​​Top 3 best Standing Desk Converters for Short People

Finding a standing desk converter for short people isn’t easy. Most units may be able to go high enough for those who stand 6 feet. But only a handful can be used by those who are 5’3” and shorter.

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There might only be a few options, yes. But you’ll be able to find the proper ergonomics with these units.

Ergotron WorkFit S

This standing desk converter isn’t necessarily the most flexible one, but if you’re petite, you’ll find it rather useful.

For smaller users, they need units that are more simple in design and construction. That’s also the reason why most standing desk converters for smaller users might not be that flexible since it has a more basic construction. It must also be easier to adjust. There must not be any awkward reaching or flexing, since petite people will also have shorter arms.

And the Ergotron WorkFit S exactly fits the bill. It is very easy to use. The unit has a straightforward design composed of a base pole to which the monitor is attached. You simply glide it up and down to adjust the height setting. So you do not need to exert much effort to reach the desired setting.

Then you have a platform dedicated to tracking and another platform where you can place your keyboard. So this is also a great choice if you are looking for a unit that offers more space for work. You have a separate space for your notes and your keyboard.

The lowest position also goes below 4 inches on a regular desk. Thus this can be a great fit for those who stand 5’2-5’3”. Also, you can pull the monitor down to the task platform if you need it to be lower.

It also features multiple height adjustments, you can move the monitor up to 18 inches of adjustment options.

It’s more of a vertically sliding workstation, which is more beneficial for petite people. It is very easy to set up too. And we didn’t have any problem with the stability, the monitor did not sway or swing, it managed to stay put. And it is dual ergonomics, so you can independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor. Thus making it easier to achieve the optimum elbow to-desk angle for short people if you’re going to sit.

The gripes, however, might feel a bit flimsy. And it can eat up a chunk of your desktop space. This particular model is attached to the edge of the desk, rendering the desk space below unusable. That being said, this should be mounted to your desk too.

So if you need more flexibility, a wider range of movement, and only have a small footprint on your desk, this is not a good option. However, you can also choose another Ergotron unit that can also go low enough for smaller users, the Ergotron WorkFit A.

Unlike the S version, you can place two monitors side by side. And It does have a smaller footprint and requires a smaller space on your desk. And like the S version, it also has dual ergonomics. But the downside is that it is a less stable unit.

UPLIFT standing desk converter

This sleek and posh-looking standing desk converter features pneumatic height adjustment. It’s easy to lift and you don’t even need to flex your muscles. You have two options too, you can purchase it as a freestanding unit or have it clamped to the back of your desk.

While installing it via a C clamp means drilling holes in your desk, it will also allow you to lower the keyboard tray several inches below the desk. So shorter people can still comfortably use it while seated.

The free-standing unit, though you can’t bring the keyboard tray lower than the table, can still go low enough for the needs of petite people. You will still be able to comfortably use it while standing. And what makes it stand out from the other units is that it has a palm rest. so it will help keep your wrists pain-free, especially if you’ve been typing for hours.

The caveats, however, are not dual ergonomics. So you will not be able to independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor.

Flexispot AlcoveRiser

Flexispot AlcoveRiser M7 Flexispot AlcoveRiser M7

This Flexispot desk converter is also easy to adjust. You just need to press and move the lever found on the right side of the unit. So if you have shorter arms, it will be no problem, there is no reaching and bending involved.

This Flexispot consists of a separate keyboard tray and a space for the monitor. You will be able to lower the keyboard tray to the level of your desk, so short people may still comfortably use it while seated. However, unlike our two options above, the keyboard tray will not be able to go lower than the table itself. So this might not be for those who are super short unless you can have a standing desk that can go way lower.

The downsides, however, apart from the keyboard tray not being able to go lower than the desk, it is not dual ergonomics.

So you will not be able to adjust the keyboard tray independently from the monitor. And this, among our other options, features a higher minimum monitor platform. So this may not be suited for users who stand lower than 5’2’.

How to choose a standing desk converter for short people

A dual ergonomic unit is always the best option for those who are petite or shorter. This means that you’ll be able to independently adjust the keyboard tray from the monitor platform. And this will also help you to find the optimum position for your arms and elbows so that you may be able to work on your laptop comfortably when seated. This also ensures less pain in the wrists.

But of course, it’s a rare gem. We did find a few units that do. And we also chose some brands that have a keyboard tray that can go lower than the table. But these have to be drilled to your desks and they’re not portable so that is something to consider also.

Also, we picked standing desk converters that have a separate keyboard tray from the monitor platform. We don’t see a single platform being ergonomic enough for short people. Most units may not go low enough, so you will have your hands reaching for the keyboard that’s way above your reach. And that can be uncomfortable and can also lead to more pain in the wrists, arms, and neck.