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A gaming station is an environment in which you sit back, relax, and dive into some great video games. For many gamers, their gaming station is centered around their desk. Considering the amount of money people put into their towers, monitors, and everything inside and outside their gaming rig, it makes sense that the desk would be crucial. You don’t want something that could jeopardize your computer’s safety. A desk is also the center of your gaming space.

Even if you don’t have friends over often, the look of your gaming station is important, and staying organized is easier with a desk that works with you, instead of against you. At the end of the day, gaming is a way to unwind and enjoy stories and situations that are beyond belief.

For a lot of dedicated gamers, the way that you set-up your gaming station is crucial to the experience. In order to maximize the enjoyment that some of the biggest games have to offer, you need a space in which you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure. In order to do so, you need a few things to achieve the perfect set-up.

Location, Location, Location

First things first, the actual place that you choose to locate your desk can be a big influencer. Knowing the layout of your home is important. If you know that it’s noisy around your entrance, it’s probably a good idea to go somewhere and set up in a quieter area. You don’t want distractions while gaming, and you certainly don’t want to be in an area where people are coming and going often. The best place to set up your gaming desk is in a quiet, secluded area of the home, ideally a spare room or bedroom. That way, you’ll have the space you need to place the desk and other gaming essentials, while also maintaining a space that feels like it’s yours.

Another thing to consider with your gaming space location is wifi connectivity and strength. A basement might feel as if it’s the quietest, best choice for a gaming desk, but you don’t want to be in a place where you can’t connect either wirelessly or through ethernet to the internet. With many games either thriving or requiring online connectivity nowadays, it’s crucial that there is a secure, reliable connection to the internet where you place your desk. There’s nothing worse than the spotty internet, and if you choose a location that’s working against you, you’re already playing with a junk hand.

Scratching The Surface

Once you’ve picked your location, the next step is to understand what kind of surface to use for your desk. Something that a lot of people don’t consider is the height of your desk. In order to achieve a comfortable playing configuration, you want to keep in mind longer gaming sessions you may be having. If you have a desk where you are too tall sitting down to comfortably sit at the surface, you will begin to arch your back and feel pain in your spine and neck. Likewise, if your desk is too tall for you, you’ll be straining your neck to look up and may even lean too far back, ensuring your posture will begin to cause harm to your lower and middle back.

It’s also important to note what kind of game you’re playing. If you’re using a controller, it’s much more likely that your proximity to the monitor is moot. With a keyboard, you’re forced to stay level at a surface, most likely the surface of the desk. Pain can come in a number of ways, but playing improperly is one you can avoid with a good surface. If the desk’s surface falls just above your belly button, you’re likely to be in a position that will keep you feeling limber and fresh.

The desk itself can be made of a number of things, and some materials are better than others. Wood is always a safe bet because of its sturdiness. Oddly enough, it’s better if the entire desk is not wood, just the surface. If the wood is on the surface, a great combination material is a steel or metal to ensure a more durable substance is holding up the heavy equipment you will load onto your desk. The surface of a desk is something that is easy to look over, but in the end, can really play a huge part in the success of your gaming station. Finding a surface you enjoy and can use properly is essential.

Sit Back and Relax

For many people, finding a chair is easier than finding a desk. Chairs are a bit more customizable, and at the end of the day, your preferred comfort is going to vary from the next person, and the next, and so on. Ideally, you’d find your chair before buying a desk so you know what to look for in terms of height and size of the desk itself. Unfortunately, many people don’t follow this order, and that’s okay. If you find yourself in a jam, or maybe desiring to use a chair you already own, you will need to find a desk to accommodate your chair, and that can be harder than the inverse.

When buying a new chair, you want to consider a few things. First, the material is important to your comfort. If you know that leather bothers you and sticks to your body in ways that are distracting, something of a cloth material might be ideal for you. Arms are also something to think about, as some chairs have them and some do not. If you think that the extra support to lean against sounds like something you’d enjoy then look for something with wide arms for leaning. If you think they’ll

If you are buying the desk after you already have a chair, or even if you are looking for a chair, you need to keep in mind that many traditional, solid body desks do not allow you to customize how tall they are. Solid body desks also use a lot of empty space. To clarify, because a solid body desk is constructed in a way that encloses the entirety of the border of the desk, you end up with a lot of space you cannot access because of the configuration of the wood or metal. An open desk with lots of room for hardware, cords, and even accessories you may want to display is essential to your desk.

What Should your Desk Do?

There are two important concepts to consider with the type of desk you choose. First, it’s essential to know that you need it to be functional. As previously stated, an open, roomy desk is helpful so you can organize what you own now, and have little difficulty when you add things on and upgrade equipment. It’s also just as important for your desk setup to look good. You may not have guests over to look at your desk, but even then, it’s important to keep an organized, clean space. Mentally, your gaming desk needs to be a place that you feel comfortable and able to disconnect from the world and enjoy yourself. If your desk looks good, your adrenaline and mood will be at an all-time high when you sit down to hop into your favorite game.

The next step once you’ve picked a desk is to make sure you understand where everything will go. The bulk of the space on your main desk surface will be your monitor. In my opinion, I also prefer to keep my tower on the main surface as well. There are a few reasons for this. First, keeping a tower in an enclosed, tight space with little room for air can cause huge problems. If your tower can’t filter air properly, it can overheat and become damaged.

Even if you have internal fans that work endlessly to keep your rig cool, things can happen. Controlling the tower’s heat is much easier at eye level when you’re sitting at your desk rather than having to constantly maneuver around the lower end of your desk to figure out how to move air properly throughout and around your tower.

Example of a Great Gaming Desk

Gaming desk autonomous now

In terms of what to look for in a gaming desk, consider this incredibly original design from Autonomous. A few things mentioned in this list are must-haves for serious gamers, and this desk has them all. Let’s take a look at a few high points of the product.

Sit or Stand, It’s Up to You!

With the Autonomous gaming desk, you have the option to adjust the height of the desk to your preferred level. As previously mentioned, it’s important to have the room to move your desk to your needs. It could be entirely possible that you don’t know what the perfect desk height is at this point in time, and having a desk that adjustable means that you don’t have to know yet. A huge perk of the Autonomous desk is the fact that you can set it up to be a standing desk. It might sound strenuous and silly to stand and game, but science says it might actually be worth the added effort.

Things like blood flow and muscle flexibility are limited when sitting for large amounts of time. Honestly, despite sounding like the easier option, standing is actually the more convenient way to play because you won’t be forced to face the consequences of hours upon hours a week where things can go very wrong. Blood flow to the brain is slowed when you’re immobile, and even if you’re standing relatively still, the act of standing is workout enough for your body to stay on its top game. And the best part of the Autonomous desk is that you don’t have to be stuck always standing. With the choice to move the height, you can choose to play your way every time you plug in. The best part? The Autonomous gaming desk is electric and utilizes two motors to adjust the height for you, without the hassle of using clips, pulleys, or anything else that makes your comfort more difficult.

Built to Last, and Be the Best

The Autonomous gaming desk is literally built and designed to withstand combat. That means that while you may not be punching or kicking your gaming desk, a few run-ins or bumps won’t send it toppling to the ground. Like mentioned before, the desk is that wonderful combination of a wood top with steel reinforcements down below. That means that your monitor, tower, speakers, accessories, keyboard, and controllers can stay on top without any concern for things falling apart and be breaking.

The Autonomous gaming desk is everything you’d look for in reliability and master craftsmanship. Finding a gaming desk you can trust with your insanely expensive gear is tricky, but once you do, it feels good to game without the worry of some freak accident. The Autonomous gaming desk is just that: a break from the worries so you can game in peace.

Wrap Up: What Works for YOU?

The important thing to keep in mind is your gaming habits and lifestyle. Only you know what’s best for your gaming desk, and even though there is a lot to consider, nothing is more important than your experience. The Autonomous gaming desk is a great move for someone looking for options while also having the peace of mind that nothing will break or fall apart. In the end, a gaming station is a personal haven of relaxation, wind-down, and happiness. Put the time and money into yours, and you won’t regret it. Whether it’s 15 minutes or a few hours, every gaming session will feel like a breath of fresh air when you make sure to optimize your space with the proper gaming desk. The one thing all gamers have in common is a love for the experience of playing games that are loved and cherished. Spend more time enjoying the games you love by making sure you have everything you need in a gaming desk.

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