TOPSKY standing desk frame review

TOPSKY standing desk review

TOPSKY is one of the cheapest motorized frames that you can find on the market. So it’s kind of popular right now and it’s selling like hotcakes. If there are a lot of people buying it, it must be good right?

But we don’t just like to hop on the bandwagon., so we decided to test the desk ourselves. 

Is there anything to this generic frame?

White frame, check price now

The TOPSKY frame is rather a generic one. It’s even referred to as an electric height-adjustable stand-up desk frame. People often purchase the frame alone. And we reckon it does not have any desktop for sale.

Check price

So this black desk frame is a dual motor one. And it has a weight capacity of 225 lbs. If you want, you can get the white version of 3 stages motor with the super duty of 300 lbs

And we did try to maximize the desk weight limit and it was able to hold up pretty well. However, go beyond that and the control panel will show an error code. That’ll let you know if you just went beyond the max weight limit. 

That was on a wooden leveled surface. And we have been hearing nice revives on how well the desk can hold itself up well even on carpeted surfaces. So we did try that and we are happy that it functioned just the same as it did when it was on the wooden floors. There weren’t any wobbling issues even when it was placed on a thick pile carpet. So it is quite sturdy and stable. That’s the second check off of our list.

We also couldn’t be any happier about how the motor functions. It starts and stops when you need and want it to. We haven’t seen any unnecessary or unauthorized halts or stops. It’s seamless and transitions decently well. We were not actually expecting a smooth transition with a desk frame of its price range.

Adjustable height and width

One of our favorite features of the TOPSKY standing desk frame is that you can also adjust the width of the desk. So if you need a larger working space, you can widen the frame up to 59 inches. That’s the max-width TOPSKY frame can offer. And that’s already an elaborate working area. So we were very satisfied with it.

Very easy installation and superb packaging

One of the reasons why the assembly was very easy is that all the screw holes are aligned. The tapped holes were threaded well. So you just have to loop everything in. It feels pretty well made for its worth. The screws can even go in by hand. That’s how easy it was to set up.

The desk frame is very DIY-friendly. You will be able to complete the setup in an hour. Maybe add a couple more if you’re going to outfit it with a bigger and heftier desktop. But the instructions are clear and straightforward. But oh, we have to mention that it comes in illustrative instructions. So you have to match the accessories and screws with the parts. Still, it’s pretty easy to understand, especially if you’re a visual person, which most of us are. You will also be able to set it up on your own. Otherwise, there are several tutorial videos on YouTube

But though the setup is easy and you just need an Allen wrench (which is also in the box) you still need a drill. For what? You need it to attach the tabletop to the desk frames. 

We are pretty happy with how the package arrived. The weight is not too heavy nor is it light, it sits somewhere in between. All the screws and accessories were packed separately. Each piece was also protected by cellophane. So you’re sure nothing will get damaged. It even had mini wood inserts to separate the pieces from one another. 

And the box does have a lot of styrofoam. So nothing was dented or scratched while in transit. So for the packaging, it’s a big check.

TOPSKY standing desk review about the frame only

What we did not like

  1. It could have used a cable management tray or a better cable management system. Moreso if you have a wider desktop, it will look very messy and dirty. Sure you could use cable ties and all to secure the wires together. But a cable management tray will make up for a better and more neat working area. You can also opt to attach your power cord to the underside of the desk just to improve the sight of dangling wires. 
  2. The control panel looks okay, not too cheap. But we don’t like the way it smells. It reeks of a strong chemical plastic smell. So if you touch the button, you can transfer the smell to your hands. The strong plastic smell can make a small confined room smell unpleasant. This desk will be best placed in a well-ventilated room until the strong chemical smell dissipates. And it doesn’t do so quickly.


  1. The control panel looks pretty basic. You can preset it to 3 positions. It can go as high as 47 inches. So it will be comfortable for someone who stands 6 feet. It’s not the best frame for taller people. But it will suffice for those who are a bit tall.
  2. It’s not the fastest motorized standing desk frame, but it’s not the slowest either. And it transitions smoothly and doesn’t even make much noise. It takes less than 30 seconds for the desk to transition from the max height to the lowest height.
  3. There is a slight mechanical whirring sound when the desk is moving. If you are sensitive to this, consider this when buying a TOPSKY standing desk frame. 
  4. For its affordable price, it also features an anti-collision function. So it can be safe around pets and children. And for a budget frame, it’s nice to see safety features like that. 
  5. You’ll also get an extra screw for each part. So that’s a plus again. Should you lose or misplace a screw, you can still finish the setup. It’s a nice addition from the brands, it’s kind of thoughtful too.
  6. The desk frame is customizable. Meaning you can change the desk width. So if in the future you would need a larger table or need to downgrade to a smaller one, you can easily do so with the TOPSKY desk frame. And you have to choose your own desktop. And since you’re just buying a tabletop, it will be cheaper than buying a new standing desk itself. 
  7. This desk frame is comfortable for those who stand 6 feet. But it will not be comfortable for you if you stand taller than 6’2”. It’s not a standing desk that can accommodate taller users. 
  8. The frame is pretty sturdy, stable, and solid. There aren’t any wobbles even at the highest desk height. And even on carpeted floors, it’s still stable.
  9. When compared to a VIVO standing desk kit, this is a better buy. It is more stable, the noise is less, and the transition is faster and better. While we do not really like the cable management of TOPSKY, it can conceal the wires and cables better than the VIVO
  10. It is also easier to operate compared to VIVO. VIVO has a standby mode. So if you want to change the height of the desk, you need to press it first to wake it up, then press it for the time to change the desk height. And since the TOPSKY desk frame mode does not have a standby mode, it only needs a single press of the button to change the height. 
  11. All the metal pieces were well made. Nothing feels cheap or flimsy. And also, the metal parts were nicely painted with either black or white. The paint itself is quite thick so it does not easily scratch or chip off. So you can expect the desk frame to look brand new for a longer time. 
  12. The is a standing desk frame that looks and operates better than the price you paid for it. So it is a real value for your money. 

Where to buy

Final Say

This is a beefy and sturdy frame that will not ruin your budget. This is perfect for those who are looking for a more affordable yet solid and stable frame. The more stable standing desks can cost a heft. That’s why most resort to buying the frame only and just using an old desk that they have at home. While this is a good alternative, it will be challenging to fit a wider table into a standing desk kit. And the TOPSKY is conducive to almost all desktops because you can adjust the width of the frame itself. 

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