging at all. 

It can also be folded and stowed away easily. Thus it is also suitable to use in smaller rooms. 

It’s also quiet but the app can do better. But it does look more polished and modern but it shares the same nuisance when it comes to the app. And oh, like the rest this is mainly controlled by remote. So better not lose it. Though you may be able to ask for a replacement from the manufacturer, it can be hard to reach them.

WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill

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The WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill is a game-changer in the world of fitness equipment. Its double-fold technology makes it stand out from its competitors, as it takes up less space than traditional treadmills and can be stored in an upright position. This feature is particularly beneficial for people living in small apartments or houses where space is limited.

The first X21’s standout feature is the one-touch operation panel on the handrail that allows for easy control of the treadmill. The hidden LED digital display screen with an industrial aesthetic design adds to the machine’s overall luxurious appearance. And it also has NFC pairing to make Android users to access the interaction interface directly.

The KS Fit app allows tracking users’ time, speed, steps, and calories burned in order to monitor workout history and helps you stay motivated and track your progress over time.

The X21 also has an integrated luxury frame made of black spray paint that enhances the machine’s beauty and durability. Other features, such as overload protection, automatic standby, and child lock function, make it a safe and convenient option for people of all ages.

Compared to the S1 Walking Pad or the A1 Pro Smart, the X21 has a higher weight capacity of 240 lbs. This makes it suitable for the average person and provides a comfortable workout experience. And if you are someone who is on the heavier side, then you may need to consider other treadmills with higher weight capacities, such as UREVO (we mention it below).

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This walking pad has a heftier weight capacity of 265 lbs. So if you’re looking for one that has more amp and offers more support and shock absorption prowess, this is it.

It also has a larger LED that allows you to track your speed easier. It does feel heavier and stronger than the above-mentioned units. 

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What also sets it apart is that it has a data memory function. It can record your waking stats during a 10-minute pause while retaining your overall walking data. So this can be a great tool for tracking your progress. But keep in mind that it will reset when you’ve reached 10000 steps. 

The pause function is also a bonus, most walking pads lack this feature. It’s either you start or stop. So there goes all your data and walking stats. 

It is heavy duty but it’s not difficult to move around. It has wheels for easier transport. The deck length is also a bit longer so it can be used by those who stand 6 feet or with longer strides.

And despite the heftier built and more comfortably longer deck. It shares the same limitations with the other units. It is also primarily controlled by a remote, so lose it and you will not be able to use it.  

Go Plus 2 in 1

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What advantage does the Go Plus have over the other walking pads on our list? It can help you create a more personalized walking routine with its 12 programs available. These exercise programs are also easy to flow and even beginners will find them doable. You can choose from an array of programs to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

This is a 2-in-1 product too, you can use it either as an under-the-desk treadmill or as a walking pad. But keep in mind that once you install the handles, you will not be able to fold them down. So you have to decide how to use it before setting it up. 

This unit can be hefty too, so while you can remove the rails to switch from a walking pad to a treadmill, it can be a chore. 

Some may find this walking pad narrower than usual. So you may opt to change your walking style if you’re used to running in a wider one, or better choose a different unit.

This also needs some break-in period. Give it 4 or 5 days and would feel the belt running more smoothly than it did out of the box. 

Red Liro

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It’s similar to Go Plus with the 12 running programs. It’s also a 2 in1 unit that you can use either as a walking pad or an under-the-desk treadmill. But what sets it apart from the rest is that it has a greater walking speed range. It also has smaller increments and more options. Couple this with the multiple running programs and this can offer more variations in your walking and running routines.

So this is for this looking for more upgrades in their walking routines in the future. 

As for the downside, at lower speeds it is quiet. But as you go faster, the knocking sounds become significant.

Walking pads can still do wonders for your health

While these may seem inferior to you under the desk treadmill, they can still help you keep up with your walking routines. 

treadmill under desk walking pad
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There are instances wherein treadmills are not viable options. 

One, it can be more expensive and two, it can be bulkier. So those who are looking for something old male and who live in thigh spaces will find walking pads a great alternative.