Apex Desk Elite vs Vortex Standing Desk: Which is a Better Buy?

Apex standing desks are believed to be owned by a Chinese factory. and it makes use of a china made motor, TA Nikoda. That accounts for the affordable price. It’s even priced lower than the Jarvis and the Uplift, both of which also use a China-made motor.

Apex desk started manufacturing standing desks in 2015. So it’s not one of the older folks and not really a new player, but more of something in between. So today we’re going to compare two of its more popular standing desks, the Elite, and the Vortex.

Apex Desk Elite vs Vortex standing desk review
Apex Desk Vortex 55′

Stability and height adjustment

The vortex is available in two desk options. The 60-inch and the 48-inch desk. The 60 inch offers a rather wider work area. But in terms of stability, there is noticeable shaking and wobbling. Though it’s not as annoying as the IKEA Bekant, it is noticeable. And when used at the highest desk height, you‘ll not be able to shrug it off.

But if you’re keen on getting the Vortex but concerned about the wobbling issues, the 49-inch version is a more suitable one. Though it still wobbles but not as much as the 60-inch desk.

You’ll also enjoy the same features, it’s just a lesser wobbly version of the 60-inch desk. One feature that makes the 48-inch desk less wobbly is that it has arched feet with leveling stud. The Vortex has a leveling stud but not arched feet.

Also, the Vortex has a height adjustment range of 28.5” to 46.5”. Both units also have adjustable leveling studs. But it seemed not to do much difference to the 60-inch desk in terms of stability. And oh, the vortex can be a little bit noisy when transitioning.

The Apex Elite, on the other hand, is more stable and solid with a one-piece center beam that makes it less wobbly. You can also find this same feature with the Vortex 48ninch desk.

For the height settings, it can go as high as 49 inches, and the lowest is 29 inches. There is a little wobbling issue when the desk is set at varying heights. And though you might hear the motor working when transitioning, it’s still bearable.

In addition, the Elite desk has adjustable leveling rubber pads at the bottom of the legs. It’s pretty much the same as the Vortex except that the leveling studs seem to work better with the Elite series. So if you have a slightly uneven floor, you can adjust the leveling feet to be able to make up for a ground even surface.

The Vortex 60 inch has noticeable wobbles. So If you’re keen on buying the desk, it’s better to go for the Vortex 48-inch desk. It will still have wobbles but not as annoying as that of the 60-inch desk.

Which is more stable between the Vortex and Elite? The Elite has fewer wobbles. But keep in mind that it’s not a wobble-free desk.

Also, the Elite series is more suitable for taller people. It can go higher than the Vortex desk.

Apex Desk Elite vs Vortex Standing Desk Price

Build and design

The Vortex features a standing desk with no supporting crossbars at the center. We favor this type of design as it will not bump your knees and it gives more headroom for your legs. You also have an option to place a mini cabinet underneath the desk.

The construction of the legs is decent, it’s not heavy duty but it’s not too flimsy either.

The Elite series, on the other hand, has a stronger and more sturdy build. The frame seems to be well constructed. The base or the frame seems a lot similar to Fully Jarvis.

For the build and construction, the Elite series is the better option. It’s also the more ergonomic one.

Desktop surface

The Vortex desk boasts of a laminated tabletop that is scratch-resistant. The desktop looks rather basic and plain even if it is available in several color options. As mentioned earlier, you have an option to choose between a 48ninhc desktop and a 60-inch desk.

The Elite series offers a 71-inch desk, but it also comes in a 60-inch version. At first glance, it is rather a lovely-looking desk. It has an ergo-contoured desktop that makes it look softer and more stylish. And at the same time, this feature makes it more ergonomic. It feels more comfortable to work for longer hours because of the sloped front design.

Apex Desk Elite
Apex Desk Elite

And since it has a really wider tabletop it gives you a lot of or for multiple monitor setup. The 71-inch desk is perhaps the widest option that you can get in the market. And the tabletop surface is also scratch-resistant and made with a high-pressure laminate. So you don’t have to worry about marring or damaging the tabletop. If ever you dropped something sharp on the desk, it will not incur any scratches. So this is also perfect for those who are not too mindful of the things that they put on their desk.

We’re loving the ergo-contoured desktop from the Elite series. The wider desk also makes it a more popular choice for those who want a more elaborate work setup.

Weight capacity

The Vortex desk has a weight capacity of 170 lbs. It’s more of a light-duty desk. But there are some concerns if it will be able to hold up the maximum weight. We felt that some parts of the legs were denting a bit when we loaded it up to its maximum weight capacity. And because the frame has some aluminum parts, it can be prone to denting when bearing a heavier load.

The weight capacity of the Elite desk is around 225 lbs. It’s not technically a heavy-duty desk, it has more of a midrange capacity. It did feel stable enough even when the weight capacity is maximized.

The Elite series is a better choice for two reasons. One, it has a higher weight capacity. And two, the legs remained stable and didn’t dent even if we have maximized the weight capacity of the desk.

Installation and setup

The setup of the Vortex desk takes around 30-45 minutes. It could have been easier but they were not as clear. Though we appreciate that the control panel has ample wire length for the proper placement, there were some issues. The brand could have given the notice to be careful with the screws because aluminum can be easily cross-threaded.

The Elite desk will take you around 30-45 minutes to set up. The assembly isn’t that bothersome since the instructions were easy to follow. But you have to know that this desk is pretty hefty. You can still set it up yourself. But you have to flex a muscle to be able to lift it. It’s a solid and heavy desk. That’s why it’s recommended to have 2 people set it up. The top part of the deks is the heaviest.

Both desks are even in this category. Each has its one challenge in the setup.

Motor configuration

All Apex desks make use of a motor that’s made in China, TA Nikoda. It seems to be a more unpopular brand compared to TiMotion and Jiecang. And this is where we wished everything were better.

This China-made motor results in unresponsiveness in both desks. Though the Elite transitions faster and more quiet compared to the Vortex, it is more unresponsive.

Other features

Elite desk series

  • It has two holes at each end of the tabletop. This Is where you can loop in all the cables and the wires. And it has a cable tray management desk where you can organize all the wires. So this makes up for a more clutter-free workspace.
  • The control panel features 4 memory presets, an up and down arrow, and an LCD that shows the current desk height.


This desk has 4 preferred memory presets, an up and down arrow button, and an LCD that displays the current height setting.

The Vortex has more basic features compared to the Elite series. It also lacks a cable management tray, though both desks have the same features on the control panel.


  • The Elite series desk does have wobbling issues. But when compared to the Vortex, it‘s less noticeable. And the unresponsive controls can be frustrating. But if we are to weigh the features, price, and cons of the desk, you will not be able to find a standing desk with a similarly wide, ergo-shaped, and sturdy tabletop at the same affordable price.
  • The Vortex desk is light-duty and a basic desk. We don’t recommend the 60-inch desk as the wobbling can be insane. You’re better off with the 48-inch desk, or another brand. And if you’re going to use the desk, you must not maximize its weight capacity of 170 lbs. Due to the aluminum parts in the frames, it tends to bend when maximized.
  • Which is the better option? It’s definitely the Elite series. The price of the Elite 71 inch desk is a bit higher compared to the Vortex 60 inch. But it’s definitely worth the price jump.