UREVO vs GoPlus – Which Entry Level Under Desk Treadmill is Better?

urevo vs goplus under desk treadmills

If you’re looking for a budget friendly and foldable treadmill that you can use in your small home office, you might have come across these two brands. They offer a quick solution if you need a treadmill that you can easily snuck underneath your desk or even the bed. So let’s  try to compare these two foldable units of each brand.

  • Support 265lbs Weight Capacity
  • 7.5 MPH of Max speed
  • 2.25HP
  • Support 265lbs Weight Capacity
  • 7.6 MPH of Max speed
  • 2.5HP
  • Support 265lbs Weight Capacity
  • 7.5 MPH of Max speed
  • 2.25HP
  • Support 265lbs Weight Capacity
  • 7.6 MPH of Max speed
  • 2.5HP

The Urevo is a basic treadmill with an incline

This under-400-dollar machine does look like any other entry-level treadmill you’d find in the market. The brand has a handful of compact and sleek units that you can choose from. Though they mostly seem alike except for a few differences and features.

As much as it is cheap, the brand has about 4 to 5 treadmills under the price of 500 that offer an incline function. For a smaller machine, this is a bonus since you will still be able to amp up the intensity of your routine sans the lack of space. 

A noticeable feature of each unit is that they come with a working desk. It is ample and decent enough to hold a standard-sized laptop. So you can multitask while completing your morning cardio. 

The unit can also be easily foldable and seems very compact. It has a lower profile that you can easily snuck under the desk or bed. 

Our qualms on this treadmill are that it may feel shaky at times, even the arms do not have a substantial weight and can feel rocky for some people. Shorter and petite may also find that the arils are set too high. So if you are shorter than 5 ‘2”, you must do without the rails or find another budget-friendly unit, unless you are comfortable using the unit without the need to hold onto the arms at any point. 

urevo under desk treadmill

Can you run on this treadmill?

For instance, the UREVO Foldi 2 has a max speed of 7.6 MPH. For shorter and petite people or those who do not have larger strides, this may be suitable for a decent run. But the machine can get too hot easily if you’re using it for running. Not to mention, the treadmill does not feel that stable if there is too much impact on the running belt. It can also give out a weird mechanical smell.  The track also lags if you’ve been using this at its max speed and for a prolonged time. Thus we see this as suitable for walking only. 

And oh, the machine can get warm at times even when you’re just using it for walking. So it’s best to use a treadmill mat especially if it will be placed over carpeted floors.

There are also times when the treadmill lags even if used for walking alone. It gradually slows down when you push, pause, or stop. Sometimes it’s seamless, sometimes there’s a jolt and it would just stop suddenly. That’s why it’s best to use it with the handrails for safety purposes. 

So is UREVO a decent buy?

It’s definitely a light-duty treadmill for casual walking. It’s not recommended to run on it.  To keep the machine in its prime state for a long time, it’s best treated as a light-duty machine.  Is it flimsy? Though there are stability issues, this is more noticeable when used by heavier users. Despite the marketed 365 lbs weight limit, we best recommend it for lighter people or those of average weight so as not to put too much pressure on the machine.

Also with regards to the lagging issues, not all units seem to suffer from this, so this can be an inconsistency problem.

How are Go Plus treadmills?

This brand offers more units with advanced features. You may have more options if you’re looking for a machine that offers more than just the basics. 

So we best pit it against the more budget-friendly, more compact, and foldable unit that has almost the same dimensions as the UREVO 2 in 1, and this is the Go Plus Fit. This is the brand’s smallest and most compact offering. 

Let’s see the most noticeable differences

  • It is more stable, especially the handrails

We felt that the Go Plus unit feels more substantially stable and has more heft to it. Though the max speed is the same as the UREVO, We recommend it for walking. And given the smaller belt size, taller runners will find the belt insufficient. On the other hand, petite users may find this suitable for just a light jog since it feels more stable and steady. But again, with the sorter belt, it may still be insufficient.

The arms feel also better and have a more standard height compared to the height placement of the  UREVO handrails. So more people will be able to use the handrails.

  • Go Plus has a Bluetooth feature, but UREVO has an incline

Being basic, the GoPlus treadmill has  Bluetooth speakers, so you can also enjoy a bit of modern functions. It can be compared to the built-in desk that the UREVO offers. Though can’t be compared eye to eye since the Bluetooth features are more of a modern functionality, it is something that other basic treadmills might lack. 

But oh, you will be able to incline the running belt, so it can offer more progression. So these are the extra features that you can also compare to make the most suitable choice.

  • The UREVO is quieter

Here is another area that can help you decide. While the Go Plus treadmill is not at all nosy, the UREVO is quieter. This is a big consideration if you’re living in cramped spaces with your neighbors just ears away from your unit. Or if you are living with a roommate who can be easily awoken if you’re going to do your cardio in the wee hours of the morning, you need the quietest treadmill that you can get your hands on.

What makes them alike

When it comes to storability, these two units from each brand are alike. They have the same dimensions, and can easily be set up and folded and stored underneath the bed.  The lower profile makes them perfect choices for a smaller home office or if the machine is situated in the bedroom area.  All you need to do is stow it away under the bed once you’re done with your morning walk. 

However, one thing to note, the UREVO is an inch easier to set up than the Go Plus SuperFit.

Get the more suitable entry-level treadmill

These two machines are basic units, they lack updated features and modern functions that can offer a seamless and more immersive experience. So taking into consideration the basic features they have, you just have to compare it against your needs so you can make the best choice. Though the Go Plus may have a smorgasbord of options, of course, they would have a higher price too. 

So these two units are meant for walking and are used by average size people. So if you just need a treadmill for walking, and you’re a casual user, then you will find these light-duty treadmills quite suitable.