The 9 Best Office Chairs for Canadian to buy this Christmas 2024

Here are our top picks of the Best ergonomic office chairs in Canada that will save your back

the best office chairs for canadian people

Sitting in front of the desk for hours on end can be painful for the butt and back. That’s why you need a more ergonomically designed chair so that you can work longer without breaking your back. And if you’re a Canadian, here are the best picks for you 

Office chairs Seat height range Seat width Seat depth Weight capacity Lumbar support
Sytas Home 18.1”-21.6” 18.9” 19.7” 300 lbs adjustable
Ergochair Plus 17”-21” 19” 19” 300 lbs Adaptive spinal support
X-chair X2 17.4”-21” 20.5” 19”-21” 240 lbs Dynamic lower back support
Steelcase Karman 15.8”-20.4” 19” 17” 350 lbs optional
CXO 6200D 16”-21” 20” 19.5” 350 lbs 2D
Steelcase Leap 15.5”-20.5” 19.5” 15.75”-18.75” 400 lbs adjustable
Herman Miller Sayl 16.4”-22” 18” 15.9”- 17.9” 350 lbs adjustable
Haworth Fern 16.5”-21.5” 19.9” 15.5”-18.5” 325 lbs optional
IKEA Jarvfjallet 17.25”-22” 20.5” 18 ⅛” 243 lbs adjustable

Steelcase Leap

We chose the Leap chair due to its high adjustability. This means that a lot of people will be able to find the chair more comfortable as they can fine-tune it to their needs and level of comfort.

So this can work if you are sharing office spaces with more than yourself. The backrest is also very comfortable. The same goes for the seat, you will be able to sit on the chair for 10-12 hours and feel very comfortable. 

Steelcase Leap v2 chairs

This is one of those expensive ergo chairs that you can get your value for money, not just because of the brand name. Especially with stronger lumbar support, it’s best for those who need more pronounced lower back support. Though some may find it aggressive, you may still be able to change the tension or pressure. It doesn’t have a recliner, so you can have it back but it does have a tilt limiter. So it can still give you a little bit of that luxury.

Ergochair Plus

This Autonomous chair had that fishbone design and a TPE material for the backrest and the seat. It does look quite stylish and can mimic an expensive Herman Miller chair

It also has adaptive spinal support. So it doesn’t need any levers or knobs to adjust the lower back part, it adjusts itself for you.

Add that to the elastic TPE material and you get a resilient chair with great lumbar support that you don’t even need to adjust.

Ergochair plus

But again, don’t expect a very sublime experience. It can be supportive to some extent but it’s not as it is marketed. The adaptive support is okay, but not impressive. It’s enough for those who just need basic support and not a pronounced one.

In fairness, the chair overall feels quite supportive even if it’s not the most comfy chair for the tush. The TPE material feels quite hard on the butt, it does feel like you’re sitting on hard plywood. That’s why you best use it with some form of seat cushion. 

We also have the same qualms with the arms. They seem to be moving a lot when you’re using them for a long time. So the wear and tear is evident in a few months. 

X chair X2

Office chairs with more dynamic lumbar support are making waves. It’s easy to fall in love with one. This allows you to enjoy a more seamless-looking chair that’s rid of those bulky levers and knobs. This also offers you a more personal type of comfort since the chair tends to adjust itself according to the weight of the user. 

And we have another chair of that type on our list, the X chair X2. This all-mesh unit has tons of features that allow you to fine-tune the comfort of the chair to your liking. Not to mention, it is substantially stable and doesn’t feel rocky or flimsy at any point.

x chair x2

Despite having more pints of adjustment, it doesn’t look big or bulky. On the contrary, it is a sleek office chair, perfect in tight spaces. It also features an option to add a massager, one that most chairs do not have.  

The downside, however, for some people, it might need some time to get used to the chair. But once you’re acquainted with it, you’ll find it pretty sick and comfortable. 

Sytas Home

This stylish chair can offer you a posh, quaint, and affordable seating solution. This chair has that modern vibe that can rock your home office space. It does have several adjustable features with a 300-ish price tag up on its sleeve. 

Sytas Home desk chair

Let’s go to the good bits first. The back is ergo-shaped with the silhouette of the back in mind. It has a supportive lumbar. You would also be able to take a breather and recline back should you need to. Each of the features, despite not being the best quality, worked well with each other. This type of cohesiveness is quite important if you want a chair that feels comfortable enough despite the cheaper price tag. 

There are a handful of good things but here comes the not-so-good parts. It lacks the sublimeness and flawlessness that other more expensive ergonomic chairs have. There is cohesiveness but it’s not Herman Miller or Steelcase level. It does have a headrest, but it can be quite wobbly, not all have experienced this but there are a handful of users that had their headrest replaced. Also, the chair has this lever that you use to adjust the seat height. But it is located towards the far back of the seat which can be challenging to reach for most users.

Also, the tilt functions yes, but it doesn’t feel that solid or sublime either. So you can really tell that it is a less than 500-dollar chair. Though in terms of durability, it feels substantial enough.

Steelcase Karman

Despite having fewer adjustable points than the other more popular Steelcase chairs, we did find the Karman quite comfortable. It has 4 adjustable tilt points that can make the chair versatile enough and suitable for a variety of working situations.

Steelcase Karman

You have the upright tilt that you can use for tasking jobs. Then there’s the slightly leaned back if you want to feel a bit more relaxed. You also have an option to add tension to the tilt or not. So this is pretty much heaven for those who want a more personalized control over the tilt features.

If you’re also looking for a cheaper Steelcase, the Karman is the most affordable in its line. It’s also quite light and airy.

This chair, though being the least expensive Steelcase, can still be expensive compared to the mid-range office chairs.

CXO 6200D

If you want an indulgent experience, this Nightingale office chair is one for the books. If you don’t mind the hefty price tag that comes with it, this is a very luxurious office chair.

Every part of the chair screams quality. Our favorite by far is the seat and the lumbar short. The cushioned seat is quite thick and has a Tempurpedic foam-like feel, it is quite supportive and very cushy at the same time. 

CXO 6200D chair


The lumbar support is 2D, you will be able to adjust it up and down and control the amount of pressure. It doesn’t sink out easily and can maintain its form and integrity even after several years. The seat will still be as cushy and comfortable as the first day you sat on it. 

The arms are also pretty wide and softer than we have experienced with most chairs, even on units that switch the same price. So everything about this chair is quite sublime and can also give you a well-deserved break in between deadlines. You may be able to snooze in it.

Herman Miller Sayl

This expensive and aesthetic chair is a mix of function and design. It is one of the more beautiful and creatively designed office chairs that also performs impeccably at the same time.

But this is not a chair for all, the comfort level is quite subjective since it lacks adjustability. However, it does have an adjustable lumbar and resilient and flexible materials that allow it to adapt to varying needs. But then again, not all will experience that, some may find this one of the least comfy chairs. But if it does fit you, you’ll say that this is one of the most comfortable chairs that you have ever sat on.

Sayl chair from Herman Miller

It’s still expensive compared to other chairs on this list, but this is the cheapest Herman Miller chair. So this can also be a good place to start if you fancy the brand but can’t afford the popular Aeron yet. 

And since it’s a Herman Miller chair, you get that same high-end quality and craftsmanship. 

Haworth Fern

The Fern chair is notorious for being a cheaper alternative to the Embody. It is also a more comfortable version of the Herman Miller chair. It has a similar pixelated backrest design that lends a very supportive lower back base. But that of the Embody may feel too aggressive and too hard. Others may find the pixelated thingies poking against their backs at some point. This is where the more affordable chair stands out. The pixelated back support of the Fern feels softer than the Embody.

haworth fern gaming chair

This also makes this chair more airy and almost has that feeling of weightlessness or being suspended. You can feel that you’re sitting on a hammock. 

It also has a lot of adjustable features that can make it more adaptable to a wider range of users. It’s very nice but there is room for improvement when it comes to the seat cousins. It could use a bit more softness. 

IKEA Jarvfjallet

The Jarvfjallet offers a softer lumbar support and a better range of motion than the more popular Markus. It has the same rigid frame as the Makrus but the backrest can be more flexible so it is friendlier to your back. It’s also a cheap chair if you are looking for one with a headrest that is height adjustable. And this worked better than what the Markus had.

It has the same build and materials as the Markus, not high-end but more on the lower end of the spectrum. But these chairs are still a decent buy for the price they bear. 

Work longer without breaking your back

A bad back, that’s what you can get if you work for longer hours on a task chair. Add the stiffness and pain on the neck and numbness on the legs too. Those are what you get with a chair that doesn’t fit your needs. 

That’s why we have gathered a handful of office chairs that promise a better seating experience, specifically for the lumbar.  We have units that have adjustable lower back and those that are fixed  but are equipped with a more ingenious technology for a more comfortable experience. 

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