The 12 Best Budget Office Chairs under $500 for WFH

budget office chairs recommend by Standingdesktopper

If you’re tight on the moolah but really need a comfortable and ergonomic chair for your home office setup, then do your research carefully because lots of brands in the market will bring you down the rabbit hole.

Though you have a budget to stick to, it doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the quality too. Not all functional ergonomic chairs have sky-high prices. We are going to list down 12 of the best ergonomic and adjustable office chairs under 500 bucks that works!

But if you in a hurry and need the quick result, here are everything you need

This 2024, we are testing new models. We will update soon. At the moment, here are a few rising stars

Budget Office Chairs Weight capacity Warranty
⭐️ Steelcase Series 1 400 lbs 12 years
⭐️ HON Ignition 2.0 300 lbs Lifetime full backed
⭐️ SIDIZ T50 275 lbs 3 years
⭐️ Autonomous Ergochair 2 350 lbs 1-3 years, required
⭐️ Branch Ergonomic Chair 275 lbs 7 years
⭐️ Nouhaus Ergo3D 275 lbs up to 3 years
⭐️ SIHOO M57 330 lbs 3 years
⭐️ Hbada E3 350 lbs 3 years
⭐️ IKEA Markus 240 lbs
⭐️ OM TRULY 300 lbs lifetime warranty
⭐️ Eurotech Vera 250 lbs 5 years*
BOSS B6023 275 lbs
Sadie Big and Tall 400 lbs

ergonomic chair under 500 that works

Affordable Office Ergonomic Chairs under $500 

Series 1 Chair by Steelcase

Our top pick
Steelcase Series 1 Steelcase Series 1

The best value for your budget with max 400 lbs of weight capacity and 12 year warranty

  • Durable and well built
  • Has a comfortable seat padding
  • Great lumbar support
  • Has a lovely design
  • Limited reclining positions
  • If you want a headrest, you have to spend more money!

Steelase Chair Series 1 review by Standingdesktopper

All testers from US and CA agreed that the top 1 on our budget chair list should be the Steelcase Series 1. This is one of the affordable office chairs of Steelcase – a known high-end brand for office chairs. The Series 1 can be a comfortable chair for mild to moderate use. Like the other chairs of the brands, it has a solid and well-built construction. And the design of the chair is also something that you can be happy about.

The seat cushion has a dense amount of padding, not too plush but it’s also not too firm. And it’s quite comfortable for most people. In terms of adjustability, this affordable Steelcase chair is on the top tier. It has lots of adjustable features. The height of the lumbar support is adjustable, though you can’t adjust the amount of support that you want. But that option is fairly lacking in the most affordable ergonomic office chairs.

the chair steelcase series 1
More style here >>> Check price

The tilt limiter and recline can be adjusted, but you only have one knob for the 2 features. And it doesn’t have many reclining options. It doesn’t offer many reclining options compared to the higher-priced Steelcase chairs, And it also has a seat height adjustment. So you won’t be uncomfortable behind your knee.

The armrests are also adjustable in several ways. And it’s constructed differently. It’s attached to the backrest, so this is something you have to look into before getting this chair. Some may like this feature and others may find it limiting.

The lumbar support is fairly good, but it may not be exceptional. 

Overall, it’s a comfortable chair for its price. And if you’re keen on getting a Steelcase chair but you’re not yet ready for the cost, this is a great option for you.

Steelcase series 1 office chair

steelcase series 1 review
The Steelcase Series 1 with headrest

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HON Ignition 2.0 – The best mesh chair for a budget under $500

Why we like it – Ignition 2.0 isn’t just smart and supportive – now it’s speedy, too! The one-touch synchronized seat and back adjust put you in charge of your comfort, while the enhanced lumbar support and waterfall seat design keeps you feeling good all day.

Ignition 2.0

Adjustability – You can adjust the height, depth, tilt, and arms of this chair to find your perfect fit.

Hon Igintion 2.0 review
Igintion 2.0 >>> Check price today

With an Advanced synchro-tilt mechanism, Hon Ignition 2.0 is also one of the most adjustable ergonomic chairs in its price range.

Lumbar Support – With both tension and tilt controls, you can customize the amount of lumbar support you need to stay comfortable all day.

Waterfall Seat Design – The waterfall seat design relieves pressure on your legs and helps improve circulation.

Comfort – The waterfall seat design reduces pressure on your legs, and the lumbar support is adjustable to provide customized back support.

Build quality – This chair is made with ReActiv back material, which is designed to provide flexible support and breathability. The 4-Way Stretch mesh seat is also comfortable and cooling which increases airflow and helps reduce heat build-up.

User experiences – With so many positive reviews on Reddit, Hon Ignition 2.0 has lots of customizable aspects that people only think exist on high-end office chairs.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

Also Great Pick
SIDIZ T50 (Black) SIDIZ T50 (Black)

This chair supports up to 275lbs and has only 3 years of warranty.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • 3 layers Adjustable seat and 3-way armrests
  • Weight-activated synchro-tilt
  • Not as durable as some of the other options
  • The lumbar support is too firm, it may stab you in the back!

#3 on our list, recently our UK experts pick the SIDIZ T50 as one of the most comfortable office chairs out there within a $500 budget. The testers also mention this’s a great option for people who get into trouble with back pain and looking for an ergonomic and stylish chair for 8-10 hours of sitting. The mesh backrest is breathable and it helps keep your back cool and sweat-free. It’s also adjustable so you can find the perfect position for your spine.

The T50 seat cushion is also quite comfortable with three layers. It’s made of high-density foam that will keep yours behind from getting numb even after sitting for long hours. And like the backrest, the seat is also adjustable. You can adjust the height and depth to find the perfect position for your thighs and bottom.

The armrests with 3-ways are also adjustable. You can move them up and down, forwards and backward, and in and out. So you can really find the perfect position for your arms.

sidiz t50 office chair 500
Check price

The chair also has a tilt mechanism that you can lock in different positions. And it also has a weight-activated synchro-tilt that gives you optimal support when you recline. And the special thing we have to mention is the 2-Way Lumbar Support, which means Sidiz T50 can protect your lower back in two different ways. The first one is by providing good lumbar support when you’re sitting upright. And the second way is by cradling your spine when you recline. So it will prevent you from getting lower back pain even if you spend long hours in front of the computer.

With 4 versions from SIDIZ, T50 has the Detachable Seat Cover like the T80, this doesn’t offer if you pick the basic T40 or T25. You can also choose the seat from 3 different colors: black, blue, or gray. But all of them look quite stylish and professional

Like other office chairs, Sidiz T50 is not 100% perfect. Frankly, it is that it’s not as durable as some of the other options on this list. And only 3 years of warranty, that’s not enough if compared with Steelcase series 1!

Comparison: Sidiz T50 vs Nouhaus Rewind office chair – Which Has the Better Back Support?

Autonomous Ergochair 2

Our Experts recommend this model
Autonomous Premium Ergonomic Office Chair Autonomous Premium Ergonomic Office Chair

Full specs:

  • Mesh Back, Medium, Black - White version
  • Medium size (seat height 18-20")
  • 350 lbs of weight capacity
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Encourages proper posture
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Wider seat
  • Great lumbar support
  • Armrests aren't that comfortable
  • Terrible customer services

The Autonomous Ergochair Pro is a great steal at its price. This office chair is intended for prolonged seating. It’s a very comfortable chair and almost feels like you’re sitting on a mattress.

And if you tend to slouch a lot when sitting, this chair can help you with that. It has pretty good adjustable lumbar support. and the shape of the backseat encourages proper posture. So you won’t experience any tightness when standing up.

It can also be reclined. It does have a counterbalance adjustment to prevent the chair from reclining too much. You can also securely lock your preferred recline position. We find that the lock is quite secure and pretty much holds itself. 

Ergochair 2 - one of the best ergonomic chair under 500

If the affordable price is not enough, the brand made it a point to break down where the cost went to. It’s something not all brands do. So when you check their website you’ll see

Assembly is quite easy. The package also contains a hex wrench for the setup. The only thing is it does need a break-in period. So your body has to gradually adapt to the chair. But once it does, you’ll find it very comfortable.

As for the design, it has an all-mesh back that encourages better ventilation. So it’s rather comfortable even during the hot weather. The seat is properly cushioned and has enough width so you have more room to move around. 

We do have some qualms with the armrests. They have a very different design, they’re a bit concave to the middle. We find that quite uncomfortable. Though it can be adjusted in 3 ways, it’s not the most comfortable armrest we’ve tried.

Ergochair pro autonomous 2 - an ergonomic chair under $500

Overall, it has several adjustments that can fit people of almost any size, just as long as you’re within the 350 lbs weight capacity. It’s pretty comfortable to sit on for a prolonged time.

Branch Ergonomic chair

Branch Furniture has 3 options for office chairs: The high-end Verve Chair, the Medium Ergonomic Chair, and the Daily Chair for the budget. After consideration of the 2 budget options, our experts agree to name this Ergonomic chair to this list.

Branch Ergonomic chair for the budget

Comes with a 7-year warranty, the Branch chair confidently competes with its counterparts like the Ergochair Pro of Autonomous or Sidiz T50 and even takes on other Chinese brands in the market.
The Branch chair offers seat height adjustment range spanning from 17-21″ (43.2 -53.3 cm). The chair’s armrests can be adjusted within a range of 4″, from 25-29″. It caters to a diverse range of users, but we prefer medium-sized individuals. Taller folks may need other options!

It has a weight capacity of 275 lbs, of course confidently supports heavy folks, better than Sidiz T50 or Nouhaus Ergo 3D, but can’t compete with Steelcase or Autonomous’s

To ensure maximum strength, the chair incorporates durable metals in key load-bearing areas, such as the base, mechanism, and armrests.

However, there have been concerns about the chair’s build quality, particularly regarding its plastic components. Some of our testers expressed reservations about the long-term durability of the sliding plastic seat pan adjustment and the armrests. A few testers also found the fabric covering the seat to be slightly rough on bare skin, which could potentially cause discomfort in warm weather.

As with any product, the Branch Ergonomic Chair has received mixed feedback. Some have lauded the chair’s adjustability and lumbar support, noting that it has significantly improved their posture and overall comfort. Others have commended the mesh backrest for its breathability, especially during extended work hours. But with a decent price, we agree that this Branch certainly merits consideration as a practical and comfortable seating solution

Nouhaus Ergo3D

Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Lumbar Support Mesh Office Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest, Adjustable Headrest and Wheels, Mesh High Back Home Office Desk Chairs(Black) Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Lumbar Support Mesh Office Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest, Adjustable Headrest and Wheels, Mesh High Back Home Office Desk Chairs(Black)
  • Fully adjustable and rotatable headrest
  • 3-way sturdy armrests
  • Great lumbar support
  • Highly breathable material
  • No seat depth adjustment
  • Long-time shipping

This ergo chair offers loads of adjustability that makes it a comfortable chair for office or gaming. One of the things that We love about this chair is the lumbar support. It’s built-in but it naturally conforms to your spine’s shape and it follows your every movement. The backseat is flexible and made of durable material. The headrest is also fully adjustable, so the chair can pretty much accommodate people of varying heights. How adjustable is the headrest? it can be rotated, so it can provide ultimate comfort. This is something that you won’t see in most chairs. Though the chair can be used by most people, you can maximize the rotatable headrest if you stand no higher than 6’2’. Beyond that, the headrest might give minimal support. 

The adjustable armrests are 3 way, so that’s something really useful. It also doesn’t feel wobbly or flimsy. You can also use the chair comfortably without the armrests. 

One of the qualms We have, however, is the seat depth. It’s not adjustable and can be uncomfortable for those who have longer legs.  

ergo3d chair - one of the best office chair under 500
Ergo3D >>> Check price

In terms of durability, it’s neither flimsy nor premium. And although the entire char is mainly made of plastic, there is metalware that adds up to its durability. 

And you get to choose from 4 different colors. The design may not be for all, but it’s decent enough. And the chair has more of a breathable material rather than soft padding. But you do get thin padding on the backrest and seat, though some may find it quite invisible.


SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair with 3 Way Armrests Lumbar Support and Adjustable Headrest High Back Tilt Function Black SIHOO M57 Ergonomic Office Chair with 3 Way Armrests Lumbar Support and Adjustable Headrest High Back Tilt Function Black

Out of the SIHOO chairs, this is one of our favorites. This is ideal for those who stand 5'4” or 5'5 - 6'0”. And taller folks above 6 feet will not fit into the chair

The chair is well-built, feels solid, and has this modern vibe going on. Though it can be a bit intrusive the first few days, it has this break-in period. 

sihoo m57 official

So if you will not give it a chance, you’ll find that it is very hard and uncomfortable to sit on. But after several days, the mesh becomes softer and more comfortable to sit on for longer hours. It will take about a week before you’ll be able to fully appreciate M57. 

In awareness, after several months, the mesh did not sag and it still maintained its integrity. It feels as good as it did after the break-in period. 

Hbada E3

A fantastic budget option for those working from home with multiple functions offered like 3D lumbar support, 3D armrest, adjustable headrest and so much more

hbada e3 pro chair

With its 3D Lumbar Support, this chair provides tailored ergonomic support to reduce fatigue and improve sitting posture. The 3-part backrest comprises an elastic mesh middle support and leather fabric flank supports, offering a comfortable experience while correcting sitting posture. However, it’s not easy to find Replacement Parts if you are in the UK.

HBADA E3’s weight capacity of 350 pounds is more than enough to support a standard person. But be careful with the chair’s drawbacks – the armrest pads problem. Our tester said the pads can feel thin and flimsy, and makes feeling the hard plastic underneath after just one day of use. This can lead to discomfort and soreness in the elbows, making it difficult to work for 8-12 hours or even extended periods. We suggest adding additional padding to the armrests, it may fix the problem!

IKEA Markus

IKEA MARKUS Office chair IKEA MARKUS Office chair

The IKEA Markus is one of the most comfortable, well-built, and affordable office chairs on the market today. It’s a mid-range office chair that can also be used for gaming.

  • Breathable mesh backseat
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Very comfortable for people with an average height
  • Wider seat
  • Not for everybody

115/177 testers in the US love the IKEA Markus chair. Especially the taller folks

ikea markus chair for budget under $500

You also have the option to choose between the leather and a fabric option, though the leather material costs a bit more. And We find the fabric material more comfortable

The padded seating is adequately cushioned, and it has the right firmness without feeling too tough. Then the high mesh back seat is quite breathable. And it’s nice and firm. It also has a slight curve to it. So it can support the normal curve of your spine. The built-in lumbar support cushion helps keep proper posture while you’re seated.

It doesn’t have fancy features and it’s more of a minimalistic chair. It has a flat seat design too. But what’s best about it is that the seat is really wide and you can even cross your legs comfortably. This is actually what most people love about the MARKUS.

IKEA Markus >>> Check the price of Markus today

But the biggest advantage of the IKEA Markus is its price points. It might be hard to find a chair that can be used comfortably both for gaming and an office that has the price. Though there can be some trade-offs. One, the armrests aren’t adjustable. And We really don’t find it that comfortable, sometimes it seems like the chair will do without it. So, the armrests don’t have much relevance. And two, though it can give decent lumbar support, the head and neck support may seem lacking.

Though there are adjustable features that you can enjoy such as the tension of the recline. But keep in mind that it does not recline as much as the other expensive brands.

The lack of adjustable features means that this office chair isn’t for everybody. It’s not for people who are too tall or too short. But if you have an average weight, this is the perfect office chair for you.

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OM TRULY Ergonomic chair

OM Truly chair

The OM Truly has a polycarbonate back. It’s actually designed to be on par with high-end chairs such as Herman Miller and the Steelcase Leap.

What makes it stand up to the big brands is that it’s also one of the most customizable office chairs that are mid-priced. Like the expensive brands, you have options to change the mechanisms, the lumbar support, and even the caster wheels. And you just need to pay for the upgrade. It’s still quite affordable even with all the upgrades.

It’s also one of the most adjustable and ergonomic chairs that we have tried. It has a seat height and depth adjustment. So you can find that sweet spot in case you have longer legs.

It also has a single tilt mechanism and tension adjustment. And you can choose from 5 lockable positions. You can choose from a fixed recline position or a freely reclining one. 

So if you want more bouncy, rock and forth motion, just loosen the tension knob. And it’s easy to adjust the backrest, you just need to slide it up and down. As for the armrest, the unit boasts of 2 way armrests. But you can upgrade it to a 3 way or a 4-way armrest. And you can also pop in a headrest when needed.

And the back angle adjustment is something that you don’t commonly see in most ergonomic office chairs. It allows you to change the tilt of the chair, even before you adjust the recline. 

Furthermore, the polycarbonate backrest has an S-shaped curve that mimics the shape of your spine. And the material is soft and can follow your every movement. And you have an option to have more pronounced or subtle back support by adjusting the knob at the lumbar support area. 

But there might be some features that won’t go perfectly well. So the polycarbonate back is flexible. And for me, it offers great back support, but this material is not for everyone. And the cushion might be too firm for some, especially those who favor plush mattress-like seats. And the armrests felt a bit flimsy and did wiggle a bit.

In a nutshell, it’s a highly ergonomic, adjustable, and customizable chair. And for this price range, you might find it hard to find something like it.


  • Highly customizable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Has a back angle adjustment
  • Offers a lot of upgrades


  • The armrests wobble

Continue with Great ergonomic chair under 500 bucks

Eurotech Vera office chair

Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair, Satellite Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair, Satellite
  • Well-padded seat
  • Has a wider seat
  • Offers great lumbar support
  • Sleek design
  • It may not be that comfortable for shorter people who stand less than 5’3”

The Eurotech Vera may have the most comfortable backrest for a mesh office chair. It has back support that almost everyone can find comfort in. So whether you’re tall or short, this is an ergonomic chair that can give very good support.

This chair looks rather basic and does not have too fancy features. But it’s one of the most comfortable office chairs we have tried. It does have a wider seat and there are no sharp edges that could be uncomfortable for your legs. The cushions are quite comfortable but don’t expect a plush one. But it’s not too firm, it just has the right softness. So if you’re looking for a very soft and plush office chair, this isn’t that.

In terms of adjustability, seat height and depth can be adjusted. It also has a cache tilt mechanism that offers 4 various locking positions. So pretty much it has the basic adjustable features you’d be looking for in an ergonomic office chair. And the armrests are 4D too.

Overall, it’s a basic ergonomic and comfortable chair with a basic of adjustable features.

What about budget office chairs for under $300?

Is it possible to find a decent and comfortable chair with a 300$ budget?

Since you get what you pay for, does it mean that you have to settle for second best?

Frankly, it’s difficult.

But it actually is possible. You can start your home office setup with a comfortable office chair without breaking the bank. And some of the top picks we’ll mention below can also be used for gaming. 

Note: These office chairs below are not really ergonomic. If you really need an ergonomic chair with a budget, please take a look at the office chairs we have already mentioned above.

Office Chair under 300

BOSS B6023 office chair

Boss Office Products Contract Mesh Task Chair, Black (B6023) Boss Office Products Contract Mesh Task Chair, Black (B6023)
  • Infinite locking position
  • Independent adjustments for tilt function and seat angle
  • Contoured padded seat
  • Highly adjustable
  • The padding is not of premium quality
  • Long-time shipping

The BOSS B6023 stands out with its infinite locking position and the back angle and seat angle independently. While most chairs only have one adjustment knob for both features, the BOSS B60233 gives you more liberty.

The infinite locking options give you the freedom to choose any point you feel most comfortable at. So finding the sweet spot is very easy. And you’re not confined to a detailed number of options. This makes the chair more suitable for a lot of people. 

Other adjustable features are the armrests, seat height, lumbar support, and tension knob. We always love how you can adjust the tension of the recline. Whether you want it too firm or too loose, it’s up to you. 

We also love thickly padded seats. The seat is designed to hug your butt naturally. It has a natural curved shape that feels really comfortable on your butt it feels as if the foam is hugging your butt. So if it’s very accommodating for prolonged seating. It’s perhaps one of those chairs that you can use for long hours in front of the computer.

The combination of the adjustability of the chair and the design of the seat makes it one of my top choices for prolonged working. 

Sadie Big and Tall office chair

HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair Mesh Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Heavy Duty 400 lb Max - Adjustable Arms, Lumbar Support, 360 Swivel Rolling Wheels - Black, 30.31D x 30.31W x 42.91H in HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair Mesh Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Heavy Duty 400 lb Max - Adjustable Arms, Lumbar Support, 360 Swivel Rolling Wheels - Black, 30.31D x 30.31W x 42.91H in
  • Well-cushioned seat
  • Solid and has a substantial weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for those who are bottom-heavy
  • The lumbar support doesn’t have any locking mechanism
  • Long-time shipping

Boasting 400 lbs weight capacity, the Sadie Big and Tall is an affordable heavy-duty office chair. The seat is very accommodating for bottom-heavy men and women. It’s wide enough so you still have enough room to move around a bit sans the wider below-the-waist dimensions. And it doesn’t feel too cramped up.

The chair and even the parts have a substantial weight to them. So this gives you confidence that this heavy-duty char is really meant to bear such weight. It feels sturdy, solid, and well-built. And even if you’ve been sitting for 6 hours or more, you won’t hear any cranking sound.

It’s a comfortable chair designed for bigger people. And it has several adjustable features. The seat height and lumbar support can be adjusted to your height requirements. Though We wished the lumbar support was some sort of locking mechanism so it would stay in place. Sometimes it tends to move up and down.

As for the setup, it’s easy to put this chair altogether and the assembly tools are included in the package. You just have to bear with lifting the heavy parts. So if you’re physically challenged, you can ask someone to help you assemble this office chair. 

The seat is also well-cushioned. And it doesn’t sink easily. So it really accommodates heavier people without the seat bottoming out after several or even prolonged use. Though tall and thin people might find the seat too wide. But if you love the extra room, it can be your chair. 

Our Expert recommendations

These budget office chairs can give you the best solution for your home office, especially if you have a small budget!

We hope you were able to find your chair from our top list! Be free to ask us anything at any time. Just click on the Mail button in the footer then send us an email and we’ll talk!

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