Flexispot E7 vs Fully Remi – Which Minimalist Standing Desk is More Stable?

Fully Remi vs Flexispot E7 - standing desk showdown

This is an archived post. Fully was sold to Herman Miller. After April 2024, Fully Remi is no longer available for sale

The Flexispot E7 vs the Fully Remi, which among these two minimalist desks will serve you better? They do look the same from afar. Both look clean and pristine. So let’s see which can be a better desk for a more busy setup. And which desk will be able to accommodate a triple monitor setup or something heftier? 

Standing Desk
Flexispot E7 Fully Remi
Height range 22.8″ – 48.4″ (T-frame)

25.6″ – 52.4″ (High Frame)

23.6″ – 49.2″ (C-frame)

27.2″ – 48.8″
Weight capacity 355 lbs 250 lbs
Warranty 15 yrs 7 yrs
Price updating… updating…


The E7 can be perfect for the whole family.

If you’re sharing desk space with your family members, the E7 will be a better choice. The desk height range of this Flexispot desk T-frame is 22.8″ – 48.4″, if you need a higher height then the brand has the option of 25.6″-52.4″. So it does have a broader scope of users, and even petite individuals will be able to use the desk. So, we are also seeing this fit for teenagers who are homeschooling or doing online courses. That’s why this can also be an ideal desk if there is only a place for one unit for the entire family. And since it is also equipped with memory presets, it can be used conveniently by more than one person. On the other hand, the Fully Remi is better for average height up to slightly taller folks. If you are 5’6″, you might find it still a bit higher for your needs. Though it also has the convenience of memory presets, more than one person can use it for as long as he can find an appropriate desk height. But in terms of family usage, the taller ones in the family will only be the ones who can use it.

flexispot e7
Flexispot e7

Both desks look and feel sustainably sturdy

One thing that these two standing desks have in common is that they have a clean, minimalist look. The E7 comes off with thicker and more muscular legs, though. And the entire unit is very decent and stable at all heights. And if you are going to mount a triple monitor arm stand or a hefty double arm stand, this desk is appropriate. This is it. It can accommodate heavy-duty monitor arms, and it will still stand its ground.

The motor also feels sturdy, unlike the Jiechang motor Fully uses for its units. It is also very quiet and rolls up and down smoothly. So you can tell that the motor can last longer, and you’re least likely to experience glitches. But the downside of the desks is the tabletop. It’s not the prettiest. But in terms of durability, it’s decently strong, though not the best for a desk of its price range. The tabletop is not that aesthetically pleasing, but at least it comes in a single whole piece and not two sliced tops. But the finishing on the tabletop is a bit grainy. If you write on paper, you will need a mat or something to place the form on. 

We find the bamboo tabletop the best among the Flexispot E7 tops. It represents the slightest grainy texture and is the most aesthetically pleasing. And. And though it is still not comparable to a Fully bamboo standing desk, it is the best among the bunch. You will also be able to write better on it compared to the other desktop options of the E7. 

The tabletop of the Remi, on the other hand, looks more like a thicker type of plywood. It is a bit brittle and thin. Even the brand advised that you should not use power tools when attaching peripherals to the desk. It might cause the top to crack. So we also do not see this as a fitting standing desk for setting up hefty monitor arms. It might not be able to hold itself up well if you outfit a triple monitor arm to the desk.

Full Remi desk

As for the motor, the Remi does feel decently stable, but there are more significant wobbles at the highest desk setting compared to the E7. Therefore, the Flexispot desk will be a more heavy-duty option. And since it has a higher load capacity than the Remi, you can have a more elaborate setup. 

But the cable management tray of the E7 is not that desirable.

The E7 will then seem to be a better choice. But the downside of the E7 is that the cable management tray is very basic and relatively thin. So you will likely buy another to accommodate the wires and cables since you can use the desks for a more elaborate workstation. You might find it challenging to make a clutter-free desk if you settle for what comes with the package.

Also, the cable management tray holes are a bit sharper and do not have any bevels. So you might want to buy a cover for these to make your setup look clean. We also wished it came with covers since this desk is not necessarily cheap. And since the E7 can accommodate a more busy setup, you will have more chunky wires and cables. And the underside and mortar of the desk are exposed, too. It can look messy.

On the other hand, the Fully Remi has a better cable management tray. It will be able to hide your hardware, and you might not need to buy an extra one. The motors are also hidden under the table, making it look clutter-free with less effort. The motors of the E7 are quite exposed. So this is something that you have to consider.

Flexispot E7 vs Fully Remi standing desk

What to choose?

The Remi does have more limitations compared to the E7. One, it has a narrower height range and is suitable for medium-height individuals to slightly taller ones.

So if you’re petite, head on to the next option, Two, the desk is available in only three sizes, and they are also oddly sized. And the color options are also limited. You can choose from only three desktop colors. 

The E7, on the other hand, offers more options for customization. Also, the width of the E7 frames can be adjusted. It goes from 43.4″ to 74.8″. So you can always opt to buy a different top. And compared to the Remi with only 3 top options, you have a lot more with the E7. 

The motor of the Remi is made from a cheaper China-made brand. It is a far cry from the sturdy and quiet motor of the E7. The transitioning of the Remi desk isn’t that fluid. But Fully still has an advantage over the other desks with China-made parts. You still get to contact US-based customer service. And it’s not hard to get in touch with the customer service of Fully.

Warranty-wise,  Flexispot offers a more generous way of 15 years compared to the seven years warranty of the Remi.  But the Remi is still more than a basic desk. It even has an anti-collision feature.

Flexispot pro E7 standing desk

And among the Flexispot desks, the E7 is also a crowd favorite, for good reasons. While the Remi isn’t the most favored unit in the Fully collection, there is no noticeable shaking. Well, not unless you vigorously move the desk, then it will sway.

 But despite being more than a basic standing desk, the E7 still had more to offer.

The only major caveat is the messy cable management tray. And the E7 is also heavier. With thicker steel legs, you will need more than two hands to get this unit past your front door.

Price-wise, on the basic the Remi may cost a bit cheaper. But this E7 desk does offer a larger space. As we have mentioned earlier, the desk size of the Remi seems odd and not standard. So some might find it hard to configure it in their home office. But the Remi isn’t all bad. In fact, it is a decent choice if you don’t mind a less attractive tabletop. It can make up for a clean and clutter-free space. It can also be an alternative if you find the Jarvis too expensive.