Haworth Soji or Eurotech Vera – Which Office Chair has Better Back Support?

Soji vs Vera

Soji and Vera look like basic office chairs. There isn’t anything fancy and you can mistake them for standard task chairs you have in the office. 

But make no mistake, these two are highly ergonomic and have lots of surprises up their sleeves. 

So let’s see which can offer better comfort and back support. 

Before we go further, here’s a comparison table. 

Office Chair Haworth Soji Eurotech Vera
Seat height range 16.4″-21″ 18.9”-23.6”
Seat depth 16.25″-18.75″ 15.75”-17.72”
Seat width 20” 18.9”
Weight capacity 325 lbs 250 lbs
Tilt Synchro tilt &

optional forward tilt



Lumbar support Optional height

adjustable lumbar

Arms 4D 4D
Check price https://amzn.to/3PyT2lw https://amzn.to/3EDSd4S

Haworth Soji – more than your usual task chair

The Soji is the least expensive unit from Haworth. So if you’re looking to get your hands on a chair from this brand but need something that costs less than 600 dollars, Soji will not disappoint. 

It is labeled as a task chair, but it does so much more. It can give other office chairs a run for their money. 

Haworth Soji >>> check price

Soji has an optional forward tiletilt This is the main feature that makes it a task chair. So if you need to have yourself closer to the desk, this will make you more productive. But you’ll be surprised at the other ergonomic features it has.

Soji is quite comfortable

Task chairs are notorious for being too hard on the back and the butt. That’s why you might not be able to use it for longer hours of work. 

Soji will break this stereotype. It feels rather firm but it is very comfortable on the butt and the back. The seat has a firm cushion while the backrest is made of mesh. The mesh material is not super flexible, but it is quite comfortable. You will not feel the mesh or plastic frame digging against your shoulders. 

Also, the backrest of Soji has a natural curve that follows the shape of your spine. Though you also have the option to get it with the height-adjustable lumbar support, sans it, the chair still feels quite comfortable. If you do not have more need for pronounced support, then you can do without the height-adjustable backrest.

haworth soji

This task chair has a lot of ergonomic features

Soji can be comfortable for longer hours of work. Not all task chairs have what the Soji has. 

Apart from the usual adjustable seat height that most task chairs have, it also has an adjustable seat depth, Synchro-tilt, and 4D arms. 

The Synchro-tilt mechanism and the adjustable seat depth make the Soji comfortable for more people. If you have longer legs, you can adjust the depth of the seat so that the knees don’t go beyond the toes. It also makes the back support smooth and steady even when you are in a reclined position. Though the chair does not have multiple reline functions it only has one. So this is still comfortable, not just amenable for lounging or relaxing. 

Eurotech Vera – a cheaper look-alike of the Soji

Not only do these two chairs have an affordable price, but they also look quite similar. They have almost the same backrest shape and at first glance, it will be challenging to tell them apart. The Vera is the cheaper alternative and less expensive by just a tad. 

Eurotech Seating Vera >>> check price

Like the Soji, the Vera also feels quite comfortable on the back and the butt. The cushion is similar, it is also quite firm. But it is the level of firmness that most people will find comfortable. 

Vera is also highly ergonomic 

You’re also looking at a highly ergonomic yet affordable chair. The Vera has adjustable seat height and seat depth, synchro tilt, 4D arms, tilt tension control, and tilt lock. 

More people will be able to find the chair comfortable, even those with longer legs. 

The Vera, despite the cheaper alternative, has more adjustable features. But it lacks adjustable lumbar support. But the shape of the backrest feels natural and conforms to the shape of the spine. And surprisingly, it feels decently comfortable on the back even without an adjustable lumbar support.  The lower back part has this hollow part that feels better than that of the Soji.

As many say, the Vera is an ergonomically correct chair even without the lumbar bar. You can get to the most ergonomic position. 

It also has a tilt lock, which the Soji is lacking.  This feature allows you to fine-tune the comfort of the backrest to your liking.  This also makes the chair more amenable to relaxing or taking breaks. 

So which is more ergonomic and which can be more comfortable for the back?

Even without the adjustable backrest, the Vera seems to have more ergonomic features than the Soji. It even has a tilt tension so you control the amount of push on the back.

The Soji may have an adjustable lumbar support, but the comfort of the backrest of the vera can not be denied. The lumbar support of the Soji is very subtle, almost unnoticeable. So you’re not really missing out on a lot if you opted to get your Soji chair without it, that would just add cost. Even without it, the backrest of the Soji is still comfortable 

But that of the  Vera has a more curved shape, it feels more sublime than the Soji. 

However, the downside is that the mesh material of the Soji is smoother than that of the Vera.

But the Vera offers a more floating-like sensation when you recline, that’s why even with a more abrasive mesh, you may find it a more comfy chair if you need one that you can push way back. The Soji will not have this indulgence since it only has one recline position and no tilt tension. 

But the Vera has a more midrange-built

The Soji is better built than the Vera. When it comes to the overall build and quality, you can tell that the Soji is made from more quality materials. Once you sit on the Vera, you can tell that it is a cheaper chair. The mesh material, for one, gives it away.  

Overall,  Soji will have a more robust build and will feel more stable. 

When to choose the Soji?

This chair has a  higher weight capacity and a more steady build. And since this chair has a forward tilt, it is better for tasking jobs. Well, it is a task chair after all. It will be a great solution if you are doing jobs that require you to be more close to the desk. If you need to be more productive but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, go for the Soji.

It can also go lower than the Vera, so those who are 5’3” or 5′ 2” will find it a comfortable task chair.  

The Vera is not for petite people

This Eurotech chair can’t go low enough for petite people. Even if it’s loaded with adjustable features, it has its limitations.  It also has a lower weight capacity and less steady build. So we recommend the Vera for skinny users to those of average weight. This way you’ll be able to feel more stable in the chair, especially in a reclined position. 

Which chair can give you a better posture?

Even with a less robust bult, the Vera has a backrest that conforms better to the shape of the spine. Though the Soji is not far behind, you’ll feel more comfortable with the deeper lumbar shape of the Vera. It feels more natural. 

For the price points, it’s not too far apart. The decision should also be based on the type of job that you have to do. The Soji can be more upright while the Vera offers more recline and indulgence. 

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