Flexispot E7 vs Maidesite T2 Pro Plus: The showdown for special features

Flexispot E7 vs Maidesite T2 Pro Plus

This post is created for people who live in the UK only. Because in the US, clearly Flexispot has better versions of Flexispot E7 and of course, the Maidesite can’t compete with them. In the US, the premium version of Flexispot E7 can be compared with Uplift V2 – a flagship desk on the list of best high-end products

But in the UK, when the E7 or even the E8 is still on sale with the older versions, Maidesite might have a chance to win, who knows?

Let’s see what they have with the specs in the table first, eh?

Standing desk Flexispot E7 series Maidesite T2 Pro Plus
Height Range 58cm-123cm 62cm-127cm
Weight Capacity 125 kg 125 kg
Speed 38mm/s 36 mm/s
Type Dual motor 3-stage Dual motor 3-stage
Warranty 7 years 5 years
Where to buy***
Key Features
  • Anti-collision, Child Lock
  • Desk drawer,
  • Wireless charging,
  • USB charger,
  • Anti-collision System, Child lock,
  • Sit-Stand Reminder,
  • Autosleep function,
  • USB rechargeable port

*** Note: Don’t be surprised if the same product has a different price when you check on their official web and compare it with other eCommerce websites. Because of so many factors: shipping fee, return policy, time of delivery, etc!

In this post, we won’t mention too much about the price, because we bet you already know that the frame of Flexispot E7 without the top, is much more expensive than the T2 Pro Plus frame of Maidesite

Question for you, is that worth enough to spend more money to get the e7?

And which option is more suitable for you than the other?

Flexispot E7 is the one for petite people

As we mentioned in every post of standing desks, height adjustment is the most important factor when choosing this type of furniture

People will not realize this problem until it’s too late

Manufacturers may not tell you

But we assure if your height is under 5 feet, the lowest height setting of your desk needs to be at least 22-23″, or 55-58 cm.

As you can see on the table, Maidesite T2 Pro Plus is not the right fit for these petite folks

E7 frame

But the E7 T-frame in this case, is the best option for a short person.

The plus point for Maidesite T2 Pro Plus, with a max height of 127cm (50″) and 1″ of the top, this product is really good for taller people with a height range from 6’5″-6’7″, but the version of the E7 in the UK can’t be good for them

Busy workers will love this Maidesite T2 Pro Plus

Sit-Stand Reminder is the special feature that Maidesite created for this frame, but Flexispot doesn’t have

Maidesite T2 Pro Plus frame has a special function

The sit-stand desks are created for us, not for sitting all day. We have to switch between sitting and standing. Some will get so lazy after trying the standing desk for a week and they never stand up again! In this situation, even a standing desk makes no difference compared to the normal desk

That’s why we need the Sit-Stand Reminder function. With this special button, you can setup a good time to stand

Only 4 or 5 times each day, and make sure you can stand 25 minutes each, that’s good enough. No more back pain, no more bad posture. That’s the benefit of standing desks. That’s the reason we bought this desk in the first place!

The other features, we can see this showdown has a tie for both brands.

Our expert recommendations

It’s too soon to have a clear winner but in the long term, we will recommend the budget option – the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus. Unless you are a taller person (here is above 6’3″), we believe the 5-year warranty of Maidesite is good enough to cover a cheap product.

Flexispot is really a good brand. A 7-year of warranty for this E7 series frame in the UK is really better than Maidesite. And their customer support is also faster. But with a newbie and a small budget, we agree to go with the cheaper option!

In the future, if Flexispot brings all premium versions of the E7 apply to the UK market, we may change our minds.

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