How to stop bum sweat on your office chairs

Sweating on your office chairs is something all of us are far too familiar with. Regardless of how expensive or how cheap your chair is, you’ll be sweating down there, especially during the hot summer months. 

It’s not only an icky feeling sitting on the buns can lead to itchiness and rashes. And if you give in to the temptation to scratch it raw, it can lead to infection. So while sweating may be a very normal thing, you can still do something to stop bum sweats on your chairs. 

Sweating on your office chairs good

What leads to bum sweats?

There are several reasons why you have booty sweats on the chair. 

For instance, during the hot scorching summers, you tend to sweat more. But some people are likely to sweat more. And this is not only a cause of discomfort, it can also be an embarrassing situation. Not only does it feel awkward and icky to be sweating your bums out, but the moisture and liquid can seep through your clothes making stains very visible to the naked eye. In such cases, genetics plays a role. Some, regardless of their weight, may sweat more than others. 

Extreme emotions can also cause profuse sweating. The feeling of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and stress can hype up those eccrine glands, which are the sweat glands in the bums. 

The type of clothing you wear can also make a great impact on the amount of sweat your bums make. Thicker clothes or those that are not breathable can make you sweat more down there. 

How to stop embarrassing bum sweats

Everybody needs to know this. As much as it is a normal, often odorless situation, it doesn’t mean you must not do anything about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel dry and fresh as you sit on your office chair?

Here are some practical tips on how you can stop bum sweating on your chairs.

  • Choose more breathable fabrics

Breathable materials such as cotton and linen can help reduce the intensity of sweating, especially if you are on the heavier side or if you are genetically wired to sweat more than other people. These are moisture-wicking materials that prevent liquids from being trapped.

While the fabric that we have mentioned above is the king when it comes to moisture wicking, it still depends on your body or how it reacts to certain types of fabrics. Only you would be able to identify which is the best material that can keep you cool. All you have to do is experiment and explore.  

  • Stand every few minutes or so

Bum sweats can be aggravated by sitting for prolonged periods. Your bum is pressed against the cushioned chair leaving no room for air to circulate. This is the perfect recipe for bum sweats. 

So standing every 10 or 15 minutes may help clear out that area and introduce some air circulation.  

  • Avoid excessively spicy food

Hot and spicy foods can amp up the sweat meter. These foods can speed up your metabolism, making sweating more profuse. So try to take it down a notch, especially in the hot summer months.  

  • Have a portable fan nearby

One of the best and most practical ways to have air circulation down there is by using a portable fan. You may want to air out one side of the butt first so you can still comfortably sit on the chair.  

  • Mind your hygiene 

While bum sweats are essentially odorless, they might not always be if you are not practicing impeccable personal hygiene. Make sure to take a quick refreshing shower before heading out to your desk. This can make a lot of difference. 

You can also use talc or baby powder to keep the bums dry and comfortable while you’re seated.

  • Try changing positions from time to time 

If you are not able to stand up every few minutes, try to find a way to introduce pockets of air to the bum area. You can do this by shifting or changing positions. 

Say, if you are seated with the legs crossed, try shifting to the other leg every few minutes or so. This can help introduce tiny pockets of air into the butt and thigh area. 

  • Drink your water

Keeping your body temperature controlled and in check can prevent excessive sweating. And you can do this by staying hydrated. So while coffee is life with deadlines and all, don’t forget to get the recommended 8-10 glasses a day.  

  • Mesh chairs can be your best friend 

If you’ve tried everything but to no avail, it’s time to switch to a more breathable chair. Mesh chairs are built, for this reason, to keep you airy and lessen sweating on the butt.  

And if you love cushioned executive chairs made of leather, you might want to park them during the hot summers. Investing in a more breathable mesh or fabric material can help keep you comfortable and dry during the hotter season. 

Sweaty bums no more

Bum sweat on the chair is very, very normal. But it can also be an embarrassing situation, especially for those who profusely sweat. We have mentioned some practical tips, nothing rocket science. These can help you be comfortable and dry even if you need to work for longer hours.